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FULL PART 1 - 20
1. Zinc is not present in bronze
2. Dynamite was invented by Nobel
3. Periodic table was given by Mendeleev
4. Reduction is addition of Hydrogen.
5.Oxidation is addition of Oxygen.
5. The galvanized iron pipes are coated with zinc.
8. Non-stick kitchenwares are coated with Teflon.
9. Gobar gas mainly contains methane.
10. The chief constituent of vinegar is acetic acid.
11. The fibre least prone to catch fire is cotton.
12. Setting of plaster of paris involves dehydration process.
13. The chemical name for the compound having formula NaOH is sodium
14. Helium gas is filled in balloons because it is lighter than air.
17. What happens to the equivalent conductance of an electrolyte on
dilution? may increase or decrease depending on the electrolyte
19. Cotton fibre is made up of cellulose.
20. Protein metabolism is carried out by Vitamin B2.
21. The first insecticide produced in India is DDT.
22. Piezo-electric effect is exhibited by quartz.
23. Isotopes have the same atomic number.
24. Lunar caustic is silver nitrate(AgNO3).
25. Which of the following is true? all ores are minerals
26. The colourless gas with the smell of rotten fish is PH3
27. The fungicide Bordeaux mixture consists of boric acid and calcium
28. The substance used in the manufacture of high voltage insulators is
29. Tobacco is preserved from drying out in glycerol

31. Which one of the following is incorrectly matched? Basic salt Cu

32. Natural rubber is a polymer derived from isoprene
33. Butane dioic acid is adipic acid
34. Carborandum is SiC
35. 20ca40 and 19k40 are isotones
36. Epsom salt is MgSo4.7H2O
37. Which one of the following is an explosive? Trinitro toluene
38. The number of ions produced from one molecule of K4Fe(CN)6 in
aqueous solution is 5
39. The formula which is used to calculate the maximum number of
electrons in the principle quantum number is 2n2
40. Trimethyl benzene is called mesitylene
41. The formula of plaster of paris is CaS04 H2O
42. A white powder insoluble in water dissolves in ammonium hydroxide. It
could be silver chloride
43. Mass number of an element represents number of protons and neutrons
45. The commonly used refrigerant in fridges is freons
48. Sodium thiosulphate is widely used in photography. Its main role in
photographic process is due to reduction
49. If the percentage of oxygen in a metallic oxide is 33.33%, then its
equivalent mass is 16
50. In nature borax occurs as Tincal
52 Petroleum mainly contains aromatic hydrocarbons
53. Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984 was caused by one of the following
compounds: Methyl isocyanate
54. pH of blood is 7.4
55. The blue colour of water in the sea is due to scattering of blue light by
water molecules
56. The acid present in vinegar is CH3COOH
57. When a lead storage battery is discharged H2SO4 is consumed
58. Combustion chemically is decomposition

59. Cinnamic acid is prepared by Perkins reaction

60. The number of isomers in the aromatic compound with the formula
C8H10 is 2
61. Trimethy benzene is called mesitylene
62. Benzaldehyde on treatment with chlorine in the absence of catalyst gives
63. Salicylic acid is prepared by Kolbes reaction
64. What is the formula of plaster of paris? CaSO4.1/2H2O
65. Tartar emetic is potassium antimonyl tartrate
67. Mass number of an element represents number of protons and neutrons
68. Mohrs salt is (Nh4)2Fe(SO4)26H2O
69. The absorbent used in colour chromato-graphic method is benzene
70. The number of orbitals in f sub shell energy level is 6
71. In the periodic table, the elements present the groups from 3 to 12 are
known as d-block
72. The effect which represents the splitting of spectral lines by external
magnetic field is Zeeman effect
74. On the right-hand side of the periodic table are the non-metals
75. A solution of sodium acetate in water will turn blue litmus to red
76. Which of the following elements is the most electronegative? fluorine
77. Which one of the following is incorrectly matched? Basic salt NaCHO3
79. The number of isomers in the aromatic organic compound with
molecular formula C7H8O is 5
80. Silver nitrate produces a black stain on skin due to its reduction to
metallic silver
81. Copper sulphate solution is acidic in nature due to hydrolysis
82. A white powder, insoluble in water dissolves in ammonium hydroxide,
could be silver chloride
83. Epsom salt is MgSO4.7H2O
84. Biogas mainly contains methane
85. Acid rain is caused by the pollutants H2O and SO2
86. Acetyl salicylic acid is commonly used as a pain killer

