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H1-E1: Person is overly optimistic, overrates his/her own

capabilities, overly anxious to complete any endeavours that

when met with obstacles, becomes weak and disheartened.
His/her physical appearance makes people feel he/she is orthodox
and law-abiding. Distinctive facial looks. He/she has business
acumen and good with socialising. If born in rat hour, prone to
have miscarriage or premature death among offspring. If born in
pig hour, prone to have health problem with eyes.

H2-E2: Person has strong romance luck, very attractive to

opposite sex, gentle easy-going character, good at socialising, has
strong intuition, able to predict trends, has good wealth
management skills, good tolerance of others and has strategic
skills. Also believes in capability, determination and perseverance
instead of luck. For female person, she is likely to go through
more than 1 marriage. For male person, he is able to gain help
from spouse in his career.

H3-E3: Person has exceptional achievements regardless of

field/industry, well-respected, has authoritive look, enjoys being
busy, has strong liking for opposite sex, has strong sexual desires,
charismatic and attractive to opposite sex. When in doing
something, he/she concentrates deeply, has hidden skills and
talents. Enjoys high social status and longevity. Prone to jealousy
of others successes.

H4-E4: Person is a workaholic who enjoys working, able to

have good career regardless of field/industry, always suspicious,
doesnt trust others easily, always hide own emotions, a
perfectionist, has high expectations of ownself and others, poor
human relations, easily offends others but no ill intentions, open

to sex before marriage. If there is EG in stem, person is prone to

health problems due to diet or food poisoning. Prone to poor
health and poor well-being due to overwork. For female person,
she is prone to infidelity.

H5-E5: Person is highly independent, solitary, doesnt take

other peoples opinions into consideration, doesnt accept
alternate views, dislikes to be bound by rules/conventions/norms,
highly motivated and proactive, highly confident, has charisma,
good at socialising, charitable, prone to invite sabotage as too
successful. Overall, a wealthy and noble life which is charitable.

H6-E6: Person who is born on this day has a reverse

destiny; if born in a wealthy family person will end up in poverty
in old age; if born in a poor family person will end up wealth in old
age. He/she will use all means to achieve what he/she wants,
including immoral ways. Highly values material wealth, highly
ambitious and greedy, able to make good use of resources to
achieve success but jinx spouse. For female person, marriage is

H7-E7: Person appears to be big-hearted, generous and

optimistic but has a calculative character. Appears to be gentle
and weak but is actually strong and domineering. Attractive to
opposite sex but has romance entanglements and quarrels. Easily
to gain his/her trust but also easily to lose it. Creative and
enterprising, able to create new things. Prone to piles and

H8-E8: Person is intelligent, creative but has complicate

thought process, has business acumen, appears to be
approachable but is not, has hidden intentions without revealing
them, likes to use undertable means to achieve his/her goals. Low
marriage luck, difficult to get married. If married, prone to be
quarreling with in-laws, affecting marriage. If born in rabbit
month, person will be more wealthy than other months. If born in
winter, has higher status/rank.

H9-E9: Person is intelligent and has deep profound thoughts,

prone to disregard people whom he/she deem to be shallow,
often deep in thoughts and indepth thinking, enjoys meeting
people but doesnt reveal personal thoughts to strangers, prone
to be cheated due to greed, strong imitating skills, able to fulfill
spouses sexual needs. Marriage is prone to be unsuccessful,
recommended to marry later in life. Able to have capable children.
Anxious and active in completing endeavours, prone to overwork
and easily misunderstood by others.

H10-E10: Person is good at socialising, highly adaptable to

environment, bad-tempered, physically appears to look younger
than actual age, impatient, not a highly-motivated and energetic
individual. Able to have good career regardless of field/industry
More suited to partner who is non-energetic and not hyper-active.
For male person, he is unable to sustain and carry out ancestral
business. For female person, she is a independent but after
marriage, domestic life becomes boring and unstable.

H1-E11: Person adheres to etiquette and rules, strictly

impartial, good-hearted, values principles but lacks flexibility,
thinks everything is clearly defined in black & white with no

shades of grey in-between, doesnt tolerate grey areas, if

he/she were to be more flexible and tolerant, he/she would have
better human relations. Generally person has a good marriage;
the lesser the IW in the chart, the better the marriage. Weak
affinity and poor relations with parents.

H2-E12: Person is conservative, quiet, soft-spoken, rational,

quick-witted, mature, easily content, values the ordinary simple
life, enjoys freedom, do not wish to work beyond ones limits or
abilities, often will miss out good opportunities, law-abiding,
doesnt like to be restricted/interfered by others. Prone to have an
unhappy and problematic marriage, has to be careful where
romance is concerned especially for female person. Prone to have
fatigue and poor health.

