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N otes - T h e G ra ve o f th e P ro p h e t

M oham m ad (saw ) b y
D R . Y A S IR Q A D H I
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Lahd: what is a lahd, there are 2 types of graves allowed according to the Shariah:
Lahd (go down and digg a nish inside (becomes a L shape and give the body into the
L, then you cover the opening of the well with bricks , then you throw the send and
cover up the grave sand was not thrown on the body, the body is in Neesh and that
Neesh is called the LAHD), and Shakk - our prophet saw was dugged into a Lahd
(dugg down and than in ), the body is placed inside, and the majority of the madhahib
said that this is Sunnah, the hanafi madhab says it is a sunnah, the other says it is
not, the other says it is the Shakk the Shakk is basically you digg the grave straight
down, then a small hole and place the body into that hole, then a plattform, the
majority says it is the best,
2nd picture,
The first one (from down) is the grave of Prophet Mohammad (saw) and Aisha (r.a.)
continues to live in the Rest of the House (in that blue square), and then Abu Bakr
passed away, Abu Bakr is burried in the 2nd grave (from down), Aisha father was
Abu Bakr, she allows him to be burried there, and she (Aisha) continues to live in the
house (for 10 years) , then Umar (r.a.) - Abu Lulu Al-Majusi stabes Umar (ra), the
doctor says he is right to die, we cant repair the wound, then he sends his son
Abdullah to Aysha and he says to his son: Say that my father Umar, dont say Amir
al Muminin (that she knows this is not a request from a Khalifa, that this is a request
from a Man nammed Umar,) my Father Umar are requesting permission to be burried
alongside his 2 companions and if she says no leave, dont argue, because its her
right, and aysha says that i wanted to have this grave for myself, i have never have
given it to anybody, except Umar (r.a.) i willl sacrifice for it, - Umar is non Mahram
(ajnabi) Aysha puts a curtain inside the house, she lives in a small place that has left,
for the rest of her life,, but she has a curtain, (you must think about that that she is
living and eating, drinking and sees the qabr oft he prophet saw and here father and
umar (for 12 years) and when Uthman (r.a.) passed away there was no question to
bringing him anywhere, that was a very difficult time, he was simply burried in his
own garden, (some says he was transfered somwhere else) and some says it ws
somwhere else, anyway he was burried outside of baqqih, Ali ibn Abi Talib r.a. (was
passed away in Kufa, but there was 1 space left, because Aisha (r.a.) was living
there, and it is narrated that Aisha (r.a.) when she passed away in the Year 57 A.H.
(way after Ali), she passed away in the Tim of Muawiyah, when Aisha (r.a.) passed
away she says: Dont burrie me here, i want to be burried with my other Co-Wifes,
why did she do this, maybe because of Umar (r.a.) - we dont know.
Now in the Lifetime of Umar ibn al Khattab - Umar ibn al Khattab was the first that
really expand the Masjid of the Prophet (saw) and in that expansion he solitifies the
roofes oft he wives houses (of Prophet saw) (otherwise it was made out of leave) -

The Grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)_by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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As for the 4th grave over here, as fort he the 4th space over here, there a traditions
in Sunan At-Tirmidhi and a number of the books of Hadith (oft hem a weak or very
weak) but there a narrations, that Isa ibn Maryam (a.s.) will be burried over here,
there a narrations found in our source books that on this place over here (he shows
with his marker on the left space above the 3rd grave) will be for Isa ibn Maryam
(nothing authentic) - so we do not say for sure, but there sources in our own books,
(incl. At-Tirmidhi) but the Isnad is not complete authentic, but Allahu Aalam, that
will be the case or not.