87. Which solution will have the highest boiling point? 1% solution of
glucose in water
88. The disaccharide present in milk is lactose
89. Natural petroleum is a liquid mixture of paraffin hydrocarbons C5toC15
90. Which gas is commonly filled in giant balloons? helium
92. Which of the following gases may cause acid rain in an industrial area?
93. Which of the following contains poly unsaturated fatty acids in largest
amount? sunflower oil
94. The drugs caffeine, tannin, nicotine are steroids
95. Urea is a .. fertilizer potash
96. Coloured glass, coral, ruby glass, metal alloys are colloidal solutions of
solid in a solid
97. Which carbohydrate is not a hexose? mannose
98. Which is not correctly matched? Haworth Synthesis of anthracite
99. A solution of potassium nitrate is alkaline
100. How is the degree of hardness of water expressed? ppm of magnesium
101. Vinegar is 6-10% acetic acid
102. Gobar gas is a mixture of CH4, CO2&H2
103. Sand is SiO2
104. Rainwater helps to increase the .of the soil nitrogen content
105. Which one of the following is not found in protein? S
106. Heavy water is the name given to D2O
107. Magnetron is used for the production of Cathode rays
108. Aqua-regia consists of HCI and HNO3
109. The fertilizer essential for the growth of tobacco is potassium nitrater
110. National chemical laboratory is at Pune
111. The ore of manganese is pyrolusite
112. Copper sulphate solution conducts the current by ions
114. First atomic model was proposed by John Dalton
115. Lack of essential amino acids in diet causes Kwashiorkor

117. Number of amino acids that can be synthesized by the human body is 20
118. Which one of the following is a biomolecule? glutamic acid
120. The foul smell of rancid butter is due to Butyric acid
121. The organic compound used for silvering mirrors is acetaldehyde
122. What is the chemical name of marble? calcium carbonate
123. Which is not an isotope of hydrogen? yttrium
124. Which substance is obtained by the hydrolysis of oil? glycerol
125. What are paraffins? alkenes
126. In lighting which gas is produced? NO2
127. Rolled gold is an alloy of Cu and Al
128. Freezing mixture may contain ice and sodium chloride
129. Lunar caustic is AgNO3
130. Global warming is due to the release of this gas carbon-di-oxide
131. Which metal does not form amalgam? Fe
132. Which of the following electronic configurations is the stablest? s2
134. Which acid does not contain-COOH group? picric acid
135. Calciferol is Vitamin D
136. All acids essentially contain this element hydrogen
137. Atomic number denotes the number of protons in an atom
138. The properties of elements are
periodic function of their atomic weights. This statement was given by
139. The catalyst used in the conversion of white phosphorous to red
phosphorous is iodine
140. Slaked lime is Ca (OH)2
141. A preservative for biological specimen is formaldehyde
142. Maltase is an enzyme
143. The compound with a functional group COOH is called carboxylic acid
144. The number of isomers for C2H6O is one
145. Air contains maximum amount of nitrogen
146. Strong reducing agent is KMnO4
147. Indane gas is butane + propane

148. An element has atomic weight 24 and equivalent weight 11.9. Its
valency is 2
149. Dry ice is Solid CO2
150. The gas which is responsible for the rise in the mean temperature of the
world is carbon-di-oxide
201. Fat is a lipid
202. Calorific value is in the order of fats? carbohydrates ?proteins
203. Vulcanisation is the process of a adding sulphur
204. Which one of the following is not a radioactive substance? calcium
205. Optical isomers have both (A) and (B)
206. The element with the maximum number of isotopes in nature is
207. How can a given colourless liquid be tested whether it is water or not ?
adding a pinch of anhydrous copper sulphate
208. For what purpose is alum used by dyers of cloth? as a mordant
209. Polymer of amino acid is protein
210. Which gas is used in the preparation soda water? carbon dioxide
211. Which of the following compounds gives lodoform reaction? acetone
212. The oxidation number of C in oxalic acid (H2C204) is 3
213. Cooking oil can be converted into vegetable ghee by the process of
214. Which is an example of fermented beverage? wine
215. Oil of winter green is Methyl salicylate
216. A part from carbon and hydrogen pyridine contains nitrogen
217. The chemical name for vitamin C is ascorbic acid
218. Milk is an example of emulsion
219. The mass number of hydrogen is 1
220. Bakelite is obtained from Phenol and formaldehyde
221. During dehydration the body loses
222. The hormone that contains iodine is thyroxin
223. Green house effect causes growth of plant in glass house
224. The hybridization of carbon in ethane is dsp2

