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Airport Simulator Manual

About the game

Face the challenge - organize and manage an airport! This exercise is not easy, demanding great skills
and persistence. At the beginning you have enough time to take care about the landed aircraft. Once
the aircraft has been assigned to an airport gate workload will increase immensely and you will be
under considerable strain.
You have to steer all vehicles such as boarding stairs, baggage carts, fuel trucks etc. Even the
maintenance crews are within your responsibility. For taking care of the ongoing flow of landing
aircrafts you will get paid. Depending on your efficiency in fulfilling tasks without delay you will be
able to hire workforce for vehicles and dedicated tasks at the gates. Based on your success the
airport will slowly but surely move into an automated operation.

Only who is planning tactical clever and forward looking will reach the goal - up to eight planes have
to be handled simultaneously. Realistic announcements, rumbling engine sound as well as changing
weather conditions create a fascinating atmosphere which is familiar to you from the airports all over
the world.

You can select different profiles for more than one person. Therefore click in the main menu on
Load game and then on Player. Choose here the desired profile, generate a new or delete an
existing one. In this menu you can also see details about the success of the selected player.
Take care that the desired player was correctly selected before starting to play the name of the
active player is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen!

Moving the camera: Move the mouse while holding the right mouse button.
(Key V, B)
Use the mouse wheel to change the camera zoom.
(Key T)

The 'Tower' icon activates the tower view

(Key 1)
(Key Esc)

The 'Van' icon activates a utility vehicle that allows you to move around the airport to
research and observe the helpers.
Click on 'Main Menu' to go to the main menu.

Here you can change the setting for resolution, details, sound or controls. All changed settings get
saved for upcoming starts. Here you can also select, that
helpers will start automatically. If this setting has the
selection No, you have to start every helper task by
If you start the game with minimum settings from the
start menu under Special(see screenshot on the right),
an alternative render engine will be used. That way the
game can be also used on older or weaker graphic cards
as long as they support Pixel-Shader 2.0 and have 128MB
or more physical memory (VRAM). This render engine is
also activated automatically if you switch to the detail
levels 0 or 1 in the option menu of the game.

Gate selection
After the landing of a plane you must select the gate on which it should park. You
can only click on a gate that is idle. The numbers of idle gates are flashing green.
A red gate number means that this gate is already occupied. Gates can only be
selected from the tower view (Key T).

Task list
Column 1: the task status:
- Red arrow:
A unit is moving to the area
where it will start performing
the task
- Green arrow:
The task is ready to start; you must drive the vehicle to the target area
- Dash:
Work in progress
Column 2 (GATE):
Column 3:
Column 4 (TASK):
Column 5:

on which gate the task is started

level of helper currently performing the task
task description
deadline or time required to perform the task

If a vehicle that will perform a task is not at its destination before the deadline passes, you lose
money for each second that passes.

(Key TAB)

(Key F1)
(Key Space)
(Keys 7, 8, 9)

Move mouse over the minimized task list to maximize it. Click on 'BACK' to minimize
the task list. Use the 'Pin' button to prevent the task list from minimizing
Click 'INFO' opens a window with additional information about the selected task.
Clicking on 'DRIVE', 'START' or 'VIEW' activates the selected task.
Click on the 'GATE', 'TASK' or 'TIME' label to sort the task list. A yellow label shows
the current sort column.
Use the arrow keys to select a task.

Manual tasks

(Keys W/A/S/D Or Up/Down/Left/Right)

When a helper is not performing a task, you have to drive vehicles manually. When you start a
manual task, the vehicle's camera is activated.

A circle appears on the ground at the spot where you have to drive your vehicle. When you reach
your destination, try to orient the vehicle in the direction of the arrow that is drawn in the circle.
To make the circle easier to see, a yellow arrow hovers above the area. Some areas are well hidden
so you have to find them.

(Key M)

The 'Management' icon opens the management window where you can hire helpers
that allow you to automatically process planes. A helper is bound to a specific gate
and can only drive one vehicle type. You can only buy helpers for gates that are
currently idle.
You can hire up to 3 levels of helpers, level 1 being the slowest, level 3 being the

(Key Arrows)
(Key NumP.+)
(Key F1)
(Key Esc)

Use the mouse to select the gate and vehicle combination.

Click 'BUY' to hire the helper.
Click 'INFO' to open a window with additional information about the selected vehicle.
Click on 'BACK' to close the management screen.

The vehicles in the game

Use the maintenance van to perform a regular check of the plane
while at the airport.

The maintenance van is equipped with airport issue 12 man crew of

skilled airplane engineers, capable of checking the plane in under an
hour. It is currently unknown how this 12 man crew fits into a single

The repairs truck is equipped with a single highly trained and capable
airplane mechanic.

This veteran engineer can perform the repairs on the plane all by
himself and is rumored to even have some multitasking skills. Average
daily food consumption is low.

Standard airport issue boarding stairs. Unload and load the plane with
these stairs in just minutes. Passenger satisfaction guaranteed.
The stairs are semi-automatic, built-to-last and in your favourite white
color. With optional side ribbon.

This state of the art modern pretty purple bus can load up to 195

With a top speed of 75km/h, it can take the passengers safely and
comfortably from the plane to the terminal and from terminal to the
plane. Tickets are available at your favourite stewardess.

Boarding tunnel with 360 degree wheel freedom, minimal

environment noise polution and with a set of winter tires.

A dream gadget for any serious airport operator. The boarding tunnel
can extend and retract and is used mainly by plane passengers.

The external cleaning truck is equipped with various equipment used

to clean the outer fuselage of the plane. The cleaning crew is a
separate purchase and must have it's own means of transportation.

The cleaning of the outer fuselage is not mandatory, but pilots are
known to wear fancy hats while boarding the plane.

Luggage truck, in this year's modern yellow tones, is used to carry

luggage from plane to terminal.

Go there and back again.

Internal cleaning van carries the internal cleaning crew and their
cleaning equipment to the plane.

The internal cleaning crew can then clean the inside cabin of the plane
and when finished, can drive safely back to the garage.

Fuel truck is used to deliver kerosine or some other popular plane fuel
to the parked and landed plane.

In-air fueling with the use of fuel truck is discouraged since late 2009.

Various foods and drinks are delivered with this state of the art fast
and roomy truck directly to the plane.

It even comes equipped with a standard airport issue 2 man crew.

Don't let the passengers leave the airport without the excellent low
carb diet water, available only with this catering truck.

Taxi is used to taxi the plane from the parking at the gate to the takeoff area. This machine powerhouse sports a roomy driver's cabin and
is available with free delivery (airplanes are sold separately).

Once the taxi is done taxiing, the plane can safely take-off. And the
taxi can taxi to the garage.

The airport van can be activated anytime to check the airport area
freely or to examine every corner of the airport.

To select just click on

Hint: If a helper once stops working or a traffic jam occurred you can restart every helper task.
Therefore click on the job in the task list and select view from the bottom. After that you can
reset/restart this job. Restarting a job brings you a penalty of 2500,00 bucks, so this should only be
done in case of an emergency.

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The help screens from the game

On the following pages you can print out the help pages from the game