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Lins.Faa hair oval..Scout Ritland save their first impressions of the woman
you could see from time to time across the hall amazing bal.Arta was
aparte.Cei two were completely separated from a lot of visitors put the backdrop,
dazed by the punch bowl of tropical fruit, thanks to which even the most
drinker trying to lose control so as to throw hollow waves
Pacificului.Scout was not so dizzy, I just rang in his ears a
hum very plcut.Era just as intense as the cries of night birds
Coral Reef guarded jungle, splendid resort that tonight, he opened

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porile.Miraculosul punch was officially inhibitions seemed to disappear, to
mores, to overcome preconceptions referuoare gender equality.
Scout fix a woman with white dress, tights, with a leer and inquiring,
which otherwise was not the slightest trace caracteristic.Fr retaining a measure,
simply as an object that gives you pleasure, sexual.
Parrish Island vizitatorilor.Locul produce such an effect on it, a
simple point in a sequence of points on a map of the South Pacific, was just
ameitor.Abundau simple fragrant flowers, trees and American cocotieri.Fastul not
simit.Doar was made a few days ago, Scout fallen prey charm
insulei.Pentru first time since he came there a few months ago, its

glanced over the hotel walls, marble clad in a pearly pink.

Until now he had consumed so much time, energy and his thoughts that
not had the opportunity to admire this island and its inhabitants undefiled
prietenoi.n especially one of them, the woman in alb.Doamne was superb.De to
remote, display arrogance ironic.Ea chiaro noticed his gaze and his insistence

responded with a cold glance, it also weighed ei.Apoi, it ignores

deliberately as if anything about his person could have not interesesze
vreodat.Scout was never seen by intrigat.Nu a resort, while it
built it, so do not be an employee of any hotelului.S be wife
official? Thought it was damn deprimant.Cuta get rid of it once
with glass golit.Dac was recently married, where he was the husband? What man
in his right
mind would let a beautiful woman she winds are alone in a room full
men who for months were far from their home?
No, Scout is married or did not think that had anything to do serious.
Do not show ndrgostit.Atunci the woman, who was, he wondered, supervising
disinterested arrangement of exotic food on one table and
the momentum of an eye?
-Good Job, sir Ritland, someone commented in passing.
-Mulumesc.O Much of the resort hotel was built over the waters
linitite.Scout lagoons designed this miracle, working with the architect.
He received his share of glory so thanks to his efforts are ingenioase.I
mjna gathered so many times, that the binelea.l ached and hurt shoulder,
where everyone had beaten enthusiastically, congratulating him for his success.

Dazed more success than the intoxication of date fruit punch, its
mulime.Vroia way through to get where she stood, in
near one of the exits of high and vaulted cldirii.n when
she reached close enough to be heard, she turned suddenly

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and looked him straight in his nmrmurit.Respiraia left ochi.Scout become
Her almond-shaped, slightly let down, there were a dark brown as
expected, but albatri.Nite electrifying eyes, amazing.
-ncotro, Scout? Glad I caught you before you back pleca.Cineva
grabbed his shoulder and turned him drum.Continund, if possible, not to
away from the gaze of the woman's head end, however, naturally rotation
Ah, Mr. Reynolds, he said shaking hands that had been stretched.
-Corey, You did a great job hotelului.Ai tycoon correct grozav.N you tired
to all hear the same thing? scout nodded and laughed self-irony.
-Never Ever.
E needless to say how pleased suntem.Vorbesc on behalf of all members
Thank you, domnule.Scout could not afford not to be polite man
which he had signed some fat checks, but take a quick look at umr.Femeia
N afost an easy task, said Corey especially when you consider Reynolds.Mai

all the difficulties they have faced during construciei.Scout

-Do Refers to attudinea islanders towards work? The other man nodded.

-They Do not understand at all the importance of deadlines or working day

eight hours, said tristee.Niciodat Scout with the prospect of higher pay
overtime did not stop to go to a party and about
ten in each lun.Dar this, however, did not bother me so much as asking
sorry again that I did additional spending from the budget, to restore
-na Your fault that disappeared all timpul.Eu I know you did everything possible
catch thieves.
-Jigodii Miserable, Scout said, breathing with greutate.Am lie in wait for
four nights with plenty atenie.Dar very night that I decided that it was
useless and I went to bed, I was plundered again.
Given the impression that sees a glimmer of white sideways, turned his Scout
head to teras.Nu was nothing but moonlight in stifling air and
nmiresmat.Mai was she not still there, hiding in the shadows gardens
-... Staff?
-...? What had asked Mr. Reynolds? Ah, yes!

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No, I have not seen anything of the island, besides the inhabitants of the vicinity.

I thought to take my leave for a week or something like that before

to go home.
-Good Idee.F your time to liquidate everything before that is nunt.Bnuiesc
remain valid.
-At The end of viitoare.Domnul Reynolds smiled and said:
-How Do Miss Colfax? Corey Reynolds had been introduced to Jennifer
Colfax at a dinner in Boston, where was the headquarters of Reynolds Group.
Coral Reef Resort was then only an architectural design.
The Scout enjoy it that he remembered the name fiancs sale.ntotdeauna
Jennifer had been able to count on her to produce a good impression.
-From Letters show that's good, 'he said.
That's all so beautiful? Scout grinned.
-Foarte.Btrnul Giggle:
-You Trust in her, leave her alone so long!
-Before Leaving, I fell at a nvoial.Nu I could not wait to stand alone
home every night, while I am free to meet plecat.E who
wants, as long as it remains platonic!
-Not Only trust, but i generos.De you otherwise, I think not wait
Let 's review fiance home in UniteScout States shrugged.
-A State in Europe for several weeks during busy verii.Sa store
of antiquity and of its frosted ii.

-Yup? Reynolds asked politicos.Dar you do there?

-It Is in the job, that is. Jennifer is all done that handles antique ba, ba

music, fashion ba.

-And My wife likes to be in treab.Cnd not shop, added
Corey Reynolds, in a burst of rs.i, sipping glass of punch, asked:
They're adorable, is not it? Scout follow Mr. Reynolds.El eyes looked at
one of the girls on the island, committed to serve sandwiches in the evening.
She was dressed in a short sarong with floral pattern, which elegantly wrapped
mldios.Ca body most women on the island, was tiny and very
cute hair was black, shiny, dark eyes and a ready smile and alluring
-Even If they are engaged, Scout said, I can not see that beautiful people
women is one of the natural riches of his Island.Reynolds Parrish
looked back to Scout.
What are you going to do here on the island, during which you left?

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-To Forget toate.S rid of deadlines, workers who barely moves,
The telefon.S go to pescuit.Poate to hunt and lie on puin.S do surfing.S
beach and do absolutely nimic.Se leaned and added:
-If I catch a beautiful native with naked breasts, do not come too fast to me
caui.Corey Reynolds chuckled again and I pulled one back,
-Great Eti.mi sinning like that of humor. they shook hands, and
Corey Reynolds again praised for its success Scout.
-See The Boston.Vreau to talk to you like my projects viitor.Promite
soon we will dine with lovely Jennifer.
-We Would love, domnule.Mulumesc.

When the old man walked away, feeling that stifles Scout joy.
He did not want to join the group corporate Reynolds.Sistemul not
lui.Gsea personality matched that such power is limited creaie.Dar in
Clearly, he wanted another contract with the Group and seemed exactly what he
was thinking and
Corey Reynolds.Proiectul Coral Reef resort was for his first Scout
high lovitur.i realized that I had to take advantage of this success, as long as
attention was still in discussion decizie.Dup factors considered by Corey
Reynolds, feel even more to celebrate ceva.Lund need another glass of
punch on a silver tray waitress passed under an arch, towards terrace
alturi.Zidurile outside of the resort were adorned with stalks
Bougainville, filled with bunches of flowers fremttoare.Nu it had no
economy to decorate the hotel interior and Oriental dinafar.Vaze
huge, lush ferns and palms invaluable wore ornamental
Lights, like some giant firefly, flickered, embedded in the wall, placed
grdini.Trepte meandering walkways along the wide and low down from the
to another nivel.Una the main paths took her left by the pool with three
levels with its artificial waterfalls and its beautiful artezienele decorate.O another
went down to the beach where the sand seemed a yellow ribbon between groomed
and the waves crashing quiet.
Chefliii who sought a more isolated left the room bal.Un Asian group
discussing business over a drink at a table on the terrace above the jos.Uitnd
All and all, except themselves, two men kissing near one of palms

on pajite.Un another couple walking hand in hand through the waves, putting yet
swinging evening clothes and shoes in hands.
Amidst the landscape, moonlit, a figure appeared solitar.Ca hypnotized,
Scout down the steps to ea.Lumina month fall on her white dress, making it
glow in the dark light of far.Ea stood motionless, facing

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ocean, looking out over the water, as if he had communicated with her through a
sacru.Grozav silent language and dress, Scout thought, when he reached in May
aproape.Jennifer would be worn so ceva.Puine women in New England would be
did, the altfel.Rochia was amazingly simple but strikingly deep sexy.Era
Split coaps.Vemntul leave a shoulder collar completely gol.Adierea
scented body it stuck easily, lifting out of the breasts and V
coapse.El feel a trace of guilt, thinking she was in the Jennifer.Dar
This island across the world seemed so far away from Jennifer and
Boston, as if they would have spent another behavior that planet.Regulile
applied here as there were unnecessary and a fleece jacket.
He had worked for months without oprire.Merita a night of pleasure, is not it? He
had lived into
one of the most exotic places on earth and had not the slightest
chance to taste plcerile.Tentativele to justify them gathered in mind, but it
ele.Luni have reacted even without sexual abstinence, hard liquor that
drunk, tropical scenery, beautiful woman, were a terrible combination aphrodisiac
strong, before which he could not resist.
On hearing her steps, she turned her head and pierced him with her eyes blue

rsuflarea.Prul that you cut them, blacker than night was tight in a bun at
neck and adorned with two flowers jewelry you wear ibiscus.Singurele
There were two one pearl earrings the size of pebbles.
No matter how perfect device, their surface could not compare with skin
femeii.Neted and incredibly perfect.De otherwise, so was over tot.La neck at
chest, the curve of a breast, the picioare.Nu wear sandals with high heels
He was standing frumoase.i hands of asemenea.ntr one of them was holding a
small evening of beauty satin.Atta as distinguished as perfeciune.Trupul
Scout throbbing of dorin.Ea sitting next to a statue representing a god
heathen that mimic display a ugubea and have a phallus enorm.Scout
The day had put there statuia.Fusese highlight of antierului.Se
had a lot of jokes about them, which more or less broadside.
He could swear now that the statue was targeting insolent grin even as el.Era
As little devil would have known physical condition and would have enjoyed
maliiozitate.Salut idol head and began to speak to the woman.
It's a friend of yours? I hope everything goes well, but expected and
possibility to reject it, when his heart grew and her lips painted bright
is opened in a smile that reveal some of them just as flawless as

-He Is a friend of all lumea.Este god of eroticism.

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It goes bine.Limba would not be an impediment, for speaking English.
An accented English, but beautiful just the whisper of the waves aceasta.n voice
Her smile was low and rguit.Scout with talc.
-Bnuiam Eu.Cum his name? She frowned spuse.El.
-Name's Got at least twelve syllables and all the letters are vowels.

Since he came here, he had managed to retain some dialect words from locals, but
all were related to the construction industry. "back to work" that was about
expression that he could tell the woman to him.
But even if they knew the right words would not be able to express exactly what
in mind: As my state of excitation, we need to give me lessons
sta.Sunt little man hard as st nec and corn, you're to blame! We go to you or to

me? These words, however, did not seem appropriate to start a conversation.
-The Name is Scout Ritland.El held out my hand.
She, in turn, gave him cold mna.Era, small and soft.
-Chantal Go Pont.Retrgndu his hand, he added, gave me pleasure to
know, sir Ritland, she said, and turned to his Scout They had plece.Lui
a few seconds to get out of her dazzling smile spell and sensation
caused by the presence of her hand in his hand lui.Cnd return, he found himself
walking on
beside her on one of the gravel paths, leading to the inside of the resort.
Worked at the hotel? he asked, trying to extend their brief discussion.
She looked at him amused.

-Oarecum, Mr. Ritland.

-Then You're looking to party?
-I Was invitat.Fu bound to catch her arm as her face rein.Ajunseser
fa.Printre treetops, moon cast strange shadows on her face.
I did not mean to be rude, explains el.Bineneles you were invited, only I
I have not seen you around here and I was wondering what ...
-No I was upset, she said domol.El one stared, captivated by her figure
beautiful, her eyes, the mouth of a gathering ei.Degetele still top of
braului.Nu never felt such a skin catifelat.Ea lowered
caught his gaze and attention so that his hand touched nc.Din unfortunately was
to give drumul.Abia when his hand back along the body, he realized
that still had a glass of punch in his other hand.
-You Want a drink? he asked, feeling a bit ridiculous.
-no Thanks.
Maybe you just tare.De dreptate.E terribly smiling, she took the glass and it went
buze.Privind over the rim, clear it all, then licked his lips,

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adding each strop.i returned empty glass and leave the driveway, entering the
Scout, crazy, stared after ea.Atta suddenly swallowed drink would have
many brbai.O ready sorbate as if mother's milk and is also held
yet picioare.Mai Moreover, went dark jungle path with
ability of a nocturnal animal prad.n her, leaves barely any foneau.El
not had time to think well of all this, as she disappeared through a curtain

vi.El throws the alley and took the cup after it, cutting his way through foliage
smoking and often completely forgetting the insect's elegant.O passed them based
on the
ear, like a burst proiectil.O not give him the slightest attention.
-Oui? He turned brusc.Ea was there, standing, as it came dintrcopaci.Simindu one of the ridiculous, he clumsily widen tie knot.
What are you, nymph or what else? She laughed in a thrilling roar.
They're a human being of flesh and blood, just like you.
He lost the collar button, and then his fingers froze
neputincioase.Era again conquered by her charm unic.ncepu to measure the
top of the head with hair licked, then descend to the front, along her neck
including full breasts and then down, penetrating her body seemed alluring.
-Fiin Human, flesh da.Din desigur.El even stand forward as to
ea.Exact to face with me, huh? No, no do not look like absolute caz.Tu
nimeni.El May 1 met once again to be convinced that there really.
First line touched her breasts, those sweet protrusions above the rising edge
top of the dress, almost as high as the hollow umrului.Era equally
pleasant to touch as to priveti.El easy walking his index finger on the breast
ei.Apoi with your fingertips stroked along the neck, following his line up
meet wonderful jaw cizelat.Cnd his hand caught his neck, she relaxed and their
her head back slightly, giving her lips to receive a soft caress.
From her breath, perfume alcohol shone dulce.El felt the dark
mind, as it increases the willingness and eagerness lips gently touched pasiunii.i
limba.i murmured name, a name just as delightful as her.
Instead, she slipped her hand under his coat and and a rest on his chest

His puternic.Buzele the mpreunndu opened hers, then kisses

pressed, while the other arm, he chained the middle.
He was waving like wet sand, mulndu and lui.Scout line of his body after
feel the thrust firm breasts, her femininity wonderful softness, suppleness
coapselor.Dorina exploded in el.i moves a hand on her breast and stroked by
rochie.Simi the garment as it is strengthened nipple under circular motion

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mare.Limba his finger penetrated her gur.i's hungry and tried taste and
and withdrawing its language also enjoy the delicacy lips, and again
immersing himself in secret hiding mouth ei.Inima beat them jump out of my
Sex of hard winced at every heartbeat hidden him between the legs
ei.Mna of them contained buttocks and made her rub him, wondering at the same
While she thought it natural male about his reaction and in hope
that would answer favorabil.Gemu satisfaction when I feel the hand strecurnduis between their bodies at the waist, seeking his undoubtedly zipper.
Therefore was surprised to feel something hard and cold prodding him in the
So to realize what had happened, and she slipped from his arms and is
away as you can not catch it.
But what the hell is ... Question froze his lips when he looked down and
saw the gun barrel pointed at the button on burt.Scout asked astonished:
What the hell are you going?
-I Fixed on your gun, sir Ritland, 'she said calmly, in English

accent.Iar her if you do everything you say, are ready to kill you.
Even though her face looked very serious, it was difficult Scout to believe
ochilor.Ar be able to describe it in many ways, but the adjective "threatening" not
fit all.
-To Shoot me? Why? He laughed out loud because I Salts?
-For The mistaken idea that I wanted to be kissed and fondled the last trf.El their
put her hands on her hips.
But what I could not believe it when you lured me here?
-I Did not enticed.
-Don't You lured me, the devil, 'he said angrily.
-You Urmrit.Eu me I did not ncurajat.Toat story no longer amused
at all.
-Let, Princess, do not tell me how honest you wanted to urmez.M eti.Tu
even called by your way of respinge.i I liked to kiss me and all
... rest, 'he said, lowering his eyes to her breasts and nipples to their pronunate.Nu
too can prove to me otherwise when I see something else better.
They became dangerously Her eyes shining and his body tensed utterly.
-Here It's not your kisses.
-Then Why?
Did you find out curnd.ntoarce up and get moving!
He laughed shortly and scan the wall of greenery that's fenced.
-Let It go, we're right in the jungle.

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-Give It up, sir Ritland.
-Fuck '.

-I Did to remind you that I have a gun in your hand and it would be better to me
listening? They became his small eyes and lips curled into a smile turned:
-Vai Die of fear, he whispered zeflemitor.O woman who looks like a fairy and a
Luxury slut is really periculoas.Dar her favorite weapon is a gun.
Offended, she screamed:
-How Dare you to pistol.ncerc he turned to him when smulg.n
weapon is discharged in hand, screaming Chantal short surprins.Rmaser both
stunned, staring at each altul.Apoi confused, Scout stepped one step
back and looked coapsa.Sngele already NEA.
-You Shot! he said, hardly believing them to ochilor.i then angry:
-You Shot for real! Finally, the pain it ptrunse.Lumina
Like explode around lui.Mai once-eyed look on the plague, and the woman,
then let out a fierce beast roar and rushed toward her.
This time he felt a crushing pain ceafa.Se soft carpet collapse
junglei.Deasupra among the trees, he saw lightning colored micnduj like a
electric.Apoi kaleidoscope, darkness enveloped him and no longer saw anything.
Chantal was terrified of all this turn.
-Mon Dieu! Why did you hit, Andr?
The man who sneaked behind Scout now knelt beside him.
Me was afraid not to hurt you!
-Eram Authority over situaie.Ct's hurt bad?
I hit him just enough to faint.
Chantal has been a doubt in human eyes and the tone changes.
I know you did that because you were worried mine.Mulumesc.Dar

Now, we must see what we can do.

He knelt and she leaned over the unconscious body of the engineer, I rummage
the most accessible pockets, dug up a handkerchief, which he
used as a tourniquet to gather them tarnish his thigh over his rnii.Sngele dress
in front A.t.
-Sngereaz Bad.
-Jeep Is not eu.Chiar departe.O take him if he was not very high, nor
Ritland far as young island was very agile and vnos.Cu little effort, it raises
on one shoulder and, with the help of Chantal, rose to his feet.

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-No Seems so hard as it is.
-It's Very musculos.Remarca they made him look with Andr to curiozitate.Ea
a.tia turned his face too well how muscular he was Scout, because it comforted

muscles through the smoking jacket, feel the strength and power thigh
mbririi.nainte to start the jungle, she examine neck, which had already
swelling as an egg gsc.El groaned when she ran her fingers through his hair
often, hazel.
-We Have to hurry, Andr, she said sco Andu and sandals with high heels

-Oui.Se Crept silently through the jungle, even if no one in the resort
able to hear the orchestra because of a new exuberant singing "Yankee
Doodle Dandy "May .Artificiile still exploding across the lagoon same fireworks
covered the noise of the shot perfect.

It'll stay with him in the main.Chantal spate.Ajuni made his place on the bench
spate.Andr inert head of Scout sat next ea.Ea put his head
poal.Picioarele it remained folded space is tight between scaune.Andr
got behind the wheel and start the engine.
Scout remained unconscious, even if from time to time, moaning with pain, or
or jeep going through a long groap.Chantal watched them before, not realizing
how pale his unshaven era.Barba seemed unusually dark because of pallor
feei.Rpirea was not mpucarea.Orgoliul male planificat.Dar first
of Scout and then of Andr, had given rise to unnecessary violence, which
nfricotoare.mpucase repulsive and found a man! He could die if
losing so much snge.i what if he can not draw the crowds without
touch a nerve and thus leave him crippled? But if you can not draw at all?
With each mile traveled, these questions and seemed more cumplite.Andr
led with great care for their injured passenger, and speed necesar.n
full day, it was a challenge to cross the island in this fel.n
dark, nightmarish languages roads seemed that slim small paths
winding through forested mountains with cliffs whose straight walls fell sharply in
ocean.La a time, Andr was forced to brake suddenly to avoid bumping a
goat grunted and growled drumul.Scout passing a curse, in a gesture
protective Chantal shook her head to her chest.
His trousers had become stiff for so snge.Fr even think it
removed his dress, folded it and put it on his wound nsngerat.Abia when Scout
He turned to face her, he realized that he was unshaven's breasts nestled goi.Faa
between breasts ei.Ea felt his skin roughness beard and lips touching her nipples.

Page 12
Alarmed by the sensations which were born in the flesh, she removed the flower
hair and let it fall freely.
Strands straight, black and heavy, a cover of the breasts to the waist, as well as
subire.Cnd blouse Finally, they reached the bridge, Andr stop uttered maina.l
out Scout.Andr held his head and shoulders, while she held his legs,
began to cross the suspension bridge, which was rocking gently.
Even though it was midnight locals alerted a kind of instinct, began
to rolasc of huts lor.La end of the bridge, Chantal began shooting appeared
ajutor.Cnd cry after they reached the other side of the abyss deep SCEI Treu
surrounded by curious locals steal and vorbrei.Ea he called one of the people
to raise the feet of Scout.
-Ducei It quickly, 'she said quickly in French, then run forward to show
way home somehow placed outside satului.Traversar wide veranda, gave
open the door and took the first lamp that lit while gsi.n, Ritland fu
entered the front door.
-Ducei It back quickly! Wounded man was sitting on a long table in a room
unfurnished in that part of the house that was often used in emergencies
medicale.Chantal patient's head turned examine them and swelling at the base
craniului.Era tough, but not increased.
-If You fail to remove the bullet without any complication, is to recover without
problems, she thought aloud, pressing and lower lip with dinii.i if between
do not waste too much time snge.Dac femoral artery ... Cut her clothes, while I
I disinfect! He disinfect their hands and forearms with an antiseptic solution, so

how he had seen only by the father came ei.Cum bikini, dressed in a hurry
white blouse, curat.De otherwise, none of the locals did not notice this.
When he returned, the man he was lying wounded empty mas.Rana
bleeding from the thigh show urt.Trebuia neat quickly.
Her father was not there, so I had to take the risk of the operation, even if
ei.Se surgery was not the quiet little when she saw appeared on one of
local women, who often had helped her father in him and also cazuri.Ea
Scout already disinfect the knee to thigh.
Chantal made him a morphine injection into a vein.
-We Have to hurry, 'she said to tcut.Andr assistance, please stai.S would
I may need you to ii.Nikki, you have to take care of lmpi.Vezi
sufficient light all the time.
-Oui, Mademoiselle.i arrange a sterile tray and put in
hand, he tied a mask over his mouth and told the others to do the fel.Apoi, it

Page 13
Scout's foot cover with dry towels, leaving uncovered only field
operator.Ce better if her father were here, she thought, while taking a scalpel.
But he was missing, and a man's life hung by a thread pr.Dac died, it was only
The vin.Aceasta was by far the most ambitious surgery on
who ever attempted and was terrified that could make a mistake that would
fatal.Dar it not be tried, would certainly have died.
Before putting the knife in the wound, she prayed God tin.Apoi increase for
more safety, I prayed the gods village, which protects local and

lor.Acum houses should not offend any deity.
Scout was lying in a narrow bed in a bedroom of cas.Zile on end, Chantal not
camera.Sttuse rarely left the bed, watching her moans and whispers,
drying the sweat from the body, controlling under the bandage a possible infection.
Refuse all who are willing to stand vigil in place ei.Omul stretched under
sheet was taking up all the time and all her gndurile.Rugile if you care.
He gave penicillin as not to infecie.i sorry that he could not use more
than an injection of morphine against durerilor.Cnd its effect approaches
Finally, when Scout began to move his head and mutter incoherent words, when
eyelids began to beat his hands moved slightly, she swab
sat localnici.i made him head on the pillow and support to lead the cup
buze.I them cacao.i moistened with butter slowly poured liquor down his throat
until it ends
on the face and body wash toat.i full of sweat, cool water.
During this time, trying not to give too much attention to the power of attraction
to focus on the patient's condition, stretching his lips butter
cocoa, could not remember his kiss, how skilful and was delicious ... and
how much would hate to how you cheated .......
At that time he began to have doubts about what actions ei.Ceea
was made bold, risky and undoubtedly illegal, but they had to ales.i
you have no choice, do things disperate.Stnd there on the bed and looking
at his face unshaven, I do hope that once the situation explained Scout to be able
I understand the despair and pity her.
On the evening of the third day, he realized that he had moved his foot rnit.Se

feared not to be touched some nerve during extraction of the bullet, which was
caught in muchi.Ca hard to verify, it pierced with a needle thumb
picior.Nu only flinched, but his leg pulled up to his chest and scream before
ntinde.Chantal thought it was time to leave him to look at the ceiling trezeasc.El
momente.De in place for some of the high-backed chair by the bed

Page 14
it realized that its attempt to know where afl.n finally turned his head
with a deep sigh and looked through the curtain against the Commission aryl
-Do You? he growled.
-Chantal Du Pont, whispered ea.El wince.
You do not have to scream! He wet his lips with his tongue and taste pomade with
He made ea.O anointed once, just to see what it was.
-Where Am I?
-I Do not remember what happened? He shook his head, he focused again
on it and tried to stand in ezut.Se leaned back on the pillow, groaning.
-God, It annoyed him, covering his eyes with spinning minile.Mi
I spent capul.Probabil damn good last night.
Not yet brought aminte.Dar, over time, will reui.Ea atepta.Dintr once, he saw
se.ncet body straining, he removed his hand from his bloodshot eyes and looked

This time, his eyes glowed rutcios.Cu what's beard had grown in the three
days, even menacing look.
-No I lie here naked and hung over, because I spent a night of revelry,
is not it? She shook her head, giving back a curtain and glossy black hair
abanosul.El hissed a curse, then breathed easier when locating
point dureros.Ea watched it seeks wound, pipe through cearceaf.Cnd handed
The tight bandage on his thigh, a fixed and a murderous look.
-Now tiu.Ai shot me.
-It Was an accident, she hastened to say.
-Accident, My ass.
You were the pistol pointing at you, but I did not want than to amenin.Nici I
knew the gun was loaded.
-It Was your gun, doar.L you out of the bag.
-I Told Andr pistol.Nu find me told me that on and loaded.
Scout and brought his hand to his forehead.
Who the hell is ...
-Andr.Omul That hit you in the head.
-Well, Has done a hell, he muttered.
-I Did not know that she'd do it.
-I Think I broke my head.
No, it's not adevrat.Mai come and liqueur.
-I Gave it as to lose consciousness.