225. Which is the weakest? lonic bond

226. Ornamental gold contains copper
227. Which is used to produce artificial rain? silver nitrate
228. Which metal is involved in galvanization process zinc
229. The alcohol used in the preparation of dynamite is glycerol
230. Why there is a spluttering sound when water is sprincked on hot oil?
boiling point of oil is higher than that of water
231. Which of the following is used as a dehydrating agent? HCLO4
232. Wood is preserved from attack by termites by a material marketed as
creosote oil, this is a mixure of tar and water
233. In gobar gas plant, which one of the following gases is released? cresols
234. The heat of neutralization is constant of strong acid strong base
235. The strength of the solution of 4g of NaOH in 1litre is 0.01 N
236. The name Victor Meyer is associated with distinction of aldehydes and
237. A peptide is polyalcohol
238. The oxidation number of chromium is K2Cr2 07 is 1
239. The Indicator used in the titration between KMn04 and FeSO4 is none
240. ?H = ?E +?nRT
241. The shape of methane is square planer
242. If pH =7, pOH =? 14
243. The lewis base among the following is AI (OH)3
244. The non-reducing sugar among the following fructose
245. The one, which is not a colligative property, is viscosity
246. The ion that does not cause hardness of water HCO3
247. Rocket fuel is hydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide
249. Compound that decolorizes bromine water is acetylene
250. power alcohol is a mixure of ethyl alcohol + petrol
251. Which one of the following is a transition element? copper
252. The isotope 7N14 contains all of these
253. An atom of chlorine with atomic number 17 and mass number 35,
contains in its nucleus 18 neutrons

254. Strach on hydrolysis gives Glucose

255. Which of the following helps the fermentation process? adding
256. Methylated spirit is 95% ethanol
257. Stainless steel is an alloy of steel+ chromium + nickesl
258. Diabasic acid is sulphuric acid
259. Element which is an enemy of copper is sulphur
260. Which one of the following is a chemical reaction? combustion of carbon
261. The element used in lead pencils is Carbon
262. Carbon monoxide is atphoteric
263. The amount of nitrogen present in the atmospheric air is about 78%
264. Molecular weight = ? X vapour density is 2
265. Metal ore, galena contains lead
266. DDT is an insecticide
267. Rare gases are di-atomic
268. Iodine with starch gives the colour which? nitrogen
269. Bleaching powder contains chlorine
275. Which of the following atmospheric gases is in highest percentage?
276. Gas used to harden oils in the preparation of vanaspathi hydrogen
277. The term PVC used in the plastic industry stans for polyvinyl carbonate
278. The boiling point of water on the Kelvin scale 373?C
279. For drinking purpose water can be purified by chlorination
280. The hardest variety of carbon is diamond
281. The poisonous gas produced by a Motor car carbon monoxide
282. What is the lead of a lead pencil made of ? graphite
283. The tendency of similar molecules to stick together is known as Cohesion
284. Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of nuclear fission
285. Estimation of nitrogen is done by kjeldahls method
286. 95% alcohol is known as rectified spirit
287. Bleaching action of chlorine is by decomposition
291. Which one of the following gases is readily soluble in water at room

temperature? ammonia
292. Which one of the following undergoes polymerization to form a plastic?
293. Which by product is obtained in the manufacture of soap from oils?
294. Which one of the following combinations would liberate carbon dioxide
gas? calcium carbonate + dilute hydrochloric acid
295. Which one of the following properties is not a characteristic of a metal?
it is good conductor of heat
296. Ethane and ethylene may be distinguished by using a few drops of
bromine water
297. The percentage of oxygen present in air by volume is 20.5%
298. Which one of the following requires a solvent other than water to
dissolve it? sulphur
299. The filter beds at water works remove most of the suspended solids
300. The lowest percentage of carbon is present in steel
351. Basic principle of the hydrogen bomb is nuclear fusion
353. The two isotopes of chlorine are 17CI37and17CI37
354. The metal which is found in liquid state at room temperature is Mercury
355. The major constituent of Super-phosphate of lime is Phosphorous
356. Electrovalent bond is formed between two electronegative elements
357. Of the following substances the one which can turn blue litmus paper to red is CH3COOH
358. The element having only proton in the nucleus is Hydrogen
359. pH of water 7
360. The sides of a match box contains red phosphorus
361. The acid which etches glass is hydrofluoric acid
362. Helium is preferred to hydrogen is airships because it does no form
explosive mixture with air
363. Which of the following has the smell of garlic? phosphorus chloride
364. A common nitrogenous fertilizer is urea
365. Which element is a metalloid in the following? arsenic
366. Highest ionization energies are found in halogens

