Basic Image for Westlake High School - Laptop Image

Basic District Applications General Settings
Deep Freeze Desktop appearance Desktop Cleanup Wizard Internal microphone Password Prompt Power settings

"Power off" time should not be set Use logo developed for this image Turn this off Set to automatically detect Uncheck prompt for password when computer resumes from standby Set to "Do Nothing" when lid is closed Allow for computers to not go into Stand-by or Hibernate modes for 2 hours on battery or when plugged in. Load all printers for campus Set screen at brightest when thawed Basic Windows XP Screensaver set to turn on after 10 minutes of inactivity; No NovaNet screen saver Check to make sure that the computers will connect to wireless networks

Power settings on batteries Printers Screen bright Screen Saver Wireless access

Quicktime Touchpad Icon

Remove Quicktime icon from Systray Remove Touchpad icon from Systray Groupwise, IE, Firefox, Windows Media Player, Google Earth, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Producer, Photostory, Movie Maker, Inspiration, Remote Desktop, IZArc Taskbar should be one-line deep Set appearance as Windows XP Style with silver taskbar

Taskbar shortcuts include

Desktop Shortcuts
My Computer My Network Places Home Student Shared Novell Login Recycle Bin Log Off Shut Down Internet Explorer Applications Folder CDBurner XP Pro Google Earth Virtual Earth


Tied to Applications available on computer

Desktop Applications
Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Flash & Shockwave Audacity Blender 3D CD-Burner XP Pro CutePDF Google Earth Google Picasa Google Sketchup

Make sure all automatic updates are turned off. Must be installed in both IE and Firefox browsers Install with WinLAME encoder Set default save to path to H:home folder

Turn off auto-scan Turn off auto-scan No Office Integration; No Tip of the Day; Default attachments to save in home folder and to associate to the right application automatically Set default home pages as home page and library home page in tabs. Primary page to open to Turn off autoupdates; No autoload of music; set a media partition on hard drive and map Itunes to this place; no Autosync Most recent and working version Install software and attach probe with USB so it recognizes device only once Full install; Path to home folder; No drawing canvas, Default font to Times New Roman; Access to all clip art galleries; Put drawing tool at the bottom of document; Turn assistant off; Consistent toolbar config for all Office products; Consistent font package; Load all wizards and templates; Full install with Equation Editor; default save to .doc Full install Full install Full install Add-On Full install Full install with

Groupwise most recent version Inspiration 8.0

Internet Explorer 7.0 Irfanview

Itunes IZArc Zip application Java Lego Mindstorm NXT Logger Pro

Microsoft Office 2003 Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Word 2003 Excel 2003 Access 2003 Power Point 2003 Power Point Batch Importer Publisher 2003 Movie Maker PhotoStory plugin to work with Office 2003-2007

Mozilla Firefox most recent MWSnap3 NovaNET Novell Login PhotoScape PowerDVD

Set default home page as Add plugin to Firefox toolbar. Latest update package provided by Robie Clark

Set as default DVD player

PowerToys HTML Slide Show Wizard QuickTime Real Alternative Samsung Digital Document Camera software SMART Ideas SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit SMART Airliner SMART Synchroneyes TimeLiner 5.1 Virtual Earth VLC Player Windows Media Player Windows Media Encoder WinPlot ZoomIT

Set as default for Quicktime videos only Alternative Real Player install

Bluetooth-uncheck Autofind Install for Student Workstation - Joel has notes on this install

Install but not as a default player Set as default media player Install and set in Startup folder

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oel has notes on this


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