Page 15

-Because I knew I had to have morphine and dureri.Nu too hard to

bought, because I hardly ... He raises his hand to not give other explanations
that he could not understand nc.nchise ochii.Chantal leave the seat, gave a
the curtain and leaned over lui.i put his hand on his forehead, to check
temperatura.Nu have febr.Pielea it was cool, though less sweaty.
His eyes opened again
-How Was serious wound?
Not really grav.Am the bullet out.

-You Have the bullet removed?

-From Fortunately not reached artery and did not hit bone or nerve She did not say
asta.Sim where she somehow knows that he would not be seen with good eyes that
pricked him

needle in the toe.

-Ctva Time, right foot you can move but you will heal in a few

sptmni.Lund teapot sitting on the bedside tray; it flows into the cup
boiling broth.
Asta.El -Bea hesitated, incredulous.
But what is it? Drugs? Alcohol?
-Fiertur Ate some herbs and remedies! You must drink as i regain il

forele.Ai I lost a lot of blood and how-to make him a cup pressed his transfuzie.Ea

pa lips, but he refuses to drink.

-Why Did not you went to the hospital?
-I Could do that! exclaimed ea.A have had to explain what happened
and I would be arrested.
-Well, See, princess, that's the risk you rape your countries and shot someone.

-I'm Ready to support the consequences for what I did but not now, but

Later, you will not need line.Acum, you're rog.bea asta.Ca

hrneti.El pushed cup grumpy.
-Why Did you kidnapped?
-I Keep spus.Am need.
-Why? Something's wrong with you? She shook her head amazed.
-I Do not understand what do you mean.
-Well, I see that you needed to shot your man to bring him one goal in bed

Her eyes darkening dezaprobare.Fu tempted to laugh at himself and to pay

hot contents of the cup in brae.Numai care for his physical condition
a general stop doing so.
-Bea It or have to force you to do, 'she said in the same tone
imperative that when, a few days ago, had said: "Go ahead, Mr.

Page 16
Ritland ".nfruntndu his gaze, he sipped ncet.Apoi spat, cursing mother

What the fuck is this shit?
-We Could cut one of our few cows just filled tine.E
proteine.Bea it.
-Parc You said it's not fiertur.Dac cowhide what?
-You Will do well.
-From What I asked.
-Bea Her, she repeated stubbornly.
Very well, el.O consent to beau.Dar only because I want to gather enough
power to get out of this bed and you sugrum.Netulburat of
his threat, she brought the cup to buze.Bu all, shuddering under compulsion
-You Want?
That's all you can swallow for moment.nainte her to move, he grabs
shirt and pulled her close to his face angry
-Simt I faint from nou.Dar, before you tell me, why did you do that?
Why, for God's sake? She looked him straight in the eye.
Did you build me a bridge, sir Ritland.i saw disbelief etched on
face, while her eyelids were fighting slowly falling grele.Degetele's still hung
the fabric of her blouse, relaxed and, finally, it fell escaped prada.Capul
back to the pern.Ei Well now knew.
When he awoke again, the room was bathed in a light azurie.Ferestrele not
had windows, only shutters, which were a little vnt.El deschise.Adia
smell the smell of the ocean and even he could auzi.Nu longer felt the wound
arznduthe thigh, but his tormentor was a dull and very sete.Fiertura persistent.i on
had swallowed had left a bad taste in my mouth ... perhaps because of, liquor on

which, willy-nilly, had given gt.Mai was still slightly dazed, but no longer head
nainte.S roared as it was yesterday? Damn it either did not know what day it is,
nor how long
passed from the opening ceremony of the resort Coral Reef.Unde hell is?
He turned his head and stood across the net against surprins.De
mosquitoes at the end of the bed, stood three femei.Una was young, thin and very
drgu.Alta was fat and less atrgtoare.Ultima have a figure very
neobinuit.Purtau all saronguri short, wrapped around the hips, but up were
goale.Era quite a sight deconcertant.Cnd they realized that he had awakened
and looking at them, began to giggle and talk among themselves precipitate

Page 17
francez.Contient situation it was in, he pulled the sheets and covers
naked torso.
Where's, her name, princess? The Princess! Chantal? he asked hoarsely.
This simple and seemingly innocent question made them giggling women.
Scout realized he spoke el.Continuar to throw glances furtively
and to burst out laughing, which was not only good at Scout's pain
Can I drink, please?
-Desigur.Exact When he turned his head toward the door, enter his kidnapper,
tray with a cup of water and a glass.
Me I thought it was going to be your sete.Le said "Mercator" women and continues
speak French.

What will?
They've insisted to get some rest, she said, giving place to lturi.Aa that you have
supervised, while I took a bath and I have thanked Mota puin.Le
that took such care of tine.El thought that he had made fragrant bath
her body had penetrated the scent of flowers in the room with
ea.Capul its fine, silky black hair, not comforted as he ever was
still jilav.Una of local women began to speak with two he nsufleire.Celelalte
covering your mouth, trying unsuccessfully to hide her giggles.
-Now What will? Scout asked Chantal, who was walking around
bed sheet and smoothing it under saltea.Ea intruding eyes bypass them.
-Tell You sweat and you have buffered them for me.
-Meri, He told the women, who could not of rs.Oare what's so funny?
I decided right?
-Yes, Said Chantal without it priveasc.n corner of his mouth, he blossomed like a
their zmbet.Bolboroselile Scout whispered irritated him especially now knew that
he was
the subject.
-Now You talking about?
-about Yourself.
-That Eu.Dar know what i mean? Chantal grabbed the mn.E something wrong

my leg? Did not you cut me as I was passed out? Rise sheet to
verify that lacked nimic.Vdit confusing, she freed her hand from his and his
put the thermometer under the tongue.
-If You know, I'm fascinated by your hair.
-my Hair? he muttered beside thermometer, leading his hand to his head.

Page 18
He looks on corp.Scout May to swallow thermometer before spitting of
lips and with a reflex, pulled the sheet.
-but Why?
-Brbaii On the island do not have hair on piept.Or, you -she paused and
swallowed -You
plentiful, sir Ritland.Lui Scout, it seemed too shameful for a
doctor.Pe the other hand, he thought, if she was used to care only
men on the island, may even amuse his hair on his chest.
-More You need them? he asked, pointing to those women with breasts goi.Nu you
how did you get maligned? Chantal thanked them and led them to easily
Solid wood floor right, they continued their merry whisper.
-Isuse Christ, it is clean nebunie.Acum, what they have to say?
-I Speak French?
-Can Only to order a menu with dishes obinuite.Dar at speed
that do not understand nimic.Gata to pufneasc and she laughed, women had made
a sign to
tac.Apoi Scout's address is:
-says That are very lucky to have the opportunity to care for you.
-Because ... Are prominent guest of the village.
-Aiurea.El Human nature knew enough to realize he was lying.
He could read it on her face eyed doll was told albatri.Nu whole
adevrul.Deodat, flight caught up familiar.Srind word, pointed to

woman talking and exclaimed:

-I Know It! I know this word! It ... is ... snapped his fingers fumbled and memory
about lein.E tangled in recent days and that sly grin statuia.Tipul with
... giant eyeing to Chantal.Ea immediately turned and left the room,
with some momente.Cnd femeile.Rmase turned out, come near
bedside and refill with serene and undisturbed ap.Prea but cheeks May
still kept a trace of redness.
-Want Some water, sir Ritland? He took the glass from his hand and drank, looking
admirativ.Femeia that she was always on sine.Dar it was her mistress, shameful
really? You should check to afle.Primul step in order to defeat a
enemy is to know your strengths and slbiciunile.Dndu he's back glass
soft fingertips touched and said:
Who I wiped the slate clean before arrival women?
-I, Mr. Ritland.Privirea they remained imperturbable.
Ah, yes?
-You Want water?

Page 19
No, mulumesc.Acum not but leave cana.Puse cup back on the tray and, as
the sun had already set, lit the lamp.
-You Do better to save us both this awkward situation of
an attempted seduction, Mr. Ritland.Nu ine.Am made such efforts as
to bring you here! Until you finish the job, I'll let go, just for the sake of
iubire.Felul stories they cool, calm and lucid to be irritated him as much as
what spusese.Arunc sheet aside and shook his legs out of bed.

Pain in the thigh and turn them there, in every corner of the body, made them
grea.Scrnind teeth, tried to master the dizziness was weak as a cat
cut off and have to be taken to the edge of the mattress to stay upright.
-Get It from here, he hissed through clenched teeth with rage.
Your -ansele are extremely low, since a few days, even
merge.Simi you can not even a shadow of compassion in her voice melodious.
-I Remember the way up here, but you should know that the resort is Coral Reef
the other side of insulei.De here to there, the places are mountainous and wild
nepopulate.Nu is only one jeep in my father's Village and was well
tine.Nici a local hidden can not be bribed to tell you where este.Te please
do not even try would supra.Iar down, one leg, you have no chance
get in your so-called civilization.
-You See us prines.Ea almost smiled.
-How Vrei.i hungry?
-I Am starving!
-Bine.Ai To mnnci.l u.El sat staring at his bloody curse
pain, as weakness, his guilt, which actually brought him here.
He had to be realized from the beginning that it was too good to be true.
What was stupid! Had it not been so drunken native would be
May atent.Dar could do it, like a fool, he allowed himself completely in business
that, and now it was up to the neck tucked in ea.Rmase still sitting on the edge
bed even if it meant a great effort and a force that no one avea.ntr
Thus, this position made him feel less neajutorat.ntins back was even

ei.Ea discretion turned, leading another tav.Era same kettle, which he


recognized. a cup of a substance milky.


No longer drink this crap, 'he said stubbornly, hoping his voice even to
more self-confident.
-Then You'll have to watch fora.O feed cup pour in broth
It's right horse meat soup?

Page 20
-E Considered a delicacy in many parts of the world.
-Precum Meat cine.N am going to eat or something.
-Quality He was killed for tine.Ai could at least show your gratitude.
Why do not you cut a cow, but a horse?
-Actually, Being poor, frowning slightly -spuse it he was found dead in the ditch
next drum.Carnea not yet begun to spoil.
-Let It go, Florence Nightingale .He had parted cana.Ea an address
charming smile.
-Would You may regain enough strength to strangle me, eh? Or you
change of heart? He snatched the cup from his hand and hastily, sprinkle with
lemon scalded on
Fie.Chantal-wires would rush to take a towel in the tray and wiped the drops
trapped chest hair lui.Aplecndu the front, a few strands of her hair
slipped on his shoulder and torso mngiar only covered with a sheet corner.
He felt her sexual appetite renvie.Prul them, like black satin ribbon, it

coapsele.Chiar abdomen and comfort if it was crazy or dangerous tied,

He still had lust to comfort her hair, skin, and to fill srutri.Prinse
pinched a strand of hair and parted from her chest was lui.Mna to
Their deasupra.Ochii inches were very close to their ntlnir.Feele
alta.El one could feel his breath on his face that shone through precipitated
moist lips, ntredeschise.Dumnezeule, wanted that mouth again
They're dry now, 'he said ncordat.Ea close napkin and threw it back on the tray.
He hurried to finish that nasty soup and handed over total disgust.
-When A solid something to eat? Or are you going to keep me hungry and weak
I only feeding horse soup, enough to keep me alive?
-Nu.Vreau To see you as soon as possible.
-As You can, what it was? Let me build a bridge?
Yes, 'she said earnestly.
-You Too long in the tropical sun, princess laughed el.No to build anything
nothing but a tight cage for by the end of the
doilearzboi world Parrish Island became US territory, you know
asta.Aa pagan and primitive as it is, 'he said lamp on gaz.Iar laws
respectate.Te should be sent to prison as soon as they can.
-S Would putea.Dar first, I'll build a bridge.
What bridge? And what the hell is it? He gets mad when she tried to him
trick with a glass.

Page 21
-Lapte Cocos.O coconut soup il i plac.Bu.Dup, it all seemed so wonderful

as the mouth of real milk
-Here We but.Acum, answer my question.
-what Question?
About what bridge you talking about?
It'll discuss it tomorrow morning .Vrei to go to the bathroom?

-ngrozitor Hard.
-Must Be spus.Ea bent under the bed and picked up a porcelain bowl.
Scout looked at him, then looked at her and felt her cheeks burn.
-Fuck '!
-That Would be really stupid to be ashamed now, since I've taken care of
zile.Nu you so much you have no secret for mine.Folosete vessel or
consecinele.El bear bit her cheek on her pretty sure dinuntru.Prea
I ask him too much if you please leave me alone? She turned and left the room.

Beautiful legs, he thought, watching her as ndeprteaz.Purta pants

ordinary shorts and a sarong, as women in her sport was cotton sat.Cmaa
curat.O tied in a knot at bru.Dup soft breast movement when
went, he could swear he was not wearing anything underneath.
But there shirt and was pleased aa.N could to keep the seriousness
if she had walked quite breasts descoperii.Fcuse effort not to be too
more attracted to her feet goale.nainte entering again, she knocked on u.Mai
humble as ever, he dropped his chin to his chest when she took the porcelain bowl.
-I Think it would be good to lie, sir Ritland.Eti put his little palid.Ea
hands on shoulders and tried to help him culce.El slipped his hand and his circle
mijlocul.Cu other prul.O saw caught his startled by fear, but do not weaken

than less.
-You Chosen at random? he hissed, albindu pain, anger and frustration.
-Does Not.
-Privirile Those of Come here, that I sent them so clearly lacked
nothing to do with any kind of temptation, is not it? You have not chosen from the
because I was more attractive.
-This Can be a slap to your ego, Mr. Ritland, but it is not
not matter how you look.
-Fusesem Chosen beforehand.
-I Gsisei before and you did so that you notice at the party

Page 22
-You Dreptate.Braul his tight and hard around her waist pulled him
they aproape.Picioarele hitting his, but all he could to notice fu
ei.De skin softness and freshness barely feel any twinge
-Why The hell? Tell me!
-I Spus.Pentru bridge.
What kind of bridge? She turned in his arms and tossed her hair over her shoulder
the same movement.
It'll explain when you will be in force, maybe tomorrow morning.
Untiring her eyes, he still let him culce.Ea shall ensure that fresh water

handy and well covered his bed net, then extinguished the lamp.
Looking at her silhouette moving away from the door, he could distinguish the
faint noise
her bare feet on the floor lustruit.Scout peered into the darkness while, but
he could not even adoarm.Nici not relaxed as he struggled lumea.Gndurile
so much that simply could not reproach himself for suporta.Se
that was so what the hell prost.De allow continuation of this situation? She was
cunning, really, but even he was not a tmpit.De fact, many people consider it
as having a mind ascuit.S had forty evident kilograme.Era
higher than women on the island, but he remembered how, even in high heels, she
reached only to brbie.Se complemented well the height was only good
for kissing for ....
-In Hell, he cursed the darkness, only moonlight poured through the window and
take life gave little camerei.Nu wanted to think about kissing precisely because it

somewhat confirmed the comparison made between him and the little idol women

cuckold besides, should reflect especially difficult situation

Du Pont is gsea.Chantal seemed to enjoy much influence and prestige
those parts, but had seen armed men to guard a ua.Ct be
hard to make her obey her father and take the jeep and lead him to places
civilized island? And Where is the gun that had fired him? It was clear that there
have to find him lying in this bed made specifically for a Lilliputian.
With this thought in mind, gave furious sheet and place on a date parte.De
this lowered his legs out of bed trembled more uurin.Stngul
uor.Cnd stood, swaying his injured leg over the floor,

gol.Apuc realized it was a towel on the nightstand and wrapped it around and
taliei.Nu was who knows ce.dar was better than nothing
Earlier stealth noticed a blanket in a corner of camerei.opind in

that direction right leg only, using the mobile to support the

Page 23
drum.Pn to get in that corner, wet brow and breathe hard, the
though it climbed a hill nalt.Se walked to the door, using the broom as a
crj.Din cause dizziness and thought it was very far from the middle of the room.
The house was steeped in the incessant rustling sound was linite.Singurul
oceanului.Nu was too far.
Looking for a switch, but as expected, there was no phone gsi.Nici.
However, the house was well furnished, very clean and full of objects
books everywhere: on tables, bookshelf, even jos.Unele were French, others
englez.Fr to noise labor through the living room, then crossed a
lane, passed through a bedroom where the bed was opened, but unoccupied, then
a large room which was divided in two, a combination of bedroom and office.
The bed was empty at large and Chantal sat alone in the intended biroului.O
gas lamp, with a low flame, cast shadows on the face ei.Era half wide
sprawled on a leather sofa, barefoot supported by an office corner
ochelari.n lap full of papers rvite.Purta have a book so deschis.Era
concentrated, that you do not hear him approaching her cover as a curtain se.Prul

back of the chair, and a few strands framing his cheeks perfectly without
cusur.Cmaa it was dissolved, as it started to undress in a
time and suddenly would rzgndit.Vzndu her perfect breast line with
namely nipples made to enjoy mouth like a man feel something Scout
addition to the pain which I have produced the wound, the blood flows more
quickly through them
veins and remove it plcut.Cut warm and lascivious thoughts, resuming the
from the point where they had left, his voice sounded thick and Ragu in hand:
Did you explain to me everything acum.Ea bounce off the floor scaun.Picioarele
touched him.
Book czu.i raised his large glasses lens capul.Prin, she distinguished
thick shadow silhouette camerei.Dup few seconds, and only because he
intense look, she realized that her shirt was wide open, his foot that gathers
to defend and removed his glasses.
Ritland Sir, how did ..
-Let, Mr. Ritland, right? There are a guest in your home are a prisoner.
You saw me naked and I would have liked to see you too, especially when my
investigate its mouth and stroked her nipples snior.Nu you think that's enough, to

We can say the name? When you feel joy when he saw how perverse
sardonic.n's more offensive speech while insisting cruelty
lui.Acas, there would have never thought that could be addressed in such a
women, whatever ea.Citise about wild men who live far from

Page 24
civilization and society, but would not be expected to happen to him even
At least, not so repede.Apoi had been seriously challenged by this woman, with
three white eyes, kidnappers, who searched his face now, as if waiting for an
apology from the

lui.Frustrat, he snorted lightly wounded animal nas.Expresia her made him feel
a "bad boy".
-At Least recognize that we have every reason to be angry.
-Recunosc, She said calm.Pe my word that I wanted to shoot in tine.mi seems
But you did, did not you? Tell me about the bridge.
You're sure you're ready to listen to the explanation tonight?
-i Am sure.
-Then Joss stick, smiling, added: Scout.Recunosctor, he sank a
chair in front of her.
Even in the dim light of the lamp he could see his lips Chantal gave palide.i
suferea.Slbit realize that it was the distance that had crossed to her room
for he was a true cltorie.Pielea's was gray, wet and cold, and
he was head of sudoare.uviele pearled hair dark brown, which came

to the eye, udaser bine.Dar above fatigue and exhaustion, he seemed

hotrt.Se think highly enough had kept him totally unconscious.
-What Do I start? 'S remember because you were passed out,' she said, but when I

Andr and I got here I carried on a suspension bridge that spans a

adnc.Aceast gulf gulf separates the island village proper zis.Podul
is a great risc.Trebuie necessarily nlocuit.Te I brought them here
my people build a new pod.Ea watched him chew his ideas
minte.Expresia of remaining unchanged, but noticed a faint glimmer of interest
i octhi lui.Frumos eyes. Honey-colored eyes.
Taking his eyes from her, she saw the careless frecndu- portion of the thigh

above the wound.

-You Hurt? He stopped to massage and min i.
-Does Not.
-I Could just give him something.

-No Chance, Sir Du Pont.De time whenever you give me something, I sleep
for the next few hours.
-O Aspirin.
-Talk About my bridge, he said nerbdtor.Nu think it's just about a

Page 25

pode.Ea made a gesture of rejection and tried to say in passing.

-Vreo Hundred feet.
-God! He laughed and nodded.
-I'm Glad it amuses you so much. I assure you that this bridge is life
My meu.Poporul for people ...
Your -Poporul? screamed el.Dar who are you really?
Considering justified question, she answered:
-Chantal Du Pont.
-That Eu.El know and rubbed again unconsciously saw piciorul.Cnd
watching him, he stopped.
You're about priestess? Queen? Missionary? What are you? Assumptions made her
-Nothing So mre.M was born here in sat.ntoarse to him in a picture frame
argintie.Tata and took mama.El picture frame and looked guess curiozitate.Chantal
almost exactly the reaction of the white man and woman to the Polynezia.Cnd
put back frame, said:
-You Eyes tu.Dar father, otherwise, you inherited from your mother everything.
-Mulumesc.Era Beautiful.
-It Was?
-A Few ani.Ochii died now that they remained steadfastly to figure adorable and

mild closed frame fotografiei.tiu you're curious to know more, even if

you're too polite to ask ntrebri.El shifted in his chair, clearly showing that he had
Dad began Chantal, Mr. Georges Du Pont, served in the Navy Francez.A

that was placed on the island before the end of the War mondial.Insula as
you noticed, maybe it very atrgtoare.Cum.dup rzboi.Frana is a
bad situation, he came back here to work and study, even though the island was
Now territory of the Member Unite.Aici met my mother, Lili, and to
ea.S love married.
-Once Your face thinking, I'd say, then, were not too happy living,
Scout said.
Mom had converted to catolicism.Chiar so, when they came together in
France, all a evitau.De fact, both were evitai.Du Pont family was an old
aristocrat.Nu count that much of their property was taken by the Nazis.
Family members still longer considered part of the elite.
-It Was inconceivable to receive a Polynesian family, to embrace as
one of the lor.Chantal recognized, plecndu- his head:

Page 26
-Even So, she had a blood trail whenever vine.De French insist on
suffering her beautiful mother, Chantal had a hurt suffered sufletul.i
to a certain degree, but only half of what he had suffered Lili and
to dispose of Du Pont family and all former friends and colleagues of her father.
-So That, 'she said, pulling breath turned into Island.Tata Parrish has
continued work and research aici.A built this house, looking
to do as much as possible by the modern village locuri.El introduced a
moderne.Astfel elements, the villagers began to depend somewhat of him because
take care of them.
-A Became a kind of father of all.

-And You, when you come from? You're not that old.
-year Days, no mother became pregnant, which was a problem for her
ngrozitoare.n finally got pregnant with mine.A wrote in her diary
the days when I was carrying were the happiest in life ei.Se
He frowned, then continued but was already old when it was risky to have a child
prenatal care specialitate.Sarcina was dificil.Dup birth, not more
fully recovered niciodat.A died when I was still my mic.Amintirile
her are diffuse, just a smiling face that often, I sing songs
franuzeti.Trecur swing few succumbs reveries momente.Chantal
Her sweet-amare.n Finally, a rude awakening Scout and asked her:
-Why, After the death of Lili, your father took you back to France?
-In Time, the island was home to a greater extent than Paris.
He worked aici.Se accustomed to live quietly, locals needed el.i
Then she added sadly, is not never left her mother.
-But You left.
-how Do you know? she asked surprins.El nodded somewhere behind her at
diplomas framed and put on the wall.
-Mndria A father, 'she said with a shrug, Gallic gesture inherited directly from
Georges Du followed Pont.Am English School at Military School.
-What Explains good command of the language.
-Mulumesc.Cnd I finished high school, I was sent to California to college.
-With Opposition and screams.
-Why? I thought you wanted to know and elsewhere in the world.
Chantal turned his head for good amazed by his words Scout.

Page 27
-Why? wide spread his braele.Aici is paradise! All classes taught
history, were terrible wars and revolts, oppression, slavery.
-Here's Here! Necrutor.De Scout said you left the United States and not in
You were double cetenie.Pentru some reason, my father felt that America was
more suitable for me, than Europe.
-Even Aa? Chantal smiled and stood picioare.Se went to a cabinet with
drink and poured a drop of brandy.
-You Least?
No, mulumesc.Nu drink anymore.
-Once Arrived in the United States, we discovered that it was not so ru.Am found
warm croissants with cheese, rock and filmele.Spre my surprise me
pleasant to wear clothes mod.nvrtea cup in hands and smell, without having to
account coniacului.Bineneles scent that I knew something about all
Still, that just spent some time as a student at the school military base here.
-Pariez Soldiers swarmed around tu.Chantal enjoy their coniacul.Aparent was
calm, although a Scout's teasing indignau.Fusese often asked,
of course, and learned quickly enough to keep the meetings gallant apparently
inocente.Ca all the other girls on the island, was considered easy prey
for men away from home, needed a female company.
He had a few disappointments, which sdiser the soul distrust of men
white mistrust proved to be justificat.Enervat why and brought

remember, Chantal again focus on Scout, who was staring at her dumbfounded.
-what Are you looking at? she asked
-those Most of the men I've ever known, could not drink aa, whistling
coniacul.De your father taught you that? She set the glass aside.
Yes, and more.
-No I can not imagine.
-A Moment, you've seemed so sophisticated! Then if ordering and thoughts,
said, after you've been in the United States, how did you come back here?
-So I wanted.
-Don't You like California?
-Yes, Very mult.Erau a lot of attractions that could keep me there.

-And Then, why you came back?

-That's My job.
Your Dad asked you to come faster?

Page 28
-It Was of course very happy to go again, she replied evasively, obviously
confusing to
Scout discuss her personal life.
-na Was rather a sign of selfishness on his part? He decided to go
life here, but since you could practice medicine in the United States, I
seems ...
-Medicina? Their eyes filled with amazement they met.

