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**by Missourians for Missourians**

Dateline: APRIL 2015


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Were baaaack!...its been awhile since we last published our MOPP E-News Magazine, but we are reviving this format
as we ramp up in anticipation of November 2016! And our Magazine has a new name Empower Missouriby
Missourians for Missourians!

There is much information to share and we expect that this will continue to increase as we move into Election Year
2016so our new timetable will be to publish our E-News Magazine on a quarterly basis and to continue to send out
our shorter email blasts/alerts on an as needed/timely basis Each edition with contain
NOTES and RESOURCES we hope you find helpful.


As alwayswe are hopeful that you will find the information contained in our forwards to be useful in keeping you
informed on a variety of relevant topics and provide you with ways in which you can helpas we all unite to work
together to become involved, not only on a local and State level in our own self-governancebut to take our country
back and


EM UP IN 16!


As mentioned on our cover pageGeneral Municipal Elections will be held in Missouri




"You can't change Washington until you change your own backyard quote credited to Laura

R E M E M B E R..
Your vote is your voice as an American citizen. It's your opportunity to be
heard, to hold elected officials
accountable for their decisions and to have a say in important issues that
affect your community.

On Election Day, EVERY vote matters!



To find your polling place go here:

To see the complete 2015 Election Calendar go here:

s goal is to encourage fellow Missourians to become engaged in their
communities, on a local level.

believes that the authority to govern flows from

the bottom up NOT from the top down.

As we move into the 2016 election cycle ,

will be redoubling its efforts to

promote the precinct strategy as a way to empower Conservatives in politics.


...and one of the primary tenets of the Missouri Precinct Project in taking our country back?? ...getting
constitutional conservatives to fill the 30-40% (sometimes even up to 50%+) of the precinct/committee person
positions that go unfilled statewide (and indeed nationwide).
"In the U.S., the 50 states are each subdivided into counties, which combined number over 3,000. Each of these
over 3,000 counties is further subdivided into precincts(sometimes known as wards, townships, parishes, etc.).
The voting precinct is the smallest administrative/political subdivision in our federal system. In densely
populated urban areas, a precinct may contain but a few city blocks. In rural areas, a precinct may contain many
square miles. Population number determines the size of a voting precinct. There are usually between 200 and
500 voters in an average precinct. There are approximately 300,000 precincts in the United States of America."
"Why are the party leaders in your county important? Party county committee leaders have a decisive influence
over how votes are counted. Party county committee leaders also have a decisive influence over which
candidates receive the party's endorsement.."
As stated above, 30-40% of these county precinct/committee member positions go unfilled. A campaign for the
office of party county precinct/committee co-chair is easily run, and often, easily and inexpensively won. The
MOPP precinct strategy is to fill these unfilled positions with Constitutional conservatives...this is the only way
we can "infiltrate" the system so it will reflect our constitutional principles and values.
While the Tea Party groups and the 912 groups, etc. -- have held magnificent rallies -- rallies, attending town
meetings, and letter writing are ultimately DEFENSIVE strategies. BUTthe Precinct Strategy is an
OFFENSIVE strategy through which total victory can be achieved. Defensive strategies by themselves have
NO CHANCE OF WINNING against the well-entrenched forces destroying our country in Washington D.C.
This is why all concerned Americans must add the precinct strategy to their personal action plan.
MOPP encourages you to get involved in your community...find out which positions are
open...find out how you can "qualify" for these positions and then run to fill them! It is our chance to change
the Republican Party from a half-strength, ideologically-splint, ineffective political party into a full strength,
solidly conservative Colossus!1 (1.


On the next few pages you will find articles that substantiate the impact and
importance of central committee positions.