367. The bonds present in acetylene are 2pi, 3 sigma bonds

368. When methyl orange is added to hydrochloric acid, it takes the colour
369. The most abundantly found gas in atmosphere is nitrogen
370. Spirit is methyl alcohol
371. Among the following a fertilizer is calcium sulphate
372. In the modern periodic table, elements are classified on the basis of
atomic number
373. Why is tungsten used in electric bulbs? it is cheaper than other metals
374. Radon is inert gas
375. . is a synthetic polymer. Answer is PVC
376. The element that shows maximum catenation is carbon
377. In covalent solids. occupy the lattice positions electrons
378. Ice is compound covalent
379. When silver tarnishes in air it turns black. This indicates that there is
. in air. hydrogen sulphide
380. What is the black board chalk made of? lime
381. The substance that is not polymer is glucose
382. The main active ingredient of tea and coffee is caffeine
383. Riboflavin is a/an vitamin
384. The vitamin responsible for blood clotting is K
385. The most abundantly found metal in the human body is calcium
386. Steel contains 0.1 to 2% carbon
387. Morphine is a/an stimulant
388. Air contains what percentage of oxygen? 21
389. An atom of iron is times as heavy as an atom of hydrogen 238
390. Which is the gas emitted from the road vehicles causing pollution?
carbon monoxide
391. Which of the following compounds is responsible for acid rain?
Sulphur dioxide
392. Element discovered alter Mendeleefs tabulation is germanium
393. The food which gives an athelete instant energy is glucose

394. Which is an example of an antibiotic? Streptomycin

395. Which of the following gases is known as laughing gas? Nitrous oxide
396. The acid associated with the soaps is fatty acid
397. The substance used in making hair-dye is silver nitrate
398. The substance present in spurious liquors causing blindness is methanol
399. The number of neutrons in 13AI27 is 14
400. Avagadros law is applicable to gases
401. Temporary hardness of water is due to bicarbonates of Ca & Mg
402. An element with atomic number 7 will contain 7 electrons & 7 protons
403. Paracetamol is analgesic
404. Chemical equilibrium is noted in the reaction reversible
405. Hypo, used in photography, is sodium thio sulphate
406. Which will explode on detonation in the dry Sodium
407. In fat, the functional group is ester
408. Which among the following has the highest fuel value? fat
409. Which of the following has maximum electronegativity? S
410. In an endothermic reaction washing soda
411. Sodium bicarbonate is called baking soda
412. The chemical equation that correctly represents the reaction between
hydrogen and oxygen is 2H2+O2?2H2O
413. Which is neither an element nor a compound? air
414. Which of the following substances is used for preservation of food
grains? sodium benzoate
415. The water that does not produce good lather with soap is called hard
416.Tha acid used in a car battery is sulphuric acid
417. Which of the following gases makes the major proportion of air?
418. The growing plants need which of the following elements in largest
quantity? nitrogen
419. Sodium thiosulphate is called hypo
420. Formalin is used as preservative