In the calliphate of Al Walid Ibn Abdil Malik (ruled from 88 to 91 Hijra) he desidet to
expand the Masjid of the Prophet (saw) towards all directions, now which way is the
Qibla? The Qibal is south, he desided to expand the masjid towards all directions
(south, east west and north) all 4 directions and this raised a huge problem because,
to the east are the houses of the wives of the Prophet (saw), they are still standing
for 90 years, OK, around 90 Hijra (for allmost a century) - but nobody lived there,
because the wives of Prophet Mohammad had no biological descendands and it was
inharitet by the Ahlulbayt overall, by the family of Prophet (saw), managed by them,
they are taking charge of Manging it, and Al Walid Ibn Abdil Malik insitat he would
purchase all of these lands, at whatever costs, from whoever is in control from the
Ahlulbayt and that the Masjid will accompase all of this lil houses, why would he do
this? This has raised a lot of discussion, some says he was a typical political ruler,
(political rules will always leave their mark on their society the ways to leave a mark
ist o build glorials masjids. (that the waqasaliqa yafalun) some says this is a typical
ruler, that he wants to build a very mega mosque, and he doesnt care about this
things, oft he houses of he wives of Prohphet (saw) and that is just one
interpretation. And since he is the Khalifa he want to do his will down. And btw. In
the 90th Hijra, who is alive amongst the Sahaba, in madinah, nobody, not a single
sahabi is left, maybe 1 or 2 in Kufa very old, the last one died in 110 Hijra, but not in
Madinah, in 90 Hijra, no Sahabi is left in Madinah, they are all gone, he commanded
that these Hujarat will be purchased, the Masjid will that expanded, so he expandet it
from the Southern side, (the mihrab is here, he made it 20 feet forward) where he
madeit, there ist he Masjid in our times, nobody has the odacity or foolishness to go
beyoned, that he where it remained, and he was the only one in the history of islam
to expand to the east and where he expanded, that is where it remained, even the
latest Saudi expantions look at it, they began behind the Raudah, behind the blessed
grave, they did not want to go from the grave, thats why the design have a jutting out
and then it goes big, just the matter of respect, only Al Walid Ibn Abdil Malik did this,
There is an another interpretation and these seems to have some legitimacy (Allahu
Allam) that is beyoned wanting to build a big Masjid, there is acutally some politics
involved aswell, what are some of the politics involved, the Umayyads have some
huge rivaly, major problems from the Ahlulbayyt, (we talked about that Karbala had
just taking place) and the people did not like the Umayyads and the descendads oft
the Prohphet (saw) are respected and beloved, this is human nature, that they must
giving the respect, imagine that Hussain (r.a.) is infront of us, how would you feel??
You want him to be the Khalifa or Fulan Ibn Fulan, scycologicaly and Hussain is now
killed in a whishas manner, and hiss on Ali Zayn Al Abidin now returns to Madinah,
now Ali Zayn Al Abidin was the most A political oft he Ahlulbayt, probably because oft
he Massacre, he is a young man, sick in the tend, he witnessed it, he was there, he
The Grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)_by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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lost everybody of the relatives, he was the only, all of the progeny, it is all gone after
that, everybody else was massacred, so Ali Zayn Al Abidin, there was lot of
clamering that he should take charge, he beloved him, (because he is Ahlulbayt) and
it is said that he regularly sit in the house of the Prophet (saw) (because thats his
house) and even preach from there into the Masjid, because there is no barrier
betweeen, no this is his house, how can be he provantand from his house and speak
from his house, the only thing to be done, eliminate the house, get him out
somwhere, because sycologicaly preaching from the kabr, (this is mentions in the
early books aswell, its a theory) this imotive expanding the houses of the hujarat, i
think it makes a lot more scence to this theory, because this are the hujarat, of the
mothers of the belivers, dosent matter how, (there is a lil bit of common sense)
unless you are worried about your throne, when you worried about your throne
people dont care, to protect the kursi, everything becomes jayz, right? That just the
way people are?,( And may Allah protect us, to maybe sit in that kursi, that ist he
biggest Fitna that known to man), So this is a theroy that makes lot of sence. Andi it
is said that some of he scholars have objected to it in Musanaf Abdur Razzaq and