It is important to remember that the term precinct is interchangeable with the

terms ward, township, and parish depending on the State and/or County
within each State

We need to organize at the precinct, district, and state level so that you cannot win a Republican endorsement, caucus, or primary without being vetted
by activist Republicans, rather than a group of lobbyists in a hotel suite or Capitol office. (reprinted from:

"New Direction for the GOP Begins at the Local Precinct Level
Conservatives Needed to Run for Office, Volunteer"
Reprinted from:

New Direction for the GOP Begins at the Local Precinct Level Conservatives Needed to Run
for Office, Volunteer
By: Candice Lanier (Diary) | March 6th, 2013 at 02:15 PM | 2

Anger and frustration continue to mount as Americans express alarm at the direction in which the country is headed. In
order to turn the tide and boost mid-term and general election results, conservatives must significantly increase political
activity at the local levelthe precinct. As the precinct leader, the committee person (or captain) is the only party official
directly elected by voters. An individual serving in this capacity is the primary contact between voters, candidates and
elected officials; the precinct committee person votes directly for the leadership of the party.

What are the responsibilities of a committee person? The following is a general checklist which may vary depending on
the precinct:

Elect a precinct captain to assume overall precinct leadership.

Divide your precinct into geographical areas and assign portions of the precinct to each precinct committeeman.
Recruit precinct volunteers and assign specific blocks (or areas) to them for door-to-door and telephone work.
Have registration forms available in your precinct. Regularly check for newly moved-in Republicans and also for
families who will have members turning 18 years of age before the next election.
Maintain up-to-date records of the current Republican residents of your precinct.
Attend precinct meetings. These are called for updating records, planning strategy and other organizational
Attend district and or county Republican meetings. These will be great places to share information and ideas.
Assist your precinct captain in recruiting election board workers.

Assist your precinct captain in establishing election day GET-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) committees and a Precinct
Election Headquarters.
Distribute election information and candidate literature to the voters in your precinct.

How effective is this strategy? Well, Obama utilized it successfully against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries.
According to The Precinct Project, Obama and his backers came out of nowhere to defeat the complacent powers that
be in the Democrat Party.

Many of the Republican Party precinct committee person slots, across the nation, are unfilled. Of the 400,000 slots
nationwide approximately 200,000 are vacant. This represents a huge opportunity for conservatives.

So, in summary, a precinct committee person is tasked with helping to grow the party and with delivering the maximum
number of votes from their precinct, on Election Day.

If you would like to volunteer at your neighborhood precinct or run for office, visit the following website for local
information: American Hometowns Cities, Counties, and Towns

Today the Conservative TAKEOVER of the GOP Starts In Your

By Richard A. Viguerie, Author & CHQ Chairman | 4/8/14

Conservatives have the power and the numbers to take back their government from the current crop of officeholders who
seem hell-bent on ignoring the strictures of the United States Constitution and foisting socialism upon Americans, but to
do so we conservatives have to do more than complain or read a bookwe have to invest a few hours a month in
attending the meetings of our local Republican Party.
As Dan Schultz one of the winners of my $10,000 Liberty Prize pointed out, every square inch of the United States is
within a political neighborhood, a precinct. When you vote, your polling place is your precincts polling place.
Your precinct has a number and, probably, a name. Dan Schultz lives in precinct number 918, Tempe 59. His precinct has
eight precinct committeemen. He is one of them. Each of them was elected in the primary election. To get on the ballot,
each of them had to get ten signatures from Republicans or independents in the precinct. Thats it. Ten signatures.
Schultz says it took him about forty minutes to get the signaturesthe Party gave him a walking sheet for his precinct
that told him in which houses Republicans and independents lived. In some precincts, the precinct committeemen only
had to get three signatures. Every state has a different system. Some, like Arizona and Ohio, elect the leaders in their
precincts. Other states require meeting attendance and/or dues. None of the requirements are onerous. Schultz has
compiled links on his website to some of the states rules relating to how to become a leader in your precinct.
Encouraging conservatives to run for precinct committeeman has been a longtime goal of the First Lady of the
conservative movement, Phyllis Schlafly. Her e-pamphlet, The Most Powerful Office in The World Is NOT The President
of the United States!, is a great starting point and primer on the importance of the precinct committeeman in Republican
How is this a strategy for taking over the Republican Party and governing America according to conservative principles in
It is simple. We have a two-party political system. One group of Americans has hijacked the Democrat Party and has been
able to fool enough Americans to vote for their candidates, who usually run as moderates. Another group of Americans
has hijacked the Republican Party, which claims to represent conservatives, but all too often governs from the same Big
Government progressive perspective as the so-called moderate Democrats.
Phyllis Schlafly calls precinct committeeman and women the most powerful political office in the world, because they
determine who gets the chance to be elected to office at every level of government.
Now, here is the open secret establishment Republicans dont want you to know: half of the Republican precinct
committeeman slots, on average, in 2008, in every state, were vacant. (In Arizona, where Dan Schultz is from, he says it
was worseover two-thirds of the slots were vacant; now, they are almost up to half strength.)
And the currently filled slots are split about fifty-fifty between conservatives and Republicans In Name Only (RINOs).
What if conservatives could fill up all the vacant slots?