421. Among the following an anaesthetic is chloroform

422. Which one of the following is an example of a carcinogenic compound?
423. The main constituent of glass is
calcium silicate
424. The rich source of nicotin is tobacco
425. The ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is formed due to the following
reaction oxygen and UV-rays
427. Maximum 14 electrons are accommodated in sub shell f
428. Dynamite was discovered by Alfred Nobel
429. Chemically cane sugar is Sucrose
430. For the manufacture of cement, which of the following is used in the
largest quantity? Calcium oxide
431. Bleaching powder has Chlorine
432. Iodised Salt is a mixture of common salt with Potassium iodide
433. Nitrogen is found in organic
substance proteins
434. Plant and animal wastes on biodegradation give Bio gas
435. Biogas mainly contains Methane
436. Which metal is present in Vitamin B12? Cobalt
437. Chalk is calcium carbonate
438. Metals lose electrons
439. The reagent that bleaches the colour of the fabric is SO3
440. Nicotine is Alkaloid
441. Oxidation involves loss of electrons
442. During the fermentation of sugars, the enzyme which converts glucose
into ethyl alcohol is zymase
444. Gun powder is a mixture of charcoal, sulphur and potassium nitrate
445. Which is the non-inflammable organic compound CCI4
446. The substance that is not polymeric is Glucose
447. . is used as an anaesthetic Nitrous oxide
448. Which is used as a Lubricant? Graphite

449. Protein is made up of Amino acid

450. Which of the following is ka carbohydrate? Cane-sugar
The main raw material used in match industry is Potassium chlorate
452. An antifreeze used in automobile radiators is Glycal
454. Radioactive isotope of hydrogen is 1H3
455. Monozite is the principal source of Thorium
456. Vinegar is acetic acid
457. Which of the following was the first organic compound to be
synthesized in a laboratory? Urea
458. Rat poison contains white phosphorous
459. For instant energy, atheletes that cure Glucose
460. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide
461. Antacide found in medicines that cure stomach ache
462. Which of the following is Laxative? Epsom
463. According to Mendeleefs periodic law properties of element are
periodic functions of their
464. Which of the following elements exhibit allotraphy? Tin
465. Acetyl Salicylic acid is commonly used as Pain killer
466. Which one of the following is a mixture? Seawater
467. Hypo used in photography is chemically Sodium thiosulphate
468. Natural Rubber us a polymer of Isoprene
469. LPG contains a mixture of Butane + Propane
470. Duralumin is used for making aircraft components
471. DDT is an insecticide
472. Amalgams always contain Mercury
473. Who was the first world surgeon to conduct successful heart
transplant? Dr. Christian Bernard
474. Which of the following is usually not an air pollutant? Hydrocarbon
475. Which gas is easily liquefied? Cl2
476. The alloy of copper which does not contain zinc is Bronze
477. What is DDT? Insecticide
478. Proteins are made up of Amino acids

479. Biogas contains mainly? Methane

480. Hypo is sodium thiosulphate
481. The idea that the arrangement of structure of an atom was like a
miniature solar system, was suggested by Rutherford
482. White paint contains zinc oxide
483. Which one of the following is a green house gas? Fluorine
484. Which one of the following is a green house gas? Carbon di oxide
485. Reduction is addition of hydrogen
486. The red colour of ruby is due to chromium oxide
487. Diamond and graphite are different forms carbon
488. The number of elements present in the lanthanide series is 14
489. The pH of dilute acetic acid is 2. It will increase on the addition of
aqueous anmonia
490. The acid used as hypnotic agent is barbitutic acid
491. For the manufacture of cement, which is used in the largest quantity?
492. Drinking soda is acidic
493. The compound that contains maximum amount of nitrogen is urea
494. During dehydration, the substance that is lost by the body is Sodium
495. Carborundum is used in grinding glass
496. The compound used in smoke screen is calcium phosphate
497. Which one of the following elements has the same atomic number and
mass number? Hydrogen
498. The boll metal contains Cu and Sn
499. Blue vitriol is CuSO4 5H2O
500. Oxidation involves Loss of electron
502. Economical method of separation of essential oils from nature sources
is possible by fractional distillation
503. Dilantin sodium is an anti-inflammatory
504. One of the following is a heart drug Dizioxin
505. Nylon 66 is prepared from hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid

506. The formula of tetra chlorodiamine platinum (iv) is [Pt(NH3) 2 ]CI 4

507. The co-ordination number of atoms in BCC lattice is 6
508. Which one of the following has the highest boiling point? 0.1mNaCl
509. Which has the highest pH? 1m NH4OH
510. Non-stick kitchen ware is coated with Teflon
512. What is the composition of baking powder? NaHCO3 Tartaric acid
513. what is THERAPEUTICS? science of art of heating
514. Identify the manmade element Californium
515. Which of the following is not an inert gas? Freon
516. The metal present in vitamin B-12 is Cobalt
517. LPG contains Methane, Ethane and Hexane
518. Natural rubber is a polymer of Isoprene
519. A photographic plate uses Silver bromide
520. The sour taste of curd is due to lactic acid
521. Ornament Gold is 22 carat
522. Laughing gas is nitrous oxide
523. pethidine is an analgetic
524. Law of mass action was given by Ostwald
525. Oxidation is addition of hydrozen
526.Terylene is Polyester
527. The gas responsible for fruit ripening is Ethylene
528. Which of the following is used as a preservative of food articles?
Sodium benzoate
529. The gas that should not be used for extinguishing fire is O2
531. Which gas leaked in Bhopal tragedy? Methyl iso-cyanide
532. The important substance used in Vulcanisation of rubber is sulphur
534. Gun metal is an alloy of Cu, Zn and Sn
535. The chemical name of Calomel is Mercurous chloride
536. Oil of vitriol is Sulphuric acid
537. Which of the following is an ester? Coconut oil
538. To demonstrate the movement of water, which of the following
solutions used? Eosin

539. Some of the elements in enzymes function as co-enzymes

540. One of the following is used for artificial ripening of banana: Ethylene
541. Acid rain that affects plants and animals in mainly due to this gas ABA
542. Kerosene oil is an example of Mineral oil
543. Which is the substance that is not present automobile exhausts? oxides of nitrogen
544. Pencil lead is made of Graphite
545. Temporary hardness of water is due to the presence of bicarbonates of
Ca and Mg
546. Vitamin B1 is called Thiamine
548. Rayon is artificial silk.
549. The important buffers present in the blood is NaH2PO4/Na2H PO4
550. Which is true of the following? Elements can be solids or liquids or
551. Phytochrome is Chromopeptide
552. Gobar gas is mixure of CH4CO and H2
553. Which chemical is used for preserving the biological specimens in the
laboratories? Formaldehyde
554. Quarts is Calcium silicate
555. Which is the first man made element? TC
556. What is not correct about colloids? their stability is increased by adding
an electrolyte
557. The raw material for the manufacture of paper is Cellulose
558. The compound used to prepare Bakelite is Phenol
559. Acetyl Salycilic acid is used as Pain killer
560. The highest known atomic number is 108
562. The peak of Lothar Meyer Atomic Volume curve is occupied by alkali
563. When calcium carbide is treated with cold water, the gas evolved is
564. The element used in valcanising rubber is Sulphur
565. Urea is very good fertilizer because the nitrogen content is more
567. Which one of the following is an ionic crystal? salt

568. The less electronegative element in the halogen family is Iodine

569. In the vapour state, phosphorus exists as P4
570. Ammonia is a base
571. Rectified spirit is 95% ethanol
572. Many organic compounds have the same molecular formula and they
differ in the physical and chemical properties. This phenomenon is called as Isomerism
573. The chemical name of baking soda is Sodium bicarbonate.
574. Industrially used process for the conversion of Ethylene to polyethylene
is known as Polymerisation
575. Epsom salt is MgSO4 7H2O
576. When an acid reacts with an alkali, the following change is observed?
Heat is evolved
577. The gas evolved during the fermentation of sugar solution is methane
578. Elements which form often coloured compounds are transition
579. Which one of the following does not exhibit allotropy? Neen
580. The metal used in air craft structure is Duralumin
581. Bleaching powder is used mostly for sterilizing water
582. DDT is a/an insecticide
583. Neutron was discovered by Chadwick
584. Gas which gives dense white fumer with ammonia is Hydrogen chloride
585. The radioactive element amont the following is radium
586. Bone ash is calcium phosphate
587. one gram mole of all gases at NTP occupies 22.4 lit.
589. Which of the following turns blue litmus red? Acetic acid
591. The best ductile metals are gold, silver
594. The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruits is Ethylene
595. An acid converts blue litmus into blue
596. Acetylene on polymerization gives Polythene
597. Which enzyme converts glucose and fructose into ethyl alcohol and
CO2? Zymase
598. The pyrolusite ore contains Mn

599. When an acidified solution of ferrous ammonium sulphate is treated

with KMnO4 solution, the ion which is oxidized is Fe2+
600. Which of the following is a naturally occurring polymer? Protein
601. According to Arrhenius concept, base is a substance which accepts a
lone pair of electrons
604. Which of the following is the correct order of calorific values of fuel?
Hydrogen > Petrol > Wood

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