-Medicina, He repeated, pointing to the degree Doctor named Chantal Louise Du

Pont.Nu you followed your father to become a doctor? She laughed.
Yes, I followed him and became doctor.Amndoi're doctors in geology.
Scout lost his last shade of color in her cheeks.
-Geologie? Scout stammering, staring at nrmate.Apoi papers, turned his
angry eyes and repeat out loud: geology! Skip the scaun.Chantal is
up and it almost simultaneously.
-Be Careful ...
-You Operated and are not even a doctor! He screamed.
-Preferai Il i left bullet there? Let yourself be allowed to lose blood until he died?

He pointed at the bandage on his thigh and roared:

Ti you did touch me! It could cost me to let me lame piciorul.Puteai
for life, 'he said gravitate.Dumnezeule! You're crazy!
-Linitete-Te.Nu was too grea.L surgery I followed my father caring for wounds
more serious results excelente.tiam what to do, even if I do not
I never practiced medicine.
-So He's a charlatan.
-Distribuie Antibiotics you may procure and always did everything he could
to save someone's life, even in terms chirurgical.A put back
broken bones, pulled tonsils and appendix, witnessed the birth complicate.Cnd
closest hospital is beyond some mountains, and to learn to deal
-Not My leg, princess! He paused to draw breath, breathing
sacadat.Unde your father? I want to talk el.Vreau to see him tonight.
I think even he's not sane! You are so in familie.Oricum, I take the risk
el.Unde to discuss it?

-Not Aici.El jump towards her and grabbed her shoulders, shaking her slightly.
-where Is it?
-On Somewhere munte.Nu e disponibil.Dar, if he were here when I brought it
have done exactly the same lucru.Scout hissed a curse as it hit Chantal
in front A.t.

Page 29
-I Would not have had a bullet in his thigh and I would not be here if not for you,
'he said
-It's Good to shake so mult.Ea he realized better than he that all
those curses had their source in his physical pain, but also his annoyance.
-Let Me help you get back in pat.Nelsndu him to think too
Moreover, she spent arm around mid and clutched his arm around her neck.
Propped her shoulder under his arm, she took over most of the weight.
Can I go back and one in pat.Ea looks up to his el.Buzele white
Loose teeth were showing faces appear sharp ncletai.Oasele
were bathed by sudoare.Era terribly stubborn and proud.
Sure you can, 'she said moale.Dar would take too long and it is pointless to you
labored, they are here to get ajut.Respiraia Jesse hissed.
-I Just awful leg.
-I Had to get out of bed.
-Well, I could not lie there and let you just step in picioare.Fr I want to be
stng.Se collapse leaned over her foot, gemnd.Ea squeezed harder,
encircling him at arm was still hanging coastelor.El her neck and hands
hung in the chest and his fingers touched ei.Se prevent breasts, whose

ncremenir.Pentru rigide.Amndoi nipples were already a few seconds, both

looked at the floor, unable to think, unable to breathe or move.
Chantal eyes tight, waiting to be spread all sensations subside
rotunjite.Sub nipples body of her hand outstretched, his skin on the chest
cald.Ea felt he could feel every beat of inimii.Cnd opened his eyes and wanted
A few steps to make, nemicat.Privind saw that he stood up, he noticed uitndu
fixed on something from the other camerei.Era gun, which he had put on
her father's bedside.
-Not Worth the effort, I guess it's loaded gndurile.Nu knew when I brought
Andr.Am was so terrified that I was able to hurt you, that I
i removed all the bullets we aruncat.nvins if he leaned harder to hang
Not to utter a word, walked to the room that had left an hour
in urm.l dropped slightly on the bed and turned to light it lampa.Cnd
looked again, he tore gauze bandage tied thigh.
But what do you do? she cried.
-What Should I do once I recovered after alcohol sabotage.
As far as I can imagine, you've butchered.
-Please, Do not manage to catch asta.Chantal hands, but he walked away and tear
dressing until it fell flat on the ground in a pile of rags.

Page 30
He seemed surprised by the range neat stitches that caught tietura.Rana was clean,
without signs of infection, even though the surrounding area was slightly inflamed.
Me afraid that you will remain a scar, 'she said sweetly, but it will be a topic

interesant.El discussion grimaced.

-With A scar, but you can still tri.O gangrene would have been more difficult to
-Now That you still allowed to enter the air, better to clean and your leg wound
of nou.Vrei to lie? His eyes ei.O meetings of heat penetrating
and pleasant tropical sun rays, dipped his knees.
Although she and her father had received a written invitation to the opening of the
Coral Reef resort, she had gone there with a specific purpose had gone misiune.Se
to kidnap an engineer named Scout Ritland.Oricum when Andr had shown him
great discretion, chest jerked his heart and his stomach that was strnsese.Faptul
Handsome and sexy it much easier task.
Often in the evening, she should remember that the seduction of having a
particular purpose, that it depended, in fact, the future of the village.
But often he realized that he provoked simply looking for a woman
the most seductive man at the party, and regret that this story
can not end with a scene from experience that romantic.tia stories
Love could give rise to more pain cap.Evitase it, since the
failure of California.i will continue, albeit look on him
Scout Ritland cast fills the desire and reminded him that it was a woman
nemplinit.Cu a professional air, she ignored his eyes and laid it gently on the
perne.El continue to staring, but she avoids looking at him and focus to
wash the wound with antiseptic.Apoi, lifting her knee, I clean gauze dressings.
-You Should take a painkiller.
-Let It balt.Cnd we are dealing with you must have a clear mind and be in
sound mind.
-You Want a brandy? Arching his eyebrows in disbelief.

-Even Cognac? No Mickey Finn?

She frowned at him out of the room and immediately turned a blocking glass
coniac.Scout picked it up and sip sip puin.nchise eyes and savored.
Your Dad has pretty expensive tastes, he notes, splashing satisfied.
Absent, rubbed his stomach empty cognac delicious sensation radiating heat.
His fingers moved, crossing soft hair, grew in clumps, from stern
May buric.i departe.Chantal to know how silky it, because once it
indulge the senses and comforted him with love and not out of obligation.
Remembering that his harsh voice:

Page 31
-Why Every Christmas, received a box of French cognac from a colleague
Dad, we stayed Friend credincios.Sttu the bed and watched him on Scout
paharul.Cnd emptying over, patted the pillow with his fist to settle him in the
-Well, Now, go, said el.Ea took her cup, then, with one hand, raises ceafa.Cu
the other, so he turned his pillow pillowcases feel cool untouched.
A surprised that he raised his head slightly upward, so as to touch snii.i
gently stroked his nose, then buried his face in his neck and kissed her blouse
pielii.Chantal softness and groaned at the moment, shook his head at piept.Apoi
immediately gave way and pulled napoi.Scout seemed equally amazed at what
made, as fixing is endless moments ea.Cteva reciproc.El spoke first:
I do not know ... I had the strange impression that I lived once ... Not to give
account tongue licked his lips and wiped his wet hands on hips.
-When I came here, she whispered, I kept my head in her lap.
First and watched that part of the body and then meet his blue eyes.

-I've Was afraid mori.Ca reduce tension dominates, Chantal took
wick lamp on and off.
Good night! He turned to leave, but Scout's arm caught a snake
-Chantal! She turned, with little reluctantly.
-I Do not have watched the party to give me a job, you know!
-I Know It.
You know what I want.
-And You still want acum.n pale light of the moon, she saw the patch
towel that covered the lower abdomen already risen,
No, she whispered.
-Look, Chantal plan of yours is crazy.
-For Me is not, nor for my people.
-Be nelegtoare.Nu can and I will not waste time here, to build a
fucking bridge.
-Yes, You will face.El sighed deeply.
You're a smart woman, educated and rafinat.Dumnezeule, you look like a goddess
a fantastic creature of vis.Cere me to do anything logical, like, for example, to
tribal population and make you a copil.A be happy to get this bridge ndatorez.Dar
is a aiureal.i you know it.
-N You to stop talking so tomorrow when you see it.

Page 32
-Mine I'll find a way to get out of here and get back to civilization.
-You See noi.Vocea they took on some inflections of hand drawn curioase.i
fit his hand and place ari.Iei year of the cone of light moonbeams.
Good night, sleep well Scout.Ai.
-How The hell do you know how I sleep? ... You suddenly sat up.
She saw him dizzy and leading to cap.njur mighty hand and fell back
on pern.Iar drugged me with brandy, eh? Fuck! When I teach
I'm sorry, but could not bear to see you suffer unnecessarily.
-Then I'm surprised that you did not even shot in the head instead operate my leg.
-Don't Be absurd.Am need you too much to lose you so easily.
Followed by swearing to a whole house, indeed the very linitit.n
ago ncetar.Sedativul poorly prepared fruit locals beans
native made his efectul.Ajuns her room, undressed and slipped Chantal in
pat.De usually cooled by the breeze of her room was mare.n from tonight, with
breeze which blew all her body remained hot and ncordat.Simea every inch
cearceaful.i touching skin stretched limbs and arched back, trying
unsuccessfully to relax muscles and slowly ncordai.Respira profund.i
with arms on breasts, trying to appease its tingling
pass over, but that only made her feel once-and nipples hardened and
close sensibilizate.i strong thighs twitched ashamed of them.
Nothing helps to allay these symptoms as strange as it is
wonderful, the disease that had engulfed trupul.i nothing, not counting sheep or
thought to bridge any ritual prayers, do not deviate nifty idea from his kiss

Scout, from the comfort of his skin under her hand, from the sweet touch of the
face of

NERA her round breasts painful.

When he awoke the next morning, Chantal was standing beside the bed.
She stood a few minutes, because he liked to see sunlight drawing
Yellow spots on the face lui.Partea bottom of his face was shaded by a stubble,
What if the density Full sprncenelor.Peste a day or two, would be to
definitely need to shave at least it would be like his hair was coarse normal.i
above the ears and draw them ceaf.Privi as sunlight streaks
the golden brown hair nchis.Nu have white hair, but she thought he must have
around 40 years, ie about 10 years older than her.
Or maybe because of wrinkles on the face, you could give him a few more years.

Page 33
In any case, it found that wrinkles around the eyes, due undoubtedly
his work outdoors, were particularly deep sigh plcute.El and put his easy
a hand on his chest, scratching and waking ncet.Deschise lazy eyes,
mijindu light puternic.O saw him standing in the bed with a boy.
-But Who's this? He made the boy.
-Jean, 'She said in francez.i Johnny.Scout say the boy gave him a look
-Drag Putiul.E yours?
-Does Not.
-I Need you to biat.Bun doar.Zmbi aperi.Am asked, Johnny.Ce

are you?
-Bonjour, Monsieur, 'he said shyly.
Me afraid that Johnny is the only English word that you know, you
Chantal.Dar an informed you'll understand when you get used to each other.
It has to be "your crutch" for some timp.Spui you want, and it will serve.
Maybe my order and a taxi? Knowing well that wants to provoke, it does not
momeal.Zmbi bite, as would have been a joke.
-You Want to eat now or after you're Arbia?
-To Shave? She stepped to one side and he could see his toilet articles
lying on the bedside table, a teapot with boiling water and a washing basin.
-This Is mine exclaimed el.De where did you get them?
-From Your hut on site.
-You Stormed and you took?
-No Eu.Sa offered Andr.i actually not forcibly entered the door I was deschis.M
thought you might like to have things pointed tale.i open suitcase on
podea.Scout he agreed, but looked proud.
Sure that my team should already feel my lipsa.Au all had time to
wake up after petrecere.Trebuie to have realized that now lipsesc.Probabil
stir up the island, looking helicopters, dogs with everything that I have
Sooner or later, they'll reach me here.
-Cini? she snorted rs.Bun idea, but do not beat gura.Te heard
Mr. Reynolds saying that maybe you disappear on the island for a period
nedeterminat.Nu be looking for you and you spus.Nu nimeni.Aa too soon, in
all his caz.Faa on.
-Besides All your sins, more tragic and listening to you talk of ii.

-And Not too shun others, frowning, he said:

You said something about some food?

Page 34
Yes today you will receive solid food.
-Do I have to shave to celebrate this unique moment.
However, first we need a precision baie.i stubborn: I will also use
fucking bedpan.
Me afraid we do not have plumbing with which you are accustomed,
but there is still a toilet Johnny will help you go there, and, in the meantime, I
dejun.n prepare your breakfast tray door, she turned to him, smiling:
-Of Course that as long as you are in the care of Johnny, do you give as proof of
fugi.Asta cowardice that he would try to put him in a very bad light
to family and prieteni.Ar be considered as a great failure of his and would
overshadow all
vieii.Chiar rest if not understand anything, Johnny knew that it Chantal
he spoke he looked to the white man, tall and his honest and pros.Zmbetul
affectionate made they see no two teeth and he smiled at the boy fa.Scout
and then said Chantal sec:
How much time with him, I promise to do nothing ru.Satisfcut, she left him
alone with
kid, convinced that he would never put at risk its position
comunitate.Scout was stronger than any man of him weaker but sat.Rana
Well it was very roomy seen anatase and that would be the last resource used

Let 's natural that exceed handicapultemporar.Din physically, it was the
aa psychological superior.Controlul was the only one I could exercise
lui.Cnd turned on tray, he just finished to shave.
His right leg was bent and the left hanging over the edge patului.Johnny that
he was holding the mirror, stood at the head of the bed, legs kid ncruciate.Brbia

bear traces of white foam shaving.

-Cteodat, Menthol stinky stuff was binelea.Personal prefer the smell of
lmie.Parfumul it on femei.Ei them crazy, what? She showed him her cheek
natives, who nodded apreciativ.Scout wiped traces of foam with a
wet towel.
Fine, now let you shave and tine.ntoarse blade edge so that they
not touch the baby's cheek, and he carefully cleaned foam chin.
Okay, sir, 'said the scout, putting them in fa.Acesta mirror giggle with pleasure.
-I Figured I think you'll understand better.
E meu.Ma friend helped me dress for the first time since being here.
Chantal saw that Scout wearing a pair of shorts, even if
cmaa.Prul lacked his chest, freshly washed, was wet and crlionat.Se and
Lemon periase.Parfumul of shaving soap was inhaled mbttor.l
strong when he leaned over to place them in the tray arms.

Page 35
What's to eat? Pancakes with sausage? He asked with full speran.Ou
-Orez And fish.
-At Breakfast? When unveil the plate, he saw two small fish fried a bowl
papaya.Dup rice and half the initial shock, Scout gets down to eat,
devouring everything, then without even breathe, downed two cups of coffee.
Clogged last piece of papaya Johnny.Cu napkin in his mouth to mouth, looked
up to Chantal and asked:
-and Now? I hope you do not have to sleep again.
-You Want to see the bridge?
-D.Rspunsul Him so rapidly, Chantal surprised, but he immediately added,
pointing to her, but only because it is the only place where you can
Johnny stepped out of aici.i few instructions francez.Biatul skip
Scout's bed and dashed out of camer.Aa had done last night, she
Scout led him through the house, which supported the shoulder ei.Cnd reached
her father's room, she glanced at the door.
-Johnny! Suddenly, with a short scream, let go and ran to the boy Scout who
spinning the gun on his index finger.
-Mon Dieu! she exclaimed, snatching them a few seconds arma.O held tightly
against the
it, that they shook and pulled liniteasc.Apoi five rounds remaining after
who threw the gun in the drawer noptierei.Se turned gathered bullets
pumn.Scout leaning against the door, looking under the eyebrows.

-Neruinato! He swore briefly.

-A Had to lie to you last night, defends ea.Nu could let you take pistolul.Puteai
il i reopen the wound.

-I Could even run, threatening with gun.

-That Is, recognized ea.Se went to one of the windows, shutters and threw pushed
bullets over fist beat into sharp rocks by the sea.
-Poftim.Sa Finished pistolul.Nu there is no gun in all satul.Cu
your foot, it like where you are, you can never look bullets through
stnci.Mai put that balt.Johnny that crept along the wall, approaching
Chantal.inea slowly holding a broad-brimmed straw hat, which had been
asked more devreme.ntinzndu-io, naive kid repeats:
-Neruinato! She looks at Scout with meaning.
-Will Have to watch your language, Mr. Ritland.
Then ruffled the boy's hair, said:
-Go, Johnny.i put straw hat on his head.

Page 36
When approaching the Scout, he grabbed her and pulled her cheek near his face.
-I Finished with bullets, so quit asta.Dar solution can not forget is that
me minit.Fii careful princess! You'll pay for all your lies.
-Without ndoial.Dispreuitoare, its front freed from the grip lui.Dar not before
build the bridge for my people.
The animosity between them seemed to have reached at least I think apogeu.Sau

when a loud bang echoed through the house satul.Toat glassware zorni.Uile
trntir.Crile is disposed on the shelves steals podea.Era as if passed
Scout lor.Lui feet underground under furia.Se vanished looked around,
-That's What the fuck?
- Voix of Tonnerre , she said the cold.
Tell me in English, he yelled, to cover endlessly ita clamor.
-Glasul Tunetului.Vulcanul express his nostru.Figura some nencredere.Ea
laughed shortly:
-Why Surely you know about Voix of Tonnerre .
Yes, of course I did not think ... tiam.Dar Noise and vibration stopped.
Scout remaining expectativ.Cnd was convinced that it was all over, asked:
-But Where is it? How's the hand? A erupted right now? Without any help, he
hop in and out on the porch that surrounded the home range of three parts
Johnny run quickly to him and sat Scout's hand on the boy's shoulder lui.Avndu
as crutch and looked away down the steps smoking mountain.
-God, Is ready to erup.Chantal, gathers all lumea.Trebuie to evacuate
First copiii.Spune women and take them ... but paused when he realized that its
she laughed.
What's wrong with you? Suffocates him with rage. have you lost your mind?
Perhaps you've

We observed that an active volcano to throw Ba village.

I know, Scout.l know when I was born.

-Nostim, Very funny, el.N said you only consider it a sympathetic neighbor, but
molten lava and ash rain do not inspire much confidence.
-Lava Cools and hardens much before you get down here and if there
ash coastal winds will lead to the sea.
-How The hell do you know? Have you seen erupting?
-How Many ori.Cteva eruptions were more powerful, but usually is
classified as a Hawaiian volcano nonviolent.Asta happens in a few years

dat.Se already preparing to erupt several sptmni.O's curnd.Nencrederea

and it was obvious she found amuzant.Oricum, trying to reassure him:

Page 37
-Erupiile Signs coming from the gods, they are satisfied with steni.Oamenii
I think these periodic eruptions are true blessings and they pursue
atent.i see just not run scared and not suddenly turned ascund.Scout
and, for the first time, notes that the villagers stared seemed curiozitate.Toi
relaxai.Era alone panic.
-I Beg, they probably think all sorts of spells, 'he said, turning to
Chantal.Asta not convince me mine.Ei harden them smile:
N should go to insults, Mr. Ritland.
-I Touched his heart seems ru.i in a gesture I lived ironic.Tocmai
first time in my life a volcanic eruption, so diplomacy not only me
was thought.
May I assure you Voix of Tonnerre is harmless.
What are you an expert?

Yes! Her tone surprinse.Pe sure it froze his lips that malicious words
would you rosteasc.Chantal advantage:
Dad says to Tonnerre Voix will not have major eruptions before
other a thousand years.
Oh, bine.Grozav, he said, cscndu and your ochii.Tatl say that! Why did not you
informed from the beginning? Now I feel much better.
-Not Only do we insult, but you and sarcastic over.
-Well, What makes you think that I could give credence to the words of your
father? There Are
convinced that it is not sane, just like you.
Po him to do, because it is a known volcanologist, slammed ea.-io's passion

Laboratory research is on the slope of Mount Kilani i assure you think

s in this regard is very competent.Ca and mine, by the way and if I

so much concern that dangerous bridge, it is because I do not want to leave

people to stand here, since I know that the volcano could erupt at a
given time, putting them at risk life and all good.
He bit his cheek inside, thinking about what had ea.ncercnd to
strengthen advocacy, she asked him:
I know that Reynolds Group knows very well the problem volcano asked
Dad's advice before deciding on insul.Desigur resort construction, Were you
informed, as your designer.
Yes, he said sec.Mi was told that I could see some white smoke rings coming
of crater.Mi was told that it enhances the romantic charm of insulei.Nu I
However, as expected rumble tunet.Chiar a cutremur.Nu I expected to

anything that happened now.

Page 38
-You Felt especially because you were close enough vulcan.Urmtoarea
shock no longer take you through surprindere.N you want to see the bridge now?
Long breath and ran his hand through his hair and, in a gesture of frustration and
-Sigur.De Not wait.
-Be Careful path, there are many stones.
Count on the support of Johnny.i pleasure.
-I Promise that I will not dezamgi.Cei three advancing slowly down the path that
led to

Village center at the foot muntelui.Toat world, smiling, came out of the huts
reed like to salute.Cnd approached by locals Scout whispered:
We're overly mbrcai.Ei are covered only wore flori.Femeile
iarb.De linen skirts or neck, they hung garlands of flowers, after the tradition
hawaian.Brbaii had cotton clothes and wreaths on cap.Puinii
children were completely naked, but all were decorated with huge flowers,
-Florile Means that today's feast, 'said Chantal.
-And You celebrate? She stopped and looked at under the brim.
-With You! He stuck in the middle of the path.
-on Me?
-You Mean a lor.Zeii answer to prayers you have sent to build a new
pod.ncurcat, he accepts this version.

-I Thought Christians, and nodded toward a hut which,

obviously served as capel.Pe thatched roof, was fixed to a wooden cross.
They've been Christianized, but the old tribal traditions are hard to remove.
-I Was in Elat, as shot, kidnapped and drugged, reminded him too is a method
a great deal of the divine beings.

How did you get here has little importance to them, it is important that you do
-With Other words, what you do not know, does not affect.
-It's Adevrat.Dar has no sense to get bored with details.
Passing through the crowd, people caught him garlands Scout gt.l
hugging, kissing him, touching him with veneraie.Era adorned, worshiped and
admired both
the elderly and the tineri.Chantal could read in his face how much he amazed
this outpouring of afeciune.Ca and indigenous women.
-They And these girls faces, you know? she observed insinuant.Scout took his eyes
breast of a young girl and caught Chantal's serious expression.
-Iart Me, I'm the victim culture mele.Nu I can not give up easily on my old
traditions tribale.Pentru me, a girl with naked breasts is all a girl with naked
-Over A while, you never to put them into account.

Page 39
-Don't Put your hand in the fire for asta.ncruntndu disapprovingly, Chantal is
address the crowd, which immediately began to dissipate.
-Now You idolize, but remember that you will in return.
-A New bridge that will replace the old one.
-Well, Here it is!
Follow the direction the show Chantal, to bridge the gap to deep shaky
what's span.
-Actually, We are in this region was formed by spinning off a cliff
huge, centuries ago, she explained, showing off the mountain top
the other was covered with vegetation steep prpastiei.Rpa luxuriant.Jos in
valley, a creek Sepu among rocks, splashed with splashes flimsy which
sunlight, seemed so many tiny rainbows.
-Why There supply us with fresh water, said ea.Tata built a small
dam, to make a lac.E there after elbow prului.Scout nodded, but
His gaze was directed all local pod.Un just to cross it, pulling
ncpnat.Podul goat suspended him sway dangerously.
-On There you brought me? he asked, he realized that only ngrozitor.Acum
if it had fallen, had died crushed rock.
-See Too well why I took these desperate measures, said Chantal.Localnicii
I think that there is here a venicie.Oricum bridge dates back at least ninety
The ani.Trebuie replaced with a more solid.
-Of Course.
-Stay Jos.Ea pointed to a bank that had been dug in stnc.Johnny slammed on
down near Scout, and froze, staring at him with veneraie.Chantal remaining

feet as he would have pleaded their case before a judge severely, even if
It was adorned with flowers and tea just knowledge problem.
-Gnde You yourself would mean for the village to have a bridge that can pass
autovehicule.Oamenii could infinitely easier access to everything that is
The other side of the island, schools and hospitals.
-Vd Where you're going, Chantal, he said, nelegtor.Crede me, damn it
The bridge is a risk for all lumea.Dar what the hell do you do? And unfastened
arms wide to impossible.
-To Build another.
-So Simply? he said, snapping degete.Eu alone?
Sure enough here that nu.Ai available workforce.
-Here? he wondered and pointed over his shoulder to sat.Te refer to people in the

Page 40
-I'm Not stupid ea.tiu said they will have to work hard and are ready to
-Don't You nfuria.Nu I wanted to offend, just ... he ran his hand through pr.E
more than to take a hammer and a bag if you do not understand this cuie.Iar father
Your priceap.Dar should, by the way, why did not he asked that? Why put
you do it?
-He And I planned everything together.
-Even The kidnapping me?

Yes, dodge it.!

-Well, I thought that the one eu.i should not accuse people on here
for asta.Ei nimic.Le did not know I told you to come willingly, but because of
had an accident on the road.
-Look What's princess, do not work that way, kidnap an engineer and hocus-pocus,
and bridge.
But do not ask you a Golden Gate.
-All Good, I really worried.
-All We need is a bridge that can be used safely.
-And To go over a cliff, which is a horror.
-I Said it would be uor.El rolled his head back and let out a loud yell,
What nervii.Asta not abated in the least intimidating Chantal, even if
scattered roar could be heard echoing through the valleys, making the whole
village to work
moment.Rmase stop for a motionless, his chin stretched sign
defiance and close their eyes calm.Scout hands between his knees and stood
while watching and white joints of the fingers.
What would we do it? I'll be back in the United States and trying to raise funds
for construction of pod.Am a friend who deals with collecting
funds for all kinds of actions caritate.Are great passion asta.Este
for so ceva.Dac I explain the situation, it will exploit the opportunity and give
this absolute proiect.Poate draw here and Peace Corps or organization
religioas.Da, I'm sure asta.Ce can you say? To end speech

His enerveze.Ura Chantal began to smile and his tone condescending, the
as if talking to a oarecare.n Second, did not want girlfriend in Boston
which was of course his fiancee, have somehow to do with podul.Scout not
knew she had heard him talking to Jennifer lui.Pentru time, did not want to know.
The fact that he believes the village and its inhabitants as a charity case, an angry
most mult.i therefore decided refuses.