As Dan Schultz said: Do the math.

The Republican Party would be transformed from a half-strength, ideologically split party into a full-strength, 75 percent
majority conservative political juggernaut.
Why have I never heard about this? you are probably wondering. And more important, why have you never heard about
this before from your local Republican Party?
Dan Schultz says that it is because virtually all Republican incumbents, including many who profess to be conservative,
are terrified that you and other conservative Americans will figure this out and replace them, too, because they have not
fought hard enough to preserve your liberties.
They are terrified a more principled conservative adversary might get the backing of a majority of precinct committeemen
in their district and state and throw out the incumbents. Like the new, conservative grassroots Tea Partiers and 9.12-ers
did in Utah in 2010, denying incumbent senator Robert Bennett the primary nomination by keeping him off the ballot and
endorsing boat-rocking senator Mike Lee at the Utah GOP state convention. In 2012 Indiana incumbent establishment
Republican Richard Lugar was opposed by over half the Republican county chairs in the state, and likewise lost the
Whats more, precinct committeemenand only precinct committeemenget to vote in the party elections that determine
the leadership of the party.
Think of it. The more conservatives who become precinct committeemen, the more conservative the party, and its
candidates, will become. The Party again might appear to the voters to offer a clear choice from the Democrat Party,
rather than an echo of it.
The #1 roadblock to conservative governance is not Barack Obama and the liberal Left. Its the corrupt Republican
Establishment in Washington thats comfortable with Big Government, ObamaCare, gay marriage, and most of Barack
Obamas plans to fundamentally transform America.
My new book TAKEOVER is a step-by-step Battle Plan for how rank-and-file conservatives can TAKEOVER the national
GOP so we can have a real opposition party to the Democrats.


Order TAKEOVER today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or purchase it at your favorite bookseller. Order at this
Another great resourceAND ITS only $0.99 (Kindle edition): Taking Back Your Government: The
Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy by Daniel Schultz. Order at this link:

The Most Powerful Office In The World

Is NOT The President of the United States!

The above brochure was authored by Eagle Forum FounderPhyllis Schlaflyand provides an excellent
explanation of why the Central Committee positions are so important.


You are encouraged to read Phyllis excellent explanation of the power of central committee personsthe text of
the brochure can be read on-line at this link:
Copies of the brochure can also be ordered at this link.
(if larger quantities are desired check with Eagle Forum for price breaks)
To sign up for Eagle Forum newsletters and/or the The Phyllis Schlafly Report go here:

Thomas Jeffersons thoughts/writings on the division of counties into **wards.

(**Reminder: Called wards in Jeffersons daycurrently, they are also referred to as
townships, precincts or parishes)

Separation of Powers:
Federal and State
Reprinted from:

"The elementary republics of the wards, the county republics, the State republics, and the Republic of the Union, would form a
gradation of authorities, standing each on the basis of law, holding every one its delegated share of powers and constituting truly a
system of fundamental balances and checks for the government. Where every man is a sharer in the direction of his ward-republic, or
of some of the higher ones, and feels that he is a participator in the government of affairs, not merely at an election one day in the
year, but every day; when there shall not be a man in the State who will not be a member of some one of its councils, great or small,
he will let the heart be torn out of his body sooner than his power be wrested from him by a Caesar or a Bonaparte." --Thomas
Jefferson to Joseph C. Cabell, 1816. ME 14:422