other books of Tarikh and Athar oft he Tabiun, a number of senior scholars of
Madinah, the Senior most amongst them was Sayyd Ibn Mussayab, he objected and
said that That should not be done, now some scholars of our time and particular the
theologicaly minded like many of the Salafi scholars (for example) say: He objected
for theologicaly reasons, that didnt want the Qabr included in the Masjid but infact
this is not true, if you go back to the acutal athar, this is not why is is objecting, Why
was he objecting? He was objecting because he wanted the people to see, the
simplicity of the houses of Prophet Mohammad (saw) how ruff and course they where
and wanted that he gain a lesson and this shows us even within 90 years
civilisations have come to Madinah and we know this, within 90 years people are
living fine now, withing 90 years 2 story structure are now build, money is coming in
now, so Sayyd Ibn Mussayab says: I want the people to see how the Prophet (saw)
lived, let them see as we used to see, it will bring our heard softness, so he objected
of reasons of Tarbiyah , Raqaiyah (having soft heard) of course politician dont
care about Islamic groups, so he did not care and he ordered that all of the Hujarat
be demolished, except for Aisha (for the Qabrs) and the Governer of Madinah at that
Time was none other than, someone who had become the Khalifah and that is Umar
Ibn Abdul Aziz, the famous Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz, so at this stage, Umar Ibn Abdul
Aziz (who is a relative) is mother is a descendands of Umar, from the father side e
he ist he Umawy, so Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz at this time was a young Gouverneur of
Madinah, at this stage he is just the regualry Umway Prince, he is not concern about
theology , whatever he said Khalas do it, so Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz himself takes part,
basicalliy helping out, and demolishing all of the houses of Prophet Mohammad (sad
tragedy) but this is what happened, other than the house of Aysha (r.a.), they deside
what ist ho be done, so here are 2 opinion that are done: according to 1 opinion the
original house is left and around the house of Aysha another structure is build and
according to a 2nd opinion (what i dont really belive) they said: They did demolish
the walls of Ayshas house and builds another structure in its place). In either case
the essence is the same, the same structure is build, wheter is was build on the
original structure, or right around the original structure, there is a controversy, , they
builded made oft hing blocks of Asphalt, the same the kaaba is build with, big black
jungs, cubes, they build it, but there is no door, they didnt want a door, so they
covered it up, they build a solid structure,

The Grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)_by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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(Dr. Qadhi showing on the blue square) this is he wall of Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz, this ist
he black wall (in that slide in powerpoint its blue over here) , it is said that one they
where building that wall, (it seems to suggest they destroy the original wall) one oft
he workers jumped up and screamed and Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz came forward, and he
was also about to scream, becaue there where 2 feet produting, from that place, and
they are scared (that 90 years on, the feet are completly fresh, they are might be the
feet of Prophet Mohammad (saw)) then they called a scholar oft hat time, there was a
famous scholar, Abdullah ibn Abdullah ibn Umar ibn Khattab, so the grandson of
Umar Ibn Khattab, who was the 2nd cousin of Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz from his mother
side, he said Dont worry oh governer, this is the feet of our grandfather umar (r.a.)
, so this ist he wall, (thats the wall the blue one) this narration seems to suggest
that they actually destroy the original wall, my seems to suggest and as they are
destroying this wall, they see feet, what is this, they said this is the feet of Umar, not
the feet of he Prophet (saw), and so they obviously burried up, they burry the feet
and build that wall,
so what Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz decided to do was to build a pentagonal structure, it
was real not a pentagon, because there was a small door to go in (if need be) there
is a small door right over here, (the first dark red structure from the needle above left
down) not only they build this structure (the blue one) which was the actual house of
Aysha, they also build this pentagonal structure and for at least 400 years, this was
what visitors of the Masjid oft the Prophet (saw) would see,why was it a pentagon?
