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Written Math practice part-01

1. The tens digit is four times the ones digit in a certain number. If the sum of the digit is 10, what is the
Let, the number be (10X+Y)
So, Tens digit=X and ones digit=Y
According to the question,
X=4Y and X+Y=10
Solving two equation,
We get, Y=2 and X=8
The number is 82. (Ans)
2. An old fashion country school room has double desks. If each student in the class sits at a different
desk, there are 2 students without seats. If 2 students sit together at a double desk, there is one empty
desk. How many students and how many desks are there in the class?
Let, the number of desk be x
According to the question,
Or, 2x-2=x+2
Or, 2x-x=2+2
Desks=4 and Students = 4+2=6 (Ans)
3. Five times the sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 13 less than the original number. If you
reverse the digits in the two-digit number, four times the sum of its two digits is 21 less than the reversed
two-digit number. The difference of the original two-digit number and the number with reversed digits is?
Let, units digit=y and tens digit=x
The number is (10x+y)
According to the question,
Or, 10x+y-5x-5y=13
5x-4y=13...... (1)
Or, 10y+x-4x-4y=21
Now, from (1) and (2),
we get, x=9 and, y=8.
So, the original number will be 108+8=98.
Reversed number=89
Difference of the original two-digit number and the number with reversed digits is 98-89=9 (Ans)
4. Two cars race around a circular track in opposite directions at constant rates. They start at the same
point and meet every 30 seconds. If they move in the same direction, they meet every 120 seconds. If the
track is 1800 meter long, what is the speed of each car?

Let, speed of 1st car is X m/s

And speed of 2nd car is Y m/s
According to the question,
From (i) we get,
X= 30
Put the value of X into equation (ii)
Or, 4(1800-30Y)-120Y=1800
Or, 7200-120Y-120Y=1800
From equation (iii)=>
Speed of the 1st car=37.5 m/s and 2nd car= 22.5 m/s (Ans)
5. Mr.Walker invested 30,000 in stocks and bonds and had a total return of $2880 in one year. If his stock
investment returned 10% and his bond returned 9%, then how much did he invest in each?
Let, investment in stock = x, & investment in bond = 30000-x.
According to the question,
x10%+(30000-x)9% = 2880
Or, 0.1x+2700-0.09x = 2880
Or, 0.01x= 2880-2700
So, investment in stock = 18000 & investment in Bond=30000-18000=12000. (Ans)
6. Ashley invested her savings in two investment funds. The amount she invested in Fund A was twice as
the amount she invested in Fund B. Fund A returned a 6% profit and Fund B returned a 7% profit. How
much did she invest in Fund A if total profit from the two funds was $1520?
Let fund B=x and Fund A=2x
According to the question,
6% of 2x+ 7% of x=1520
Or, 0.062x+0.07x=1520
Or, (0.12+-.07) x=1520
Or, 0.19x=1520
Or, x=1520/0.19
x=8000 at 7% Fund B
2x=16000 at 6% Fund A (Ans)
7. Masum invested his savings in two investment funds. The amount he invested in fund A was 3x as
much as the amount he invested in fund B. Fund A returned a 7% profit and fund B returned a 2% profit.
How much did he invest in fund B, if the total profit from two funds together was $2070?
Let, investment in A = 3x & in B =x.
According to the question,
7% of 3x+2% of x=2070

Or, 1003x+100x=2070
Or, 21x+2x= 207000
x =9000.
So, investment in B = $9000. (Ans)
8. A prize of $900 is to be shared between a certain numbers of people. If there were two more people in
the group the prize money each person received would be reduced by $75. How many persons were in the
original group?
Let, people =x. and Total prize = 900.
According to the question,
900/x= 900/(x+2)+75
Or, 900/x- 900/(x+2) = 75
Or, 75x(x+2)=1800
Or, x2+2x=24
Or, x2+6x-4x-24=0
Or, (x-4)(x+6)=0
x=4, -6 (is not acceptable).
Total person is 4 (Ans)
9. A group of friends went to dinner and received a bill totaling $288. The group decided to treat two
people whose birthdays were that month and split the charges equally among the rest of the group. This
resulted in each person having to pay $4.80 more than each would have paid had the bill been split
equally among the entire group. How many people were in the dinner group?
Let people be x.
According to the question,
288/x-288/(x+2) =4.80
Or, x(x+2)=576/4.80
Or, x2+2x-120=0
Or, (x-10)(x+12)=0
x=10, -12 (is not acceptable).
So, total people =10+2=12 (Ans)
10. The length of a rectangle is twice its width. If the length is increased by 4 inches and the width is
decreased by 3 inches, a new rectangle is formed whose perimeter is 62 inches. What is the length of the
original rectangle?
Let, width be X inches
Length be 2X inches.
When the length is increased by 4 inches=2X+4
And the width is decreased by 3 inches=X-3
According to question,
Or, 2X+4+X-3=62/2
Or, 3X+1=31