H3-E1: Person loves the beautiful things in life, values

sentiments, has distinctive facial appearance, good-looking, naive
and innocent, hardly any caution/suspicion to others ulterior
motive, attractive to opposite sex, good at doing business, has
good intuition (try to make good use of it), obstinate. Has affinity
with good virtuous spouse. For female person after marriage her
life becomes easier and she is more able to enjoy life - but doesnt
get along with mother-in-law. Overall, no lack of material wealth in

H4-E2: Person is conservative, has strong invention ability,

able to think from others point of view, has great achievements
in career, his/her family has ancestral business, no lack of
material wealth in life. Lack of motivation and responsibility to
complete endeavours, laid-back attitude, often goes with the flow
of destiny & affinity. Generally has a good marriage but

relationship prone to deteriorate after middle age, and once it

happens, hard to reconcile back with spouse.

H5-E3: Person values superficial aspects more than indepth

aspects, enjoys taking risk, lacks intuition, prone to be gullible,
highly motivated to do things, very masculine character (even for
female person), able to hold rank and authority, enjoys authority
and doesnt like to take instructions from others. Overall no lack
of material wealth in life, often has unexpected gains, will be even
more wealthy if there is H2-E4 pillar in the chart. Has high
social status, likened to princes, dukes, noblemen in ancient

H6-E4: Person is a genius in artistic fields, has a gifted talent

in artistic/literary fields and able to do well in such industry. Able
to grasp good opportunities and gain greatly from them. Impartial
where emotions are concerned, love and hate are clearly defined.
Has a direct approach to anything. Not a lively and talkative
person. Has distinctive looks. Prone to meet with bizarre, strange
and unexplained incidents/calamities. Prone to a quarrelsome
marriage over childrens matters. For female person, she has a
motherly love, charitable but prone to be cheated due to honeyed

H7-E5: Person has strong romance luck, highly attractive to

opposite sex, has strong benefactors luck, often his/her successes
are attributed to other peoples support (very seldom due to
his/her own hardwork), has strong intuition, strong stubborn
character, highly energetic and active. Romantic partners will
greatly exhaust persons wealth and after separation, bring
him/her disputes and quarrels. Has weak marriage luck, difficult to

sustain marriage best to avoid H7-E11 daymasters people

as spouse.

H8-E6: Person has good human relations, values his/her

physical appearances, spends most of his/her wealth on grooming
and worldly pleasures, lacks good sense of judgment and rational
thoughts, easily prone to be manipulated, lacks coordination
skills, prone to confusion and less problem-solving or solutionseeking. Has a major illness/disease during childhood. For male
person, spouse will often be in poor health. For female person,
spouse will prone to commit infidelity.

H9-E7: Person values material and worldly comfort, values

high quality material products, has a complicated but agile mind,
lacks all-rounded thinking (bound to leave out something), good
in finding wealth-making opportunities, often gives a bad 1st
impression but will win over others with his/her sense of
responsibility, has affinity with religion/metaphysics. Person
expects a high level of tolerance from spouse. Easily attracts
opposite sex to romance but also easily break up. Overall no lack
of material wealth in life.

H10-E8: Person enjoys being cared for and taken care of by

others, generous, good at socialising, intelligent and
knowledgeable, multi-talented, able to sacrifice own gains for the
greater good and good at literary skills. Has good skills at
handling opposite sex but inevitably will have marriage problems
and difficulties to keep marriage. Overall no lack of material
wealth in life, though may not be very wealthy.

H1-E9: Person is highly temperamental, often will forget

ownself and own values. When in favourable situations, able to
thrive and progress. When met with obstacles, he/she would get
stuck and give up. Lacks motivation and perseverance to
complete endeavours. Gives others a friendly and approachable
outlook, when provoked can get aggressive and volatile. If there is
7K in any of the stems, person is good-looking or beautiful. Prone
to romantic entanglements. Overall no lack of material wealth in
life, though may not be very wealthy.

H2-E10: Person values actions more than words, likes to hide

own true emotions and thoughts from others, has strong survival
and adaptibility skills, is stubborn, prone to be obsessive with
what he/she likes, has achievements in career. Prone to have
serious injury or disability, need to avoid high risk and dangerous
activities. Bad marriage luck, prone to divorces and undergo
many marriages. Overall no lack of material wealth in life.