Page 41
-People Want to build the bridge will come lor.Nu hands Peace Corps
or Army Corps or anyone else to build it for ei.Dac as
wanted that, I'd already asked government help they need someone american.Ei
which to design and supervise the construction, but they want to do with
mini.Numai their own so they will consider their truly something to
be mndri.Ei not considered some helpless, like foolish children, as they
do you, of course.
-I Said ...
-In Addition, we need you aici.Dac acum.Acum bridge let you go, you will not
niciodat.El come back to his feet and accidentally leaned on foot yet
-How Dare you doubt my word, when you've run over you so much
or that do not even remember?
-Don't Ever I broke my word, 'she said, with an undulating movement of the head.
Very well, now remind me to put you give your word
each dat.Pentru that you are always tempted to trick me.
-Because I'm desperate!
-And I to fel.Sunt desperate to get the hell out of here.

-refuses So?
-Da.Eu Are paid big money to build bridges and other lucruri.Iar if you
feel responsibility for this village, I have no reason not to.
-Mcar Of common sense.
-That's Hard pltit.Ani days I worked to have a sufficient income.
Now, one of the largest in the world concernele looking for me to be able to
benefit from the services mele.No to let this opportunity escape me, sitting here
working the shit of her blue pod.Ochii narrowed dangerously.
-So You refuse, just because we can not plti.Ce capitalism dirty!
Scout and ran his fingers through his hair and sighed deeply.
No, it's not only the problem banilor.Nu are not so vile.
-Let A fixed moart.El an intense:
-Now Who insult?
Scout -Then that's the reason why you do not want to do that for them? I reached
embraced the hen with a sweep whole village.
-Well, I 'il tell him why, he said, after a ezitare.Undeva there and pointed to

s village at the foot of mountains and covered it earlier, there is an old

French gasped, who put his daughter to seduce and rob guys like me, under

threat pistolului.Numai thought that I should associate with such

Page 42
oddball, worries me terribly, not to mention the fact that the daughter
is also a charlatan and a mincinoas.n addition, there is here an active volcano,
puffing my neck and could sweep every bridge that I would build, what
makes such a plan to be impossible, crazy, not to mention the lack of
materials and labor disponibile.Pe Besides, it gives me to drink soup
Horse meat and eat fish and a little hole I dejun.Mai
leg that hurts as dracu.Se get hot as she spoke, so
last words, almost crying, made her appear before the close of the concern
Johnny.De other hand, Chantal remained impassive, scrutndu the Scout with
cold look, look elsewhere detaat.El, swearing with fire and then to
look at her again.
-Look Why is Chantal, you're a girl curajoas.Ca human being, I appreciate what
you did
for the village in the past and how the future take care of itself is rarely
noastre.Te admire days asta.neleg need for a new bridge and more
Good, but not me nevoie.M person that you say exactly what you feel.
He paused to take a breath, then gave him a sweet smile and concludes:
-See You, simply, that does not interest me.
Without saying a word, she turned and waved man at the end of the bridge.
He lit tor A few people approached them and frayed cords.

In a second, old hemp and wood stealing covered by flcri.Scout was just about
mnie.ntorcndu explode with anger toward him and said Chantal cuddly:
-Now You're interested in!
Ti've lost your mind! Scout stammered, looking at the bridge I can flcri.Nu
I marksman, IPA him, slapping his thighs with palms and forgetting all about

ran.Sunte to crazy with them! radiated heat was coming at her very mare.Focul

scnteietoare.Dar waves, as quickly as she doted on so quickly

off after the fire destroyed podul.Fragmente fell into the abyss and steals
swept away the clouds enveloping fum.Din valley village heard urale.Pentru
her burning bridge meant a promise that they would soon have a new one that does
life-threatening them, they began to celebrate the event by songs
and dansuri.Tobele vesele.Scout beat, eyes on what was left of the bridge
burned come again to face the Chantal.i garlands of flowers plucked from the
and threw them on the head and flashed his jos.Ochii like flames destroyed
the bridge.

Page 43
They're ready to kill you! Greutate.Vorbise forward so passionately, that the
Chantal passed a thrill of fear at the thought may even fac.nainte to
get near it, someone grabbed his arm and tightened them back.

-release Me! Bier him angry, turning his head in all directions.
Ti has done something, Chantal?
A muscular young man quickly approaching Chantal, while two of his peers,
as slender held him on Scout.
No, Andr.
-Andr! Scout laughed ironically, forcing the villagers to escape from the hands
when finished
with her, and I will take you to the reception.
-Don't Be afraid! he said it's just Andr.E least upset that I burned

I cut the bridge and the opportunity to get out of here.

-Pu In angry? Scout roared and began to struggle in the hands of two men.


I can 't even tell what state are prines.Cnd my hands on you, kill you.

-You Get him to shut up again? Andr offer

No! She cried, taking and braul.D him a chance to get used to the idea that it has

escape unless building a new pod.Scout Andr was watching closely.

-Parc Now I know!
-Eram Team of workers who built the hotel.
Yes, now I amintesc.Erai a good worker and strong, but I had with you
disciplin.Nici problems mirare.Erai's not just her lackey and spy.
Andr Scout arrows you ready btaie.Chantal have again said it rein.i

-You Do better to make friends with Andr.i will be very useful when you
starting work on pod.Scout slammed cursed at her and podului.De date
that Chantal was not enough to prompt reacie.nainte stop it, Andr them
Scout pulled his fist in gur.Acesta end, with increased forces of anger, succeed
braele.Pumnul free to hit him full of Andr, who, in turn, it
achieved strong chin, making them crack the skin.
-Oprii You! Chantal said, dashing between ei.Oprii is immediate! Want to see
people as you fight? For them, today is a day I want to corrupt srbtoare.Nu
day because of your selfishness masculi.Johnny stupid! she cried.
Boy Scout quickly come near and put his hand on his shoulder jerked su.Chantal
deal.Scout chin on home cooking, and his face was drawn and palid.Fr too
more reluctantly, Johnny leaned and started up the slope toward the house.
Chantal urm.Spre her surprise her, grabbed her bra.No Andr May reached
never before, and no one ever looked so glum.

Page 44
Maybe I'll do some ru.Nu think it would be better to stay under the same roof
el.Ea pulled his arm:
-No Da.Trebuie to care rana.Nu we would be of no use if they make any
infecie.Nu have to worry about mine.Mrie it but do not bite.
Andr does not taste her attempt to joke and continues to set with a look
ferm.Apoi eye shadow discontent turned to the two who came up with
dealul.n weight Finally, without saying a word, turned to
leave, beckoning unto them his friends to urmeze.Chantal sighed, and obosit.Ea
Andr not quarreled niciodat.De you get angry just now, when she was so

enough trouble on his head? Not enough Scout?

When he reached the house he sat on the bed and bandajul.Johnny desfcnduet
tcut.Chantal watched him gave him his few short order and he hurried to
ndeplineasc.Ddu Scout's hand aside and inspected the wound.
-One Of stitches snapped during the struggle to that stupid.
Your -Celuul nceput.Johnny returned with a full glass of drink.
Chantal poured some into a glass and gave him to drink.
No, mulumesc.Nu want to sleep for a week.
-not Only coniac.M you saw that now I poured.
-How To know you did not put drugs in the bottle? She brought the cup to his
mouth and drank it up
fund.Mai poured from one and handed it to him and took his Scout.El downed, as
brave like her.
Thank you, muttered el.i feel wounded lip with his tongue.
-Oameni Grown, Chantal took his leg to knock you like fools.
She wet towel in the corner of the bowl with water and gently pat his lips.
-Damn! Cut It Out!
-I Need to ask you something on the wound!
-Let It go.
-It Can infecta.El grabbed his glass and poured a sip before
drink alcohol and then put his finger pressed him slowly shook buz.i tears.
-Here We disinfect it!
-Too Bine.Acum will have to put a hole's your ...
No longer you put your hands on me, Miss Du Pont.O to see my single
health and to rely on the power of regeneration of the human body.

-I Febr.Poate you'd better lie down.

Maybe it would be better to let your asshole habit of making this nurse and me
know where it is.
What's that?

Page 45
-Cealalt Sat.Trnti out of glass with cognac and endeavor to rise in
picioare.Sunt sure that even you did not do such a stupid, to cut
the only way connected with the rest of the island.
I do not know what you mean ... He grabbed her shoulders and yanked soundly.
Her hands landed on his chest so gol.Rmaser, eye to eye, looking at it with
manifest hatred.
Johnny made a sound of worry and fear that brought him down to
pmnt.Chantal stepped away from the bed, reassuring the boy with a slight slap
obraz.Putiul gestured Scout's farewell and left the room.
-A Expectations, said Scout tense as soon as Johnny disappeared on its u.Chantal
straw hat and her hair back hard and fan out.
-There Erpuiete down a path that climbs the cliff and the other path.
But the trip takes about an hour, without counting what it takes to pass the stream
With your wound, this road would it take four times that, if you succeed is to

ti.n resi any case, I do not know exactly where este.Mai well resign yourself and
build another bridge! He looked at Chantal with talc.
-And Else? he asked moale.Surprins, she asked him:
What do you mean by "something else"?
Exactly that! She slipped her arm around his neck and pulled him over,
rsturnndu the
both over pillows, concatenate them into her waist that stretched over it.
-I Like becoming more idea of being held prisoner here, he whispered near
buze.Ce man would not agree that this is a paradise? I could profit
what you told me the night trecut.Srutnd a pressed his lips began to
walk hands on her body, thighs and back down the back.
-When You get hot, I bet you're a real cat that Andr slbatic.Cred
could not tell what tie.Oare jealousy arose beating us?
Probably does not like me and I feast of lui.Desigur piece that has not
Why is team.Nu's nothing serios.Cnd get tired of you, sending you back to it.
Then, you choose one of the beautiful village that I ogle today
diminea.No longer need to work ever longer wear a tie or
cross the city in times of congestion maxim.El stronger pulled toward him and
caught buttocks hand.
What do I need to build a bridge when I smile rather thought
to languish here as your father, fattening me doing nothing?
She smiled batjocoritor.n that time, they had come to involve a knife straight
inim.n Instead, knee gave him directly in the thigh wound.

Page 46
When instinctively he pulled his leg, she slipped from his arms, leaving him lying
-You Overloaded this morning, she said Johnny rece.l send to
prnz.Dup eating that, I suggest you get some rest.
After closing the door, she stood there and his eyes filled with a wounded
awful, cut off the flesh, how he could hit her tare.Dac response would be
measure would have provided useful arguments.
No, better to have died than to let him know how he treated her cruelly.
Not back to his room than a few hours trziu.Scout sat back in
sat with a book resting on knee stng.Abia when you finish
have written a shock raises his privirea.Avu cumplit.Chantal stood in the doorway,
in swimsuit.
She did not notice the look and wonder, because only able to control him hers.
Piles of crumpled paper that we're snowballs covered the floor.
-A Put it on Johnny to collect later, he said.
But what do you do?
What smudging? It was difficult to see moving around the room. Her Navel it
downright charm, thighs and breasts as they leap over what bra.
Ideal, he said the IV glanced at the card sheet.

It's a bridge, 'she said.

-Of Course it's a pod.De that brought me here, is not it? Or you changed your
No, but it sure you've rzgndit.Aruncndu him a look unfriendly, she
-You Should feel insulted or flattered me that I no longer want the
slut? He breathes deeply, as if he had slapped.
Deserved it, you're right.
-Even More than att.Punnd book and pencil aside, he looked up
toward her.
-I Said I like to furie.Eu not so state in a voltage Chantal.Am
terrible these days, is not it? I felt awful and ...
-Detestabil Admitted el.Am wanted to hit you where I suspected you were most
Did you guess well, Mr. Ritland, because, really, everything you said, as
Your entire behavior was despicable.
-We Go back to "Mr. Ritland"?

Page 47
-For The moment, yes
Yield for any prize if I show you some of my ideas? I juggled with
ideas asta.L afternoon I asked Johnny to bring me paper and
Georges.Sper pencil in his room that you do not mind saying this is hard, but ...
-Why Did you start doing sketches?
-I Know you want.

Yes but you surrendered so quickly? Why?

It was the most exasperating woman I ever knew, here it is trying to
be nice to do what she wanted, and when there, she wanted explanations and
-I Believe it or not, are a type considered in many circles, said general el.n in all
my business, I had to avoid confrontations oamenii.ncerc well as
possible and, in high school, I've not beaten with fists, he added, atingnduchapped lips and tongue.
I'm sorry for what he did Andr, even if it deserves, for his
in which you spoke to me.
-But I was challenged, Chantal, I remind her el.Vocea was now calm.
-A Therefore what made you change your mind?
-I Felt egoist.Pn now, I gathered some bani.M thought it might be

better to use some of her aici.N would be bad if I could help you ace people.
What is not told, however, was that she realized suddenly that passed a week
since missing from Coral Reef.Iar's wedding was approaching.
Jennifer had to wait at home soon, even though he did not specify date
ntoarcerii.Dar precise knew very well that she would panic, if not more
receive any news from him more timp.Ar have argued that spent
A few days hunting, fishing or to visit zona.Dar would have been difficult
for him to do the bride to accept that he was detained as long as
prisoner in a remote village, a woman Chantal.
In any case, I had to finish as quickly supun.Cu building that

fucking bridge, so soon after to get rid of him seemed acolo.Dumanul

willing to compromisuri.Oricum, I had to decide pclise.El use
another strategie.Ea standing with arms crossed on bare belly, showing a
skeptical expression.
You're very generous, sir Ritland.
-you Do not believe me?
No, now ea.Dar cut him your reasons do not have much importance;
important is building podului.Nu you out a little?

Page 48
-I Want to see better what I thought? Lack her enthusiasm was
deconcertant.Se expected to see her happy, surprised, however, not only
indifferent ..
-Something May trziu.Cred you need some air curat.Haide, I call on
Johnny.Cred that can go along way down on plaj.Drumul was quite
hard, but the three finally reached the end of the rocky path that leave
behind the house and down to plaj.Scout realized that he was now able
to go even further, without much narrower gave him dificultate.Crarea
can attain the Chantal.Cum she claimed a part, he snuggled
ei.Nu waist hollow arm could realize if dizziness which it
contained was caused by the fact that as long lain in bed, or the sun,
or because they could look freely Chantal's breasts.
-Aeaz Yourself in this format maree.Apa bazinaul salt will do you good at
ran.El stared in disbelief, but once water enters ea.De cover his leg,
pulled out suddenly.
-Arde.i, In addition, stinging.

-Don't Whine yourself as, rebukes her, and pushed her foot back into the water.
The sand was the color and consistency of the sugar and the water was blue
intens.Valuri white ridged foam rolled ashore, then withdrew,
leaving behind a thin tinsel, strlucitoare.C few people in the village caught fish

with ostia.Femei and children hopping in valuri.Nimeni not wear anything other
than a
local version of the small patch covering only sexul.De i have in front of eyes

as emptiness, Scout was attracted only a little flesh mbrcat.Nu- i

eyes can detach from Chantal, who along with Johnny and other children,
i sunk in ap.Cnd ie, gave it back hair which I point out the face

superb, with splashes of water that we're pearl skin soft, glowing eyes of
pleasure Scout is cut breathe ia.Abia then reminded him that sweet pain

had had to do with a woman much vreme.Fu glad about the

his lower body was partially hidden under the water.
-how Do you feel? she said to him, throwing himself on the sand near a little el.E
umflat.El cleared his throat:
What did you say?
-Buza.Ea Finger touched cool and moist.

-It's Very bine.Muchii stomach is stronger contraction.

-And Surgery? salt water good for you?
He licked his lips sea salt, and if his heart exults.
Oh, yes, I feel much better.

Page 49
-Perfect.tiam Eu.Ea pursed his hair in his hands and squeezed the water out of it.
Barely managing to look away from the water hairs slips
chest and slowly gathered in the V of her thighs, he said:
You know, I think are fun this afternoon.
-what Are you saying?
-How Many times looks now, rd.Probabil start having fun at my expense.
You have to be regular with my hair now on piept.Chantal lowered
wet privirea.Prul be gathered into strands dark.
-Don't You find you her simper amuzant.La me this time.
-At You? But why do they look so funny?
-Don't You seem caraghioas.E something else.
Anything else? She looked at him briefly, then turned his head.
-I'm Not accustomed to see me on the beach ... wearing sutien.Brusc, he was
ei.De breasts only then noticed that bra swimsuit was brand-new.
His color was more intense than that of slipului.Nu seemed to have been worn
vreodat.Pentru how thin it was, had full breasts, their frumoi.Sfrcurile
albastru.El bra pierced if he remembered how quickly responded
consolations imagine his fingers and his tongue contact, shuddering and
delicat.Aceast image, taken too far, they cause an explosion of desire

boiling hot.
-Please Do not change your "habits" because he looked mea.ncet
to her face, which gleamed two more eye than incandescent sun water
oceanului.Un time, their eyes sensations Sharing their bodies.

Spontaneously, he caught him exit the water of the sea took her wrist
pulse: it was just as fast as his.
-Please, He added in a voice pierit.Ea gestured to conclude discussion
Why do not you show me your drawings now? He command the body to relax, but
could not bear to let her depart so uor.Dintr once, plucked a flower
the Ibiscus the bush behind ei.Apoi, supporting his gaze, his tail tucked
in the valley between her breasts flower petals and so gentle roundness Fanning
to them.
-Now We'll look at schie.Vocea rguit.Nu it was expected to be so
caught in his own lucrtur.Fcuse it to make it lose composure
and here he was now the nfierbntat.Johnny brought down the notebook with
Near the beach and made him able to grasp stnc.Scout card with a gesture
clumsy and out several sheets of paper.

Page 50
-I Began to think of a suspension bridge, similar to vechi.Asta
but requires cables and poles, so it's not possible to realizat.Podul arched continues

He pointed another design, is a standard bridge, which can be face.Dar only if

somehow we are not an island with a too steep ravine where there is full
betonul.Aa that he further said, showing him another sheet, return to the concept
estacad.Ca bridge in Westerns with John Wayne.
Can I build it here? He scratched his head and looked at large.
-No tiu.Dac ...
-What? she asked when he paused.
-If I necesare.El materials has dropped his notebook and caught
mn.De again this time, it was a comforting gesture, shook her hand in his, is
looked at her and said earnestly:
-Chantal, Imposibilul.Chiar ask me so, I agreed to sit, to weigh
variante.Pur some simply can not do it nimic.Ea rises and graceful
outstretched hand.
-come With me.
-Where Do You? He was satisfied that meanwhile injured leg and had lost its
not even hurt him so tare.Dar still could not rely on it.
Johnny jump immediately to help him.
Thank you, prietene.Doamna wants to urmm.Johnny seemed to understand.
Chantal headed for plaj.Scout stunned disappeared behind a urm.Ea
huge boulders that powerful waves crashing in thousands of stropi.Johnny it
led to a small lake formed by the tide between stnci.Cnd emerged on the other
the boulders, Chantal raises a huge mistake it camuflaj.Sub military were
Hidden building materials that could fill a small magazie.Erau

there bags of concrete piles ordained in high as a man, so massive that it would be
could serve as buncr.Kilometri whole steel cable was coiled
like huge snakes, lounging at soare.Totul been carefully ordered and wrapped in
plastic.Scout protective sheets stared things there cscat.Toate
wore a red stamp, but even without it, would have recognized these materials
-That ... You ... he stammered, you ...
Yes, that's right, I said calm was fucking Chantal.Eu that steal materials on
your site.

Page 51
-But How did you manage? Scout asked the question while trying to gobble a
sip rice in a small bol.Mncau outdoors on the beach with view
sublime ocean as the backdrop for this dinner srbtoresc.Chantal warned him that
will not have any way of tacmuri.El not consider that this is a
problem, although not yet possess the art to use higher degetele.Cea
of the rice they fall into your lap.
-I Was taught to eat so yet before we see any dish.
His efforts were in vain and exasperation downright laughed comice.Chantal
-In This way, may starve.
-Want To you once I show? Putting food aside, licked his fingers and
turned to el.Secretul is to keep the bowl close to your mouth and started
degete.Bag food from your mouth as you can and i Lick degetele.Uite so.

He took a portion of pork and rice and held it to gur.El grabbed food, then
buzele.Chantal licked his fingers trace their movement and wondered how to do
that something so innocent can to create that empty feeling in stomac.Cnd
his tongue stroked her fingertips, she quickly withdrew his hand.
-I Think you got now how to proceed.
-But I finished her reactionary exersat.Simurile the gleam in his eyes,
but resist the temptation.
-Exerseaz Alone.
Thank you for the lessons of good manners while dining at Parrish
Island, he said ending to eat, but when I asked you how you did,
I meant to steal.
-Vai That ugly word!
-If You are caught, gets really really bad sense.
-But I have not been caught.
-until Now! His eyebrows are almost mpreunaser, leaving free only
extremely small space above the nose.
-Mori Of spite because you did not prins.Faptul I ran without being discovered
bothers you more than the loss of materials, eh?
He straightened his shoulders and a bold face:
You know how much injury Reynolds Group?
-Habar I and I bet they do not know, except, perhaps, of any writer
who completed the asigurare.El policy could probably tell us sum up
the last penny, because he received compensation from the insurance company.
-So You've fooled.

Page 52

-How Do you think pays Reynolds Group as insurance premiums every year?
What I took only a tiny fraction increases this sum.Aa that all
mulumit.Lui world is not coming to believe:
You know what I find most amazing? That might be and do what
spui.C everything is very natural and logical.
-So Este.Foarte logic.i and probably would not have never been all materials
acelea.Sunt sure that you order more than you needed i have you
sure to have enough material, lest I end sooner

especially since they were brought by ship. I saved the money you have paid to

First quarter back in the United States, surplus materials and at the same time we

for a noble purpose.
-Aadar, Think it was normal to steal because you need it
materials, while we do not? She snapped offended:
-Only Not imagine that I stole something that I was not absolutely necessary.
He bent his head and touched her pieptul.I almost seemed that his neck dip.
-It's Like talking to walls, he said.
-enjoy It! Desertul.Toat arrives population was ready to celebrate
imminent construction podului.Chantal notes that villagers were having a great
All except Andr, sitting alone and gave the glass neck after

pahar.Chantal saw him several times that night, as he watched Scout

dumnie.Andr angry and was by far the strongest and most educated
sat.Georges couple of Du Pont she realized the intellectual capacity
School boy and sent him off with his American.Chiar if Andr
hard in the village was then a student excelent.Familia Du Pont was based on him
required to perform those tasks that would not have dared to leave it to
any other stean.De often was the courier between the village and across the
island, because he spoke good English and, if necessary, could even mingle
acolo.Fusese people very normal for him to be infiltrated on site from
Coral Reef.Chantal regret Andr's change of attitude as it
Scout.Totul regarded starts when rpirii.nainte, Andr spoke of
chief engineer as a tough but corect.El II reported that Chantal and her father
Mr. Ritland was really the right person to oversee construction
lor.De bridge then changed his opinion about Scout's total.Teoria
Scout was that Andr was jealous of him, which was absurd.Chantal and Andr
grown up together in the village, had played mpreun.Andr not never shown
not the slightest trace of feeling romantice.Sigur that have the right to
hand either marriageable girls from the village.

Page 53
The rift between the two men that a very upset not only because he had
horror of misunderstanding in any area of her life, but simply because
the two must work closely together to build the bridge and
for achieving the same reasoning scop.Toate they were inevitably linked
podului.Scout fate did not have time for a final project and refuse to

discuss drafts before them revedea.Orict much she insisted he remained

silent, especially since it was discovered that the injury ho Coral project

Reef.Ea hardly wait to start lucrul.Ce would have been to let pond with bridge
unfinished because of the approaching wedding? Chantal he could not keep

infinit.Cum deadline approached, she would have had to examine

conscience and ask what kept him there for locals or she
Despite hostility nsi.n who reigned in somewhat among themselves, they
like to have it in preajm.Privindu it now, I admire face torchlight
lighted that gave him reflexes reddish hair.
-It's Great, 'he said quietly licking the sticky substance on degete.Ce is?
It's a kind of pudding made of crushed fruit, coconut milk and crushed
capr.Deodat, he stopped eating and looked at the empty bowl that sickened him
Clean with degetele.Chantal laughed:
You do not have to tell you, not ruin your plcerea.Dar, please zmbete.Margot of
prepared especially for you.
Who's Margot?
-Look Acolo.Cea who had broken hands nelinite.El observed bowl fata.Ridic
emptied and hungrily licked his finger mare.Nelinitea look on her face
disappeared and
It took place a bright smile.
-As The old? Scout said, amazed by the beauty of Polynesian.

-Optsprezece And nemritat.E's still a spinster.

Not really seems to be an old maid.

-It's Very, very beautiful, is very pretense Chantal.i recognized her ioas.Prini

are mad and can not wait to see mritata.Le afraid for her.
-They Protect her from coming to the village men overseas, 'she said softly, turning
capul.De usually regard them as if they were our women mrfuri.Fete as Margot
is looking for its prey and often fail to seduc.Dup them
abandon, most of them are prostitutes in bars or port
Besides bases militare.Scout lost his mood.
You mean that if one gets on with, not her fault, means that the
whole fucking life? But it's unfair, is not it?

Page 54
-For People here, a virgin bride price is still high.
Just at that moment, Voix of Tonnerre threw the air column fum.Cerul
took on a darker hue is cutremur.Se roiatic.Pmntul hear thunder
strong echo which answered his leg nvecinai.Uitnd mountains
left Scout leap like screaming ars.Localnicii of bucurie.Tobele began to beat a
rate pagan rapid.Cni with strong liquor in alcohol circulated from hand to hand
and all drank and he drank from ele.Scout and sat down on the carpet of grass
lying alongside Chantal.El pointed to tow them to smoke volcano that
pick up.

-I Hope that you know what you're saying.

-Da.Tata Volcano studied it all my life I studied lui.Apoi together.
Ie is preparing to erupt, but nothing happens serious or damaging.

Mine.Dac you can not trust them, trust ini tata.Pu are so expert

like him.
-And Now he's up there? In this deafening noise? Not afraid to not
remain trapped there when the big top bubuial? She looked with respect to the
-It's There, but he's afraid of Voix deTonnerre .He grabbed his face turned men

toward him. He looked thoughtful.

-I Think you're half pagan, Chantal Du Pont.Buzele her arching into
a hidden smile.
E seductive culture that, eh?
-Does And what to look mndreasc.El to strip him and covering her breasts below
short sarong I hate winding oldurie.ntre them smooth and tanned skin, his

attention detained a long time, which made her feel bad Chantal.

-Don't Stop staring at me.

