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Today I will list down my daily routine for all daily events in Heroes Charge.

will take care of time efficiency, so you may can complete the daily quests in
less time.
1. If my stamina is at maximum (120/120 for example), I go to the campaign and d
o an elite run for a soulstone that I want for a specific hero. Afterwards my st
amina is not at maximum and can refresh in the mean time.
2. Open the bronze chest and the gold chest if possible.
3. Do your first round of arena.
4. Do the first time rift run.
5. Do your first round of trails.
Now the bronze chest, the arena, the time rift and the trails have a 10 minute c
ooldown. You can now do quests that don t have a cooldown, I usally do this:
6. Go to the booty cave and loot the gold and gems from the night.
7. Now I am able to plunder again and fight the enemy, if he is not too strong. If
he is too strong, I plunder again and loot aferwards.
8. Now I open the chat and check if a guild mate got an invite open for defendin
g a cave. If so I join it, if not I create my own in the booty cave.
9. Now I open the enchanting building and enchant one item of a hero that I regu
larly use.
10. I open the guild house and worship a guild member so he gets gold and I get
30 stamina.
11. In the mercenary hall, I recall my two Heroes, loot the gold and deploy them
12. Now I open the guild shop and buy soulstones for Heroes that I need Succubus
for example.
13. Now I go to the merchant and check out, if there are soulstones for my Heroe
s. If so I buy them immediately.
14. I go to the mailbox loot the arena ranking rewards and other stuff, like are
na defending rewards.

Now my bronze chest should be available again, so I loot her.

Next round of arena.
Second time rift run.
Second trails.
minutes cooldown runs again.

19. Now I usally do signin and get the reward.

20. Open the gold tap and use midas.
21. Open the Heroes tap and level minimum 3 skills of a Hero, for the daily ques
22. Now I fight the outland boss.
23. I open the campaign tap and do the raid event 2 times.
24. I go to the elite tap and do soulstone runs for Heroes that I want and need,
until the timer of the bronze chest etc. is ready again.

Open the bronze chest and loot.

Third round of arena.
Third trails run.
minutes cooldown runs again.

28. Refresh my stamina to the limit, with the help of the daily free one I get.
29. Now I do elite runs for soulstones and items that I need until my stamina is
30. Open the fourth bronze chest.
31. Do the fourth arena run.
32. Do the fourth trails.

Ten minutes cooldown runs again.

33. Now I go and do the crusade until I die or not. :)
34. Redeem crusade points at the crusade supply depot for Heroes.
35. Check out the arena quartermaster and buy soulstones if needed.
36. Open the last bronze chest.
37. Do the last arena fight.
38. Do the last trails.
39. Go to the daily events tap and complete them all.
This is my personal daily process and only a help for you can, you can modify hi
m the way you like it.
If you need to level up some skills, you should check the skill point counter in
between, because you will get points very fast, every 4 minutes and 25 seconds
you get a point until a maximum of 10.
I didn t include the new grand arena, because I don t have enough good Heroes to com
pete there.