"The article... nearest my heart is the division of counties into wards. These will be pure and elementary republics, the sum of which
taken together composes the State, and will make of the whole a true democracy as to the business of the wards, which is that of
nearest and daily concern. The affairs of the larger sections, of counties, of States, and of the Union, not admitting personal
transactions by the people, will be delegated to agents elected by themselves; and representation will thus be substituted where
personal action becomes impracticable. Yet even over these representative organs, should they become corrupt and perverted, the
division into wards constituting the people, in their wards, a regularly organized power, enables them by that organization to crush,
regularly and peaceably, the usurpations of their unfaithful agents, and rescues them from the dreadful necessity of doing it
insurrectionally. In this way we shall be as republican as a large society can be, and secure the continuance of purity in our
government by the salutary, peaceable, and regular control of the people." --Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval, 1816. ME 15:70

"Each ward would thus be a small republic within itself, and every man in the State would thus become an acting member of the
common government, transacting in person a great portion of its rights and duties, subordinate indeed, yet important, and entirely
within his competence. The wit of man cannot devise a more solid basis for a free, durable and well-administered republic." --Thomas
Jefferson to John Cartwright, 1824. ME 16:46

"These little republics would be the main strength of the great one. We owe to them the vigor given to our revolution in its
commencement in the Eastern States." --Thomas Jefferson to John Tyler, 1810. ME 12:394

We Can Do Better

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 by Madison Project Staf

For those that have missed the memo, we here at the Madison Project love being agitators for freedom.
We want to hold elected officials accountable even as we work to elect better and better Members of Congress. We
work to advance conservatism as frequently and as purely as possible, be it reducing taxes, ending abortion or working
towards dismantling Obamacare.
So it is no surprise that over the past 10 years as Madison Project has brought to the publics attention the voting
record of Democrats and Republicans, we have been attacked by both parties.
The usual GOP talking points against the Madison Project (and Senate Conservatives Fund, the Club for Growth and
Heritage Action) is that the Madison Project is hurting the party and forming circular firing squads that are not
helpful to the GOP majority. By hurting the party, what the GOP Establishment is saying is, Youre hurting our
chances to advance the issues important to corporations and their lobbyists by calling us out and electing
conservatives. If our work is hurting this current iteration of the Republican Party, count us in.
As we have said in the past, it is we and our conservative allies who actually represent and work towards the principles
and ideology which the GOP claims to represent and advance. We are the free market conservatives who believe in
liberty and reducing government, not growing it and giving corporations a leg up on the backs of the American
Over the last few election cycles, it is the Madison Project that has helped add some of the most stalwart conservatives
in both chambers of Congress: Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, Congressman Jim Bridenstine, Mark Meadows, Ron
DeSantis, Tim Huelskamp, Dave Brat, Jody Hice and many others.
Conservative grassroots activists worked overtime last fall to elect a Republican majority on promises of rolling back
Obamacare and stopping illegal immigration. Now sitting under Republican majorities, these promises have not only
been vacated but actually reversed where weve seen Republican leaders working with Democrats to actually help to
enact these dangerous policies.
For years we have warned that its not just about having a Republican majority in both chambers. Its
about having conservatives eager to fight and advance the Republican Party platform. Its not just a
vote, its a voice.
The recently passed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill is the perfect example. The House of
Representatives passed a good bill, replete with riders that stripped funding for Obamas executive amnesty order and
sent it to the Senate. The Senate, under Majority Leader Mitch McConnells leadership stripped the riders from the
bill and sent it back to the House.
Here is where it should have been easy: Boehner and the House Republicans should have stripped the bad language
out, put the conservative language back in, and sent it back to McConnell. Instead, 100% of House Democrats and 75
Republicans, including the Speaker, and most of leadership and members with all-important seniority, voted to fund
executive amnesty behind the fig leaf of, If we dont, the Department of Homeland Security will shut down and we will
be totally exposed to terrorism. Nothing could have been further from the truth.
The simple workaround would have been to pass a continuing resolution that would have fully funded DHS while
holding the line on amnesty. It is now abundantly clear to everyone that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell never
intended to fight amnesty. After all, their friends on K Street and at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce were pushing for it.
If this doesnt make it abundantly clear that it is time for new leadership, were not sure what will.