H3-E11: Person believes in freedom of love, temperamental,

ever-changing mood, values respect from others, has foresight in
endeavours and likes to interfer with other peoples matters.
Prone to be overly-obsessive to spouse to the point of intimidating
spouse but is actually very devoted and faithful in romance. Need
to relax and give more space to spouse for marriage to work,
otherwise he/she will have difficulties getting along with spouse. If
person is born in poor family, he/she will prospers from middle
age onwards. If person is born in wealthly family, he/she will
decline in wealth from middle age onwards. Many princes, dukes,
noblemen in ancient times were born with this day pillar.

H4-E12: Person has air of big shot or VIP, has strong

character, has strong leadership and air of authority, has great
generosity, is a perfectionist, has strong perseverance in own
stand, appears friendly but has a hidden explosive temper which
can shock people when provoked/triggered, appears contented
but has great ambitions and greed, has strong luck and able to do
well in own business. Has a string of hidden plans and strategies
up his/her sleeves which are able to execute anytime. Has met
with a great calamity during youth, health deteriorates from
middle age onwards. Overall, a wealthy destiny without worries of

H5-E1: Person is highly competitive, always want to win,

calculative, selfish, intelligent, has a childish character, speaks
without tact, disregards others opinions, attractive and well-liked
by opposite sex, easily jealous, has good benefactors luck. Has
good marriage luck but not in line or supportive of spouse. Do an
honest living, able to have some success from middle age

H6-E2: Person is blunt, direct, speaks without tact, easily

offends alot of people yet he/she doesnt mind, kind-hearted but
enjoys criticising and reprimanding others, yet doesnt accept
criticisms from others, often results in causing unhappiness
among people. Prone to be solitary, for female person, she is good
at manipulating opposite sex. Sometimes he/she is quiet,
sometimes very talkative. Prone to unstable marriage, spouse is
likely to commit infidelity.

H7-E3: Person is bold and daring, enjoys living a rich

materialistic life, is attractive to opposite sex, prone to romantic

entanglements, ever-changing liking for romance partners,

difficult to remain faithful and prone to calamity related to
romance. Enjoys collecting things that he/she likes. For male
person, prone to be an authoritarian at home. For female person,
she has weak affinity with spouse. Overall no lack of material
wealth in life, though most of persons successes are due to other
peoples efforts. He/she often has close brushes with death, likely
to meet with great peril during middle.

H8-E4: Person is skilled at earning money, generous, has

good human relations, places priority in enjoyment than work,
daring and risk-taker, enjoys gambling, derives pleasure and
satisfaction from taking high risks. Has involvement in
complicated love relationships with multiple partners. Easier to
achieve success if person is less greedy and ambitious. Overall no
lack of material wealth in life. For female person, after 40 will jinx

H9-E5: For female person, she is very feminine and charming,

able to help spouse. For male person, he has good business
acumen but lacking in wealth management, receives favour from
superior, has air of authority but poor marriage luck, prone to remarry, marriage starts to deteriorate from middle age onwards.

H10-E6: A very auspicious day to born! For male person, he is

highly intelligent. For female person, she is beautiful, a virtuous
spouse but disliked by in-laws, after 40 years old jinx spouse. For
both genders, person is popular and well-liked, has strong survival
skills, quick thinking, fast analytical skills, able to grasp
opportunities. Overall, a wealthy destiny but prone to health
problems related to drinking and sex.

H1-E7: Person is serious and stern, opinionated, believes in

hardwork to achieve success, sometimes going round in circles
unable to solve a problem, has a serious approach to romance,
will not fall in love easily, once he/she do he/she is faithful and
caring to spouse. Has good health. If born in tiger, horse or dog
month, person will be wealthy. For female person if born in
H1-E7 year, her marriage will be unhappy.

H2-E8: Person is willful, enjoys artistic and romantic subjects,

has no resistance to beautiful things, not afraid to show his/her
true intentions and emotions even if offending people. Though
person has a strong stubborn character, he/she lacks
determination and perseverance to achieve great success.
Spouse is prone to be jealous if person is on good terms with
opposite sex. Has weak affinity or poor relations with parents. For
male person, he is highly ambitious. For female person, she has
capable children.

H3-E9: Person has strong business acumen, tempermental

character, impatient, strong adaptability, scheming, a calm
exterior hides a complex personality, very sensitive and can
easily take offence. Enjoys literary subjects but is a jack-of-alltrades-master-of-none. Both genders have fair complexion. Has
affinity with hidden/unexpected wealth. For male person, he has
affinity with virtuous spouse from reputable family. For female
person, she has weak affinity with spouse.

H4-E10: An elegant and wealthy destiny. Person has a sense

of humour, values good taste and quality, has business acumen,

capability to manage business, excellent memory, scheming,

doesnt easily reveal true feelings to others, good at socialising
but keeps people at a distance, over-sensitive and suspicious at
times. Regardless of gender, person is very charming and
charismatic to opposite sex. Good at sexual techniques. Has great
achievements or already prosperous before middle age (or in
youth). But very eventful life with huge ups and huge downs
extremely good luck periods followed by extremely bad luck
periods. Suitable for consultant or assistant jobs.

