Breath of Fresh Air

Breath of Fresh Air

Mark G Melvin


Mark G Melvin

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Dedicated to the peaceful soul

Breath of Fresh Air

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Mark G Melvin

(Following my Free)

Lovely as a summer sun Refreshing like cool drops of rain Radiant in rainclouds Thoughts of you can ease the pain.

Bad days come and bad days go One thing I've learned to take it slow Smell the beauty as it blooms Share drink from the well and gaze the moon

Easy on my soul don't mind which way to go

Breath of Fresh Air

On a path I roam Don't know where this path leads I'm following my free in peace.

(The Grass is Just Fine where I'm Standin)

Love is a need it seems like when we don't have something we want it.

When we get it we tire of it.

Mark G Melvin

We throw it away because we want something new.

Yet when we didn't have it we wanted it a whole lot.

Keeping love is appreciating what we already have.

Its very easy to

Breath of Fresh Air

be disconnected it takes appreciation to keep what you got.

"The grass is just fine where I'm standin' "

(To Kill for Love)

I love you,

We say it all the time.

I would never do anything to hurt you.

I would never ever desert you!


Mark G Melvin

Pledge my loyalty for all of time.

Work my fingers to the bone.

I give all I have anything for you.

Even give my very life for you.

Doing all we can,forgiving,loving, happy, glad, sad, mad.

Defending in all,through all,fighting to death.

Providing and protecting even until the last breath.

Until another comes along,singing a different song.

Sharing the one you love most,death before dishonor.

Breath of Fresh Air

Loving so long it will not be loving in vain.

Losing the one you love to someone else.

The pain of the change.

Separating and the shame.

Jealousy comes sparking a fire,when new interest arise.

Twinkling the light in your lovers eyes,you used to do.

The though of your last breath.

Your protecting providing.

Fighting to the death.

Doing all you can, forgiving,loving,happy,mad,sad,glad.

Mark G Melvin

Working fingers to the bone.

Pledging loyalty for all of time.

Never deserting.

Never leaving.

Never hurting.

Yet for all your years of love.

For the one you love to let someone else,

just come and take it away.

Take it all away.

Breath of Fresh Air

Did you pledge your life to let it go?

Would you let it go that easy or would


kill for love?

(Inside of Love)

Love is an infinite circle that is unbreakable God is the source of all Love, How we share this with others is paramount,

Outside the circle or bond or safety or


Mark G Melvin

Peace of Love is Hate, once we respond to Hate with Hate we have allowed hate to grow in us,

and have stepped outside the circle of Love,or the Peace of Love,

No matter what, if we want to truly stay in Peace, we must stay in Love,

Because to have Peace, we must walk in Love.

Breath of Fresh Air

"Love" "See the good in everyone and you will never be a slave to anyone"

(Love Turned Tolerance)

Unanswered silent screams an island stranded

hailing to a mirage a fading apparition,

Unresponded desperation the terror of an unknown an abandoned mind,


Mark G Melvin

Dedication to known aspiration to detail the more advances made the less and less progress prevailed,

As the pot simmers low and slow

unattended until it is dry split cracked and broken,

Breath of Fresh Air

For no use anymore only sat to the side or discarded,

Only kept around for sentimental reason

presently for no good


Mark G Melvin


"Love turned tolerance"


Your seed is small yet grows epic how you speak talk listen action and reaction are all seeds,

Seeds we plant are

Breath of Fresh Air

the words of our mouth our fruit is of our own tending,

Move in quiet the breaking of a twig alarms our enemy,

Avoid foolishness run from it as an


Mark G Melvin

oncoming train,

Thoughts are many and constant let your actions speak more than them,

Stillness of heart mind body allows the

Breath of Fresh Air

hearing of wisdom,



Your mind is thinking,

Never turn your back

or think your too high


Mark G Melvin

Watch the seeds you plant may come back to choke you

(I Thought)

I thought that you loved me I truly though that you cared

I thought you could never act like this After all the years we shared.

I thought I was your everything

Breath of Fresh Air

I thought we was cool I thought you thought enough of me to not play me for a fool.

I though when you love someone I thought you did not lie I thought when you commit to one it'd be hard to say goodbye.

I thought that I thought I guess I did not thought enough I thought that I knew something I guess I thought to much.


Mark G Melvin

"I thought" (Triumphant)

2 time failure recourse absent hated by offspring betrayed by mate.

Reviled by family despised of community journeyed on trekked over.

Breath of Fresh Air

Unremembered forgotten loved by none hated by all.

