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Sid: My guest has learned how to worship God from Heaven. And when he worships God,
Heaven invades Earth. And he's going to teach you step by step how can you supernaturally
worship God.
Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death?
Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient
secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of Its Supernatural.
Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where its naturally supernatural. My guest,
Renny McLean has learned, he's been taught from Heaven how to operate outside of time. You
see, here on Earth we have time. In Heaven, in eternity, there is no time. Somehow, if Heaven
can come to Earth we can be in a time-free zone and that's where the miracles are released. Now
this is Passover week and it's also Resurrection Sunday week, and it's actually the season. Some
of you are listening to this a little later, some a little earlier. But it is the season that the Bible
refers to as a portal or a door, or a window to Heaven. There are set times. According to
Leviticus 23, Passover is one of the set times in which you have a clear portal to Heaven. Renny,
is this what you found out?
Renny: I found out some time ago, Sid, and it's become an even more clear revelation to me.
And I feel for the sake of the viewer, just to go into a little bit more. A portal is a gate, a door, a
window. And some of the greatest things in the Bible God ever did, portals were open. And there
are times when God has done things sovereignly that if you notice, not even your faith can bring
that manifestation back because it was a portal that opened. Let me give you instances of portals,
because I can walk you through the entire Bible where you see portals. For example, when God
made man and placed him in the garden, now we have an idea of the region where it was. You
know, we do know that.
Sid: Right, of course.
Renny: But we still haven't found it. And probably the reason why we won't find it is because
Eden was a portal. See, when Adam sinned and he was removed, if you notice an angel was put
outside to guard it.
Sid: Yes.
Renny: So we understand there was a portal. Enoch had an experience. The Bible says, "Enoch
walked and was not." Portal. When the children of Israel got their deliverance to get out slavery,
what's so prophetic about it is, you know, we look at the story of the Exodus and we see the
supernatural of God and miracles of God. But if you look at it, you'll actually see it was actually
a portal because, first of all, the blood was put on the doorpost. We understand all of that. But if
you notice when the Red Sea opened it was around that timeframe. So the opening of the Red
Sea was the manifestation of a portal being opened. So that would make sense why they had a
window of time to pack and get out. And so at times the church has done things by faith and we
must understand this. God is not necessarily bound to a time. He can do things at any time. But
there are set times in God. Let me give you an example now.

Sid: And by the way, when he said set time, that's what it says in Leviticus 23: "A set
Renny: Yes.
Sid: So we're living in the time that God says you can have an appointment with Him.
Renny: Yes.
Sid: That's literally what He's saying.
Renny: That's actually what God is saying. And I tell you why this hits me so strong, Sid,
because this is a total revelation. The Lord gave it to me in a real simple way. He said to me,
"Renny, do you know this? Your birth day changes. Now my birthday is September the 24th. My
birth date, September 24th, is sovereign. It will never change as long as I'm on the earth. So my
birth date doesn't change. But my birth day does.
Sid: You got to explain that one.
Renny: Well as long as I live, my birthday is not going to be a Friday for the rest of my living.
Sid: Oh I see. I get it. Okay.
Renny: And so, at times we've missed the timings of God. And the greatest thing God has ever
done is around that time when portals are open. It's a time of miracles. It's a time of signs,
wonders and miracles. What I love about this is, you don't even have, and this could be
misunderstood. This isn't even so much a time of your faith working. It's where God says, "This
is my time with the earth." It's not the amount of faith that makes it happen. It's the fact that God
says, "This is my time."
Sid: Tell me something that you believe is going to happen to you or anyone that has that same
faith at this time, at this set appointment.
Renny: I believe the set timings of God dictate to the rest of your year. I totally believe that. I've
looked through the entire Bible where you see that pattern. For example, I'll just quickly start
from Tabernacles up. Tabernacles represents the harvest, the final harvest. It really represents the
Glory of God. Well you know prior to that you have Rosh Hashanah, you have Yom Kippur,
Rosh Hashanah and you have the Days of Awe. Now you know as well as I do, during that time,
Jews look at it, it's a very holy time because how you end your year determines how your next is
going to be.
Sid: Of course.