Some oft he earliest scholars say mentiones why? For a number of reasons number
1 they didnt want somebody to pray tot he Qabr, when they are praying salah, as if
there is a Qabr over there, like a pentagon, is it like that you cant really pray to the
Qabr, and No 2 they didt want to think of ignorant people to think, that there is a
Kaaba in Madinah, because there a new Muslims, who are converting, the Kaaba
sructure cube, was build of the same structure, same color, smaller obviously, so
they didnt want the people to think that, than they covered it up, this pentagonal
structure remained for many centurys , now before move on to the architectual thing,
books of history mentiones, that are number of attempts to smuggle the body of the
Prophet (saw) outside oft he qabr, some books mentiones, 3, some 5 some, so, i
mentioned 2 or 3 of these and give you my thougs of those motive, oft he the earliest
attempted are attempted by the fatimid khalifa Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah and the fatimid
Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah was one of the more colorfull figures oft he islamic history, he
seems to have a scrulus, as we says in english quite literaly, and btw. The DURUSI
Sect comes from him, the DURUSI contempts to be God on Earth, he is the Thair oft
he Badin the Ismaili though here, the DURUSIs religions is founded from the time
of Al-Haqim Bin Amrillah there are also some disgusting storys about him, bizarre
things to tell us, peoples to do, one day he was on a donkey and walked out of the
city and nobody saw him again, his rule comes to an end, peple feard him, people
lowered, him, nobody knows what happened to him, and the Duruzis have their
theory of Zahir, Batin and so on, but the point beeing that one of his goals, he want
to transfer the body of Prophet Mohammad (saw) to Kahira, why? Prestige, make
Kahira like a capital, it is said that he attemptet multiple times, 2 are mentiones in
theh books and each of this times, somehow something happens and Allah
prevented this from happening.
Another common story, of Nurudin Zangi, (Nr ad-Dn Ab al-Qsim Mamd ibn
Imd ad-Dn Zang) - was the precrostess of Salahudinn Ayyubi, who was the one
who puts Salahudinn as a governer, after his death Salahudinn basically took over,
The Grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)_by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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so Nurudin Zangi was the facilitatet the rise of Salahudinn Ayyubi (before Salahudinn
OK) and the was the first that fight the crusaders in a manner that we look back to,
Nurudin Zangi it is mentioned in some books of history, he saw the Prophet (saw) in
a dream, the Prophet (saw) said that: Oh Nurudin, (angithny) save me, from these 2
people and these 2 people where shown to him, to Nurudin, he walk up, pray 2
rakah, goes back to 2 sleep, same again the dream, then realize that was a real
dream, he goes to one of the wazirs, he tells it, and the wazir said: Dont tell that
anybody else, He immidiatly go to Madinah, right then and there and find out, what
is happening, than he throws a big feast and said that everybody gets a gift,
everybody from the city, then he sees in the crowd and said there anybody left, there
must be some people, there where 2 rightous Hujjaj from Maghrib (Marroko) they are
Zuhad Ubdad, they are fasting, they are cut away from society, dont come to this
functions, (they are good people), bring them 2 me, so when he comes, he
recognizes them from the dream, so he said: What is your story They said: We are
Maroccon Hujjaj from the Maghrib, we are living here and we wanna stay close to the
Prophet (saw) and do Ibadah, they said: Tell me your story, This is the story, he
said: Hold them; they said: He want to their house, picked up something and low
and behold, there was a tunnel, leading and it was close to the gabr of the Prophet
(saw) when he saw this, he went back he got this story from them, that they where
infact christians who pretended to be Muslims, and that they where paid by the
crusaders, that they want the body of the Prophet (saw), so Nurudin obviously had
the executed, and they said they build a copper mot, around the gabr, this story is
commonly told, it is found in many medival classical books however i just cant
belive it, i did a research, asked many people that doesnt seems to be true, that
invended by later people, to prop up the guy that they liked, its just to bizaare, the
fact of the matter ist hat, this rumors are beeingn accured at 570 A.H. (thats where
Nurudin was there, that the first references in the books of history, are 200 and
something years after this and there where books of history at that time, so the 1st
reference is in the book of history are 772 Hijra is mentioned, 230 years after this
particual incident and also asked one of the main people incharge oft he sanctuary of
the gabr of the Prophet (saw) (cleaner and what not), I asked him, because if it is
there, you will know it and he says: This is a Kathib, this is a lie, there is no mot