An important
noteLike many in the conservative movement, MOPP is unhappy with both parties in
representing the best interests of the Americans they representat this juncture MOPP believes that in order to
win elections it must be done within the framework of the current two party systemfor that reason, the
Republican Party is the logical choice to focus on as it comes closest in its philosophyas enumerated in its
Party Platformto the principles and values of most conservatives.
February 14, 2015
Where Are You, Country?
By Gary Horne
Where are you, country? Why cant I find you? Why have you gone away?
Adapting Cindy Lous song about the loss of Christmas spirit in Whoville expresses the sadness for what as been lost in
my country.
When I was a young boy in the small town of Piedmont, Missouri, the local physician, Doc Jones, would come to your
house if you were sick. People paid him in cash, or perhaps some other goods. No one imagined they had a right to
have someone else pay Doc Jones. It was their solemn duty, part of leading a responsible and moral life. People
earned their living, to rely on charity a character stain to be avoided at all costs.
The personal responsibility of those days has become a distant memory. Now it is called fair for much of the
population to live at the expense of the rest. We are informed that some are entitled to have the wealth of others
redistributed to them. Anyone daring to object to being a serf of the statist elite is called radical, and accused of
trying to repeal the 20th century. Sometimes, having gone down the wrong path, the only way out is to turn back. If
that is repeal, so be it.
The countrys current moral inversion is illustrated by two recent TV interviews. In the first, the individual talks about
how her health insurance is cheaper with an Obamacare subsidy, without a trace of embarrassment, as if the money,
instead of being forced from someone else without their consent, came from Baracks private stash or flowed from
some eternal mountain spring.
The individual in the second interview, who has been assigned by the IRS to man the money pumps on that mountain
spring, agonizes over how to pay the new bloated Obamacare premium. While this person is a real victim, there is no
objection or hint of defiance. This individual, who probably sent her children to anti-bullying classes, allows herself to
be bullied by the government. This is notthe spirit of 1776. I cannot find much of that spirit in my country.
My dad was assigned by the IRS to man one of the small money pumps. He had a barber shop right on Main Street.
Every year he would carefully figure how much he would send to the IRS, believing they had no right to take whatever
they wanted. He was right. Government really shouldnt have that power. Many of us, like Dad, are victims of the
IRS. At least in those days it didnt go after the Presidents enemies.
The groundwork for this travesty was laid when Dad was only five years old, with the ratification of the
16th amendment. The income tax erased Constitutional protections of the last 130 years. A citizens property could
now be taken without just compensation, without any justification of its use, and without any consideration of equal
treatment under the law. The income tax is incompatible with a free society. In a truly free society, never would the
lead-in to a local tax lawyers radio ad be, If you arent afraid of the IRS, you should be.
Our ancestors would be horrified to hear such an ad, and would be asking, Where are you, country? Why cant I find
you? Some of them pledged their lives and sacred honor. We owe it to them to find the free country they knew, and
we owe our children, so they may know and value that same liberty.
We have little help finding the country. Most of the media arent interested. Except for Fox News, newscasts could be
mistaken for Democrat Party political ads, and might as well be preceded by; The following message has been
approved by the Propaganda Commissar.

Congress is not looking for the country. They are more interested in getting re-elected or, in case of the Democrats,
implementing a forced march to that great utopia in the sky. Meanwhile, the Republicans relish their victory forcing
the Democrats to start the forced march in the afternoon rather than the morning. Neither have done anything to stop
the lawlessness of the Attorney General and the President, who are badly in need of a midnight visit from the ghost of
libertys past.
The courts have unconditionally surrendered, telling us essentially, Dont believe your lying eyes when you read the
Constitution. This beautiful document does not require a Harvard degree to understand. The degree is needed to
pretend we are still following it. The Constitution grants the federal government very limited powers. It does not allow
for wealth redistribution, confirmed unequivocally by a 1795 Supreme Court ruling. Its restriction on religion only
applies to Congress. It doesnt say that people have no voice in who can marry in their own states.
The Founders would be saying, Where is our country?
Those now asking, Where are you, country? are Americans like the Tea Party, Constitutionalists, and American
Thinkers, who, like Cindy Lou, can see something has been lost.
The Tea Party is named for an act of defiance, something we need more of these days, lest we sink deeper into the
progressive swamp. Defiance like the vets dumping the WWII memorial barriers in front of the White House, or
Congressman Joe Wilsons You lie. Defiance like the Austrian crowd singingEdelweiss in The Sound of Music, or the
patrons in Ricks Caf in Casablancachiming in with La Marseillaise, or the Grinch (?). How about many of us Grinches
refusing to participate in Obamacare?
The old saying could be reworded, The wheel which doesnt squeak will never get oiled. Productive and responsible
Americans have so far gone along without a squeak, giving silent consent to be victims. Without someAtlas
Shrugs acts of defiance, we will become further enslaved and never find the country we love.
Symbolic acts of defiance are not enough where tyranny has already arrived, but may keep it from coming. The nation
needs the loud and continuous noise of defiance while the bums can still be voted out. Americans who hadnt noticed
may begin to wonder why all the uproar. Some may begin to say, as in the classic hymn Amazing Grace, I once was
blind, but now I see. Then, perhaps, elections will not be decided on some unrealistic and undefined fantasy, or who
has that Evita little touch of star quality, but on how to find the liberty that has been lost. If so, some day our
children can sing:
I feel you country. I know I've found you.