Yet in still victorious successful able to start again hope never left people people left hope.

"Hope the necessary ingredient of Triumph"


Mark G Melvin

(God Still Loves Me)

This is why I call you loved, Mother yours is the first face I saw when I looked up, and when I messed up you are the first one to show up.

Since things went wrong all I seem to think of is you.

Wonder why you do not speak to me,did I hurt you?

Deserting you is the furthest thang from my mind.

If you ever need me,you know just where to find.

Pops I'm wonderin'why you aint' sayin' nuttn.'

All my life you the one that told me to stand up for

Breath of Fresh Air

myself and don't take nuthn.'

Big brother I definitely feel you don't like me.

Like the reason why you don't call is just to spite me.

Why all of you seem to be disgusted by me and can't relate to me.

I know lifes not long enough for you to hate me.

This is why I call you loved.

No matta what,I don't give up hope,try to be the best I can, knowing I'm nobody special, God still loves me,


Mark G Melvin

I do all I can to be a man.

God still loves me

(All You Own is Your Breath)

Time travel destination hatred joy juggle hurt pain ecstatic longsuffering beautiful pleasantries of deception.

Your kind words mean nothing in a war of manipulation.

Does he/she with the most mightiest words win?

See it feel it taste it hear it all you hold is your breath.

Breath of Fresh Air

It in itself is not your own.

How simple would your life be if all you owned was your breath?

"All you own is your breath"

"Material is an illusion manipulated in puppetmaster form by the control seekers."

"When you want nothing you own all" Freedom Liberty "Calm is the absence of pride"

"Control is the negotiation of want and need" "Peace is a constant thought growing in the heart of those who are a friend of compassion."


Mark G Melvin

"Be Peace"


Lips of seduction Eyes of deception Spiders web We are the moth.

Still is the skill for the kill,

You are the prey yet you insist you are not.

Breath of Fresh Air

Smiles of cunning whispers of clever agony thrown with a grin.

Waiting to break you dissolve you remove all that is you and just leave you,you.

Can you believe this WAS pristine? The pinnacle of perfection.

Mark G Melvin

The same mouth spoke the same words.

The same hands eased the same nerves.

The same beauty you longed to hold.

Now the same is harsh distant deliberate

Breath of Fresh Air

and cold.

What was the choice? Who was the voice? Yes those lips were moist.

Now care has turned to spurn,

"and her name is "HER"


If I gave you my heart


Mark G Melvin

would you care?

If I gave you my love would you realize I was there?

If I gave you my dreams would you give me yours too?

If I gave you my all Would you meet me half way?

No I wouldn't give you a free ass whoopin!

Yo momma teef is so yellow they thought she swallowed big bird!

Breath of Fresh Air

Yo momma breaf is so stank it smells like yo daddy needs to wash his balls!

Talkin' bout "If" I give you my all You need to give yo self a toof brush .....

Yo stank sorry ass!!!

(Humble Peace)

Appreciation of the simple things in life, The long forgotten values between wrong and right.

A simple thank you goes such a long way,

Mark G Melvin

faded memories of most, yet pleasantries aren't heard much today.

Please may I and your welcome sir,ma'am,properly addressing strangers

instead of I don't give a damn.

A warm hello, a heartfelt goodbye, giving a gentle ear to listen. not so much in a hurry to say goodbye.

Breath of Fresh Air

Being a shoulder to cry on keeping your word, able to admit when your wrong nowadays seems absurd.

Trying your all to help a friend not only being a man, but being a gentleman.

Not taking advantage assuming kind is weak, using your strength to uplift

Mark G Melvin

the bereaved, knowing humble strength is to Be Peace

(The Gentleman)

The deep breath and confident eyes.

Non hurried ways,and warm goodbye's.

Respect for ladies,helping the poor.

A firm handshake you can not ignore.

Pride is absent,humble is the way.

Breath of Fresh Air

Keeping your word you've given today.

All is well and calmness is your friend.

For this is the way of the gentleman.

(In Every Win There is a Loss)

When you've given it your all and expectation falls short.

When picking up to continue takes everything you don't have.

When you don't have any energy

Mark G Melvin

left and you muster some up some where some how.

That is where the heart lies.

Not all accomplishments will be made, Not all bases will be covered, Not all friends will be there, Not everyone will be happy or pleased.

