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Hydraulics Laboratory (CE2258)
Vivo-vice Questions
1. Define fluid.
2. Give the expression for bernoulliss Equations of motion.
3. Define specific weight.
4. Define capillary action in pitot tube.
5. List few minor energy losses in a pipe line.
6. What are the advantages of using Buckinghams - theorem.
7. What is meant by geometric similarity?
8. Basic working principle of a centrifugal pump..
9. What is the specific speed in a Pelton wheel?
10. What is indicator diagram in a centrifugal pump?
11. What is the use of air vessel in a pump?
12. Define non Newtonian fluid.
13. Differentiate between fluid and solid.
14. Define Specific volume
15. Define Specific gravity.
16. Define Viscosity.
17. Define Compressibility.
18. Define vapour pressure.
19. Write eulers equation in a strem line moion.
20. Define Capillarity.
21. Define Surface tension.
22. What is darcy weisback equation.
23. Differentiate between Absolute and gauge pressures.

24. Mention two pressure measuring instruments.

25. What is peizometer?
26. How manometers are classified.
27. What is pitot static tube?
28. Write down the units for dynamic and kinematic viscosity.
29. State Newtons law of viscosity.
30. Differentiate between Newtonian and non Newtonian fluid.
31. Differentiate between ideal and real fluid.
32. What is ideal plastic fluid?
33. Define velocity gradient.
34. What is the difference weight density and mass density?
35. What is the difference between dynamic and kinematic viscosity?
36. Differentiate between specific weight and specific volume.
37. Define relative density.
38. What is vacuum pressure?
39. What is absolute zero pressure?
40. Write down the value of atmospheric pressure head in terms of water and Hg.
41. Define stream line.
42. Define path line.
43. Define streak line.
44. Define steady flow.
45. Define uniform flow.
46. Differentiate between laminar and turbulent flow.
47. How will you classify the flow as laminar and turbulent.
48. Differentiate between compressible and incompressible flow.
49. Differentiate between rotational and irrotational flow.
50. Define stream function.
51. Define velocity potential function.
52. Write down continuity equation for compressible and incompressible fluid.
53. Write down continuity equation in three dimensions.
54. Differentiate between local and convective acceleration.

55. Define circulation.

56. Define flow net.
57. Write down Eulers equation of motion.
58. Write down Bernoullis equation of motion for ideal and real fluid.
59. State the assumptions made in Bernoullis equation of motion.
60. Mention the applications of Bernoullis equation of motion.
61. Mention few discharge measuring devices.
62. Classify pumps
63. What is meant by indicator diagram?
64. Define boundary layer.
65. Define turbulent flow.