Renny: And so in other words, you declare the end from the beginning every time a portal is
open. So I am seeing things in my life now that I can trace to a seed in a time of a portal opening
that I'm seeing dividends on to this very day.
Sid: Well you teach about Malachi at this season.
Renny: Yes. Well I'll tell you the reason why I teach it because if you read about Malachi, this is
God. I feel the power of God on this. If you look at Malachi, Malachi 2, Malachi 3, what we've
not tied it to is a portal because the Bible says, "I'll open the windows." Windows.
Sid: That's a portal. Of course.
Renny: There you go. And so now there's a set time where God requires a different kind of a
seed, and it's during that time when that portal opens. And let me give you a for instance of that.
If you read Malachi 3, God says something very strong to the children of Israel. He gives them a
rebuke. He's speaking to the church, too, prophetically. He gives them a rebuke and He calls
them, "You sons of Jacob." Now I'll tell you what blew my spirit apart, Sid.
Sid: What's that?
Renny: It really eats my spirit. You know as well as I do, Jacob was his old name.
Sid: Right.
Renny: It was testifying to his old nature. So in other words, they had back-slidden.
Sid: So that's why he used that word there.
Renny: Yes. Sorry, I felt that, like Im preaching. And so they had missed that moment in God.
They had missed that timeframe. But I understood this and then it hit me. If you ask your viewers
right now, those who go to church and are faithful to God, you know what you're going to find
out? Every one of them will say, "Brother Renny, I gave." They'll say, "We gave our tithes and
offerings. And we've seen the blessing of the Lord." But the kind of blessing that the Bible
speaks about, wait. You will not have room to receive it. Brother Sid, let's ask our views right
now. You got any room left? I think everybody's hands are going to go up.
Sid: You know, you may be wondering why Renny knows so much about the Feast. That's
because he has a nice Jewish mother and he has a Jamaican father. And I want to find out how
his nice Jewish mother became a believer in Jesus. Don't go away. We'll be right back.
Well be right back to Its Supernatural.
We now return to Its Supernatural.
Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Renny McLean. And Renny.

Renny: Yes sir.
Sid: Having a nice Jewish mother and a Jamaican father, when you got sick did your mother give
you Jewish penicillin, chicken matzo ball soup? [laugh]
Renny: [laugh] Sometimes.
Sid: How did she become a believer, seriously?
Renny: My mother, you know, she had an encounter with the Lord long before I was born. She
had an encounter with the Lord. She saw the Lord. She saw the Lord in a vision. It was a vision
she had when she saw the Lord. And then there was a young evangelist that came to the
Caribbean Islands, and his name is none other than Dr. T. L. Osborn. It was his first meeting he
ever did in the Caribbean Islands. And my mother knew some of the people that went to that
meeting and got healed. So my mother..
Sid: Were a lot of people healed at the meeting?
Renny: My mother, to this day, rehearses the miracles she saw. There's a lady, if Brother Osborn
is watching this, it would be good if he's watching this. There was a lady who got healed at that
meeting. Her name was Vita McKenzie. She was brought to his meeting in a wheelbarrow. I
think she was paralyzed and totally blind, and her eyes were rolled back in her head. And T. L.
Osborn was a young evangelist at the time. And he jumped off the platform, you know, spoke the
Word over her. Her eyes went back in her and the woman virtually just came back. My mother
saw that and hundreds of miracles. My mother could recant it.
Sid: She had no choice but to become a believer.
Renny: Yes.
Sid: What did her Jewish family think about this?
Renny: Oh well, it's interesting. They accepted that she had an experience.
Sid: They knew it.
Renny: They knew it.
Sid: There was such a change in her.
Renny: Oh yeah, because of this change. You know, when you read the Bible and the all of a
sudden you encounter the author of the book and you begin to experience the power of God, it's
too late for anybody to come tell you it's not real.
Sid: That's why I say to the rabbis, Rabbis, it's too late. The rabbis say to me, "Yes, it's too late."