You must ignore a whole hell of allot, to focus, to concentrate,to devote,

Breath of Fresh Air

all of your energy,all of your substance, all of your soul,all of your heart, on 1 single,dedication

"To be the best you must beat the best"

(Past Emotions in Time of Stress) All that I am an all that my heart sees,

Not all is a reflection of me,

chased by necessary suffering of anguish of reflections,of a shadow with no origin, more than men comprehend


Mark G Melvin

is a difficult fog who lingers eluding the brick walls which guard the way to understanding.

Feeling....feeling more than me more than myself.

Yes or no is honest explanations want to be seen of all and heard by none.

"Love needs no words to be felt"

Breath of Fresh Air

No matter the language spoken it is understood.

We can hate our brother ,yet who is he? answer,

"everyone that walks on the dirt of the earth"

"Don't ask to be yourself just be yourself"

(My Lover)

When I kiss you,I am like a savage beast,Neva could get enough.

Drinking your juices even the ones on the sheet.

You taste so good I'll neva forget,losing myself inside you I hope

Mark G Melvin

my words make you wet. Neva forget me cause you know who I am,the lover your comfor-

table with,not your husband yet always your man.

Call me,n I'll make a way no matta who I'm with in my mind you stay.

Should I wish I'd neva known,I wouldn't know the feeling to know

what turns me on.

Your lover the one you won't forget.

(Come to me Lover)

Breath of Fresh Air

Romantic encounters of perfect bliss, every sound ,every caress, every kiss, come closer lover take my embrace, you have no need to ask, the answer is on my face,

lying on my back in sheer extasy, outside on the grass on the ground, by the cool stream , with you on top of me,

your are my moon my stars, my rain ,my pain, my voluntary submission, as you dominate me,

Now matter who I'm with,

Mark G Melvin

all I see is you, all I feel is you, and all that I dream is you,

Come hurry now lover my imagination no longer suffices,

There is no replacement for you, I will settle for nothing less than the best, and my soul knows it is you

Come to me now fulfill your desires with me, our rewards will be bliss,nirvana, a secret untold extasy, I need you

(The Penis)

The Penis is a dangerous thing especially when unwanted

Breath of Fresh Air

A penis a weapon a warrior a tool with this ruler you do not fool Many have fallen victim to its pleasure Some short some small some tall appearing without measure Protecting, providing, pleasing penis once claimed, a territory,to be ridden by the rider in love She's dazed she's gazed she's amazed by your eye captivated salivating awaiting you inside It's not always your face she sees when she sees you its your wonderful pleasing penis when she daydreams of you Fulfillment fancy,amusement romance when she's found the one she needs

Mark G Melvin

craves desires appetizes then she must do the dance the penis dance "For a penis is a wonderful thing large or small it is your own to do with as you wish" The hunt for the pleasure of penis is a noble task, says the hunted to the hunter The pendulum of swinging penis sways side to side to hypnotize alluring to capture its prey look into the eye,of........the penis "aint it good?"

(Kill or be Killed)

Breath of Fresh Air

The mountains dripped blood as the younglings observed,

Trees breathed in death,yet breathed out many words,

Strength in numbers is no match for the strong,

To be weak is to be dead,as the battle lingers on.

"Survive or die where do you stand?"

"The defeat is not won in the body, it is accomplished in the mind."

(Maze of Hope)

Come out your box


Mark G Melvin

your tiny little box

Forced control is something you don't own

red bicycles are floating in your sky

you love hugs hello but terrified of kiss goodbye's

ancient warriors is something you will never be

erasing sadness

Breath of Fresh Air

memories sets you free

unlock the door your internal joy quietly awaits

look the pleasure of your lover face to face

tortured dreams hold on but your not sleep

lying on your back the feeling great is so intense

but if you let go


Mark G Melvin

the feelings gone so you stay on the fence

the moons your home as whales fly thru your sky

the oceans are full of birds that speak and wonder why,

conversations with feelings called hope

soft grassy fields and quiet streams

Breath of Fresh Air

your bodies soft

who ever wants to leave the romantic plane that never turns off

climb right in put your feet on solid ground

catch the boat of joy while its there to be found

and sail away sail away out of the maze

dreams are nice but

Mark G Melvin

live those thoughts before they slip away

regret is only real if you can't get past old days

days that hurt

is pain an illusion is joy an intrusion on the pain

oh where are the voices that had the heart to leave the maze

What we see right now

Breath of Fresh Air

was given

some are stuck in what is here

crying tears that no one hears shedding fears that no one else knows

in a room full of others yet still all alone

you don't try

you don't try anymore

you've moved on but your still inside


Mark G Melvin

the door

you do so much its what brings you joy

your not understood can't share your thoughts with your fan

it turns round and round it feels good cools you off yet doesn't understand

Breath of Fresh Air

you stand alone yet others just like you waiting for time to give the clue

echoes in the mountains you yell but theirs no reply

is the dream you use to soothe you reality or lie

doesn't matter anymore


Mark G Melvin

get what you need want and find others in the maze of hope

drifting along the waters of desire waiting for the rope.