-Nasturii Me crazy on your chest!
-It Means that tonight, celebrating il like it grozav.Ea abtu his attention from

i went to her chest and a group of young girls, among whom was and Margot.
It'll dance for tine.ncearc to look impressed.
-I Do not even have to get prefac.Dansatoarele began to move in rhythm
nisipul.Coapsele agitating beater waved their tob.Picioarele in light
tor elor.oldurile moving defied their soft natura.Pntecele highlight

protruding muscles trained in a rotation, their supple basins.

High overhead with flowers and fruit baskets.
-This Is their offering to Vulcan, explains Chantal.
-I Thought here wont have to sacrifice a virgin.

Page 55
-So The fost.El looked away from women dancing naked breasts and looked
at her carefully, to see whether he had told the truth pclea.Dar.
-That Was one of the concessions they made when they converted to Christianity,
she added.
-Noroc For virgin! He grunted and raised his glass in honor of the volcano,
greeting him respectfully.
-ncepe You like nostru.El drink alcohol contents of the beaker.

-No two, three sips and I would feel like I would pass a train
hissing head.
Then why drink?
-Because I'm less afraid of being drunk, than vulcani.Zmbi slyly and
Chantal's heart throb so strong, as if they participated in dans.Cnd
was gloomy and not frown was downright artoas.Ba at right
speaking, were kind and it is gloomy or frown, she admitted in the
urm.Tocmai had thought you would have spent her life if he would be met

Scout continent.Oare Ritland on her fate would have been different? Attraction
same without ndoial.Dar it would be love, would have married, had children?
It was painful to dream about this, because it is not known in California.Acolo
meet me on altcineva.i even would have met him and had given her love
righteous, the result would probably be acelai.Un thing was clear in the eyes
world, she was still a girl on insul.Nici a university degree, no success
could not change this fapt.Deodat professional drums that tcur.Linitea
palpabil.Dansatoarele ago was almost a moment stood still,
subjugndu them those present, and especially Scout.Cnd break ends, each
ei.Cteva family stood still flew attention if spectatorilor.Simeai
need to talk to oapt.Scout approach and asked Chantal easy:
What's going on? His breath was soothing sea breeze and as easily comforted
pielea.Dup eruption at night was particularly trickle cald.Un
sweating its way down from the temple.
-They Dance a different dans.Particip only young girls, unmarried.
-how So?
-Because Purpose is to attract a particular dance man.

Ah, yes? And why do you dance?

-Because I do not want to attract nimeni.Privirea's down to her chest and
secunde.Apoi rest there a few eyes on her as she asked:
-Even Aa?

Page 56
Chantal Ferb in the depths of magma inside the volcano, but keep their
imperturbable countenance and look cool.
-If I remove my bra and I would dance to the ritual then you might think that I
you draw on.
-That Would be a solution indeed!
-But I will not face.Aa not think of me as sexual.El laughed shortly and report
skeptical and slightly touched his belly with the tip degetutui.
NordicBet -Imposibil.Cum beat again, it is not too clearly hear the word, but
rather you read lips ei.ntr a way that brought a sensuality
scenei.Ea pretended dansatoarete sought, but in fact her whole attention was
Scout.Bra's focused on his site was very close to her and often it

atingea.Ea felt whenever u breeze fluttered through his time pr.La a

time, few Slivers long do they cover a.buzele, they let him buzele.El

domol.Enervat comfort once commented dancing girls:

-God God! But their message is clear as day.

Margot had gone near Andr and dance in front lui.oldurile i moved in
up and down in slow undulations, hypnotics, how successful they were on the point
view dance as it is visible senzuale.Andr watched with a look
vague, empty his chest rising and falling in rhythm and legs rapid.Brae
sinuos.Trupuri be moved legnau.Sni and belly, glistening with sweat, asking
caresses and kisses become more cumbersome drum rcoroase.Btile more
faster, puternice.Preau that pass through the body of the listener, breaking and
New strings would be bound puritanical constraints.
Although these rituals Chantal had witnessed since he was born in the evening
drums that he spoke in a unique way, neobinuit.Dorea to vent body
her pace to unduiasc heat btilor.O great flood them bottom of
body, begging him to rotate his hips like cadence tobelor.i feel
breasts prisoners under pnz.Tnjea piece after freedom lor.Ar wanted to
be free to heaven, sea, volcano, just for her brbat.Capul
expect to move his shoulders and leave hair fall backward, free and
greu.Printre lips parted, as sacadat.Simea breathe falls into a trance and
ascultau.Cznd like eyes no longer prey to temptation, let them shut, while
What's pace fuss made her a crescendo unduiasc.Dup
shattering drums fell silent in nou.Deschise mari.Scout was close eyes and
reflected in his eyes like torches and fires erupted from within lui.Faa
sudoare.Pe his neck gleamed for a few trickled down his picturi.Nrile were
dilated, and Chantal realized that his breath was at least as

Page 57

precipitated as the ei.Brusc, he caught his neck with his hand and pulled her head
The rest of his lui.Gura strong to violent opening and kissed ei.O
lips, then slipping his tongue into his mouth ei.Degetele Fanning is on the neck.
Other hand turned his head to one side, to kiss it and adnc.Iar
and, plunged his tongue into the mouth ei.ntr a reflex, her hands Seeking Support.
His fingers tangling in the thick hair on his chest and touched her skin
dedesubt.Tot soft so fast as before, pulled his head back Scout
and his gaze fixed your arrow, bewildered.
-It's About to happen to me, I promised el.Ai get into your body.
Then retreated some distance, so as not ite comments.
Dancing marked the end srbtorii.Tinerii men and call them favorites
Walk to houses to desvr's what lovers want
ntotdeauna.Familiile began to climb the hill, heading for the huts
tor lor.Toate steal them off until only red light from the moon and

volcano bathing beach in a magical color.

-Johnny, Where are you? Chantal soft cry.
-Here It acolo.Scout I spotted the boy, sleeping at the foot of a coiled
cocotier.Cred that I asked too much today.
What a shame that we have to wake up!
-Let-L.Scout caught her arm before she even make a step towards biat.Lasdoarm.M handle him alone.
Sure you?
-If You help me.

-Bineneles.Ea Grabbed an arm mijloc.El placed his arm around the shoulders
ei.n now familiar position, submitting to the path paved beach
leading up to cas.ntre sloping sandy shore and was a grassy area.
Barely entered the thicket of leaves, the Scout and slid green carpet
Chantal fell training it back after el.Ea landed on a soft bed
Scout leaves and found himself upon her.
-School, 'She said as soon as he regains her fu suflarea.Prima foot care
rnit.Te you hit? His face twisted gave him the answer.
-You Did that on purpose.
-Hmmm.Buzele Of them already comforted ei.Ea put his hands on the shoulders
Try it aside.
Listen to me, 'he said, grabbing his head in his hands, you can deny all you want, I
know you
mele.Nu think like a man kisses feels instinctively that? I know why hast

Page 58
then enticed to leave you at the party, but before you shoot me, not
you pretended, is not it?
-Eu ...
-Don't You? Consciousness is fighting fiercely with dorina.n Finally, her eyes
descended to his beautiful mouth masculin.n silence, her head shook his head.
His body dropped in part of the tensions, and lay comfortably on
Chantal.Cu thumb, gently touch his lips.
Not really makes me want to cred.Ai wanted to kiss me then and you want it now,
is not it?

Yes! Confessed she greutate.Apoi, spending his fingers through her hair
he repeated: Yes! Their mouths came together with more passion than before into
a kiss much sweeter, deeper and crushing them under umed.Buzele
masculin.Limba pressure him, though bold, leaves room for caresses
reciproce.n finally lifting his head, he groaned and buried desire
face in the crook neck ei.i fingers tangled in her hair often and paste it soft
obraji.Cnd his lips set off in search of the most sensitive places, Chantal their
plcere.Plimbndu neck arched his fingers down her chest, he said:
-I Never touched the skin as it unfolded ta.E amazingly catifelat.Apoi
it throws lturi.Chantal bra-which usually do not wear the top of
costume, he felt now jenat.Scout they parted hair Slivers ii
Accident under gentle caress of his hands lunii.Cu one contained a
breast like a cup.
You're superb.O easy meal, recreating the original mold though, then rubbed her
with finger tips lor.La response following his every touch, Chantal is
painfully arched bed of leaves proaspete.Fiecare gave comfort
birth to a strange thrill that go from the bottom of her body and spread
circles ever wider.
-You Sand on toes, she said she whispered.
-I Seems ru.Te mind? She shook cap.Nisipul was doing no more than
add new dimensions, new meanings, of pleasant and consolations sale.Degetele
expert gave a wonderful and sensual nipples hardness ei.La every touch,
imediat.Atunci react when she considered that nothing could make it more

inner desire, he gently blowing sand on piele.Ea cried name

thought, while lips supplication is only just learned his rostit.El
nipple cover breast with his mouth warm and moist and tireless of dorin.nainte
her to realize what was happening, he already sat between her thighs, moving and
rhythmic face between palme.n oldurile.i included a kiss while she feel
caresses nipples still damp from his mouth, lost in the wealth of hair

Page 59
piept.Amndoi jams on his plcere.Uor, ran his hands on her back
him from the scapula to mijloc.Scond sound hoarse, he took one
hands and pulled to the bottom of his body, trying to determine
to include hidden stiff fingers swelling pantalon.Chantal sigh,
First the shock, then pleasure, and finally he uimire.Oare
also wanted an intimate of all his girlfriends? Or the wife? Or only
girls on the island? In one move, strongly pushed and squeezed under
lui.Cnd body he return, she sat assisted by a palm regaining
breath and covering her breasts with long hair.
What the hell is wrong with you? pierced him with a look.
-I Opresc.El I took a deep breath.
-Because I do not want to make love to you.
But you wanted, a few minute.El try to control voice, though anger him
I'm sorry, she whispered simple.
-Why This time, do not go with scuze.Scuzele are useless. and to seem them

convincingly showed his sexul.Gestul a deep hurt him angry.
-How Dare ....
-How You daring you to leave me so? he screamed.
-who Do you think You Are?
-Drept Who take me? she replied mnioas.O girl on here that you use on
during the holidays?
-Vacan! We endeavor to get up on one knee, then picioare.S be kidnapped,
shot and then forced to build a bridge, you call this holiday? As far as
you did not think I am entitled to a reward?
She folded her arms across her stomach as if he had slapped.
-You Want to be your bitch while build the bridge, eh? A bridge in return
unlimited use of the body meu.O hurt soul that had so little
consideration for ea.O terribly disappointed, began to believe it was less
other than all the men you meet.
Very well, sir Ritland, she said deprimat.Dac this will give my people
a bridge, I sleep with you as you stay aici.Dar, she added, whenever
I'll penetrate the body, know that only asta.Am do and I hate you
dispreuiesc.i you because I sincerely believe that you are a man of honor, I am
that, after, you will despise you for what you look defiant fcut.l
the girl.

Page 60
That's what you want? A slut who does not give a damn about you as you do not
give a damn about it?
He wheeze, hiss, then growled:
-Let Me the fuck alone, so do not take your offer seriously not even generoas.Ea
had realized how tense he had been awaiting his response and how
ea.Treptat important was this response is relax.Merse at him with arms
-Let Me help you up sus.El pushed aside.
-I Told you to leave me the fuck alone ..
-N You to manage to climb one hill, with this leg ..
-Piciorul This, he interrupted, the last thing I preocup.Schimbar a
on hot, painful, then turned and climbed Chantal single path.
The next morning, Chantal was coffee in the kitchen of the house, when Scout
u.Se leaning on a crutch in improvizat.Ea noticed immediately that he had taken
bandage from coaps.Cicatricea looked like a pink stripe, but
inflammation around almost dispruse.Prul he was disheveled and pants
ifonai.Cum shorts were not shaved and how of course slept on
beach and respingtor.Era still show poor man is very bine.Chantal
resisted asked how not to love with him last night.
-It's About coffee? he asked grimly.
-Aproape.Ea Smiled Scout kid who follow him like a shadow.
-Bonjour, Jean.
-Bonjour, Said he still adormit.Ea then turned to the woodstove and

content control smluit.Acesta blue bowl would be better suited in

some barracks on the American frontier and contrasted sharply with fine dishes
porcelain that her father had brought from Frana.n while struggling to Scout
sit on one of the chairs, she poured coffee in one of the priceless ceti.La
thought that would be rejected, it refrained to give any hand ajutor.Odat
Why settle Scout, Johnny took his crutch and a support table within his reach.
-How Did you get this? Chantal asked, coming up with her cup of coffee.
Me I did today diminea.Foarte devreme.Johnny brought me a knife and so
I reuit.El helped me find a stick boy smiled rezistent.i, what
a toothless smile and turned.
-Must Be easily folosit.Scout nodded and sipped his coffee None
of them looked him directly in the face cellalt.Fiecare thought of the night
Last, the kisses exchanged between them, the consolations which they had given to
break the silence heavy Chantal asked:

Page 61
-You Want to eat now?
-Only If it is not fish.
-Each Has received a portion of roast pork that was last night.

-That's Insular version of bacon? She smiled vaguely.

-To Say.
No, I'm not hungry mulumesc.Chiar deloc.Cafeaua ajunge.Poate me something
fruit more trziu.Ea consent, giving it a slightly cap.Tensiunea nnebunea.Era
very hard to make conversation, but even so, this stupid chatter was more

better than silence.

-Vd That you have stitches removed after surgery.
Sure that I scos.Era I waited for him to continue clar.Ea.
He said carelessly: I slept well and woke up when carp
ziu.Cum had nothing else to do, I removed the stitches.
Are you sure it was time to take them out?
-Does Not.
-Are You in pain?
-Does Not.
-But You go, you pervert?
-I Mind a little.
Yes, desigur.mi sorry.
-That EO as terrible silence descend on lor.Ea advantage to fill
cups, although none is golise.Cnd turned to go next
table Scout grabbed her wrist.
-Chantal, You know that I never considered looking into trf.Rmaser
fixed each other by steam rising from bright enameled coffee.
Chantal realized that a sore arm, so I put the cup on the stove and
back to sit on the other side of mesei.Pentru few moments left with
eyes lost in the cup liqueur.
-Chantal! She looked up privirea.Cum could you believe that you disregard so
loud? he asked softly.
-You Told me that kiss like a whore house.
Is your kiss on deep, passionate, delicios.Unele women would have felt flattered by
also compared.
-I One nu.Descurajat for a moment, he looked plunge into the cup.
Then looked across the table and said:

-I Ceva.Despre hide what?

Slightly embarrassed, she looks crazy, then began to speak:

Page 62
-I'm Product of three culturi.Polinezian, maternal, French, from
Dad, and the American schools they have urmat.Cnd I went to America,
know what awaits me, because I used to look strange to me
throwing people based militar.E blood obvious to anyone that I
mixed up.
-But You are very beautiful and in a very unique way and those rar.Privirile
they are full of admiration or awe.
-Mul Umesc.Poate some were aa, but I learned to prudent.Mul i wanted


I can pipi.Iar if I admired it were only that.

-And When I became closer still someone?
-Always Take me for what I am not.
What happened after you have enrolled in college? Go to meetings with boys?
Yes, she replied cautious, but I went news that are unfriendly and
distant.De actually trying to be very grijulie.Se rose from his seat and went to
window shutters wide open so that cool breeze come in
-After A year spent there, we met a graduate of the geologie.l
call our Patrick.Intlnirile meant more than a walk arm in

-You Love? Her answer was clear:

Very tare.Pn over cap.Pluteam both in a cloud of fericire.Viaa us
seemed wonderful future luminos.Ne cleared his throat felt like cstorim.Scout
voice and shifted in his chair, looked worried ncurcat.Johnny but assures Scout
head that everything was fine on piciorului.Nu was too clear, with
except that he felt damn hard to listen to Chantal povestindui love her for another awkward brbat.O asked:
So what happened to Patrick and the cloud of happiness?
-I Took him to meet them prinii.Chantal is returned her chair.
Her forehead was furrowed showing a deep unease, he dropped a burst of
laughed, but it was a fake laugh, bitter.
-In The beginning when Patrick told me he was pleased to have a
daughter with a French name so rsuntor.El not told them I was only
franuzoaic.i half chewed his lips, trying to prevent them
tremure.Amintirea that evening he will always complain about humility.
-It Was the longest dinner that I had to stau.Erau pretty
subtle, but I could make out their disapproval and terrible was desconsiderare.Na
no stage, no abdication of the label, just something floating in aer.Chiar now

Page 63
had in front of consternation look on his mother's face Patrick, when he
saw it for the first time in u.Chantal wear the best dress ei.Arta
impecabil.Nu not matter that it was among the best students
college, she knew better three languages, including a dialect and had

a horn on its forehead, her fianc's mother's expression could not be more
There was a woman crud.Nu be considered as accepted bigot.Tremura with
certainly thought that there were only Ku-Klux-Kian or neo-naziti.Dar could
just be conceivable that her boyfriend to marry a broken corcitur.Patrick
engagement after two weeks she pulled conclude with a quiet voice.
Lack of strength of character.
-The Family exerted tremendous pressure on him.
-Why Not told them to leave him alone? Chantal calm.Scout fight to stay put
same questions she had them a thousand times but coming from him
sounded the challenge
-Dezaprobarea Parents was not the only piedic.Mai were other implications.
-Which One?
-The Children.
What's with the kids?
-He Was of the opinion that they should not have children.
-why Not?
-He Thought it would be fair to give rise to some children stigmatized.
-Stigmatizai? The fact that you were their mother gave them this stigma?
Exactly what I meant.
-And You licheaua defend it, for God's sake! Raising his voice, Scout
tapped his fist on the table hard enough to make cups to zornie.Cine you
listen, would say that I still love.
-I Love him.
-Perfect.Schimbul Cries ends of odat.Pentru first time
morning, arrange their hair Scout running his fingers through his nerve, but
more ruffled him.

Thinks me, Chantal, it's much better that you got rid of leprosy as asta.N would
have been a
good husband for tine.A advantage as he could and left you balt.Privirea they
suddenly just as cold and hard as a diamond ..
-Patrick Was like many other brbai.Scout leaned back cumbersome
seat and let his soft arms along the body.
Yes, I understand I speak figuratively kill acum.Tu -All dogs, because perish
the mongrel had fleas ".

Page 64
-Interesant Vedere.Numai that point, you see, Patrick was not mongrel, but I do.
You know what I mean, 'he said nerbdtor.Ia agreed to sleep with you, but not
hesitate to give you a hand when it has received the consent familiei.Aa now
whenever you meet a man, I get it to work in self-defense.
-You Do not you do the same?
No, if I were sure of myself.
-But I'm sure the others mine.De tem.Pn as I know they are appreciated
what they are really ...
-Only Not have to reject all the men who come to you!
-You Need to have more delicacy, Mr. Ritland.
-And You more confidence.
You have treated me with disrespect, consider yourself just because junior
Your mother was Polynesian?
-Da.El Was amazed.
That's a lie grosolan.Cnd was that?

- "If I catch a girl on the island with naked breasts, I did not look too soon."
Corey Reynolds's words addressed to him they left without replic.Atunci, Chantal
take advantage:
-This Means that as long as a girl on here you have fun, you're ready to sit.
This implies of course, that a girl from Parrish Island to be immoral and live
any company wishing promiscuous man while he wants. Stop
adnc.Regret breathe, but I'll be your girl on the island.
Scout protested his return and irritated:
Sided a break, will you? That was a figure of speech, talk like men Chantal.Doi
this about women, they stand to chat.
-Well, I have not tasted joke nor woman nor a girl of the island.
Swearing, he raised his arms above the sign that gives up.
-Bine.i Iertare.Cornentariul sky was not made to be heard by a third
persoan.Te eavesdropping forgive you, if you file them that I'm a chauvinist jerk

and dirty, right?

-Now Just kidding that its believing and bad mine.M over.

Both his hands hitting the table while making a deafening noise.
-Don't Ever crossed your mind that I could only come after you
very simple reason onorabie? Like, for that are very
beautiful? Because you are unique and that there is an aura around you
mystery, which seems damn sexy?
She grabbed his hand over table table ii navel palm thumb.

Page 65
-If We wanted from the first moment to kiss you, it was not because your parents
were what

were, but because of the most alluring mouth that I met vreodat.Ai
skin like a flower petal, black hair and eyes that night lagoon without
Finally it.i since you used to think that cliches poetic as you win, I
I'll show you something palpabil.Se leaned across the table and taking her hand,
pressed him
his chest.
I imagined me often that we're naked, quivering under me and me
entering with everything they trup.Buzele your marvelous detachment captured
and sensual.
Easy, let go of the air for so long was holding it closed.
N should tell me something, Scout.
-why Not? I think you should know how I feel.
You must know what you want so you mult.Nu for me to ndemn.Nu
I think you uuratic.Pentru name of God, said he endured rguit.Am
ta.Cum much suffering because I could consider frivolous?
Slowly shaking his hand, he asked:
Why do not you believe me? She made an effort to withdraw his hand from the
lui.Se watch
After that his fingers had left hers, then looked penetrating eyes
-From Because your fiance.

-Jennifer? Scout asked in a whisper.

-So If her name, da.Nevrnd to show pain, Chantal got up and walked
cups and saucers in the sink dry, then pour water over them.
Probably you have heard about it all when you eavesdropping on my discussion

Reynolds.Adunndu and all the courage she turned to face him.

-Date Wedding is approaching and Miss Colfax is only an adorable young
who are dealing with antiques business i.
-Look What Chantal ...
Let the Scout, do not insult my intelligence with explanations without rost.i I do
not mix
me in such a fun combinaie.Nu want to be temporary until
your return to blushing bride at Boston seemed embarrassed, like a man
caught in a tight, trying to escape the old trick.
-I've Never wanted to insult you or you compromise, too I Chantal.Nu
thought about my marriage or Jennifer.Azi night, certainly not.
-And Do you think? He lowered his head.
No, no I did not expect to happen crezi.Dar is pure truth.
-That Would put us in a bad light about both, is not it?

Page 66
Yes, admitted el.Mai chose me.
I greit.Nici -Amndoi I thought I did ea.El looked up and their eyes
nou.O meeting tense silence filled the kitchen, while the village began to
trezeasc.Din hill signals are coming daily life known zi.Zgomotele
deleted seemed very distant in their mist desire and guilt, Chantal and

Scout seemed not hear nimic.Dintr once, Johnny's stomach began to

zgomotos.ntrerupndu riots themselves, Chantal them talk you receive
Scout's permission boy went to eat something in the morning A.t.
-In Spite of all I did not hinder you go to the wedding, she said she's
Scout.A of that work should begin as soon posibil.Doar unless
somehow refuse now know that I will not share the bed with you.
-I Said and I will keep my promise, 'he said of her soul aspru.Teama
Like began to subside longer, but this feeling had kept secret from
-Now You show me some sketches?
-Before Doing so, I want to know the truth.
-about What?
-About Boats.
How much I spent yesterday morning on the beach, I thought of an escape with
barca.Totui not
I saw no ship in the distance that I can take.
-Canalul Navigable passes across the island.
-I Thought so that it must be understood that Johnny muttered el.Cnd
wanted, his countenance so much that I came not to insist.
Pescuit.Au -SAT has many boats were hidden from you, and in fact to
good tu.Mi was afraid not to try to do some wrinkled prostie.El
nose, but said nothing.

-I'm Cases when these boats are taken to the treacherous currents
across the insulei.Chiar the most experienced rowers have great probleme.Un man
alone should not descurc.Ne a motorboat that but, unfortunately, not a
we have.
How did you here all building materials? Just have not been brought by boat
-We Rented a small cargo boat.
-nchiriat? From ... in fine.Nu want to know.
-Well, Navy do not use it, so I brought him exactly where he had taken.
Nodding, he chuckled.

Page 67
-You Mean adevrul.Cine would think such a history? studied her face
long, oscillating between disbelief and admiration, back, Doctor Du Pont.
After a little hesitation, she dropped it on the seat in front lui.i was afraid that
somewhat hollow between his eyebrows to harbinger of evil.
-No You like what you hear, said el.Plimbndu hands on face unshaven,
-God Knows you have to deduce from it, especially because it comes after
My close nunt.Crede me that I have not thought about it when I invented
this alternative.
What alternative?
-I Already draw conclusions, 'he said, feeling her suspicions.
He took some notes from his trouser pocket, and after numerous edges
they had seemed to have been often glimpsed a solution mpturite.Am

to unite one side of the cliff with cellalt.Cel least in theory go.

- And why do you think I would not like?

-Because Require some compromisuri.i on my knowledge, this is not exactly your
preferat.Ea mass strike hands.
-What Would be the point? I'm not so cruel as you imagine.
-Bine.El Mas.Chantal watched on large paper, strong arms tanned.
The sun had opened easily from the hair color mini.Mini worker with
Calluses handed, blunt nails, square curate.Fr himself, her mind
retained feel those hands walking on her skin, caressing her body,
molding it to the shape of his hands, using his fingertips to
conceived in her erotic pleasure taken to paroxism.Cnd it will be returned to
and Jennifer's will not regret it did not make love with him when his chance
Sura so often?
-... No problems.
I'm sorry, 'she said again being careful to el.Ce saying?
He looked apologetically curios.Ea:
-Not Much sense lucru.Fcu gestures of impatience to his sketches.
-Then You move up here to see drawings from the same angle as me.
She took her seat and stood beside el.Piciorul's touched on when he sat, but
pretended nothing had happened ..
What are those little notches? Pinstriped showed her a series of drawings of

Page 68
-So I said when you daydream, the bridge can not be built
unless we begin to weave a rope drape and mount identical to that on
you just burned it.
-What? Yesterday you were talking about booms and springs, and now ...
-Stay Least in.Las me explain, okay? She took a breath tcu.El and summarizes: I

build a suspension bridge, but will not be at the same height as the vechi.Va
placed much lower, near the bottom of the abyss, 'he said, and pulled a little line
above the prul.La representing this level should have a length about
The ninth through twelfth meters.
But do not understand how down there?
-Here Comes the role dungulielor.Ele are some concrete steps built
cliff wall.
-Trepte Leading down to the bridge, she thought aloud.
A bridge shorter, easier to build, which does not need so many
-And Too much labor.
-And For his intelligent as they timp.Ochii's meetings, before looking in
again to the drawings.
How much will these steep steps?
-If It down as it would be very abrupte.De Therefore, we designed zig zag.Va
always need a team of workers to cureede vegetation
-That Will not be a problem.Tot you spoke of compromisuri.El scratched his

-remains One problem: an average traveler as resistance, will be more

long to be is a cross prpastia.Va aerobic exercise.

-But This bridge will be much safer than the other.

