VOL 1 NO 1 FEBRUARY 1, 2010

Dryhootch to Open
on Brady Street on Milwaukee’s East Side!

the Dryhootch Grind

Dryhootch briefs 3,200

National Guard Troops from Iraq on PTSD, alcohol & suicide.

Its official, Dryhootch prepares to open its Milwaukee location on Brady St on the east side. The Brady Street location is a neighborhood of shops and residents that serve as a place to meet, eat, shop, and listen to music. Street Festivals run from Spring to fall. This historical neighborhood is known for its friendly atmosphere. And its located near UWM, MATC, Marquette, and MSOE where thousands of returning troops go to school. Other young veterans and their families reside in nearby neighborhoods. (-continued page 2-)

Ft McCoy WI January 2010 - Dryhootch staff were invited by the Wisconsin National Guard to provide briefings to the 3,200 troops returning from tours in combat zones in Iraq. The Army, National Guard, VA, Vet Centers & Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs offered briefings on benefits and programs available to returning troops. With PTSD, addiction, family issues, and suicide rising in troops returning from combat zones, especially those with multiple tours, the Guard drew upon Dryhootch veterans and family members to bring a “reality” to what PTSD problems can occur in veterans and their families. Dryhootch staff from Vietnam and Iraq & Afghanistan talked of their issues with PTSD, addiction, job problems, and family issues. The response was overwhelming and humbling. Many Guard troops went up to Dryhootch members afterward talking of their own experiences and questions of Dryhootch programs. It was a truly humbling experience welcoming this “greatest & newest generation of warriors!”



VOL 1 NO 1 FEBRUARY 1, 2010

Building Needs
We still need equipment, supplies etc for our Dryhootch Building. Can your group help us with donations of new or used: 1) Counters, countertops

The first floor is planned for a coffee shop for veterans, their family, and the community. The outdoor courtyard is unique in the neighborhood and offers a beautiful setting for outdoor coffee, music on weekends, and group meetings. The second floor offers a unique open concept allowing for a private place for veterans to relax and visit with other veterans. Groups and one-on-one’s can be held here on PTSD, addiction, family issues, and more. “A place for veterans, their families, & the community to reconnect” WI Warrior Summit 2 coming to Madison in May 2010. Following the successful Milwaukee Warrior Summit which drew over 400 health professionals, military, veterans, and families, Dryhootch is partnering with the VA, WDAV, mental health agencies, local & State agencies to bring the Summit to Madison. www.Dryhootch.org is soon to change, upgrading to a supercharged platform that will allow new levels of community interaction. We will connect it to Facebook & Twitter, and allow other veterans communities to share resources with Dryhootch. Thanks to a grant from the Kubly Foundation it will allow video chats and online brochures on suicide prevention, depression, veterans and family issues.

2) commercial refrigerator 3) commercial icemaker 4) commercial dishwasher undercounter 5) security system 6) plumbers, carpenters 7) building materials 8) outdoor tables and chairs 9) TV’s for groups & video chat to troops still in war zone

Dryhootch’s Joe Campbell and Kathy Rodrick who had just finished briefing the returning WI National Guard troops at Ft McCoy who just returned from combat operations in Iraq.

Dryhootch of America Inc
(a veterans 501c3 nonprofit)

1030 E Brady Street Milwaukee WI 53202 (414) 763-2785 www.dryhootch.org