What is your reality?

(All of This means Nothing Without You)

All of this means nothing without you

Breath of Fresh Air

Thoughts loft on the Winds of Comfort Dreams drifting on the Open Ocean Wants in bloom amongst the Flowers All of this means nothing without you.

Owner of cloud shrouded palaces atop the Mounts Keeper of Desire of the Warmth of the Female Heart Treasurer of Pleasure in the Valley of Bliss all of this means nothing without you.

Hider of evil Conqueror of Shame Will is endowed of Weakness only for the Knowledge of your Name,


Mark G Melvin

To wait Eternal for your Comforts is but a moment for the promise of your Touch.

All the Beauty in the world is pennies in comparison, all of this means nothing without you, Yet we've never met.... I love you this much

(The Mission)

Prepare the Path to the Unknown to create the Spark

Breath of Fresh Air

you must strike the Stone,

Breath so deep my head feels light my inward journey between day and night,

The Mission begins with no end near jump off the stars with no time near,

Holding on to no thought at all you are not big and you are not small,

Air around you is high after high like a thousand mushrooms with no reason why,


Mark G Melvin

Across the desert your heart pounds as you walk across without your feet on the ground,

No ears to hear only eyes to see reflections of yourself over the open sea

Is that me or you I can't tell I'm right back on that start sippin from the well,

an all is fine all is fine all is fine in my mind

My ears are back and women sing

Breath of Fresh Air

beauty untold

the tales they bring laughing and tickling at your soul

The love they make is so intense it takes your breath,

past your shell its an emotional caress,

Flying breeze across the sky in comfortable bliss with no alibi,


Mark G Melvin

Over an over the music plays on an on the memory stays,

Penetration overwhelms who is driving at the helm,

Love is waiting at the shore quietly waiting at the door,

You must stay shushed to hear the welcome

Time is floating on the moon as you listen your mind is zoomed

Hold my hand and walk with me as memory and reality journey

Breath of Fresh Air

peaceful free,

Anything's possible when you are a turtle with wings

that can walk swim and fly at the same time

(Sing a Song for Me When I'm Gone)

When I pass on Let all who cared danced and sing a song,

Please don't cry


Mark G Melvin

don't holler and scream,

Read the 23 Psalm bring beautiful flowers,

Pour my remains on the water by the Bay,

I'd like to be resting on the beach

come what may,

Then go live your life

Breath of Fresh Air

and speak of me good,

Do unto others the way that you would,

You've got 1 life so live it the best, Be kind along the way and live no regrets,

Sing a song,sing a song, sing a song for me when I'm gone.

Be blessed

(I Know Your Kind)

We may not speak the same language


Mark G Melvin

yet I know your kind

We may be from distant lands yet I know your kind

We may be from different religions yet I know your kind

We may be from different races yet I know your kind

Kindness knows itself as a reflection in water Kindness is loving all as your own son or daughter Kindness cares not for your finance or your condition

Breath of Fresh Air

Kindness sees respect and hears when you listen

"Above all else always be kind"

(Lies Without Reason)

Lies, Lies, Lies, for no reason!!! even when others don't even care....lie!!! Even when people don't even ask you...lie!!! Just for no reason at all....lie!!!

When standing in front of the judge facing time...lie!!! When a very big man is threatening you...lie!!! When finding out could lead to divorce...lie!!! When the outcome could mean getting sued...lie!!!

Everyday lies get heard and lies get spoken

Mark G Melvin

Lies are heard when feelings get hurt say your joking Lies can cover cries or reasons why Lies are mostly alibis

We also lie for truth we can't admit Lies cover up wrongs but do lies do any good? Is not saying anything when asked a lie? Is it that uneasy feeling in your gut, When were asked to speak yet we sit and shut up

Lies live in darkness Truth walks in light

Lies and truth cause pain, but there is a difference yes

Breath of Fresh Air

When truth is told lies unfold and in the end you can earn respect

"Can we walk a lifetime and not speak a lie?" (Destruction by Sound)

Our words are weapons,so speak them with care Would you destroy innocence with hands?Are we strong enough to not destroy when we can,

Easy things are easy to take,A friendship you don't need appears distressing to make,

Words hurt hard,when they break your spirit down,

Words can kill without hands,it's terror by sound.

