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This case study is a case in point of the initiatives and development of one

thought to assist an assured demographic and fetching larger implication. According
to me the requirement for these Mobile Health Clinics always are in requirement in
the upcoming years. The unfortunate will be always there causing the need of medical
facilities available at the spot.
The sufferings can be cured at the same location and need not to go to any
nearby health care station. The best example of such unfortunate is “Natural Disaster”,
which can be at any time and people suffer a lot. The people require immediate and
quick care. In this case the only solution is mobile health care centers.
Weisman is correct in assuming that even improved help can be given from the use of
Mobile Medical Centers. They could increase the attraction from children to testing of
HIV or breast treatment for woman. They can be diverse in nature. They could also
start a worldwide proposal to locate some Mobile Medical Centers in other nations
that have sub standard healthcare observance.
There are groups where those services are still in requirement particularly with the
emerging AIDS endemic. Finding out breast cancer in women can save their life as the
cure is provided earlier.
The development of the technological solutions in this association of mobile medical
clinics was exciting. There were many points to think when considering about the

The harmonization of information seems to be the most excellent for present since there is unavailability of fast mobile technology which is capable to transfer large files and provide security for the HIPPA guidelines. For the combination of situations that could appear that cause to be the mobile medical model obsolete. insuring their information and visiting information. According to my point of view. They gave a pause to this thought. it was supposed that satellite technology would be the best fit for it but at the same time some mechanical issues emerged. Starting from securing the valuable information of patient to guidelines of HIPPA. with student doctors who are medical studious. A fund will be granted to the health organization so that they can make their existing technologies much better. The stimulus is for those that can demonstrate that they have significant uses practiced electronic health reports. In one case when United States enhances its medical care and .infrastructure of the mobile medical clinics. Because of its mobile virtue. It is wrong to say that the at doctor office the staff of doctors will loose himself after adoption of software applications. HITECH stimulus will absolutely cause to better software applications. However. The implementation of better software applications will formulate it as easier transferring the documents of patient. it is my belief that staff will become more rational. there is no scenario making mobile medical centers completely obsolete. Also the due consideration was given on the optimization of the tools and equipment to be used.

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