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disenchanted donor who feels you've been throwing your hard earned money into a black hole for too long,
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Foundation for Common Sense, committed to making a significant and measurable impact in communities

nationwide. Not just talk, not rallying nor endless online petitions... change. Real change. This is about
investing in tangible achievements that donors can SEE, and other activists can LEARN from, that is
Foundation's straight forward objective.
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Please SUPPORT Foundation for Common Sense with a tax-deductible donation. There are untold
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direct donor investment. Foundation for Common Sense, with your contributions and our solid stewardship,
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is honored to have been one of the three first round grant recipients from the FOUNDATION FOR
COMMON SENSEalong with Center for Self Governance and the Frederick Douglass Foundation.


great additions in doing your homeworkwe would recommend adding them to your list of resources

Contact: Ryan Johnson

About Us
Missouri Alliance for Freedom exists to advance the welfare of Missouri by protecting and growing individual, religious, and
economic liberty throughout Missouri. We will promote policy that encourages personal freedom and a free economy through
legislative participation, grassroots organization, issue advocacy and citizen education and training. We believe that
government must be limited, and that citizens must be empowered to hold their elected officials accountable.


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Duane Lester has been an outspoken political activist since launching All American Blogger in 2007. Since that time he
has been a contributor at the American Issues Project, Pajamas Media and served as Editor in Chief at Liberty News prior
to launching The Missouri Torch. His articles have been featured on nationally syndicated talk broadcasts like the Michael
Savage Show and he is a frequent guest on the #1 rated, daily syndicated Dana Loesch radio program. In 2012, Duane
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Time's Up!: Rethinking Conservative Activism and Social Media Strategy
By: Annette Read, along with Eva Lovasco

To order on Amazon:

Annette Read, along with Eva Lovascotwo of Missouris ownhave recently published a
wonderfully helpful book to train conservatives on the proper use of social media with specific

attention to TWITTERentitled TIMES UPRethinking Conservative Activism and Social

Media Strategy.
Annette and Eva have both used TWITTER very efectively to get out the conservative message
and hope to inspire others in the grassroots to do the sameand/or use it for ones own personal
communication medium.

Recommended reading and/or a great resource to add to your own library. To order the
book go to this link:
For more informationaccess Annettes website at this link:

Annette began researching and writing on the topic of social media after discovering a huge
disparity between the many social media-savvy Democrats and their equally abundant techno-challenged
Republican counterparts in the 2010 elections. Clearly, social media and other digital tools were a
noticeably lacking element in many conservative campaigns. She found countless books on social media
and politics but they were either too geeky or they didn't weave the digital universe with the
campaign trail. Time's Up!is her inspiring and practical response.

Whether you have an important message (political or not) that's destined to go viral, or you simply
want to reach a much larger audience, this book is sure to help you succeed. Time's Up! is the
ultimate tutorial and go-to resource, helping to take Twitter from a useless feed of words and
symbols to a phenomenal marketing tool with unlimited reach. For hands-on learning, Annette's oneon-one coaching, group workshops or online webinars will further set you on a path to proficient
success in all things Twitter!