Mark G Melvin

"Sound can destroy what song will you sing?"

peace and blessings

(Passive Pestilence)

Why must we hate this way?

Leading the children,leading them astray,

Is not soon recompense to come?

To fall on all who stood silent,

Or to prosecute the One,

"Are we right to stand and watch wrong?"

Breath of Fresh Air

(Liberty and Lies)

Lies clouded shrouded in amazed arrogance

Futile to abash the abdication of your own self

proclaimed Supremacy of the esurient populace

Is this our ornamental pedestal pinnacle

of thoroughness we live today Engrafted thoughtlessness, treasured synthetics

of puppetry,is this our society? Hunting in anguish for miniscule microbes


Mark G Melvin

dropped from the table Let our elder demise remain elder I adjure the generation in accomplishment of sorrow

to pierce through the ongoing's of ramblings of

drug addicted promises of prosperity,to path a way

not only for the oncoming yet to arrive,but for the

here and for the now Trickery is not past it is alive and well and still has needs

to be primarily dispatched,for it is that time

an only at that time, we as an esurient populace of sheep

Breath of Fresh Air

will fully and completely understand an entirely own


(The Winds of Life)

Life is but a vapor 1 is what we've got

Honest lips from a pure heart sure and truthful

Tender mercies may save a life not at all times are we right

Calm within still without, peaceful words from a peaceful mouth

Speak me truth or hold your peace "The winds of life blow to make you stand strong when the storm will come"


Mark G Melvin


Speak me truth or hold your peace

Don't want lies going out or coming inside me

Secrets don't always keep their pain to themselves "Pain is certain promises are not"

(Our Secrets Are Our Shame)

The bad things we've done The terrible things unknown The dedication to clandestine The preoccupation with concealment

Breath of Fresh Air

Woes to reveal Woes to be known Woe to the unnamed mystery We will hide it in the deepest sea

The embarrassment of truth hiding from the light of realization lies on top of lies an owner of a monopoly of lies

Fear of impendent laughter Abashed in public forum Held accountable to privacy made known


Mark G Melvin

Conformation commences

The depression,hurt,anxiety,rage, horror,frightening inner hysteria to maintain the silence of our sins to our shame

"To desire to be known,yet too afraid to be found out" "Our secrets are our sorrow"


Mercy for the homeless child Mercy for those who are dying now Mercy for those who are broken

Breath of Fresh Air

Mercy for those sins unspoken

Mercy for killers who show remorse hoping there past had changed course

Mercy for dads who don't care Whose children don't know them and wonder where?

Mercy for the abandoned the forgotten the unknown Mercy for tears that sob alone

Mercy for the wrongly punished accused falsely and truly innocent

Mercy for those who care not for themselves


Mark G Melvin

and are disparagingly dissident

(Midnight Eyes)

Peering out my window and what do I see ,coal black midnight eyes,could this be a reflection of me

I've been gracious I've been kind,caring for strangers, how could these eyes be mine

Yet in still there they are,could they be a shadowy reflection of mine deepest inner part

Searching my heart have I been true,when I was fooling others was I really the fool

Breath of Fresh Air

At times pretendin' when others were honest, was I truly being sincere, or was I wanting to vomit

Time comes when the collector calls for his due, It should have been paid when asked than to mount up into debt

Yes those eyes are perceptive,piercing,deep,my eyes may lie to you,yet they could not ever lie to me

I know my wrongs at least the most,they are as haunting as those eyes in the reflection,who holds me captive so

To wash away the past,so those midnight eyes

Mark G Melvin

will reflect light,to have evaded all the options of wrong, and have chosen all of the right

Looking out of my window,what do I wish to see,not these coal black midnight eyes lookin' back at me

(Everyday is Heaven)

Every day is heaven when you know understanding inside we are somehow all the same,

All of us cry, all of us lie, all of us try, to reason why the pain, the wanting to be loved,to be accepted,

Breath of Fresh Air

to strive for gain,and some for fame,

Everyday is heaven when it is revealed, the explanation of why suffering is horrible to feel, how all around you is seen,heard,smelled,and felt

Everyday is heaven when you have and LACK is a STRANGER when your cabinets are full and your wealth is in an abundance

Everyday is heaven when you know you are loved and the one you love loves you back

Everyday is heaven when you come to realize that


Mark G Melvin

To take all of this away would it still be heaven everyday?

(Buried Scorn)

Buried scorn smoldering like a volcano waiting to expload

Oh woman how I love you so.