-No Infirm could not pass it.
-No Old one would not have passed.
-No Putea.El looked at her and smiled.
-I Could repeat it soft, then mention another downside of his plan. Fed Up

still remains inaccessible autovehicolelor.El put down Creon and sighed deeply.
-This Is the biggest disadvantage Chantal.Cea greater part of the night I
tried to imagine a way to build a strong bridge, with resources
I have limited ie.Pur available and there is no simple solution ie.Regret

I am not a worker can minune.Nu leg so distant shores of

a precipice without excavator without cranes, frmateriale modems without
full of hard work by a team of experienced engineers would i.Orict

Page 69
like them, he continues, people in the village can not be skillful workers i.Asta e

realitatea.Cred that i can 'build a pedestrian suspension bridge near

bottom of the abyss, supported by concrete pillars and a cable but that's all he can

face.Ea studied her face and her expression seemed to be cinstit.Nu sincer.i was
no visible
trace of neltorie.De actually see that he felt so bad that he could not make a
better offer.
-I Have always asked to do everything possible, Scout.El smiled galnic.
-You Therefore implement this plan? She rolled up his sleeves.
-Well, We begin? He rose from his chair and slowly and greutate.Potrivindu
crutch under his arm, said:
-Adun Troops, their prines.Comandantul will come to speak.
Since when did you start wearing glasses? For some time, Scout was watching
opposite the ncperii.Ea was lit only by oil lamps placed not
edge meselor.Pe woman's face marked concentration, passing strange shadows.
On the low table before her, lined up some volcanic rocks and their Chantal
Note something in a jurnal.Ridicnd head, she looked after the lens
-From Liceu.Dar read-only.
-Hmm.La You work?
-Nite Data Voix of Tonnerre .
For what? It's not rspunse.n Instead, his suit and glasses on top of the head
looked at him worried
He looks tired, Scout.

-Even Are.
Why do not you sleep?
-I Concern a lot of lucruri.Pn then, she was sitting with one leg
ea.Acum bowed, put his notebook the one hand, rose from the couch and
walked toward him slowly.
Dad says extraordinar.Poate a massage helps you relax.
-Minunat.Ea Went behind his seat and began to massage his neck and
shoulders, hands very dibace.Era great, but do not think that Scout will
relaxa.Nu never felt relaxed around him Chantal.Trecuse more
a week of celebration and their love scene on the beach, left
neterminat.Era still tense and slightly feverish iritat.Avea you do not
could nltura.nghiea many aspirins, but fever persisted.

Page 70
-It Was hotter these days than when I arrived, eh?
-From Because of the volcano, she says, shaking his fingers tense muscles.
The two eruptions today have heated atmosfera.n every morning, she put
shirts and shorts, without form, and joining-the muncitori.Dar
shirt could not completely hide her breasts as shorts or not
I will only highlight these lungi.Toate feet induces
Scout to be always ready for eruption, as Voix of Tonnerre .Even then
when wearing heavy boots and thick socks, her legs look gorgeous.
Always covered his head with largi.Arta brimmed straw hat ugly, but when he
hat joke about Chantal reacted strangely and his face is imprinted
trist.El expression imagined that it had sentimental value for
ea.Oricum, his had to like that damn hat and, often, a search with

look among workers who heads sprouted here and there, one hand and
The other prpastiei.Serile were dimly lit rooms linitite.mpreau of
casei.n during the first days, he sought always switches when entering and exiting
a camer.Acum, barely notice the lack electricitii.n's office
Georges was a radio baterii.O half an hour after dinner, sat to listen
news of the day, even if nothing happens in the world had no
insignificant for the village lor.Era strange, but Scout's not missed any of
his favorite programs on TV and no "toys" the electronic
acas.Era thanked them have to spend evenings browsing caste library books

Du Pont family, or simply watch it on Chantal studying maps

geological, of which he understands nimic.Fotografiile were another mystery.

The day after the start of construction, when the locals were transporting materials
their hideout site, a notice Chantal Scout slipping on the
across the abyss on a path well hidden.
-Where The hell is he going? He asked rhetorically on Johnny.Nu expect a
response, but the boy who watched until gone into the jungle,
began to speak.
-what You say? Talk less, rarely, Scout said trying to understand French

Tiul least.
-Photographie? Pictures? Take pictures?
-Oui, Oui.zise boy delighted that someone had neles.El mimic keep
eye camera and press the shutter.

The photos! Scout muttered, nodding uimit.Oare you shooting?

Page 71
Chantal returned a few hours trziu.Scout The film saw her giving
Andr.Omul's undeveloped obeys them, then evaporated.
Whose Al device? he asked when entering the house, and she has just remove it
from your neck.
Father Al's ... crj.Lu supported device across the room and turned it on
all parties examining it carefully.

Very dapper.
Yes, and very sophisticated
-But Where have you been with him?
-On The foothills of the mountains s.

-As To see your father?

-And To take pictures? One could read in her face that was the stupidest question
vreodat.Bine had heard, pguba.Ce shoot myself?
-Ah.i You sent Andr to develop in the film.
So what's wrong with that?
I was wondering -Nimic.M, aa.Ce doing George?
-Nothing Special.
What's he doing up there? Not at all curious about what's going on here? Does it
bridge interested in how solve the problem? When I have the pleasure to

know? She had taken off her hat and wind-and did it.
-How Soon as I have, I will show fotografiile.Le'll surely find fascinating.
But now, please scuzi.Mi I'm very hot and I want to wash.
No need to tell asta.El deja.Transpiraia noticed his shirt stuck
piele.Pe neck and a trickle of sweat trickled and would like to stop it with
Language: The wet shirt in the right pockets, dark tops of the breasts is
Auditors limpede.Scout just could not help but look at them again.
The discussion about the photographs and her father had been discontinued.
-They Went pictures? el.i asked placing her hands feeling again on umeri.Cele
that you made a few days ago, he said.
Ah, ie it very bine.Vrei da.Au to see them?
-Other Dat.Nu of what faci.Nu stop stop deloc.Rznd, she put a hand
forehead, while the other slipped through his hair to massage the skin
capului.El moaned satisfied.
-No Wonder that Georges masaj.M recommends you feel great style.
She continued to massage the head and shoulders.

Page 72
What about your father thinks that stand alone in the house with a
man, in his absence?
-In The end, it's French.
What to say about the story of Patrick? She shrugged.
What impression have a father about his daughter's amours? Mixture.
You told him everything, even the deal breaker? That I could talk eye to eye, he
turned his head, his question had made him feel prost.El could read it on his face.

-No, I told him.

-From Because you left your father so easy Patrick to leave, right?
-I Do not understand what you mean.
-No Understand too well! When she started to leave, he grabbed her how
Many suffer your father when you need to dispose of family and friends,
ta.i marrying mother did not want the same thing to happen cute
The Patrick.Scout feel a strong antipathy Californian who did not
known niciodat.i imagine him sitting with his nose in books all the time, weak,
shoulders slightly brought and soft hands and albicioase.De bone every time and it
Patrick imagined him lovingly stroking his skin Chantal, I came to give in
tare.Considerase ceva.Ct always be the jealousy of any kind was a
stupid.Gelozia work as possible to a man she did not know was
more ridicol.Totui, green-eyed monster caught him by the throat and it
-We Wanted Patrick to feel obliged to me, so I let go
without doing a ton demn.M scandal.Vorbea I decided singur.Nu out of me
wires you do not manage something or when I take ceva.Sunt a mature woman.
His eyes looked breasts that rose and fell agitated.
Seama.Scout have given me back in pants felt that painful stiffness.
Being about the same time in this state, became nervous and irascibil.Nu able to
Biological control reaction in the presence of the girl, as she could not dominate
Patrick.Aceast juvenile jealousy against irritation caused him to say insinuating:
-Do You like to see me roasting me, eh?
You're downright boring Scout.Las braul.El I let her, but rose from the

chair and followed in dormitor.Ea went to a French style dressing table, a

femininity unusual.
When first noticed, she told him that George had brought Lili in
Fran a.Cnd her mother died, Chantal was lit with a tenise.Camera me

lumnri.Ei exchanged glances warm warmth in her voice that was missing,
-Now I want to sleep.

Page 73
-I Also.
-School, Please! I thought we agreed.
-neles? he laughed zeflemitor.nelegerea is not really playing my state physics
last vreme.Se support of the door with both hands to no longer
Keep your foot hard on stng.Ce you do if I go over your protests, I come to
you and I start to kiss you?
-N You dare.
-Don't Be too sigur.Vocea's had a strange tone that startled and
el.No reached, but that feeling was still alive senses lui.O wanted more
as oricnd.Jennifer, which was considered a beauty, grew with every passing day,
a memory erased, ndeprtat.Probabil that to their wedding, she was preparing a
Lots of parties, receptions and God knows how many she's been altele.O
damn spoiled risk becoming a nuisance, but not worth to have a
fiance to another woman yearn every cell of the body
His nightly roasting it in his own sweat, because fantasies

he was unable to chase, so he was not really Chantal niciodat.Era

to blame? Or just the situation? The decor? Was it really so seductive
only thanks to the framework in which everything happened and where she was the
center of attraction?
A whole night juggle these possible explanations that eventually it
prostii.Dac seemed like Chantal Du Pont would have appeared about anywhere in
the world
it would have had the same effect on lui.El have narcotic forty
years.In the life of love, no one had so many adventures is put into consideration,
but was combined with enough women that can make a comparaie.Nimic of
his previous experience could not compare with suffocating desire, crazy,
felt terrible that this femeie.Era more than just
carnal.Se will desire inside her body, yes, but mentally they wanted and accepted.
It was the most curious creature he had known vreodat.Voia to know what is
behind those blue eyes and know the smallest details
mind and soul reflected the ei.Uitndu at it, read a flicker of understanding
superbi.njurnd whispering in those eyes, he dropped his arms to fall.
-Don't You start to kiss you, 'he said rguit.Nu I would entertain all die killed by a
poisoned spear or a harpoon.
-What Do you mean?
-Cinele Your guardian, Andr.Turbeaz for that stay with you in that i
house, night noapte.Nu not surprise me if it were hunkering under some palm
ipi.Ea waiting for you to remove the assumption that with a hand gesture.
-But It to your orders, to work.

Page 74
-That Unwilling lui.Face what they say, only because thou hast asked for it and
because he knows do something good for sat.Nu not like to take orders
to mine.Privind ago, I realize that I never plcut.Chiar and
Coral Reef, was not the same length of und.Iar now, he added, know-and the
ce.De the beginning, I felt a threat, a rival in the struggle for
your love.
This is ridiculous.
Tell him it's Andr.Te consider that you belong and would use every opportunity to
mine.Dac I would end with a single misstep would kill me first and only after
This would put an extraordinary woman ntrebri.Era, calm but powerful direct but
mysterious, complex yet simple and elegant but an earnest of sexy.Privirea
made her think of it. She watched as he nervously biting and moisten their
buzele.Din shade, her voice sounded hoarse and uncertain:
-those You say?
-Nothing, He said, and turned to plece.Tocmai I thought you deserved to
be someone able to die for you.
Chantal realized it's enraged as the slope down to plaj.Putea
say, seeing far, that drove flames as volcano crater, only
iminent.Se's eruption was stopped suddenly in front of her and he splashes his
heavy boots

sandy knees.
What the hell is going on here? She smiled innocently under the brim.
-Good, Scout.M venit.Nu glad you want to swim?

-To Swimming? he said unbelievingly them to believe urechilor.Stau up there to

break my
back to these people, and they play on the beach and collect flowers, he screamed
a garland of plumeria foot and take a day and noticed that I put liber.Am
lunch is somewhat extended, but being a nice head and seeing this heat
hell, I told you not sure for some minute.Dar then workers
came after the break, have started to disappear one by unul.Pn me get this
Well, was I the only one working.
-Well, It's about time to come along with us, right? Sit down in the shade and
refresh yourself
before ...
But do not want to stay, I want to rcoresc.Podul Chantal.Nu is almost
gata.Mai we only cemented few trepte.Suntem almost ready.

Page 75
-Then No big deal if they postpone work with so zi.Raionamentul
logically caused him to leave the mini.i fists went to temples and swear by
like hell.
-I Do nothing but get mad, she said you better calm.i you
calm, because people are not going to return to work before
diminea.Ziua tomorrow today was declared a day of celebration.
-by Whom? Of you? Your authority surpasses mine? Finally get angry and ea.Se
picioare.Sttea raises his boots on the sand near her uriae.Costumul summary

bath robe was not too suitable for a confrontation, but his eyes flashed from
-When Can contribute to the happiness and satisfaction of these people,
my authority exceeds the authority leaders ta.Ca and my satului.Ei
complained that people are exhausted and need a day of odihn.Ei not
used to work as many hours as you.
-I Do not really entertains me work up there.
-Please Talk slower, Scout.Ai to mind.
-I To upset them? he said in a high voice, I do not care if you iritat.Puin
supr.i brought forefinger to his chest.
-To Finish on time, I need everyone to work throughout
lucru.Am day had enough delays, such as when they looked as out
chickens in the egg, a few zile.Apoi, took me hours to gather the nou.A
story generator was allegedly entered the spirit ru.i imagine how
I felt funny defending a generator? "Process" lasted half
The zi.Ca to finish, he leaned over her so much that Chantal was forced to
give back.
-N-Or as they used to working long hours, but I'm not familiar with
workers who leave the job unfinished, because they feel like they have.
-But Here we are in United States
-In Hell ... Determined to remain calm, Chantal control his severe voice:
-They Do not live termene.Nu insulari.Mine ntrzieri.Sunt care will be
exactly the same lucru.Ei not work for their success as the average American, they
work for what they nevoie.Personal I think deserve to live on
this criteriu.i Scout sorry, but while you're on the island, you should
obey the same criteriu.Scout bit his cheek on the inside, which was
the only sign of nervousness sale.Prul i stuck to his frunte.Sudoarea

murdar.Cmaa unbuttoned front furrow is stuck to the chest trup.Prul

however transpiraiei.Arta atrgtor.Ea wavy because he could not see too

Page 76
good eyes, because he's barely mijea, blinded by sunlight after amiaz.i
He realized that he was angry, but continued to look at him straight in
had a well-deserved day liber.Ea not want to change that and to send
back to lucru.Scout should neleag.Dac could not, he had to tolerate
this comportare.Brusc, he lifted his wealth a little minile.Chantal
hesitation, believing that wants to loveasc.Dar he did nothing than to consult
-Too Bine.Accept.Este unu.Pot time to rest now in the middle zilei.Dar
four o'clock joaca.Vreau everyone ready to get back to work By leaving
night remain for hours of work.
-I Can put them to work tonight, she exclaimed.
I can not, my ass! I have one thing to do here and I want to see it finished.
-Why So hurry? Because fiance?
-It Could be one of them motive.Ochii narrowed amenintor.El had caused
of nou.Ea, in turn, it's a strnise.Replica had hurt but fail to depart
from its original idea.
-Azi Do not return to work, punct.El lowered his hand again and turned it so
that the time to reach almost nose while he was beating furiously finger
glass clock.
-In Four o'clock she had trziu.Ea Chantal.Nici a minute movement spontan.i
clock on hand drawn lightning threw him into the sea as far as he could.

It'll be hard now longer measure the minute, sir Ritland.Scout look
watch lost perishing swallowed by the sea.
-It Was a Rolex.
-In This village has a much lower value than any garland of flowers and
incomparabilmai least frumos.Dac could make a further step toward her, would

Fi aproape.Dar came as already standing next to each other, he had the only
to arch the body to touch on one of them ei.i uier fathers included:

-I Hold you to gt.Chantal threw back his head and offered her neck defiant,
to fulfill dorina.Acceptnd challenge, he clenched his fingers at the base
ei.Cu neck thumb as he could feel the life pulsating artery.
They stood so long, lost one celuilalt.Apoi eyes, he focused his
ei.Fr gaze mouth willingly opened her lips in a deaf call.
A muffled sound burst from deep within his chest, like a pendulum blestem.El
between it and pull it towards him ndeprta.n finally pushed uor.Plec
limping on the beach, leaning hard for Johnny, what immediately jumped to the

Page 77
Chantal, breathless and deeply troubled, watched him until
-Chantal! Andr pronounce his name several times, before it hear him.

-Iart-M.Ce is?
Ti has been hurt?
Oh, no, no, it provides ea.Nu understand why everyone took that day
I had to explic.Uitndu liber.A the direction in which Scout gone, she saw
eyes full of suspicion and hostility.
-Don't Worry, Andr.O day bun.El went to a youth group, among which was also
Margot.Chantal lay on the sand, feeling his knees as a result of
Scout.Sprijinit altercation with a palm trunk, closed his eyes and tried
to appease beating inimi.Era increasingly difficult to reziste.Serile when
He felt his penetrating gaze, he wanted to answer him as body
cerea.Ar wanted to go to him as a woman, to thank him and to appease
fire knowing that it mistuie.Ea wanted it, but could not do it.
Her pride is not permitea.N could bear to be used and then abandoned,
for he would return to Jennifer, the ideal wife.
It benefit from loyalty and protection localnicilor.Ei would have defended her
unchecked Scout.Dar's what she feared louder, was her desire for
el.Iar consciousness, it seems, no longer defend so well.
How much do we have? Scout stopped on the trail to wipe his face with a
handkerchief already
stors.Civa good mileage? Johnny looked at him surprised.
-I Gave ready cldura.Am started talking to a child who does not understand a
increasingly spun.Dar that's just illogical and everything that happened to me since
I left the Coral Reef, watching her through esa insulei.Trebuia have given me

realize that it is too great to be true, Johnny.S not trust women

dressed in white, looks, moves like gods speak sooner or ele.Mai


Later, you have to regrind amarnic.Johnny smiled and sighed and resumed his

mersul.Plecaser village a couple ore.Se thought that if he could not get her out
Start with Chantal would have tried to talk to her father.
There was thought to be too sane, because who would choose to stay in the jungle
that, where all the insects invaded your earth? The heat was unbearable.
You could boil in your own sweat. Voix of Tonnerre was always right
sa.Cnd when more rocks and spit smoke, as if to remind him that it was a
perpetual threat that had to be team.Ce man could he resist
this climate? Apparently Georges Du Pont was sure Johnny putea.Scout

Page 78
whom he understood vad.Cnd asked him where he was hiding them by Du
Pont, the kid had shown somewhere on the other side of the precipice.
I know that is there in the hills, told Scout patient, but where on the hills?
He communicated through gestures that he wanted to be led to btrn.Cteva
Later, leaving satul.Acum, Scout wondered if he had done well, what
fcuse.Cnd gone, he had no idea distan.i was hot, I was thirsty and foot
it started to hurt doar.Cnd reached the other side of the precipice they discovered
ul.Era jeep covered with a net jumped military camuflaj.i inima.Nu there is no
an ignition key but can still managed to start it.

He changed his mind when he saw the look gloomy and trembling lips of Johnny.
He could not make them one kid that asta.Apoi could not leave unfinished bridge.
Ethics, which his father instilled him, would not have allowed his conscience never
May rest, if he had dared so ceva.Oricum, was curious to know the
Georges Du Pont, which was probably brilliant, but it excentric.Corey Reynolds
and he acknowledged expert opinions about Voix of Tonnerre. In this
must be based company has invested millions in construction when
staiunii.Mai was a reason resist the temptation to take jeep ul.Chantal.
She was confident that he will end his promisese.Pur podul.Aa simply not
dezamgeasc.Dac would be able to do that, she would have lost the esteem
that villagers had to ea.Ei well, was unable to leave so without a word
-From Unfortunately are damn honest, he whispered his fantasy Johnny.O school.
Johnny had djn head as if the Agreement and cheered when they left
machine exactly as gsiser.Acum after several hours away, behold,
snow suddenly rushes to the jungle, saying something in French and pointing
finger uphill.
-up There? Scout asked.
-Perfect.Scout Sighed heavily and began to climb the path pietruit.La a time
given odihneasc.Fcndu- stopped to funnel his hands, cried aloud:
-Georges Du Pont! Jungle birds screamed, their peace disturbed in the wild.
Mr Du Pont, my name is Scout Ritland.A like to vd.Sunt
convinced that your daughter will talk about mine.Atept.Nici answer.

Maybe the old man could not hear bine.Bnuia that DuPont knew English, but
could not be
asta.De sure what to rgueasc before giving eyes with Du Pont? Thus, the
endeavor to climb to the top dealului.Cnd reached up, bend the middle
and, leaning his hands on his knees, trying to regain his breath.

Page 79
Sweat trickled down his face and drops them gathered on the nose, the collar
shirt and he had rivulets of sudoare.Clipea often, because droplets them
penetrated in ochi.Cum forces began to recover, wiped his face with the back
palmei.Rezultatul was not expected, because her hand was as ud.i
feeling bleary eyes and stung him, that is ce.nti not come to believe that
vedea.Clipi several times and shook his head uluit.Pe hill on
the South Pacific were two graves, each coated white
Flower head and having one small white cross.
Two graves!
Chantal gently touched the child on the head and told him not to wet wound
several zile.Se
hit by a sharp rock, while playing on the beach, and scraped enough
serios.Ea was asked to oblojeasc wound and then was invited to share
biatului.Gestul family dinner with their gratitude could not be refused.
However, all meals, think about Scout.Nu seen him neither he nor the
Johnny had gone together since the plaj.Se expected to find
home mbufnat.N might be wondering if it would not be found working doggedly
bridge, even if dezertase.Odat team of workers with evening, become

increasingly ngrijorat.Trimisese after Andr.

-Go And check jeep.
-Why? Fu tempted to slam shut him "look like", but quench their impatience.
I do not know where you saw Mr. Ritland.L somewhere?
At that time thought a shudder; that Andr would be strange disappearance
Immediately remove him from his Scout.Dar minte.l listened too much Scout.O
il i suspect had friends that he knew of a life time Andr was .Ct

went on a mission, she spun back and he turned rost.Cnd color without them
said that the jeep was in place, she no longer knew if I had to stand or
worry more.
-Get A few people and search them by mprejurimi.Fr to say anything, Andr


plec.Chantal was concerned louder with every moment that trecea.Acum on the
return home after his farewell to the little boy had hurt and the
his family again and again wondered where could fi.Se left ntunericul.Terenul
injury may be a danger even for the people who lived there for a lifetime.
Scout did not know the area, they asked too much injured leg, which was not so
strong as thought el.Dac crashed somewhere? If lying somewhere
bleeding and helpless? If Johnny was afraid to come to the village and

say what happened? Frowning restless, enter the house and replaced

Page 80
medical kit ei.Casa father was unremarkable ntuneric.Nici lamp was not
ea.Scout was missing kindled ntorsese.Dar not then feel nostrils trace
perfume cunoscut.i heart jumped and began to agite.Se took after, smell, to
buctrie.Dei he said it was silly to be afraid and that ghosts do not smoke
cigars, she still hesitated before pushing the door of bamboo.
Incandescent flash cigar butt in ntuneric.Ea hard sighed with relief.
-Watcha Doin?
-made Baie.Scout lay in brass tub portable, knees out of the water.
Her hair was wet and seemed shampooing and rinsing and gave him over the head
with his hand.
-You Mean by ...
-Trabucul? he asked nonalan.Trase deep chest and then sent to
Ceiling some circles of fum.Sper that Georges does not mind I borrowed
I unul.Nu it? Breathing heavily, Chantal nodded in sign that.
You're a liar, added el.Scout made ceramic cigar ashtray
who had brought handy seat near czii.i rest arms
on the edge of the tub, leaving his fingers to walk through water; flop from time
to time, in the dark, it can auzi.Aa Chantal innocent as they seemed, did
though menacing, sinister as seemingly innocent as his voice.
-I Spent an afternoon on honor, said that should el.Foarte instructiv.Cred
to thank you because you insisted I take a day liber.Am visited part of
island that no one had seen and learned niciodat.Lu cigar smoke.
Of course I sweat a lot, I overworked left foot until

started to hurt like hell, I was attacked by a swarm of insects carnivore

I met a snake as thick as my waist and I narrowly escaped
A needle of an avalanche pietre.n Besides, I spent a wonderful day in
Paradis.ns worthwhile, I can meet tu.Vocea father's, which in
had begun whispered, get in intensity, reaching Finally to urle.Chantal
fric.nchise shaking eyes and tried to regain his balance and decide
how to confront a man who obviously wanted to kill her.
-You Will explain totul.Cnd finish your bath, see you in the living room.
Did you even see me standing up suddenly acum.Se, which made the water
Bath strong move, sprinkling water podeaua.mprocnd equally
and swearing, he stepped out of the tub and walked toward her.
Chantal screams of terror and turned to fug.Dar was not a pretty rapid.Scout
grabbed his shirt and pulled and strained when suddenly napoi.Bicepii through a
rotation imparted his arm, her body propped stick of su.i fist

Page 81
spine, pressing it to his head el.De, water began to drip on
rich facial hair.
Why do not you tell me that died?
-So I thought it was wiser.
-Because You've figured so you will have more influence on me in
Since I knew your father is somewhere nearby, right?
-Corect.Mi Imagined that you could have more confidence in his views than

in mine.
-ncredere -a Word that sounds loud funny when it comes to you, princess, 'said
he scornfully, drawing her stronger and el.Cnd died?
-Rooms A week before you rpi.Chantal realized that her response
surprinsese.El I had not realized that his death had occurred so curnd.Ea Georges
appreciate the fact that he kept a respectful silence before
resume shooting questions.
-How Did it happen?
Purin and simple ... she broke off, unable to master node's
stifle the voice and tears in his eyes.
He was returning from a walk in the hills ... and to stins.Un heart attack, I suppose.
-And Do not you call anyone?
-Does Not.
-N Did you know anyone that died?
-Does Not.
That does not interest anyone but me and locals.
-And They could not tell me, because none of them, except Andr, does not know
-That Is, accept it moale.Tata wanted to be buried near the mama.n
Ultimately, you have to complete a death certificate for authorities, but what

matter on him? She felt her heavy eyes the face without facing .Io

ovie.E true that her actions were not too orthodox, but its opinion

necesare.Nu have now been in no mood to begin with explanations and scuze.n
Finally, he said:
-Must Be very careful You're smart.
-No Deteapt.Sunt desperate.
Who has devised a plan to bring me here, you or your dad? Who had the idea
you to be bait? She lowered his eyes:

Page 82
-And The gun?
Dad was against any kind of violen.Sa just thought you might be convinced
We ajui.Andr and I had some doubts.
-So You've followed the plan, despite the fact that your father died.
-Da.L I asked Andr to get the arm.Urma to do everything after
plan.Nu I be convinced otherwise.
-Bine.M You here, and I agreed to ajut.De you kept secret
your father's death all this time? What? Contempt they fell hard again.
-If You thought it exists, it might return at any time, unannounced ...
... then came a spark in his eyes:
-Then You could easily defend me.
-And Went she says.
-Only Until acesta.Buzele of them grabbed her savagely.
With an arm over her shoulders and the other clutching his waist, he lifted
bottom and stick her bare thighs el.Chantal stiffened when coming to contact with
hot his skin, his hair soft and his manhood ferm.Un another wave of sensation a
invaders, when he insinuated his tongue between his lips have a flavor ei.Gura

pleasant, as if they would have washed the soap curnd.Mirosea teeth and cigar.
Her desire is giving you, so long repressed rage of his odat.Ea
replied as he felt contiina.Trupul not dictate how they starved, not
May gave respite to aleag.Limba they began to struggle with the lui.Scout
surprised, it
pulled slightly back, waited, then pulling out a muffled sound, melding his mouth
with hers.
She grabbed her arms on her waist and ran his hands on projections
water lui.Picturi muscular back and longer still trickled
Leather watering her and her fingers while her buttocks lean muscle mass.
Crazy, wild, he began to kiss his neck, scratching her skin with his beard
neras.Ea arched her neck so hard that her long hair almost reached
genunchilor.n the undulating movement of his hips Scout deleted.
He raised his head and stared at her breasts were uzi.i put his hands on his shirt
bones of her neck, then slowly lowered them to slide on easily touched his
breasts, nipples silhouetted them in prominence is ntunecate.i a breast kiss by

wet fabric tongue playing over and over again, gently biting the fullness lui.n
reflexively, her body rises, ntinzndu- her lips to his and setting of a
contact electrifying.
Oh, Doamne.El caught his buttocks between hands and pulled her close beside him
ngropnduand face in the crook of her shoulder, whispered brutal:

-You Doresc.Culc with me, Chantal.Te please ... Maybe if he had not said
anything ...