With the help of feedback from hundreds of activists and young Republicans, Annette also covers
other valuable and timely topics (see the Table of Contents and additional content by clicking
on the "Time's Up" tab on the Home page). Guest author Eva Lovasco offers her perspective through
the eyes of an active young conservative.

A Picture Is Worth a *Thousand Trillion (inflation!) Words.

Become an Army of One

reprinted from:
We need an army of people trained by the *** Center for Self Governance, principled in the 28 Principles of
Liberty as outlined in the 5,000 Year Leap book by Cleon Skousen and taking action by winning central
committee seats in both parties.
There are too many politicians as opposed to statesmen running our country for their own personal selfinterests. That is why they have created laws that they do not have to abide by, and tax loop holes just for them
and who make careers out of micro managing us by unaccountable bureaucrats.
These temporary elected office holders are accountable to no one when central committee people are
unprincipled, undisciplined, uneducated and are afraid to write letters of censure when their elected officials
are misbehaving. These central committee members do not realize they hold the seat to the most powerful
office in the land, the central committee seat.
Mistakenly many central committee members believe their job is to raise funds and support whoever wins the
primary while supporting no one in the primary to begin with. So that is how you get people like John McCain in
high office. It is also how the Republican Party doesn't understand what a Republic is. It is also how you get
elected officials who do not follow the party platform in any way. It is how you have gotten "progressives" in key
positions at every level of the Republican Party.
If you seriously want to take the country back it will not be just by winning the congress, senate and the office
of president. It must be by a grassroots army of constitutional savvy Robert Rules of Orderwarriors who know
the constitution, and own the central committees from the chairman down. (Interesting factoid: 50% of all
county central committee seats go unfilled.)
Want to get started taking back your country? It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First realize that anything you do not
know is waiting for you on the internet. There is nothing that needs to be unknowable. YouTube is a great
resource. There are people teaching classes on the constitution, Roberts Rules of Order and the history on
how we got where we are.
Your most important thing to do is know the 28 Principles of Liberty by heart. When you do, you will be able to
spot like-minded people, politicians, proposed legislation and be able to automatically know the right thing to
do as a committee-person and citizen activist. You will also be able to spot bad laws and phony
Second most important thing to do is create a list of 100 like-minded people that are willing to learn the 28
Principles of Liberty. That way when you must tell your legislator to do or not do something you can do it with
100 voices. This project may take some time but it is the most important project you can do.
Third, most important thing is to get these like-minded people to take action by running for central committee
All of this can be simple, easy and fun.
The most powerful tool you can own is a smart phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II which is more

powerful than a desk top or lap top computer.

There are Apps you can get that are not available on a Windows computer. With a smart phone you can
multitask, time shift plus leverage time, money and effort more than any device I know. You will always be able
to fill idle time with taking back the country time. Waiting in line for something is now a great patriotic
When shopping for a new phone I suggest PhoneScoop . There you can compare 5 different phones, feature
by feature. If you don't know what the feature is, you can click on it and it will tell you.
Right now Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are having a pricing war and now is the time to get a great phone with a
good plan.
Here are just some of the things I can do with my phone: talk to people, text, e-mail, Facebook, Tweet, capture
anything I see in my display, broadcast e-mail or text, use as an MP3 recorder or video recorder, have my
phone read to me, schedule events that my phone reminds me of, watch Netflix, create e-fliers, morph photos,
create a contact list categorized by groups, location and interests. I can also use it as a GPS which is very
handy when going to new meeting places or speaking engagements. It can also function as a WIFI hotspot. All
of this fits in the palm of my hand and can be carried in my shirt pocket.
Another tip is to try to get your patriot friends to upgrade at the same time you do. That way you can teach
each other about new Apps and phone features etc.
If you want to be an Army of One, I suggest you get a smart phone.
One last tip, never be afraid to ask questions, about your next step, how to make your phone do something or
what the latest App is. Any patriot worth their salt has been where you are at and has had the same

Be sure to click on this link to see more resources including a link to the MOPP County
Coordinator map

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn
from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."



