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All- In-One Painting and Floor Care Subcontractor Agreement

This Agreement is made between the Contractor Derrick R. Spencer of All-In-One Painting and Floor Care, 2636
Glenbrook Drive, Durham, NC 27704 and the Subcontractor
Name: ______________________________
Address ____________________________on this date July 21, 2014.
The Subcontractor agrees to provide all paint labor, work materials, equipment and perform all work described as
follows: turnover apartment painting for student housing in the Greater Raleigh area, North Carolina. Subcontractor
will paint designated apartment to pass inspection by the Contractor and members of management staff on site.
Subcontractors are typically assigned groups of three and will split the pay of the unit with their team members.
The above-described work shall be performed at the following locations: College Inn, 2717 Western Blvd, 3551
Cum Laude Ct, 3101 Compatible Way, 3009 M. E. Valentine Drive, and 10 Oakdale Dr, all in Raleigh, North
All work under this agreement between contractor and subcontractor shall be completed in a workmanship-like
manner and in compliance with all building codes and other applicable laws.
The subcontractor also warrants all work performed, and agrees to remedy any defects resulting from faulty
materials or workmanship for a period of 2 weeks after work completion or upon signed inspection of contractor and
management staff.
The Contractor agrees to pay the Subcontractor for the performance of the above-described work in the following
2 BR $45.00,

University House, 10 Oakdale Dr, Raleigh, NC, ONLY

3 BR $50.00,

3 BR $65.00

4 BR $55.00

4 BR $70.00

The date(s) of commencement and completion shall be as follows:
The work to be performed under this agreement shall begin on July 21, 2014 and shall be fully completed on or
before August 14, 2014.
In the event that the work is delayed due to the neglect of the Subcontractor, i.e. quitting the job before completion,
the Subcontractor agrees to pay the Contractor the sum of $ 100 per day as liquidated damages until the work is

completed or forfeit payment for work already completed.

In the event that the work is delayed due to the neglect of the Contractor, acts of God, fire, flood or any unavoidable
natural calamities, the time for completion of the work shall be extended by the same period as the delay occasioned
by any of the aforementioned causes until the end of contract date.
In the event that the Subcontractor encounters work out of the scope of the description above, (holes in the walls,
patch work, wood work, etc.) the Subcontractor shall stop work immediately and inform the Contractor of such
concealed conditions in writing. The payment for work and work schedule under this sub contractor agreement shall
be adjusted accordingly in writing.
If the Owner requests or requires any change that limits or expands the work to be performed under the original
Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor, the Subcontractor shall accept such change orders, i.e.
management request the walls to be rolled and not sprayed.
Any resulting increases or decreases in the sum of payment for work shall be in writing, mutually agreed to and
signed by both parties. If both parties are not able to agree on the price adjustment for a change order, the
Subcontractor shall proceed with the change order as scheduled and the price adjustment dispute shall be submitted
for arbitration within 30 days of the change order being issued.
The Subcontractor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Contractor harmless from all claims, losses, expenses,
fees (including attorney fees), costs, settlements and judgments arising from the performance of this subcontractor
Any dispute arising from the performance or non-performance of this agreement shall be resolved at the request of
either party through binding arbitration, and judgment on the award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction
thereof. The prevailing party in any arbitration concerning this subcontractor agreement shall be entitled to
reasonable attorneys' fees.
Subcontractor agrees to maintain a professional demeanor, dress in uniform provided, and conduct him/herself as
professionals. There shall be no alcoholic beverages, drugs of any kind, or fraternizing with residents during the
course of the job. Units are to remain as is. No materials shall be taken or moved from any residence during the
course of the contract. Failure to adhere with the above mentioned professional demeanor or conduct policy will be
grounds for immediate dismissal and loss of pay and this contract will become null and void.

Contractor Name: Derrick R. Spencer

Contractor Signature: ______________________________

Date: _______________

Subcontractor Name: ______________________________

Subcontractor Signature: ______________________________

Date: _______________