Page 83
Maybe if I would have remembered that any relationship between them was
doomed to be temporary

and only natural ... Maybe ... She suddenly become tense and took his
face in his hands and kissed her that ncet.Simind not participate, he raised his
eyes and

looked at her questioningly:

I can not, she cried, her voice trembling and emoie.Iart-m.Nu can.
Before it can retain and convincing, she broke into a chase through the back door.
He ran after her, but stopped when in dense shade that separates the house
tufiuri.Vrful sharp as a needle of a lance pierced navel him.
What the hell is this? Chantal made her mad rush end just below the plaj.Se
suddenly turned and took a breath, alarmed.
Oh, no! Andr and others that few young village surrounded him on all Scout.Erau

sulie.Feele armed with knives and their showing their sparkled hotrre.Privirile
-Cheam Your dogs, Chantal, he said dur.Ea one is to speak oamenilor.Unul
shook and shook oamenii.Andr back and withdrew his ultimul.mpotrivirea
was visible.

I followed him here, he reported his Chantal.

-I Have sent for me?
Not long ago, his face was read pasiunea.Acum Scout, was white with rage.
I did not know where you were, defends ea.Mi was afraid and something
-On Dracu.Te just thought you can run before you have finished podul.i if
I had little mind, even I did o.Art finger at her.
-Now I would not touch you, if you were the last woman on the island and I would
vecie.Ceea nailed here that, fortunately, is not the case for either of us.
Concluding thus one young man who burned his standing in his way and entered
the house, slamming
the door behind him.
The next morning, Chantal was awakened by a volcanic eruption of Voix
Tonnerre. The atmosphere was calm, hot and wondered umed.Exploziv.Ea
restless if that will somehow influence the course of work that day.
He got out of bed, wash and mbrc.Era was not alone in cas.Scout
kitchen, where she found usually drinking cup after cup of black coffee
tare.Cu night before, when she returned from ordinary bath into the sea, he was
plecat.Prea that missing all noaptea.De otherwise no wonder, considering
about his spirit.Ea ate fruit and drank some coffee, then exit
afar.Soarele barely risen over the mountain ridges, but hear noise

Page 84
metal.Mergnd to pick on site, she noticed that the village is unusually

Scout linitit.l saw far, sitting on a military of olive stnc.Cmaa

transpiraie.Cum open hearing was already wet psychology courses, it
they fit the personality type A -the likes to outdo himself and
to make all things perfect.Se overburden, as was the case acum.nainte
workers to get to work, he already worked hard, assuming
Liability tot.Nu wonder that irritated the slow pace of life on
insul.Se paused to wipe his face with a handkerchief, but a stain his face
definit.Sufletul it was hard to writhe painfully wounded by animosity between
ei.Nu could accuse him nothing happened after her brutal asear.Respingerea
would be offended any brbat.Avusese right to say no, and yet not loved
Now that Scout fac.Ar wanted to look languid eyes, as was
forward, ...
-Mademoiselle! On hearing the word, Chantal turned surprins.C few of

Village leaders a very serio nconjurau.Erau those who were initially i.Pu

looked directly into his eyes.

What happened? She felt i had came to an extremely serious, but don 't

May the thought went departe.Cnd its expuser problem, it felt kind of pain
-You Sure? Everyone nodded affirmatively.
But what is going on here? Scout climb the last steps that had just been cemented

the shore a few days urm.Respira hard.

Where are the people? Chantal looked his eyes, wanting to read in her honor,
integrity and an unshakable code of morality.
-Azi Not come to work.
-What? You do not want to say-and take another day off?
-I Will not come to work today, not tomorrow, not a few niciodat.Timp
seconds, he stared intently at her and then throws people a look
Someone wants to piss me off or what the hell is going on here? within a few days
of hard work by everyone, could finish treaba.Ce happened
you people? How Chantal only understood him, all she need to explain
-Dumneata, Mr. Ritland.Dumneata are the problem.
-I? He exclaimed, leading his hand on his chest lake sudoare.M I struggled as
to get used to them and I gave lor.Le habits liber.Am day ...

Page 85
-You Seduced one of the girls dn village and you hit someone kidnapped him
with a stone in cap.Cu gaping and eyes looked at him bewildered Chantal

unbelievingly them to their made-dione cread.Apoi some smile:

-Of Course it's a joke, is not it?

Ti seems kidding? Almost in tears she looks angrily leaders
satului.Ei not think this problem could be a subject of laughter Mr.

-No I did laugh a false accusation, he replied unat reverse.
-So You deny it?
-Desigur.i When it is assumed that they would have spent this seduction?
-Noaptea Trecut.Lui Chantal is close sufletul.De barely breathe and
spronune endeavor cuvintele.i remembered as real as if decurseser last
replicas before his departure stormy night I refused trecut.ntruct
I sleep with you, you thought Margot and seduced you feel better ea.Te
this time? You appetites satisfied now?
-Any Craving to be had, you were the one that me and aroused by his sigh eso.Un

dropped his lips.

-I Gave you in exchange for building podului.Nu you could remind me that you
and to them alone to Margot? Fists clenched Scout stronger.
-It's Just a child, for God's sake
-It Was, until last night.
-But I did not even past it.
Ti had seemed nice.
-That Is! It would have to be blind not to bag until it seam.Dar here
rape is a long way.
-She Pretend otherwise.

-Then Mind.
-Don't Mind.
-No I'm not lying here are tu.Trdarea mint.Singura he felt
was so painful, that almost ran neobservat.Voia insult to hear clearly
denying to know who was adevrul.De Margot would be lying? She put
Scout this question.
I do not know why, but mind.
Last -Noaptea saying ...
Let the night you said trecut.El waved a gesture to end
discuia.Poate I was crazy, accept.Am probably uttered words that had not
said, but I spent the night on plaj.Singur.Crede me, Chantal.

Page 86
-No Matter what you think of their eu.Prerea matter.
But do not for a few seconds mine.Ea his face fixed in a row, wanting desperately
cread.Ochii's were clear, with no trace of them on falsitate.Instinctul
gre.Avea more people and he had many faults, but he could not believe that he
down in enough to seduce a putoaic.n finally turned to
villagers and told them that Scout deny that rape began Margot.Ei
whisper among themselves and from time to time, it looked with suspicion on
What say?
-Acela Margot.Il's father pointed at the man who clamored most
lit up.

Declares that he and his wife found her this morning Margot plngnd.Cnd have
asked her what happened, she replied that it was a shame that quitting
her virginity for American, for tine.Acum think about how to make
test whether you are honest or not.
-To Put me to the test? What kind of test? She made him shut up and listen
localnicilor.Chantal decision tilt your head when the man spoke, as if
have agreed with them.
-They? asked Scout.Au going to cut my head or what? She turned to him
leaning well on both feet.
No, think to send you to the volcano.
-This Is clean nebunie.Scout parted enormous palm leaf
had the audacity to stand in the way, in a moment I can not nepotrivit.Nu
I think fate is dictated by a bunch of quack then vrjitori.Plesni
insect buzzed beside his face.

-When I get home in the United States, I will sell the story to Hollywood.
But even there I do not know if you will buy, because it is too incredible.
You sound beating degeaba.Nu your mouth alms.
He turned to he could contact Chantal.
They're just nonsense, and you know well asta.Pierdere time and you're energie.De
their side?
-For The same reason I did the rest: it can finish podul.Nu
singur.Iar people will not help you until you prove that you are not guilty and not
you have been blessed by the Tonnerre Voix muttered between his teeth .He's
misiune.Iniial about this, and it complied with all worshiped him as the messenger
zeilor.Acum, Margot, with her accusation, he questioned the divine origin.

Page 87
The leaders had decided that we should go to Voix from Tonnerre and to make a
ofrand.Dac returned unharmed, they had to think again el.Ar be a
sign of his presence in the village was protected by divinitate.El a look from top to
Probably you have been up to all these allegations against me, to
and you go to the volcano, to photograph the camera pointed at aproape.El
Photos that she was carrying on his shoulder.
Someone should accompany you and verify that you left somewhere in offering
Another plus loc.n apart from my father, I know best vulcanul.i lifted
the camera bag on umr.Nu only beat your mouth in vain, but I
and wasting my time, sir Ritland.Pornete, you rog.njurnd, he moves
totui.Merser hours through dense jungle in the hills before you start
climb the mountain that lies closest to the crater's Voix of Tonnerre.
The weight of the camera soon made her feel Chantal to neck, shoulders
and back as if he had taken a pack foc.Scout carry their supplies and offerings
of every inhabitant of satului.ncepuse also to feel greutatea.Fr to give
account leaned on foot stng.Se less often stopped to drink water
ranges, but sweating immediately, their mouths were always uscate.n the
ago, left the jungla.Clcau now more on the stones and the slope was steep,
vegetaie.Btea little wind, but soon the air attenuate and hot.
When they felt that no longer breath, came to a vertical cliff that rose
platou.Din raid on a rock, and water to form a cascade gather in a small
bazin.Chantal.puse shot down equipment, took off his boots and dive with

Scout headlong did the same lucru.Cnd stepped out, dripping water on
Place the ei.Chantal is on a rock and drank stout of hair and squeezed her gamel.
put his straw hat back to front a.l a- i grabbed Scout shade that looked

-It Was your father?
What's that? Then, realizing he meant hat, she shook cap.Da! How
I would never have to wear shoes, I thought to use the hat, she smiled.
-That Was thinking that everything you write eu.i night -of night?
-It's The last chapter of his work.
-And You finish it instead lui.Ea not find it necessary to lie.
-Why Why I wanted to know exactly date of death lui.Editorii not know that
He did not complete all information.
-But You do not gain anything from it.
-I Do not want, 'she said surprins.n everything I learned, even in high school, my
volcano profesor.Respiraia was the best feeling in the chest dwelt in el.l

Page 88
as a second inim.l knew the smallest thing that detalii.Singurul
I may boast myself is that I was most devoted student.
Scout continue to look at it with intensity.
-I Touched that girl, Chantal.Sunt sure you do not think so.

Her eyebrows incredulously shook.

-In The state in which you were ...
-In State I was in, I could seduce a hundred women, but all in vain.
I do not want only one femeie.Pe tine.Stomacul Chantal is strnse.Simi
need to take a breath of aer.Ar wanted to be able to hide excitement that engulfed
suddenly, but that was too much had been disappointed at the thought that he might
compromise a young girl, but actually jealousy had made to react as
reacionat.Ideea he could to want another woman was unbearable.
Image of making love with someone else, she was holding a long nnebunea.Ct it
to Scout? The answer was not easy, because on the one hand a terribly
embarrassed, and on
another refused to accept.
-Let's Get out more bine.i tied boots and prepare to plecare.Cnd
bounce the camera on his shoulder, took him in hand Scout.
Yl car too.
-It Is too hard.
-I Why you should car.
They balance the burden, so that the center of gravity to fall between the shoulders.
-Bun.Ct We walk?
-A May mil.Poate mult.De here before land is rugged
-More Than here?
Da.Urc me afraid that steep.
-Treci Face, he said obosit.Te urmez.Nu was no hard potec.Merser among
boulder up the mountain to reach the nearest Voix of Tonnerre .
The view was very hot magnific.Era; Every breath inhaled burning them
Chantal's plmnii.Pulsul be intensified not only because of his effort fizic.Inima

pounding, as always when he was close to the vulcan.Uitndu

Scout over his shoulder, he saw that his reaction was that i.El watched with
admiration and awe
this powerful force of nature that seemed to have a well defined personality.
Spitting fire gur.Lava incandescent streams trickled down to the valley.
The air hummed every breath shook under the feet of vulcanului.Pmntul
to them.
-God Great! Extaz.E magnificent Scout said, right?
-I've Is welcome!

Page 89
-Gndete You only matter that you spit now, will remain here millions
of ani.Suntem nateri.Silueta Chantal witnessed a looming red sky.
Wind warm clothes trup.i stuck out his hat and his hair untied, because
it can flit wild atmosphere enveloping them neobosit.Lumina of skin
a shade armie.Era if a High Priestess, bringing an offering pagan god.
Scout come near it.
-You Thank you mine.Ea next turned his gaze to his.
They stood eye to eye, until the earth trembled under ei.Din behind them is
desprinser rock boulders that tumbled to the apropiere.Chantal
smiled at the sight of a little strained expression of fear of Scout.
-If You have not seduced Margot, there's nothing to be afraid of Voix of Tonnerre .
They're innocent, but I'll feel much better once we leave this bag
with nonsense, we make photos and once we leave out of here. Because of
In fact, everyone was afraid up there joking attempted to forget the

N'd say bring your attitude of penance, Mr. Ritland, scold him
You know, I've never done that sort of thing.
What must I do, to spit on his hands and spinning me three times, muttering
something like that from now on I'll be a good boy?
-Do You kidding us, our culture!
-Cultura Lor.Tu not believe in the hocus-pocus of their more than mine.Te
only pretend, that I necjeti.El empty bag of offerings and appoint them round
mprejur.n while I do that, you take care of pictures, do you? I think respectful
the Voix of Tonnerre , but do not know what he thinks about us.
She put the camera on a trepied.ncepu to take pictures one more fabulous than
cealalt.Termin a movie and made unul.Soarele down to dusk sky
darkened, but Voix of Tonnerre May bathe everything in a light yet
strong reddish.
-Rooms Is time to go, do not you think? Scout asked worried.
-Da.N Else I pleca.O years and years pass by will be a rash of such
magnitudine.Vocea it was trist.Scout pack unit and the rest
equipment, while her with a sort of regret loaded with emotion, watching
bursting of the high mountain lui.El touched his shoulder, then put his hand on
her cheek and wiped a tear finger.
-Chantal! Princess! I know you do not like to pleci.Nici I do not like to force you
to. But we must descend before dark everything.

Page 90

-They Revoir, whispered ea.Apoi turned and caught the hand that held out Scout.
Because now I had so much to carry around, and gravity help them, they came
repede.Chantal much thought likely that the wound ached, but he did not show
nimic.Prea that cares more than ea.De few times she had lost
balance and was ready to plunge into the deep ravine, but he had stopped falling
his own body.
-I Hope that the volcano to know that these are offerings from us, he told her
looking in
back and observing worried Voix of Tonnerre May showered with fire and
molten rocks skies nnoptat.Erupiile follow quickly, one after another.
-I Do not give it
Al damn afraid, 'said el.Apoi both laughed and they took downhill faster without
longer hide the fact that fleeing to save pielea.Erupiile were increasingly
violent: ash and slag were falling everywhere, like a burning snow.
-Repede In water! Scout screamed when they came to a lake where rcoriser
-Stay! It's fabulous! took his camera out of the bag and began to take pictures as
quickly as it
aparatului.Oh motor allowed! the Look!
-Why Could and Dad to see ...
-Chantal ... He ripped device hands, threw him down and, with Chantal in her
arms, it
bazin.Apa throws his first nghii.Scout reached the bottom and pushed powerful
knees out to suprafa.Cnd looked out of Tonnerre Voix

explod.Furia explosion was neegalat.Ploua with foc.Zgura fall on water

stingea.Nu around them and could do nothing but sit stunned, worship
surpassing greatness moment he likened them frica.Scout a natere.Era
as terrible, as menacing as frumos.Prea that no
sfrete.n Finally, it suddenly seemed deafening termin.Linitea.
Minutes on end, stood motionless, chins above apei.n Finally, he took Scout
hand and pulled her out of the volcano ap.Din would not go out now than wisps
binevoitor.Chantal alb.Arta small smoke dropped to his knees, epuizat.Scout is
ea.Erau very nearly sat down next to speak, but no one took a
vorb.n Finally, he reached out and pulled her and wrap her alturi.Protector
lui.Peste the body with their heads cool breeze gently sweeping ash clouds.
Chantal wake up from sleep and slipped out of his arms Scout.Sau, rather, the
ncercat.Cnd began to rise, he gathered her braele.Deschise ochii.innd

Page 91
instead, looked her straight in front a.ii stroked her hair, facial obrajii.Expresia was
eloquent and

Scouts atent.Parc ask if sleeping a good tight against him, as if

ei.Ea expected response would want to look lean and submit a kiss
hot and sweet on his lips instead of good dimineaa.Dar if he did, he knew
well that would not have stopped there, and she knew that it must be opreasc.Un

if extended stay near Scout, she would not have been able to
leave ... He made reservations call her self, gave him a hand and arms
picioare.i rises examined camera and found not suffered
serioase.Filmele damage they had done in their cases were intact.
Scout linger a little longer before jumping in picioare.Sttu longer
landscape look around joints feel stiff mprejur.i from
moisture during nopii.Piciorul began to ache from nou.Ea saw
rubbing when bent to fill the tins with water from the lake.
-Where Is your hat? he notes when they were ready to leave.
-I Missed it last night, when we descend the mountain.
-Must Be spus.mi I'm sorry.
-I, Nu.Tatei would like to know it's somewhere at the foot of the Voix
He said a few words, but actually better communicate niciodat.i wizards
gndurile.De though many times, stopped at the same time i looked long
each other's eyes, as if he sensed the same thought locului.Triser together

a unique moment, and it seemed esuse some connection between them, which was

doomed to be, in turn, unic.Sau maybe this new kind of rapprochement between
due to the fact that spent a night wrapped in the same bodily heat.
Something had happened important.Ceva more than mere sexual attraction.
It became a spritual connection. and they felt it, but could not definitive.

And for now, each was happy with what he felt, even without it
defini.Sosirea anunat.nainte their village had been long for them to reach
gulf, drums began to bat.Cnd entered the jungle, they heard shouts of joy
on the banks celalalt.Chantal be smiled Scout
-It Looks like your hero zilei.Coborr carefully cemented stairs, crossed
unfinished bridge and climbed on the before getting up,
Scout locals coming to meet him.
What say? asked el.Johnny fight with other children, to catch the hand

Scout.Acum have the privilege to walk with pride and hero is read on

Page 92
-Erupia Last night was a favorable sign from vulcanului.Sunt sure
that were not in Elat when they granted their confidence.

-Slav Lord I'd have liked too much to put dynamite under the stairs
astea.El throw smiles on all sides, receiving ova laid by satisfacie.Accept

Thanks to flowers and all sorts of other signs of appreciation that steals
oferite.Deodat over the crowd settled down his thin girl linitea.O

Scout was a place among oameni.Chantal and Margot waited until he reached the
their face and leaned so deeply that her face was covered with hair hanging
lung.Ea began to speak in oapt.Cnd finished his revelation, Chantal is
looked up at Scout.
-Well, You say?
He said he lied about tine.Chantal cleared his throat hoarse with emotion.
It seems that her boyfriend told her to put the blame on you for what he had done
was el.Ei
fric.l loves this man and could not rezista.Dar would never be able to
Last minciun.Noaptea live with for fear of the volcano, told
adevrul.Scout parents looked down at him were filled with young fat.Ochii
compassion and not anger.
Tell him that I accept your apology and I have no claim.
-Lucrurile Not quite that simple, Scout.
-They Must be pedepsii.El seemed alarmed.
What would happen to them?
-Conductorii Village decided that the penalty be ru INEA to have committed a
such action.
-But Type?
-What's The one who will decide your punishment, since, for him, fault
was thrown on you.
Who is it? Chantal asked the Margot.Ochii face filled with tears.
Trembling lips murmured:

Once the name was uttered -Andr.De a new rumor is made audible in
mulime.Andr was pushed in front of villagers and stood before him whom he
nedrept.Sttea denounced proud and stiff, chin raised challenging.
His hands were tied in front, but still stared defiantly at Scout.
What are you going to do? Scout Andr changing hostile glances, but when
he asked the question, he turned to her eyes filled with repeated nelegere.Ea
the question.
-You Have been the victim of deception lui.Tu should give him punishment.

Page 93
Scout ran his fingers through his hair.
-If I wanted to be judge, I studied dreptul.Nu we can only
shake hands and forget everything?
No, 'she said cruel, shaking his punishment Chapter I expect from you.
If you do, it'll be worse for el.Ar prefer to kill than to stay
dezonorat.Andr wait in silence, but his eyes followed her Chantal speaking.
Fine, said Scout.S give me someone with a it.Chantal looked surprised, but found

knife in hand to give the Scout.

-Keeps Mind, thou hast thrust in all this, 'he said softly, then turned to
lui.Cu opponent knife tip, Andr stung him in the stomach, as he had
and it's two nights ago.
-Pedeapsa To be kidnapped Margot's virginity is to marry her and to
bestow many copii.Andr, who did not blow when it imposes Scout

knife, now tresri.Clipi few times and looked at Chantal, incredulous, as

as would have been sure that he had heard a hurried bine.Stenii Chantal translate
Upon learning the news, shouts were heard over Thanksgiving tot.Margot
interrupted their
prayed and looked up, letting slip of fingers bead.
-ntreab Her if she loves, she said it made Chantal.Ea's Scout's question
Margot.Lacrimile it streamed down her cheeks while lips sigh:
-Oui, Oui, 'she said frankly, shaking translated cap.Apoi also told him his
-Tell That if he would have loved would not have slept with el.Dar loving so much
made that step was ready to pay any pret.Chiar and that of ruinii.i
even the morii.Privirea Scout paused in front of Chantal's bright,

before I return to Andr e.

-You Heard o.Te te.nsoar with ea.Druie loves you and many approaches

boy and pressing the tip of the knife in his stomach, he said, If thou in ela


or unhappy ever you do, I come here I will make of thee a

very unhappy eunuc.Dndu the least back, I asked him endorsing this

punishment? Andr completely shaken, nodded:

-Perfect. Move them with a quick arises a collective murmur, cut the rope Scout
which tied his hands Andr.Apoi, rotate clever knife by its blade and its
Andr handle large bone that you get confused.
-Well, Now that it's over, let's get to work and was finished with
damned bridge.
-I Have conquered you in palm.Faptul totul.i that you gave the knife Andr and

Page 94
thou hast turned away, gave gata.nainte this, you admirau.Acum worships you.
Chantal and Scout sitting on a carpet woven from grass, which could be considered
a tron.Srbtorirea End bridge began in amurg.De then, the villagers did not
May incessant gifts for Scout.n while Chantal spoke, a young girl had
alanine Scout's neck a garland, kissed him on both cheeks and then run to
hide among her friends.
-Micare Success, 'he said laconically, answering his observation on

I gave it apparently gave roade.El nodded to young people

love is affectionately hugging, while his parents Margot
seek his eyes.
-I Think Andr consoled with the idea that you can not and you have taken the
best after tine.Chantal avoid this.
-Margot Will be a wife devotat.El an already learn English, which proves to me
that not only loves her very much, but it also looks at Scout lui.Se considered
Neither King Solomon could not make a wiser decision.
You know the story of King Solomon? She sniffed disapprovingly:
-I'm Not only a pagan.
-I Ask myself, cteodat.Vocea to become deep and serious.
-I Remember how you looked in that light erupiei.Eu dying of fear and
you surrounded by volcanic fury, Dominic everything victorious.
-It Was great, she said simplu.Apoi, and to bring about him, added: Men in
I sat admiring praise you frumuseea.Toti curajul.Femeile in love with you.
-All? A group of young men performed a ceremonial dance, as to
distreze.Cuitele he is hitting a one el.Suli they swirled like sticks

inofensive.Un dancer juggle tor is burning you blow, prinzndu

then it skillfully, before reaching the ground.
But agility and talent-dancers were barely observate.Scout and
Chantal had eyes for only one cellalt.De when returned from
volcano, a terrible force atrgea.l loved him and finally was ready to recognize it.

He liked his determination to finish podul.Lucra hard and with perseverance,

never satisfied with the work done perfect.Era mediocru.Totul to be a
Chief harsh, but never demanded things that they would not have done himself, his
toi.Nu correctly treat critical mistakes or laziness, but praise the initiative and
work well
fcut.Era a man of honor, as demonstrated in the case of Margot and of
Andr.l loved passionately.
But he was leaving and she could not imagine how it will support the separation.

Page 95
-You Do well to stop drinking so ceva.Ea broke the spell that bound them as
to feel aggrieved if they do not look like it 's celebration.