-2 Chronicles 7:14


To find a class near you go to:

About Center for Self Governance

Who We Are
The Center for Self Governance is a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to training citizens in applied civics,
founded on the belief in the capacity of mankind for self governance.

What Is Self Governance?

Self governance is exercising your individual liberty, personal responsibility, and civic authority to control instituted government.

What We Do
As citizens, we often lack the political knowledge, skills and ability to articulate our desire to make the policy changes necessary to
keep our government to its proper role. Modern civics training teaches conventional political theories. The Center for Self Governance
teaches unconventional, tried and tested techniques in applied civics proven to Keep the Republic. CSG training putsyou, the citizen,
in the drivers seat of self governance. You choose the issues, candidates, and agendas to address, just as our government of, by, and
for the people was designed.

Our Mission
We exist to teach you how to Keep your Republic by rediscovering and effectively exercising your civic authority.

Training Sequence
Level 1: Foundations in Self Governance

$50 Fee

The Level 1 course introduces the concepts of self governance and civic authority. It is designed to bring the student to a common
understanding of their role in leveraging self governance and exercising civic authority. This course is foundational and lays the ground
work necessary to successfully implement lessons learned in future classes.

Level 2: Communicating for Effective Self Governance

$60 Fee

The Level 2 course introduces relationship building, communication process and strategic self governance messaging. It is designed to
teach the student how to practically express self governance to legislators, citizens, media and opponents of self governance. This
course frames the experience needed to acquire and apply the students basis within societal authority.

Level 3: Macro Understanding of Government

$70 Fee

The Level 3 course introduces federal, state, county and city levels of government. It is designed to broaden the students
understanding of the inter-relationship between government jurisdictions, partisan politics and the self governing. This course
encapsulates the students basis of authority from which they will operate the mechanism of self governance.

Level 4: Micro Understanding of Government

$80 Fee

The Level 4 course introduces the operation of the inter-related workings inside and outside multiple levels of government. It is
designed to complete the students understanding of the detailed mechanism of self governance and its relationship to centralized
governance. This course assembles the knowledge, skills and abilities that self governing teams need to operate within the framework
of their civic authority.

Level 5: Pathway to Self Governance

$100 Fee

The Level 5 course is the capstone. It is designed for students to demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities in operating and
maintaining the mechanism of governance. This course enables the self governing team to engineer and maintain the balance of
power within the political sub-divisions of their multiple levels of government.
A student workbook is provided for each eight hour level of instruction.

A Special Note and Resource from MOPP:

The Missouri General Assembly is in full swing and the legislators are busy considering bills
and holding hearings. The Legislature will be in session until mid-May. During that period
MOPP may be forwarding more emails than usual in order to keep you updated on issues where
you might have an opportunity to submit a witness form, testify at a hearing and/or weigh in
with your legislators on a variety of issues. We are very sensitive to the fact that folks do not
want to be inundated with unnecessary emails, so we will make every effort to be very judicious
in what we forward.
There are many more bills and hearings in play than we will be forwarding...involving an almost
overwhelming number of if you would like to investigate the full gamut of legislation
being considered by the Legislature, and where it is in the process, you can go to the following


Bill List:

Bill Tracking:

Hearing Schedule:

Bill List:

Bill Search:

Hearing Schedule:

We would encourage everyone to become familiar with the websites for both the House and the
Senate. You will find very valuable information there that will make it easier to become more
involved in your own self-governance. Below you will find some more helpful links to keep at
your fingertips:
Find Your Representative:
House Leadership:
House Member Listing (alphabetical):
House Committees:
Committee Assignments (to find out which committee your Representative is on):
House Journal (a day by day accounting of House business including votes and votes cast):
Bill Calendar:
Find Your Senator:
Senate Leadership:
Senate Member Roster:
Senate Standing Committees (click on each committee to see committee members):
Senate Journal:
Senate Calendar:

Other features include: Live debate, create a bill tracking list (Senate), search for a bill by number, and
We hope you will find the above information helpful in enabling you to better understand your
State government and navigate the useful websites that are available to you in order to become
a more engaged in the process.
(NOTE: Feel free to make a copy/copies for your resource purposes and/or to share with


Because All politics is local"
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To that end, we hope you find our E-News Magazine helpful and informative
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