made out of copper around the gabr of theh Prophet (saw), and frankly it is a bizaare
story, it does not make any sense, and Allahu Alim, it doesnt seems to hat
Other incidents that we should know, in the Year 654 Hijra, one of the lapkeepers oft
he Masjid of Prophet (saw) went inside to put oil into the lamp and unfortunantly he
had an accident and the oil lit up, and it caught fire, fire comes tot he curtain and the
curtain come tot he pillar and that is non as a disastres fires in the history oft he
Prophet (saw) Masjid, it caused the whole Masjid to burned down and the roof to
collapse on the structure of Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz, so this is called the big fire, the
great fire, and there are 2 of them, this was the great fire of madinah, and another
tragedy aswell accured that ist he original Mushaf of Uthman destroyed in this fire,
because everything was burned down, that was 1 mistake and Kadarallah Allah
willed it, nothing could had been done, one oft he Oil Keepers messed up, (and I feel
sorry for hat guy) but the entire masjid was destroyed, but Allah protected the Qabr
eventough it was chared, burned around it, but obvisouly the room was protected by
Allah (swt) and we have no dought that Allah have a protection there, there is a
sanctury there. The Roof collapse on to hat structure and they wrote to the Khalifa
The Abbasids and the Khalifa now is Al-Mutasim billah, he write to him in
The Grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)_by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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Baghdad, what do we do, this is the Qabr, nobody been inside the Qabr since the
time of Umar bin Abdul Aziz, 500-600 years are gone by, do we destroy the structure
and build an another one ? They send a letter to the Khalifa in Bagdhad, there was
the Mongol Invasion, you have now Hulagu Khan surrounding Baghdad and the
next year after that great fire, Baghdad will be no more, everybody will be killed, over
a million people where massacred, on of the biggest massacre before WWI in the
history, the Khalifa is way to busy, he is about to lose his life in a year, he doesnt
know that, the people dont know what to do, so they decide you know what, leave it
as it is and just build the Masjid around it, out of respect tot he Qabr, dont touch it,
incl. The stuff that fall on to the Qabr, whos gonna get on top, so this is the respect
they had for the Qabr, so they just leave it be, build the Masjid around the Qabr,
nobody will gonna touch the structure that was build by Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz, the
pentagonal structure, eventough the things are fall inside, who is gonna get inside,
we dont have permission so they let it be.
What happened, the Mongols rape baghdad, this is the biggest tragedy in my humble
opinion, politicaly speaking after the death of Prophet Mohammad (saw) and the
Khilafa of Abu Bakr, the biggest tragedy the Ummah has ever seen, that is he rape of
Baghdad (thats a another topic) which ist he turning point, because the Ummah is
rising, rising at seems to be nobody can stop that, then Allah sends a race we never
heard o and that reace completly holse the ummah and europe begans to rise, for
500 years, anyway the mongols are comming, who stopps them, it was Ath-Thaahir
Baybars, in the Battle of Ayn Jaloot (the Pool of Goliath) near Jerusalem, this is
where everything changes and we discovered that the Mongls are actualy human
and that when the Muslims are start regaining, Ath-Thaahir Baybars is incharge and
he is financing the re-bouilding oft the Masjid and he desided the structure to be
covered it up, because it is in a bad condition. He builds for the 1st time a large
square around of the house of prophet saw in the Year 678, that large square, this is
what is still there, that what we know see, its not the grayl, but the foundation. And he
build a dome on top oft the grave, for the 1st time, there was no dome in the histroy
of islam, until 678 and it was a wodden dome and that structure remained for 200
years until the 2nd big fire took place and that was in the year 886 Hijra, that is a very
interesting fire, 1481 CE btw, (columbus has not yet discovered america) the
Muslims are still in Andalus, the Mamlooks are maynli in power right now, in 1481 CE
when the Muazzin of Salat ul Isha goes in give his Adhaan and it is raining, low and
behold a bulk of lighting comes from the skys, and strikes the minaret and the
minaret comes chrashing down, killing the muezzin and the fire begans on the roof
oft he masjid and once again 200 years later the entire masjid is up in flames and it is
said, that all the people of Madinah, rushed tot he masjid, (with the buckets, because
there is no fire department) everybody rushed to help perseves, whatever was
possible to presever basicalliy the whole masjid had to rebuilld, so Mamluks Sultan
Kait-Bay (these are somewood bizzare names because these are not arabs, they are
ancient ciptasch turks, (a sorcation of turks) ordered a complete rebuilding oft he
Masjid from scratch again and he said: We are go and clean in the Mess from the