-If Another drink much, not going to be able to feel nimic.Deja, I do not
However extremitile.Cu feel he went to peel mouth and drank coconut
of liquor that was not as harmless as they might think.
- Monsieur ! a whole family approach to his feet and made a basket
- Mercator .Chantal laughed at his embarrassment Scout.
-All Not feel at ease when talking to a woman with naked breasts.
-I Too much Yanke Doodle Dandy, I think.
-Why Where is takes its name? She selected a ripe papaya in the basket and began

-School? He grimaced as a bieandru.Cnd kid, we were playing trenul.Eu
I did not want to be one of those pioneers who traveled to the West to make
I wanted to be a tough guy with a past that always makes dubios.Aa
Scout (Scout) .Putii neighbors started calling me so, and so I
umeri.De rmas.Ridic in fact, is more beautiful than Winston Randolf, which
is my real name.
-I Can, she exclaimed heartily bite of fruit.
-No Da.i realize a name for two people on a baby's head
not guilty.
-What Are your parents? she asked, continuing to peel papaya.
No longer sunt.Au both died.
-You Juice out of it, over tot.El approaches to blot them from papaya juice
chin, then licked juice and buze.El degetele.Mai have studied them some
seconds, then leaned over and licked them, easily passing her tongue over
opened, but she quickly pulled napoi.El murmured his name in a long sigh
and full of desire to be walked .Ochii entire face, touching her as if every

Your E so incredibly beautiful!
-Pierzi Dansul.Iar they dance in honor of her ta.Vocea barely hear the noise

powerful drums and whistles.

-I Need to look I feel the rhythm in cap.n weight and swallow inim.n ...
eyes closed.

Page 96
-Did I wanted mult.Nu so you can imagine how I felt when night
night had to stay under the same roof with you and you will not be with
me as I slept up there on the mountain.
-School ..
-Don't Interrupt me! Listen m.Sa something very important happened the night
Therefore spent in the Tonnerre Voix .He spread his arms wide in a gesture of
neajutorare.Nu know what, but until then thought maybe I had been seduced
Bali H'ai this, and you were part of this paradis..Dar not, Chantal.
Only you swear ... Music paused contezi.i of odata.Nimeni not vorbea.Dansul
is terminase.Pentru a moment, Scout was not careful notes that Chantal.El
freed space in the middle cercului.n other side, it was moving, but
still not happening nimic.Cnd turned to say something to Chantal, jab
noticed that she was no longer acolo.Era imposibil.Nici simise.Nu not feel any
se.Privi air moving in all directions, peered alert crowd, but it seems

fall into the ground.

-Where The hell ...? The drums began to beat again at a pace more lent.Scout
did not want to watch another dans.Voia to find Chantal and finish
conversaia.Dar celebration was in honor lui.Nu able to offend the hosts
graioase.Aa that refocus attention on what was happening in

middle of the circle, where two rows of young girls danced with their faces turned
el..Fustele septic grass around their legs waved with goale.oldurile
hypnotic precision and grace desvrit.Ca before, dancing was sensual and
seductive without being lubric.Cnd girls came to him, the two rows
Isolate the dancers in parts left and admire dreapta.El
synchronization, the show itself until, just stood in front of the last two
rnd.Una dancers left, following the others, second left.
He found himself staring into the depths of bright blue eyes.
His heart jumped in piept.Era charmed by these ochi.Ea its provocative invitation
had removed the top of the suit baie.Snii were bare and bright, debarely covered by a garland of plumeria.Pielea it glistened in the light flame
tor.Prul waving his body in addition to the head twitched in a move towards
spate.Apoi continues rocking and whirling game of beatings spate.Odat
rhythm of the drum, she raised her arms above capului.Erau undulating and
graceful and admired his hands expresive.El elegance and skill, but it was
seducie.Ochii dominated by the power of her pinning her flat belly and lean and

Page 97
ondulatorii.Fusta's green movement rises from time to time, while
spinning, let his soft skin and his voice catifelat.Capul May
worse than after drinking, because sound crazy, more powerful than the eruption
vulcanului.Parc is thickened blood vine.Totul focus in spine
then spread to a madly spinning tension plcut.Chantal
like fingers reaching sky, his head thrown back in an abandonment

pagan back arcuit.Cnd last crescendo drums sounded, she collapsed in

his face, head on genunchi.Apoi giving head back and threw her back
glossy black hair, she looked at him with a hungry and passionate woman with a
leoaic.Scout proud jumped up and handed a mn.Ea and put it in
aspr.Apoi he lifted his hand in the darkness brae.O taken so full of
spices, way up in cas.Luna shone so much that everything was luminat.El
perfect way to see the bedroom, even if, in fact, is not dezlipiser eyes of
on the one hand Chantal.Ddu year net acres and placed it carefully on the bed,
and he stretched, covering her body with the lui.Buzele is suprapuser hers in a
profund.Cu long kiss and gently, yet firmly, his tongue filled her mouth, in
while his hands caress trupul.El green skirt and broke the lock
threw it on the floor, leaving only Chantal slip him a flower irag
mirositoare.El amount is less away so he could look into her voie.Snii

filled from top to soften them, then leave skin soft plain
sweet abdomenului.Mna payment of the movement's continued his pants and she
fell on

jos.Sexul it was soft, dark and lovely by promises
ascundea.El lowered its head, gave flowers to kiss his hand snii.Languros, he
wet tongue nipples them suddenly feel the tari.l ran a chill when you hear

optindu I wanted to make numele.El plcere.Cnd slid his hand between the thighs
I felt her wet womanhood and there answer them, i realized that i was really

many umit.ntr a second, and he was at her bedside and began il

descheienasturii from .Chantal Shirts, tempered least after he shivers

just spread them in it, lift them off your hands.

-Let Me.
-I Do not know if I can expect, he smiled.

-No Po i.Ea assumes the task to unbutton the buttons i- i extend movements as


he could mult.Cnd cam gave him away, her mouth stick sensual chest
his warm, damp skin of sudoare.Gemnd pleasure, he dug his fingers into its
Her hair coverage ei.Sruturile chest while falling unnecessary Shirts
jos.Ea its hands walking on his ribs aa way with palm, to be able
comfort tufts which divided eau torso in dou.Delicat, grabbed them

Page 98
buzele.Ochii flashed his pleasure, she kissed him increasingly below, making it
to gather hard in the i.Apoi suddenly opened his eyes and a look adnc.Punndu- i

a finger under her chin, she stroked his head elevation moist lips.

-I Do not want nimic.Nu have to do anything.
-tiu.De That a fac.Minile they swept him firmly.
-Chantal, She moaned el.i love is much gura.Total.Languros.Cu plcere.Scout
slowly losing by a miraculous death.
You're sure? Her hands he brought the closer.
Ah, it's minunat.Dar are so deep in you, that I am afraid not to
doar.Spune me if it hurts.
-I Doar.Chantal I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pressure that he
created inside ei.Primea happy weight lui.Florile died from her neck
crushed bodies, their lor.Parfumul already filled space full of passion
senzual.Ea her breasts felt the soft caress of hair on piept.Adora
to walk hands on the back of strong muscles.
No longer can ... I can not refrain, opti he barely breathing.
-You Wait ... He began to get me into it, her body hitting walls. Her hips

responded to the momentum behind and whispers in sync balans.El
ear erotic words, while she mixtures fran Uzeste and English words without

His books sens.Mi escalation in rhythm and force, creating more friction.

Chantal felt her muscles tighten all giving rise to a voltage

almost unbearable, but bringing him find his beatitudine.Gura top of a

breast, and when it began to mozoleasc lips, tension reached its climax.
All nbu they wish they lined up then exploded, conceived more light and

cdur than a new stea.Trupul they wasted in cntei.Apoi, and stronger, felt
As his body Scout fills hers with a new life.
-So That the reason it's hard to transfer responsibility on the shoulders
someone else is that I always had me take.
-Prin Ii 's ambitions stimulated? Resting on his cheek Chantal play

his chest nipples.

-No Da.Dar their incomes were limitate.Am knew from the beginning that if I
to follow it done and get up to a higher position my father who
Thirty years had worked in the factory, I had to I could singur.Ei top

help in financial terms, so I worked in several places to

can go to the sheet.

Page 99
-But Meritat.Ai well managed.
-I Gaining experience at several companies and after that I worked on
propriu.Afacerea my account started from very little in.Iat of the project Coral

Reef is so important.Este my first contract with a corporation by such

mrime.Amintirea's Coral Reef though worryingly close to the reality.
Instinctively crouched beside Scout.El Chantal grabbed tightly.
-Before I came here, 'he said dreamily, it seemed that the world go by
ceas.Eram obsessed with fixed deadlines, schedules and went next contract.i
hand to his mouth and kissed palma.Tu taught me that things are arranged and
alone and forgotten in timp.Am my clock could feel the smile on his mn.Ea
top of her head.
Since when live within its culture, the hectic pace of life in the States
United sperie.Sigur me that I realize that there no one could live like
here, but nevertheless there must be a middle solution, she said trist.Recunosc I
hoisted a certain contempt for the so-called civilization compared to life
simple here, she added, but this week I realized that even this culture not
is perfect.
-How So? The story Andr.Presupun that each company knows corruption and
-Because Companies are organized in human beings, and human beings are
subject greelii.Tu for example, are often tempted to lie.
-Oh.Ea Fix their eyes on his face, flying an ironic and angry expression.
Laughing, he tightened piept.Cu backhand stroke her cheek gently.
I'd like to know what you were thinking, princess!

-in What sense?

-About Asta.Despre noi.Vreau to know ..
No! She pressed her lips degetele.Nu wanted to hear anything that might spoil
these moments together, especially their conscience lor.Margot was ready to
sacrifice everything to prove his love Andr thought ei.Chantal
Margot's choice deserved riscul.Scout not have to belong niciodat.El
belonged to a woman that she would not ever meet her and a
companies where it does not have locul.Nu, Scout's life could not have, but for
while lui.Atta long as he will love him dedication, she had to sip
in full and pay the price later pain.
Do not say anything I want Scout.Nu justification or explicaii.Te please!
They're things that should be said that it is good to say.
-Please, 'She said seriozitate.El sighed resignedly.

Page 100
-Bine.Dar Can not stop me to say that you are, without doubt, the greatest
The woman I saw your vreodat.Faa, your body, 'he added hoarsely,
walking and looking along the body perfect and matchless But ei.Eti
it is not limited to how arai.Eti unique and mysterious and exotic
unsettling and capricious and unpredictable and sexy.i even these
adjectives could not picture the stark image of Chantal Louise
Go Pont.El his fingers wrapped in strands of her hair, marveling at the
their silky softness.
-Azi When you surveyed the preparations for the celebration, I read something
from you

written manual.Se looking at it and thinking aloud:

You're sclipitoare.Eu consider myself an intelligent person, but only after I
Carefully read your writings I realized how much beauty, how much light
intellectual, sensitivity, self-knowledge and care for the nearly lie in
tine.Ridic shoulders, nemaigsind cuvinte.Eti what any woman should
to want to devin.Dup a long kiss filled with meaning, it rises
next to him and leaned back on his heels.
-I Do not think that I could be so poetic!
-But I was poetic.Am sincer.Ea was just touched his face, loving.
Me you seem very fumos.
-Thank You.
I speak very seriously.
When you've been shown the opening gala sit action, my heart began to beat

puternic.M was glad that you were the one that was supposed to put a momesc.i
finger on chin and continued ncpnat.Te annoy you too uor.Dar I admire
voina.Ai great power of intuition and not get out of the way before a problem or
responsabiliti.Eti a sensitive and responsive to the feelings of others.
Her fingers explored his chest hair again, making his way slowly spinning
lui.Ador your hair from the very sexy.El piept.E groaned.
-I Love being iubit.Simindu the wonderful, put his hands behind his neck Scout
-I Wanted to remark your ribs protruding, 'she said and laughed when he saw
Pier satisfied smile on her fa.Eti weaker than when you arrived.
-No No wonder, with this diet that I took and how I sweated in
each zi.Degetele moved her thighs and touched her gently on the scar.

-I'm So sorry.
-I Know It.

Page 101
-Don't I could not believe when the gun went off in my hand and saw
nind.Jur blood that I had intended to shoot ... He squeezed her hand.
-tiu.Ea Took her hand and placed it on the neck.
-It Was so angry when you've figured out what happened!
-Da.Eram Furios.Dar ... His eyes rekindled an enveloping with painful ardoare.Mai
but the wound was that you wanted so mult.Triam permanently in a state of
excitare.O el.Dup pulled down over a few kisses, he whispered:
I want to make love to you again.
-Like This? She walks hand on sni.El imitate, nipple clamped his lips and he
knead gently before comprises powerful in the mouth.
-School! she cried breathlessly.
I want to be again mea.Iar it is drui.Se slowly waved above his lui.El
hands on her breasts slipped slightly, then down, until his fingers sank into
delta ei.i silky hair from their bodies and placed his hand stroked
gently with your fingertips until her face was filled with pasiune.Respira
greutate.Senzaiile be poured through the body, like warm waves without dikes.
Finally, slumped forward over his chest, too exhausted and satisfied that
to be able to further mite.Cu softly placed his hands on her skin
pearled with sweat, he whispered:
Declares that the soul lives volcano tu.Dar father lives and feel tinel
as pulsating me as a big heart.
It was daylight and he had to plece.Se to expect that. aa knew too well that will

ntmpla.Se pretended to be asleep when he come off her body, she disentangle
fingers in her hair and stood in silence pat.n, he gathered his clothes and
slipped out of camer.Ea stood still, eyes closed, listening to their
bagajul.Paii was heard on culoar.Chiar his eyelids close, she knew
perfect when his figure loomed in the doorway of the bedroom, casting a shadow
podea.i long sensed the moment when he thought he took leave of his girlfriend
on the island, because it fills a gap being endlessly it as a terrible wound, which
have to heal niciodat.El leave the house in silence, without ever seeing
pillow wet with tears that girl who had loved her so much.
In Boston frig.Aproape that was forgotten as cold and wet weather, which
I ran to the BMW oase.Radiatorul Jennifer was given to

Page 102
maximum.Ca and chords vocale.De when they took him to the airport, no longer
incessant talk.
-You Have to be mad at the last minute tine.Evit a taxi, you started to
enter autostrad.Cnd you phoned me from California, I was tempted to close
even before hearing where fusesei and ce.l Wait to exit the
airport and cheerful toot it, his only appears with suitcase in hand, trembling

The frig.Cnd he threw luggage in the back seat, she apologized that
not expected to bear.
-That Would be to park the car, to walk all the way and otherwise, any
there was no need, is not it? she said leaning and giving her lips, which he
form.Acum kissed, held out a hand to him and felt his thigh.
-I Do not believe that you were shot by a lad Tinas.
God, Scout, was probably ngrozitor..Vreau to tell me everything.
But first, I want you to tell me what happened while you were gone.

Embark on a diptych of births and separations that had taken place in their circle
of friends and acquaintances.
-But Do not forget, Mr. Reynolds -which insists otherwise called to tell him
ieri.Cnd called I said come back today, invited us to have dinner with him and
Mrs. Reynolds, tomorrow sear.Eu I accepted her voice suddenly lowered tone
confidenial.Cred whisper that i 'd like to make an offer it can not

refuza.Nu great? Is always been so talkative?

Mom was so worried that he can not arrive on time for the wedding, that of
have to keep her in bed and take drugs.
When you call and miraculously recovered and began to speak with you
"Poor fellow" .ASA you were forgiven. Yesterday we resumed preparations for the
Nunta.Cstoria.Scout looked at the woman's face for the sake of traffic
Boston and wondered why it had asked the soie.Era pretty, mannered, educated.
After it had taken so long just to put his business on his feet, he had
realize that reached quite ripe age of forty and behold started

to think about his life and wanted particular.i family .copii.Jennifer

Occurred at potrivit.i was presented: it was bright, intelligent,
presentable to potential candidates ... How, at that time, was alone ...
Mom says that Hawaii is a very common acum.Toat world go to Hawaii
in addition miere.n month, I think you are tired of tropical climate, so we
suggested that we send in Spain or North Africa, where, however, is altceva.Nu

Page 103
know anyone who has been in North Africa and the month of miere.Ateapt
to see how we imitate the look toi.El lost tergtoarele rain washed.
Briza wearing perfume of flowers, the sound of waves, birds cry
jungle, all were like light years distance a.ii was already miss them, i passed

only three zile.Sau four? How long it had flown the plane?
-Drag My country and very tired, Jennifer commented that caught rubbing and

tmplele.Te take me home tonight, because of course your apartment

must be cleaned and ventilated before it can be locuit.Mine, send it there
mea.n maid tonight but I want you to relax, first with a long shower
fierbinte.i please brbiereti.Nu you've never seen you so neglijent.Mine
morning, go to the emergency frizer.Slav God we arranged to eat
home disear.Ai could scare any matre d'hotel respectable in the city.
He parked in front of her house and stop the engine.
-Mine, You can ...

-Jennifer.Se Looked at him surprised.

-God, You realize that's the first word that you utter when you
got in the car? But not nimic.i put a hand on his arm protector.
-It's Only natural that you do not feel, as far as the way you made you feel better
cas.Focul we move into our lair burn and bought what you like IE

mnnci.Doar to put everything in cuptor.Probabil at seven, so we can eat at

opt.Te then to shower and get a lovely woman brbiereti.Era
young, that would have been the ideal wife for a man thought he was ascensiune.El
everything that he could dori.Eficient.Organizat.Spumoas.Poate era.Era too ...
foaming, and the rest ..
-Jennifer, I call myself Corey Reynolds and cancel the invitation to dinner.
She gasped in astonishment, but he continued before she say something.
I want to talk to him about business, but everything stays at business.
I do not understand why, but if you like, it's regul.Gura strnse.Nu is not like them
ruin someone meticulous arrangements.
-And Cancel nunta.Nu had thought to tell him so repede.Ar wanted to take greater
domol.Dar not seen any reason to May amne.Era unfair to her, but
he could not bear ncordarea.Rmase amazed how quickly feeling was gone
piept.Era tension as they gathered seams of a garment, is
brusc.Totul torn seemed easier now.
-What Do is oribil.Spune me how you want, you are right to whatever I spui.Dar
seem vile in your eyes, I would feel more despicable if I do this

Page 104

cstorie.Vezi you ... he made a pause and a deep breath, do not iubesc.Iubesc on
altcineva.i still very strong.
-A Gone? Scout.Unde repeated gone? The other side of the island? To swim? Let
fish? For Voix of Tonnerre for? He needs a month, which seemed
it endlessly long, to answer all messages you received in the absence
his sort them and respond to letters, to pay debts and contact
afaceri.Corey people Reynolds was disappointed that broken
Jennifer engagement, but had offered very favorable Scout three contracts, which
had to give him work in the next two ani.De Once signed contracts,
Scout Reynolds had told him he had some urgent personal matters
solved and jump on the next plane to Honolulu.Ajuns in Parrish Island, rented
a jeep and hurried to sat.Drumul among the mountains gave him much trouble.
He began to believe that the village and Chantal had a miraculous dream of not
nc.Mergnd awakened volcano always right, arrived Finally the abyss.
Thatched roofs on the other side were witness to the fact that everything
vis.Aps had the car horn and began to shout, waving his hands on
above capului.Cum not saw Chantal, rushing down the stairs, crossed
bridge and flew the other steps in sus.Cnd reached the shore, barely able
respira.Johnny the worm one's way through the feet, and clung tight pants.
Andr came with Margot alturi.Dup that greeted the eyes of Scout scrutiny of
people who gathered, but was not able to find much adored figure, which
a cuta.Cnd Andr asked where was Chantal, receive response only four
words echoed in his soul as a harbinger of death knell.
-A Went to America.
-America? screamed Scout.Cnd?

-Now Few weeks.

-Why? Andr did not know what to rspund.Scout bolt home, reaching
people in the pursuit of nebun.Urc slope and crossed the veranda.
-Chantal! he screamed giving lturi.Nu door was answered only tcerea.Mobila
her personal belongings were missing only his last Chantal.Nici books, no trace
The fotografii.Cutreier like crazy all over the house, opening closet doors and
drawers until he became aware that it took more slowly through cas.Observ
that her mother's dressing table lipsea.Se think how hard it must be to a
carry over prpastie.i wanted a very mult.Asta probably also been shown
that was not going to further ntoarc.El sat on the bed, on

Page 105
Iser split it only once, and dug his fingers in her hair, trying to

stem the tide of despair that it contained.

-With Miss Du Pont! he said nerbdtor.Este to college or not?
-Once Returned to the United States had begun to Universitate.Secretara searches
Administrative Office of the Faculty of Geology, condescending look at it:
Sir, are you referring to Dr. Du Pont?
-In Dr. Du Pont? Yup! Yup! Chantal Du Fu indicated Pont.i building where
lucra.Fugi there by car rented an illegally parked and burst
nuntru.Dup that examined the register, took the elevator to the third floor and
began desperately
to read the numbers on ui.Cnd reached her door, turned the handle and violent

ua.Ea wide open stood at the window with his back to el.I seemed curious to see
taior.Prul he was dressed in tight in a bun on the nape.
-Chantal! It ntoarse.n before him, was a completely different woman.
Image spectacular sunset on the Pacific was suddenly darkened by a pair
pants, roll up to the top, and legs shook his head goale.Ea
and went back and shaded eyes, defending the sun sinking
slightly higher.
-School! His name came naturally his lips and whispered in one sitting.
-I Feel flattered! Remember: He threw himself on his knees nisip.Sprncenele is
InBin, giving him a scowl, which was painfully familiar and dear.
-what Are you doing here?
-What Do you think? I'm looking tine.De you left?
-Why The island? confusing, she nodded.
I always thought to go, since he died only two remaining tata.Mai
things to do, to finish the book and ...
-To Build the bridge.
-That Was the last wish of tatei.Asta he wanted to bequeath people
sat.Dup what I did and that nothing was holding me there.
-I Thought the island was home ta.Ea gaze reflects its waves.
-For Me it was different than we have tata.El mother and mine.Viaa
I was complet.Eu familie.Aici's waiting for me still looked mea.Se work
Scout again and shrugged umeri.Scout was far from quiet.

Page 106
You know what I went through to find you? I flew back to Perrish Island, we

that led through the jungle hell, I struggled with the heat, insects, and all
that to learn that plecasei.Lu breath.
-Azi I went from the airport directly to the university and I messed up over tot.Am
I came to your office and scared out of her nurse ta.Avea hair ... oh, it does
.Am importance tried to convince'm not a maniac, but she telephoned to

check if he could give me the address ta.Am did insist countless

ori.Presupun you were here on the beach.
-almost Every evening to watch the sunset come here glanced soarelui.El
up at home, a small house clean, built on the rock above them, face
the sea.
-It's Nice aici.Reminiscene the island.
-Why Why I bought o.Dar continue your story.
I told him that escapes full health if not give me what I adresa.Dup
chased half past one and I'm wrong way twice, here I am finally here.
But why you fought so as to find me? Why?
-Why Did you sleep with me? he said, striking directly at int.n mood
that is, she thought it would be prudent not to give an evasive answer.
His stubbornness asked innocently.
-Because You looked unbelievingly iubesc.El cread.Asta a touching them more
as orice.i took her hand and squeezed it.
-It's One of my inventions or mele.i lies around it is.
I realized that the night I slept near the Tonnerre Voix .i
have some time to say:
-Why Did not you confess then?
-Because I knew, however, you had to go.
- I did not want to feel about you.

-A E.
-Then I had to leave, Chantal, 'he said, taking her hand in this time of

lui.Am was trying to explain Dina night, but you left me, remember?

You think I look like a girl from the island, as an object of pleasure while
I stood on the island. Yet you made love to me! She nodded unable
to utter a word.
How much should it have cost you, 'said el.i contained palme.Ea felt his head
fingers on the front A.t.
Listen to me, 'he said Jennifer belongs trecutului.Am broken engagement.
-But That's awful!

Page 107
He's been in adevr.Nu could make love to you how long this engagement
was official yet. I tore everything suddenly.
-She Said what?
-A Lot of lucruri.Dar not that count, more importantly what not spus.A
talked a lot about the inconvenience and trouble, but not once has
said he loved me very much and I hurt her adnc.Uite, he said frankly,
I am not proud of what I have lived ever fcut.Dar well mpreun.n
few years, if not sooner, we would have reached her friends arrived divor.Toi
acolo.Aa mod.Ne is to utilize each other, because both believed that
I was at an age when it's good to raise a familie.Aa you do not make processes

conscience, thinking that ruin a great story dragoste.Na was no

aa.Dac moment was not I'd never followed the ballroom.
Chantal wanted to be sure.
He looks perfect for you.
Yes, era.Dar not iubeam.M I was in love with aa tine.A to your e fie.Tu
iubesc.i woman turned to face kissed him on the cheek.

-I Loves you?
You doubted yourself? Her heart leaped for joy and love, but she was not sure of
his plans viitor.De i loved him so much, he would not accept to be only
mistress, an exotic toy.
- And what happens now?
-Did You to be my wife, by eso. i'll have children, because of expectations other

Um genele.Zmbetul to cross its shade is a shining moment:

-But What about your work? With me? Where will we live?
-O To think and to that, he reconciled domol.Dac enough love
strong, and we will re combine's lives as they floated bine.Ochii

lacrimi.Dup many weeks when they think that it will review

ever, he could not believe that stood knelt in front of her, talking to

about a love that rival the ei.Ea touched her hair, eyebrows,
shoulders, as if to convince himself of the existence of the creature's real.

-A Wants to go back from time to time on the island.

-O Once a year, 'he said, as if they would have thought the same lucru.Vom stay
lun.Ne going on holiday a.ii we'll let children wander naked on a beach,

know another culture, to see the volcano, learn French grandfather and
grandmother Understanding
polinezian.De Besides, I promised him Johnny.
-School, Opti she, putting her hands on obraji.Crezi is going to work?

-I Loves you?

Page 108
-With All beings mine.

-Then, I gave him his mearg.Srutul as much confidence as the words lui.Era
a greedy kiss you revive her ele.Prul wish i had already passed despletit.

fingers through it, then he undid the buttons of her blouse caught him scoase.l
sutienul.No never seen wearing it.
-Civiliza Him, 'she said slowly

-In Hell with asta.El a gently sat back to admire breasts light
azure sky and she sat surrounded by sand and splash srat.Cteva
Seconds later, he was naked beside her arms clutching him is:

I love you anyway but you would think it's more beautiful you ever so natural and

neinhibat.i drained and removed his pants, knelt between her thighs, kissed

gently caress her belly and nose sexl.

- You know, 'he said emo mentioned, leaning over her, I spent so much time in

paradise and however I never made love on a waving motion plaj.Cu

her hand caught his neck and pulled him down, whispering:
-I Do not either.

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