The length of the original rectangle=210

=20 inches (Ans)
11. The average of three numbers is 135. The largest number is 180 and the difference of the other
numbers is 25. What would be the smallest number?
Let one number be =x & the other number be =y.
Sum of two numbers = 1353-180= 225.
And different of two numbers= 25.
So, x+y =225 and x-y =25.
From these two equation, we get x = 125.
The smallest no. is 225-125 =100 (Ans)
12. A printer quotes a price of taka 7,500 for printing 1,000 copies of a book and Taka 15,000 for printing
2,500 copies. Assuming a linear relationship and 2,000 books are printed, find (a) the variable cost per
book, (b) the average cost per book and (c) the fixed cost.
(a) 1000 copies need 7500Tk
2500 copies need 15000Tk
Extra 1500 copies need 7500Tk
This 1500 copies are fixed cost free,
We can get variable cost per book=7500/1500
=5 Tk (Ans)
(b) As cost function is linear and total cost for printing first 1000 copies is 7500tk and the variable cost
for per book is 5 Tk.
So, more 1000 copies cost=51000
To print 2000 books we need=(7500+5000)
Average cost=12,500/2000
=6.25tk (Ans)
(c) Fixed cost=(7500-5000)=2500Tk(Ans)
13. A person travels from x to y at a speed of 40km/h and returns by increasing his speed by 50%. What
is his average speed for both the trips?
Here, Going speed = 40km/h and Coming speed = 401.5 = 60 km/h.
So average speed = 40+60
= 4800/100
= 48 km/h (Ans)
14. Malek spends 75% of his income. His income is increased by 20% and he increases his expenditure
by 10% .Calculate the percentage of his increased amount of savings? (Basic Bank Asst Officer 09)
Let, Maleks income is =100 taka
Expenditure =75% of 100
= 75
Savings =100 75=25
According to the question,

At 20% increase,
new income =100+20% of 100
= 120 taka
New expenditure =75+10% of 75
=82.5 taka
New Savings =120-82.5
= 37.5 taka
% of increased amount of savings =[(37.525)/25]100%
=50% (Ans)
15. Two tanks, X and Y, are filled to capacity with jet fuel. Tank X holds 600 gallons more than tank Y.
If 100 gallons of fuel were to be pumped from each tank, tank X would then contain 3 times as much fuel
as tank Y. What is the total number of gallons of fuel in the two full tanks?
Let, tank Y contains = p gallons and tank X contains = (p+600) gallons
According to the question,
Or, p+500=3p-300
Or, 3p-p=500+300
p=400 gallons.
Now, Y contains = 400 gallons and X contains =(400+600)=1000 gallons
So, (X+Y) or total number of gallons will be =(400+1000) gallons
=1400 gallons (Ans)
16. A shopkeeper lost 7.5% by selling an article. If he had bought it at 10% less and sold it for 31 taka
more, he would have gained 20%. Find the cost price of the article.
(NB PO 14)
Let, cost price X tk.
According to the question,
92.5% of X+31=108% of X
Or, 1.08X-0.925X=31
The cost price=200 tk (Ans)
17. Two metals A and B are 900% and 200% respectively heavier than water. If there two metals make an
alloy which is 6 times heavier than water, what is the ratio of the two metals in the alloy?
Let, A is mixed = p & B is mixed = q.
According to the question,
Or, 900p+200q=600p+600q
Or, 300p=400q.
p:q = 4:3 (Ans)
18. A, B and C can do a piece of work in 16, 32, and 48 days respectively. They started working together
but C left after working 4 days and B 2 days before the completion of work. How many days it took to
complete the work?
1st 4 days A, B & C can do=4(1/16 +1/32 + 1/48) part

= 4(11/96)
=11/24 part.
Last 2 days only A can do this work =2(1/16)
=1/8 part.
Let, A & B working together in X days.
So, in X days A & B work=x(1/16+1/32)
=3x/32 part.
3x/32=1-(11/24 +1/8)
Or, 3x/32=5/12
Or, 36x=160
x =4.445 days
Total days=4+5+2
=11 days
20. In 2005, the number of pairs of the shoes that a company sold to retailers decreased by 20 percent,
while the price per pair increased by 20 percent from that of the previous year. The company's revenue
from sales of the shoes in 2005 was taka 300000. What was the revenue from the sale of the shoes in
previous year?
Let, previous year,
Shoes sold = x & price per shoes=y.
So, in 2005,
(x- 0.20x) (y+0.20y)=300000
Or, 0.80x 1.20y=300000
xy = 312500
Total revenue= 3,12,500 Tk (Ans)

Edited by
Jafar Iqbal Gem

Special Thanks to
1. Boka Soka
2. Rejia Sultana Tumpa
3. Imran Hossain Emu
4. Shahid Mazumder
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