Renny: It's too late.
Sid: Now Renny, when you were a young child, you had your own experience with God. A light
came into your room. Tell me about that.
Renny: Well I wasn't seeking the Lord. But I went to bed and this light came into my room. It
was blinding, but yet you could see in it. It was a different realm. It was a different world. And
then the light came in the form of the person in the man Christ Jesus. The four walls of my
bedroom fell out. When they fell out, I wasn't in my room. I know I wasn't in my room. I know I
was in Heaven. I know. And the Lord showed me my life. The Lord showed me places I will go.
And the Lord said to me, "You will bring the knowledge of my power and my glory to my
people, for the time will come on the earth where's there's going to be a revelation of the working
of miracles. Because of the circumstances that will come on the earth, my people are going to
have to know the revelation of my vow." And the Lord said to me, "To the nations you will go."
When He said that, He opened His hand out like this and, you know, the earth stood before me as
a glow. I understand that expression, "He has the whole world in His hand." I saw it. I
understood it. And all of a sudden He said, "You will go to the nations." And I saw the stars
where I'm to go, and I've been to 83 nations now. I saw the stars that just go and hang over every
nation. And the Lord said to me, "You're to go and bring the revelation of my Glory." That was
how I was called to the mission.
Sid: That's interesting because that's what you do.
Renny: That's what I do.
Sid: You bring the revelation of His Glory. But your teaching is so profound on the time on
Earth versus eternity, which you learned in Heaven. I mean, I have to read that over and over
again because it's just so rich. It's literally Heaven teaching through you. You recently went to
Heaven and that's where you got more revelation. Tell me about that.
Renny: Yes. I had a recent experience when I was in Las Vegas just before Christmas. And I
was praying to the Lord concerning a meeting. And while I was praying I came to a part where I
was praying and I just couldn't say no more. And in a split second, I wasn't in my body. And I
was outside of my body looking down at it, but I was in prayer still. I saw my body in a position
of prayer, yet I wasn't in it.
Sid: Where were you?
Renny: I was in Heaven. And I stood up and I was in the Library of Heaven. There was an
imperialistic look to this room. It was incredible. It was an ancient room. And it had an
imperialistic look to it, and it was loaded with books. And the Lord said to me, "I'm bringing you
here to bring you some revelations of the time to come that's coming to the earth and my people
have need to know these things." And the Lord said to me, "There are areas of the supernatural
that the church has been fighting that now, because of what's coming on the earth, they're going
to be open to the supernatural in a way they have never been open before." And the room just
stood there. And Gabriel came in there. And he reached into one of the shelves and took out a

book, and opened the book. When he opened the book all the words that was in that book came
off of that book and came in me. And all of a sudden, I had, I can only say I had about a hundred
hours of revelation deposited in my spirit in what have been one second. And I said, "Lord, why
are you doing this now?" I said, "Lord, why are you giving this to me now?" I said, "You could
have given it to anybody." And He said to me, "Renny, my thoughts are not your thoughts." But
He said to me, "There are certain thoughts I assigned only you to think." And I understand that
we think in the spheres that we're called to.
Sid: That's why you think in the areas of eternity, in this period called time.
Renny: I do. Yes.
Sid: And I believe that's the missing element...
Renny: That's the missing element.
Sid: ...for people to have the manifestation of what they're praying for.
Renny: Yes. Totally, totally, totally.
Sid: But you said something else. You said the Lord said, "I'm giving this to you because of the
times we're coming in."
Renny: Yes.
Sid: Do you have an indication of the times we're coming in?
Renny: Well we're living on the earth right now where everything is being shaken. Even
physical walls are being shaken. If you look right now, the weather pattern. If you look on Earth
right now, everything right now is being shaken, literally, literally is being shaken. And I really
and truly believe now, I must say this now, I am pro-Kingdom, but I understand prophecy. A lot
of Kingdom people don't believe in prophecy. You know that as well as I do. But a lot of
prophetic people don't really fully understand the Kingdom. And so I must say I'm pro-Kingdom.
But I understand the timeframe in which we are in now, and it's God has upped the ante. And
God saved, I feel it even as I'm saying it. God has saved the best for last. And what you're going
to find, Sid, is this. He's going to drop, as I'm speaking in this studio, I say God is going to drop
an unusual hunger in the spirit of His people where they will pursue His presence and power like
never before. You're going to come to a place where all you want is God. If it ain't God, you
don't want it. We've been artificially entertained. But the time has now come, Brother Sid, where
the people of God are looking for the real thing. And I must say this, in that visitation, one of the
things that the Lord put in my spirit was this.
Sid: I tell you what. Hold that thought. We'll be right back after this word.
Well be right back to Its Supernatural.

