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5 Carlon, Angelo Agustin M.

Engineering Management
HW # 1

March 13, 2015

Engr. Silang

1. Relate your life with the principles of management at least 2 whole


Being a person, whom I believe, having a spiritual dimension, I am

required to stay active in my church. The principle of management is a good
tool for managing my involvement in my church and, as I believe, the
spiritual aspect, the relationship to God, is an umbrella concept to the
physical, mental and social aspect of my life. With management of my
spiritual activities, like bible reading, fellowship, worship and churching, I can
live a life that is worthy of living and not a waste of sacrifice of Jesus who
saved me, and brought me with His blood.

The principles of management are essential tool of achieving my goals

in life both now and in the years to come. Management principles are
especially required to aspiring leaders for they are the brain of every activity
they lead and the efficient management of different aspect of an activity
makes them an effective leader. As a future father, it is important that I
exercise my leadership because being a father is also being a leader of a
family. In my broadest sense, being a father requires having goals for your
family, for your wife, and for your children. Without goals, your family is at
risk of being broken. Without it I might give insignificant, unfit decisions.
Being a father requires me to become fully aware that I am the leader of my
house and that every decision, whether right or wrong, good or bad, will
affect the well being of my family. A simple decision of whether to spend
more time at work that to spend more time with my children could lead at a

As an engineering student, time management is very essential in both

the education process and the passing the subject process. In most
education systems nowadays, there are school activities that may seem
helping you to learn but really isnt. Modern engineering students require
balancing learning with schooling and must trade-off one with the other.
Paying more attention to learning may, in effect, make you disregard
schooling and fail a subject. Paying more attention to schooling could

make you pass a subject but would eventually lose your opportunity to learn.
There are also situation wherein there are no trade-offs because in some
activities, learning and schooling coincides. Weighing which of the two
factors you spend your time is very essential to an engineering student.

As a bachelors degree student, making a project study would be

inevitable. A project study requires me as a researchers a good management
of knowledge and information. Systematic management of factors that could
affect my project study must be thoroughly considered given the increasing
demand for reliability. Since global demands are pressuring intellectuals to
research for more efficient systems that are not only low-cost and
environment-friendly but could also be a nearly perfect substitute to existing
systems, students need to catch up with the ever increasing pace of modern
technology by rigorous management of knowledge and data.
As a future engineer, it must be expected that I as an engineer would
be participated in a large project and being knowledgeable in management is
a must. Working in large projects is a promising opportunity that would be
given to me to learn from the industry, to be involved in the company and to
demonstrate my expertise in the field given that I have managed effectively.
Such opportunity could also lead me to demotion from my position, to
anxiety of the failures that could take place and, worst of all, to lose my
career if I counterproductively manage a project and this would be a
hindrance to achieving my goals.

As a Filipino citizen, management of my decision regarding my country

will build by nationalism and my intellectualism. With management I should
decide for small decision that could affect my country and my fellow
Filipinos. These small decisions are important because my nations state,
though indirectly affect me as person, can significantly affect me as a
member of the society. I must decide right because it can be in those small
things that I will build myself as a better person and even as a Christian.

As someone who experienced being a leader, the principle of

management, helped me identify how and why I led my members the wrong
way. Studying the right management and its principles taught me of the right
things and use it to replace the wrong things and it made me realize my
great potential as a leader. The principles of management, when applied to
my life, significantly make me a better leader, manager and a thinker.