I have a penny you have a dollar we have a home They have a palace fine clothes

Breath of Fresh Air

exquisite linen respect of all despised of nothing to walk with all to run from none to have all to own nothing

(Aphelion the Son of Repugnance)

My world centers on nothing no hope no joy no laughter


Mark G Melvin

no mirth at all

Persistence has been my plunder Determination has been my burden aphorism's of Sages long gone the wind brings there songs no more

My home is the aphelion of existence treasures know not my company or my name why am I to consume substance

it only efforts me to another day of loneliness for I am the Son Of Repugnance

Breath of Fresh Air

Has my life been a retribution for ancestral sins?

My limbs in the air in the anguish of despair mercy be thrown upon me as the oceans of the sea allow me to bask in the sun of a forgiving light let not my bones ache from the cold loneliness of a broken heart an another night alone in this aphelion of desperation

Passed my wits end I am an animal a scoundrel fallen down and humbled so low I'd rather be abased than to ascend to be brought low again


Mark G Melvin

Naked,What does it mean to truly be naked? If pride and vanity are a covering for shame then shame not.If humiliation and

separation are convenient for fear then anger not.If suffering is misunderstood,....then appreciate.

Desire makes good morals weak.

Ambition does have faults.

Control is not always a visible force.

Freedom has a price,it aint free.

Love hurts ,yet we still want it.

Being alone teaches calm.

Breath of Fresh Air

Is all work for hire?

Does concern always mean care?

Does integrity boasts unknown?

Does a need met in confidence,need a thank you or is the thank you the need that was met?

To live by love do we say it or do we do it?

Appreciation,can we love without respect? NAKED TO BE EMPTY OF FEAR.

Praise Ya



Mark G Melvin

2 arrogant young men without knowledge went into a shelter

were all were eating,and stood while everyone ate they stood quie-

tly and said not a word,the other's ate and left. Then they left and came back again the next day the next day and the next. One day the head chef said,"Y do you not eat ?" "Are you not hun-

gry?" They said,"you never asked,we were waiting to be invited."

The chef said,"if you don't open your mouth,how can you put food in it.?"

Breath of Fresh Air

(What Everyone Needs)

Are you hearing something that you see?

Are you seeing something that you hear?

Your nights are days and your days are nights.

What's your criteria for wrong or for right?

Is apology apart of your vocab?

Does your hated need a rehab?

Is forgiveness something you've neva given?

Yet something so badly you seek a want or is it a need? What can make a wrong right ?

Mark G Melvin


What can heal your mind?


What can turn back the hand of time on your hurt?


Then what should be my business?


Praise Ya,

(Have You Talked With Time)

Breath of Fresh Air

Time flys,time slows,yet it don't stop,on an on it goes,

While we roll on with the wind,

feel the cool breeze,

the shade beneath the tree,

have you ever spoken to him.

He has so much to say,

has seen a many day,

and felt it all,

Ever lay on your back,look at the stars,

and wonder where you are,

Mark G Melvin

realize what you are,

or how small you are,

So much to prove,

with nothing to lose,

walkin around with no shirt no shoes,

bare to the earth,

Waterfalls are showers,

lakes are baths,

the grass is carpet,

Breath of Fresh Air

I love to laugh at everyone,

this is so much fun,

Angry man let go your hate,

let go your fears

before time says no more,

You conquer those whose love grows,

beneath the sun,

yet their are those who will not run from you, Fear is fear that ran away,

you did not shine when time gave you time to stay

Mark G Melvin

(Ripe Fruit)

To come from the dirt of the earth is modest humble and low.

Then one leaf appears above the ground as the roots anchor deep below.

One leaf and then another an another an another.

As the earth circles the sun is the reason for the season.

Flowers bloom, an as they fall fruit emerges in the light of the moon.

Then we come along as the ripening happens picking the fruit to consume for our life.

Breath of Fresh Air

Patience takes dedication to wait till it's ripe.

All things in life principal on this condition,

to enjoy the juiciest of the fruit,

We must have the patience to wait until it's ripened,

before we pick it.

(When the Suffering begins)

Just no hope in site,kicked beaten torn abused,kicked some more. Everyone knows it's not right but everyone turns a blind eye to my suffering. Even in the midst of me still loving those who hate me and punish me for doing good.


Mark G Melvin

Still they do not let up. Please please mercy come to my rescue I need you,I am curled up on the ground being wailed upon by life. The ones I have helped won't help me.It's as if I am a stranger inside of my own dreams. What to do even though my enemies hate me and the closest ones to me despise me,I still love them and I still love you.