We now return to Its Supernatural.
Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Renny McLean. And Renny found himself in Heaven in the
library, and he was given revelation about the End Times. You were going to make a point when
we stopped the last segment.
Renny: Yes. The point is the time we have come to right now, the people on the earth have
never seen this moment before because everything right now that can be broken loose, and I'm
careful how I say this because as I'm talking I feel the spirit of that visitation on me. And we're
living in a time now, Brother Sid, where there are things coming on the earth that have never
been here before. They were assigned to this generation. And the Lord also said to me that there
are angelic beings being released on the earth that were assigned to this part in time. There's
more for us than what's actually against us. We've been warring against things in the Spirit that
some of us have never encountered before. That's because of the timeframe that we're in right
now. The battle is intensifying, but the Glory of God is being revealed in the midst of this.
Sid: Speaking of the Glory of God, tell me about the supernatural protection that's available to us
in these horrific times we're living in that where things are released. As you heard what he said,
things are being released that have never been released before at this time. But things of God are
being released, I believe, that they've never been released before.
Renny: Yes, totally, totally.
Sid: So tell me about the fish and chips.
Renny: I'll give you a testimony. Some years ago I was in London, England, and there was a
chip shop I used to frequent. And I'll never forget one day. I went there. It must have been six
o'clock in the evening. And there was some argument going on in the chip shop before I got
there, and it was one of the Hollywood situations. You walked right into something you didn't
know what was happening. And so I walk into this chip shop and a fight breaks out.
Sid: So you don't want to be there.
Renny: You don't want to be there. And so I want into the chip shop now and a fight breaks out,
and somehow they tried to involve me in it. And I don't have that kind of fear. I'm not frightened.
If I have to defend myself, you know, I will defend myself. But for a strange reason, Brother Sid,
and I say it, I have to laugh just looking back at how God does things. And so they tried to pull
me into the fight. And just as they tried to pull me into the fight, a man came through the door.
Now I want you to hear my terminology. A man came through the door. Now I'm six-foot-two
and the man was considerably taller than me, and he was, you know. But I looked in his eyes and
I saw Heaven in his eyes and I knew it wasn't a man. And the man looked in my eyes. The man
looked at me, looked at me like I'm looking at you, and he nodded his head and he smiled at me.
And everybody in the room, you know, they were doing what they were doing, and then all of a
sudden he said, "Don't touch him. You know me." When he said that the place froze for a split
second, and for a split second when time froze for a moment we went back to the period of time

before I was even on the road to get in the chip shop. And then all of a sudden he turned around
and said to me, "Any time you need me I'll be there." And he walked through the door. And I
was like this.
Sid: What happened to the fight?
Renny: Everybody froze. Everybody froze. And he went through the door and he just did this
and vanished. And when I went back in the shop it went back to normal. The difference is they
didn't even realize that I was the person who was there before the angel came in and stopped. It
was if they didn't know who I was. We went back in time.
Sid: He went back. That's what I'm saying. He went backwards in time.
Renny: Yeah.
Sid: But you actually went into the timeless zone of Heaven and saw what's going to be
happening what you described will be happening more and more?
Renny: We are going to have more manifestations of what I would define as Glory travel,
supernatural protection because of the timeframe that we're in.
Sid: This has just started happening to me, where Im in one place and I'm also in another place,
and I know it's happened to you.
Renny: Oh yes it has. And those things are going to multiply because of the times that we're in.
And so God's really preparing His people for this move of the Spirit. I believe it's a move that we
haven't seen before, not on the level we've seen it. And so it behooves us to be open, to be very
sensitive to it. One of the keys to the power of obedience. God doesn't use you beyond the level
of your obedience.
Sid: And it's not just obedience. It's instant obedience.
Renny: You've got to, it's the law of response. You've got to respond. One of the things I teach
in my book, "Eternity Invading Time" is this. When the Lord said to me, "Renny, write that
book," the Lord said to me, "Renny, there will be no expiration date on it." And I said, "Lord,
why?" "Because," He said to me, "that revelation will not expire. My people are going to need to
know the Glory in order to step into the power of God to retrieve miracles like we've never
retrieved them before." So we're at a time right now where it's not a time to have fear. It's a time
to have faith. God is up to something big. We're going to see diseases healed
Sid: You know what, Renny? God is up to something so big in your life. In your life, God is up
to something so big. I know it. I know it.
Renny: Amen. Amen. Awesome.