Fire, that took place 200 years ago, Imagine that had not been touched and the
greatest scholar alive was chosen and his name was Ali bin Ahmad al-Samhudi
(died AH 911) and later on he wrote many books of History incl. The Seerah of
Prophet Mohammad (saw) which is the most interesting Seerahs of all, he wrote 2 or
3 Volumes, so al-Samhudi was chosen to go inside, in the very inner chambers,
make sure everything was fine, clean up, that the original structure of Umar Ibn
Abdul Aziz could be maintained and so after 700 years of nobody entering the Qabr
The Grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)_by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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(somebody says that in the 2nd or 3rd senctury somebody entered it, because a wall
collapsed, this is aswell as story in the books of history) al-Samhudi cleans up the
roof, he cleanes up everything, he goes in (in the bottom, there was no door) in, but
we dont know how, maybe there was one brig or soemthing, I dont know how, he
says from the very back entrance he entered the sacred chamber, the 1st human in
500 years and the last human for 600 years, he he describes it in a such emotional
vivid detail (he is writting in the 1st person) this is a very amazin describtion, (this is
now a lil translation oft hat) As I entered in the blessed room from the back, i did not
go any further, (he stopped right there, out of respect) I deceted a fragrance, the likes
of which I never smelled before, (there will be an aura, an spirituality, how can you
poissibly denied this) and I stood there as long as i could (he cant move out of
respect) I make salam, to the best of the prophets and than tot he closest of his 2
companions, made as many duas as I could, (its very poetic language, I translated
as much as I could) I saw that the rooms was flat now, (not the graves has gone in,
sattled) except of 1 mount in the back, that i guess that it was form Umar (r.a.), and i
felt the send in the ground and it was moised, as if it was fresh and it was gravel,
(btw it is mentioned in Sahih Al-Bukhari that Al-Qasim Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr
visited Aysha, when she was still living there, and he said Oh my Mother, let me see
the Qabr of Prophet Mohammad (saw), so Aysha lifted the curtain up, (now she
never lift the curtain, for a non mahram, but Al-Qasim is her nephew, Qasim Ibn
Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr so she lifted the curtain, he said I saw 3 graves, neither
where they raised nor way they flet, just munshed, and radish gravel on them, and
we also have another book of history aswell, when Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz reboulding
the graves, one of the people there who was building (they are all scholars who take
charge of this) he said I saw the graves, they were raised 4 fingers from the ground
so its just a lil bit of a mount, thats all there, no stone, nothing, by the time of Ali bin
Ahmad al-Samhudi (thats 886) those Qabrs are becoming flat and he says to get to
the Qabr he had to get down at least 3 armlengs - that makes sense that the
chambers are not settled down and it was at this time that the wooden structure of
Ath-Thaahir Baybars converted into a metallic structure, so the wooden square was
converted to a metallic one and (check this out guys) this exact structure build in 886
A.H. corsponding to 1481 is what we seen today, as the green latice, that green
latice that all of us see, how old it is , ist 600 years old and we are now in 2015 and
it was build by Sultan Kait-Bay and he converted the wooden dome (on top) which
was build by Ath-Thaahir Baybars in a proper dome and that dome was modified until
we had, what we have today. Initially the dome was metallic in colour and they like
this, because the sun reflected then it seems bright, they painted in different colours
throw 100 and 100 of years, it was sometimes called the blue dome, it was also
painted white then in the raign of sultan mahmood (around 1253 AH, which is 1837) it
was for the very 1st time painted green, so the green color goes only back 150 its
not that much long ago.
The practise to hanging a curtain around the grave, this goes back to the earliest of
times, it is first done in the earlie Abbasid time, not the Ummayad, (the Umayyad had
their pentagonal structure) , the Abbasid like to covered it up with a beautiful Sitar,
like the Kaabah has it (theh Qhilaf) and the 1st person to do this was the Mother of
Harun Ar-Rashid she gifted some beautiful silk to cover the walls of the Qabr and
then it became incustom inhabit, (there is a long history of that) - in our times, those
who goes to Umrah or Hajj know that, we visiting the Kiswa factory aswell, they also
The Grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)_by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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produced the Qhilaf of the Qabr of Prophet Mohammad (saw) this is changed once
every 10 years, not every years, and that Qhilaf what does it cover,.