I refuse to give up on love,I refuse to give up on kindness,I refuse to give up on honesty. If it is meant for me to walk this cruel world alone than I will.No I must ,I must show that there is good there is love there is faith.

Even if I am the only one,Even if I am the only one,

Breath of Fresh Air

Broke beaten and torn down,penniless homeless and hungry, I must still believe.

I must still believe.

I can't give up,

I won't give up,

(Evils Despair)

Happiness on the "Mountains of Flames" Water beneath my feet "Respect" is my name

Mist rising as morning dawn, skipping thru the leaves,

Mark G Melvin

like a newborn fawn,

Come war come battle bring your mightiest warrior and cry your greatest cry, even though I am, gentle as a Lamb, I will still take you on just I,

I an I alone, trampling on seekers of evil with most prejudice malice "Respect" my name, in the "Mountain of Flames" is my Palace

Roaming thru the air, I am the mist on your face, the stillness of space, on my wings rest hope,

Breath of Fresh Air

I am "Evils Despair"

When Wrong faces me, it's a shadow facing the Light, Darkness is mine enemy, for I am a Faithful "Knight"

My Word is true from Lips so Sure, In the realm of my Presence, All men stand Sure

Fair Lady's seek my comfort, My Warmth is my Treasure, My Strength is for All in need My Compassion without Measure,

Look deep into the Mirror Seek Richness without Wealth, and when your at your weakest

Mark G Melvin

look for me and you will find yourself



Listen,Listen do you hear the laughter of fools?

Mocking ignorant ones breaking the rules,

scorning the good laying traps for the kind,

brutal with hurtful words and ways bouncing

like a ball out of control losing precious time,

the clocks tickin and your still trippin, sayin the

wrong is right and you still don't get it,

Breath of Fresh Air

Get away, get away leave it alone,

evil in the house with kindness feels like

something's wrong.

(Memory of a Mans Love)

All my love,All my heart,and all of my soul,

this is what it takes to have and to hold,

knowing you before I know myself,

because before you for me there was no one

else,you let me in and that's when we began,


Mark G Melvin

just a woman and just a man,

Now their is us and what must I do,my whole

world is little one, and you know you,

Where will we go what shall we have,my tired

hands are not all that I have,If not for you and

little one,the strength I have would be none,I

speak the steps we've walked,to show where

weve been,I love you more now than I ever thought

I could in the begin.

You are my family ,you are my heart you are my wife,

Breath of Fresh Air

the wind beneath my sails woman you are

the reason for my life. ...Words from a mans mind,in love Peace W.M.Melvin


Love laugh ZOZ,

ZOZ quietly studies the real,

fake is left,

pleasure escapes not,

Mark G Melvin

keys of silence,

never to be sold,

non holders are yellow in a room of grren,

the palace of punctuality,

the secret of seekers,

the home of holders,

rush not,walk slow,

behold comfort,

share beauty,

Breath of Fresh Air

say nothing,

speak everything,

the holder reveals not

and shares all,

remember those in and who want control,

are those who do not hold,

Do you know where illusion ends?

Where fantasies lie,

is this when dreams rest,


Mark G Melvin

Completion exist in unknown untold epics inside of refrained lips,

ZOZ does not hold itz beholders,

itz holders hold ZOZ

(Everywhere is Home)

This is the way so come with me

space and time we leave behind,

the moon is free ,

travel in the breeze,

Ridin the high,

Breath of Fresh Air

from within outside,

the earth still in the wind,

there is no end,

Everyday is a new begin,

N watch the flowers sing to you,

the trees dance and move,

The antz all talk,and I understand,

Lions walk by an itz all cool man,

Don't hesitate and don't think twice,

Swimming the oceans blue with no fear inside,

Mark G Melvin

Reality is a thing of the past,

hate is unknown and all is well,

Searchin for nothing all is known,

and everywhere I be is home,

Eternal peace peace eternally Amen

hallelujah, all gory to JAH

(This Can't End)

Birds sing,flowers bloom inside of my heart there is room

Breath of Fresh Air

for love to flourish bearing fruit.

Picked when ripened sweet to taste visions of you in stockings and lace.

Warm and luscious ready to burst parched from want deepens my thirst.

To taste to share to know your there

Mark G Melvin

here within true to passion lets begin.

No words needed our bodies speak eyes will tell my body is weak.

Take me without asking nothing to hinder your progression oo wee baby here comes a session.

Breath of Fresh Air

Moment by moment time slows down all the world is silent we hear only our sounds.

