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School of Communication

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March 24, 2015

Dear School of Education colleagues:
It is a great pleasure to recommend my peer and colleague, Leah Pasquesi, as she completes the
requirements to receive her masters in education here at Loyola University Chicago. I met Leah in the fall
of 2013 as we embarked upon our graduate education journeys together in this program, and I was
immediately impressed with her experience and thoughtfulness when navigating working with students, all
applied with a practical social justice lens.
Leah has shown a great deal of balance and commitment to further our program and our discipline not
only does she offer thoughtful and critical reflection on course topics and issues affecting the field, but she
is engaged within the higher education and Loyola communities. Leah serves as the graduate assistant in
the College of Arts and Sciences and has completed an academic internship at the University of Chicago at
The Center for Leadership and Involvement. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Leah serves as cochair of the professional development committee of the Higher Education Student Association, and as an
editorial board member and editorial assistant of the new Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher
Education and Student Affairs (JCSHESA). Not only that, but she comes to Loyola with professional
experience working as a college advisor with the Illinois College Advising Corps.
While this list of duties and accomplishments certainly speaks to Leahs qualifications and
accomplishments, it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to who she is as a person. Having worked
with Leah in various capacities, from coursework to our editorial board membership of JCSHESA, I can
personally attest to her commitment, resiliency, leadership skills, self-awareness, and dedication to our
I can say a thousand good things about Leah both as a professional and as someone who Ive come to
regard as a friend, and I believe that our program is better for having Leah as a member of this group. But
all of this is only a small glimpse of the educator that Leah is Im not one of the hundreds of lucky
students who have worked with Leah throughout the past four years. Leah has nurtured, guided and
mentored students to ask themselves some big questions about their future academic, personal and
professional lives. In fact, students as East Aurora High School named Leah the Most Influential Staff
Member of the Year both of the years in which she served as a college advisor there that
accomplishment alone speaks volumes about Leah.
I consider myself lucky to have learned and worked beside Leah for the past few years. I am thrilled to see
her next steps in this field, both immediately upon graduation and beyond. I am confident that Leah is one
that we will all look to in the future as exactly what is needed in student affairs providing students with
sound counseling and advising, all while pushing our field to be better.
Kind regards,
Meghan Ashbrock
Coordinator, School of Communication
M.Ed Candidate, Higher Education, School of Education | 312.915.6972