That the door that is used today, to enter, in the outer Qabr of he Prophet (saw), as
for the inner Qabr, nobody had entered it for the last 650 yeras, nobody has access
to it, there are people, they have the keys to this door, (seen in slide 5, the famous
And when you go inside, this is what you see, that a picture form inside, (there is
picture from inside, the inner chamber) and here is where (marked on the slide) we
give salam from, we is on the outside, all you can see is the GHILAF anybody who
can see anything else is a figmant of imagination, OK, there is no Qabr to see, no
house to see, when you enter from that door, this only takes you tot he outer
chambers, who gets to go to this outer chamber ? The people who change the
curtain, cleaners one every month the cleaners go in (they are students of
knowledge there is commitae I met, these are people they are like Ulama, whoelse
go inside this is how the reality works Politicians and Kings (and the guest of the
Kings, when a visitor comes from outside, VIPs) that such 3 inch behead of us, they
go behind the grayl,
Slide 6: This is the most detail map that i could find of the inner chambers of Prophet
Mohammad (saw), here we have: No1 Prophet Mohammad (saw), No2 Abu Bakr, No
3 Umar (ra) and that empty place on the North side, thats a legend that Isa ibn
Maryam (a.s.) would come and be burried here a legend (we do not know),
this is (the red one whit the grey spaces) he original house of Aysha, protected by
the thick black Qubes (build by Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz), the red one ist he pentagonal
structure build by Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz, and this was there fort he longest time, over
500 years,
the yellow wall (on the outest side) was originally build by Ath-Thaahir Baybars,
the square wall (the green big wall on the map) was originally build by Ath-Thaahir
Baybars by wood, then the Fire took Place, then Qait Bhye build that from Metal and
this Metal structure is still standing to this Day, The Metal structure incl. the Area
which fatimah was aswell, so here house was still incl. and it is said that you can still
see the Mihrab by the Umawayoon (Allahu Allam, because I havent been inside),
but is still there, this ist he house of Fatimah (underneath the direction signal) behind
this ist he raise plattform,
what the the red and grey dotted line here, so when Qayt by rebuilld the entire
Haram, he build a large wall around the pentaguanl structure, because the structure
was lil destroyed by the fire, it is put the curtain that is hanging from this wall, on the
outside, we the man give salam (from the No: 18, 19 and 20) , when we walked by
give salam this is facing the prophet (saw), this is facing Abu Bakr as Siddiq and
Umar Ibn Khattab, there are atleast 10 feet, when we stand there,
and those who are inside, there is probably around 6 feet aswell, not that much
where did they enter, right behind the direction signal, (slightly right behind) from the
back, the outer sanctuary,
The Grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)_by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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the round dots (the structure) the outline oft he green dome, that s the outline,
thats used tob e the rouda, there is a are that is not acceable any more,
and there are also the great pillars of history, things happening over here, much
histroy was taken place in the rauda and these pillars (not the same as in that time)
they have names, Pillar of Wofood, Pillar of Tigning Up where Abu Lubaba tight
himself up,
Answering of Questions from the Audience,

Nobody will change the position oft he Body of Prophet (saw) out of respect,
that where he passed away, thats where he is going to be, the utmost
respectis given, becase there is no Leader, so the one who is leading them,
would pretend that he is taking charge,
The green carpet is made in 1830, it was blue one, before white and then
before metallic, they have gone to 5 different colours, there is no religions
sinificant fort he green at all,
The women are given 3 or 4 rows for the Raudah, you have to go right on the
front of the womens section and give the roses there of the raudah,
The Prophet (saw) was never disropped, they never disrope him, Aysha (r.a.)
explizit says that on top oft that the give 3 sahulia (clothes) ,

The Grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)_by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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the plan and the structure of the qabr,

The Grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saw)_by Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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