Holding back building pressure intensity builds firmly caressing.

Volcanic rising no subsiding perfect kisses

Mark G Melvin

on clouds gliding.

Flying high swooping low telepathic energy flow.

This can't end,every moment is the begin, my passion, my dream, my lover, my friend.


(Inner Madness Outer Calm)

Do you know,know why your here?

Bangin your head on the same broken wall,

gettin up again ,but you din'feel the fall,

Breath of Fresh Air

Reality we are told is what we feel,

What if we don't feel is it still real?

I don't know and allot of times I don't even care,

What I know is to breathe I need air,

When I was a boy I ran naked and alone?

trying to figure why everyone else has their

clothes on.

Struggling to maintain what they do not yet own,

whoever said 4 walls makes a home,


Mark G Melvin

It seems to me the man who has nothing has

it all,and those who think they do stay wanting

at the wall ,bangin their head again and again and


Life is normal

(Fortitude of a Tree)

Have you ever talked with trees,hugged its trunk, respected its ease,

For he weathers storms and all that arrives, is not despised,

Breath of Fresh Air

Weathering every lover,every joy,and every cry.

The patience of the tree has needs be reasoned, he endures every person,every occasion, without complaint in every season.

Tolerating us as we poison the air and the ground, yet the tree is faithful providing fruit,shade, and beauty without speaking a sound.

Never complaining standing steady and strong never judging who we are or why we need, selflessly giving and giving us seed.


Mark G Melvin

Helping us with its sacrifice, to keep us warm when we chop him down, to keep our families warm at night.

The tree is alive and well a protector a provider enduring the elements whether hot humid dry, or flooded and wet,

Breath of Fresh Air

So hug a tree and be kind, if you realized it or not he has earned your respect.

"respect our earth"

(The Other Side)

The Land of Space

The hand of darkness

The foot of depression


Mark G Melvin

The unanswered question Struggle to forward

Clenching to remain

Studying to know

Running to pain Mysteries of Secret

Untold actions true

Pushing toward Oblivion

Do you really know you? Are you really yourself?

Breath of Fresh Air

Are you a shadowy reflection of someone else?

Do you become what you despise?

Can anyone truly hide the lies in their eyes? What will you do when the clock stops?

Will Space invite your face or not?

"Will death reject you as life has? And let you live and send your ass right back."


Life is full of crazy insane treacherous people. Shall I buy a gun?


Mark G Melvin

Ah the anger of a child rejected, Hmn,maybe I should tease him?

Wow look at that car on fire. Why don't you steal it and go for a ride?

Sir, why did you just strike me for no reason? No its cool,Please come in sit down,have a cold drink, trust me....its lemonade.

(Axiom of Life)

Looking for the majesties of life

Pondering the values betwixt wrong and right

Breath of Fresh Air

Screaming my inward with no echo at all

Appearing outwardly large

Yet Indulged to be small

Human equation instructions of greater than

Conclusion of study records,

elations from lesser than

Journeying further away from this familiar existence

Yet still abounding here

hoarding patience for resistance


Mark G Melvin

Grasping silence in circumstance breathes compassion

"Voyaging the path unknown is

when special accomplishments happen"

Distractions deem understanding

At any given time fault may be reached

When the heart commands demanding

Urges fulfilled appear good at the time

To abstain from a good thing

stagnates the mind

"Breeze is for the soul carrying the unneeded"

Breath of Fresh Air

"The use of ears is to know that silence is needed"

"Happiness of all can be succeeded by one"

"Treasures of bliss are earned not won"

"Apprehension is kin to a keen mind"

"Infinite diligence unrelenting to what is right"

"Accomplishment is a grand design"

(The End of Pride)

Burning Burning,of wants you'll never have,unfulfilled loneliness,of your own choosing,destruction of peace paid for by vengeance,of an unhappy heart,contempt of those around you who are happy,in their own quaints,treetops of air are not enough when silence comes prowling out of the darkness the corners, the devastations, the self brought

Mark G Melvin

agonies of untold frightful panic,yes despair is in the air,can you taste it? Eat it until you are full,yet you always remain hungry for more and more and more unsatisfaction.The rat is your friend fiendishly preparing his savors for your end,waiting to taste your despair,oh such a culinary delight,when your eyes are afright,m m yes,the error of your ways are a consuming war of discomfort to your world of easiness,pick the laughs or choose..the tears.I have no ears,my only getting of your mind is your faith or your fear.No! choose me not...Pride

It is my sincere hope that this pleasure is a breath of fresh air to you. Amen God Bless

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