H5-E11: Person is very charming and charismatic, has strong

domineering character, has good human relations management,
capable, suitable for business industry, has sharp eye for profits,
but lacks tolerance for others, highly suspicious, if only person is
able to fully trust his/her subordinates his/her business will
progress, appears to be generous but is actually calculative. For
female person, she is very beautiful.

H6-E12: Person has strong character, humourous, motivated

to complete endeavours, values respect from others, talkative,
has unique way of thinking, promiscuous, prone to many
romance-related troubles, has strong sexual desires. Person is
more compatible with energetic and sexually active partners.
Person is never considered really wealthy, though has some
excess cash. For female person, she is at odds with mother-in-law
and is of little help to spouse.

H7-E1: Person is innocent, simple and naive, dislikes

complexity, is sincere and honest, a good-natured soul, has good
human relation and well-liked, but prone to be intolerant of
others stand/opinion. For female person, her marriage luck is bad

and incomplete, has weak affinity with children. For male person,
he is a tough bloke but with generally weak luck, often
underappreciated at work.

H8-E2: Person is friendly and humble, has business talents,

serious about work, has leadership qualities, open-minded, but is
philanderer, enjoys being in love, treats romance as a game. Has
weak affinity and poor relations with parents. For female person,
she is very beautiful.

H9-E3: A noble and wealthy destiny! Person has strong

auspicious luck, good human relations, romantic risk-taker,
proactive, enjoys guiding and teaching others. Has affinity with
unexpected wealth. For male person, he understands a womans
thoughts, has affinity with virtuous wife but she is sickly. For
female person, she is highly capable but has strong ego and
prone to look down on opposite gender.

H10-E4: Person has a gentle and refined character, well-taken

care by elders and friends, able to stand out in any field, but not
an independent individual who is able to hold the fort by ownself,
enterprising, has literary talent, eager to learn, has a thrifty side
but willing to spend alot on opposite sex. Has a blissful and
complete marriage. For female person, she is good at household
chores, optimistic, positive.

H1-E5: Person has an eccentric character but good-natured,

hard to get along with others, lack a sense of humour, quickwitted but prone to take shortcuts. Ancestral business fail or
deteriorate but if there is Heaven or Moon Virtue, it will cure.

Presence of power and wealth elements will prospers person. For

male person, he has affinity with virtuous spouse. For female
person, she is likely to re-marry.

H2-E6: Person is physically attractive, every move emits

charisma, skilled at showcasing his/her good points, good at
managing human relations, genius at business management, has
gift-of-the-gab, understands human psychology and emotions, but
prone to be philanderer and spendthrift. If the chart lacks water
elements in the Heavenly Stems, person likely to die in metal luck
decades. Has poor health.

H3-E7: Strong luck destiny! Person has very strong physical

stamina and strength, needs a venue to vent out the excess
energy, has strong character, passionate, strong pride, strong
sexual desires but person (regardless gender) jinx spouse.
Recommended to choose spouse with strong luck; spouse with
weaker luck will have health problems.

H4-E8: Person enjoys exploring and creating new things,

always not satisfied with present state of things, intelligent,
optimistic, daring, values human relations but has wealth losses
due to people around him, well-liked by people. Has unexpected
wealth luck. Has blissful and happy marriage. For female person,
she is very attractive to opposite sex but starts to jinx spouse
after around 40 years of age.

H5-E9: Person is lazy, laid-back, reliant on others, emotionally

sensitive, abit eccentric, impatient, has literary talents, eager to
learn, does not easily reveal true feelings as afraid of being hurt,

good in human relations management. Has affinity with virtuous

spouse but spouse is in poor health. From middle age onwards,
person has affinity with children. For female person, she is able to
help spouse but hard to please spouse. Has unexpected wealth

H6-E10: Person is materialistic, mathematics-person,

calculative, has literary talents, eager to learn, sharp tongue,
derives joy from other peoples woes, values gains than human
relations, doesnt expect losses and failures, energetic,
promiscuous, is attractive to opposite sex, has romantic
entanglements with 3 or more partners, prone to many one-nightstands, often regarded as an unconventional person. Prone to
grow fat easily.

H7-E11: Person is presumptuous, unrefined, has equal

number of supporters and haters, treats life as a game, has
strong sense of justice, has a calm appearance but aggressive
character inside, is a high risk taker, always seeks innovative and
new inventions, prone to have gambling habit, has strong
romance luck but marriage has turmoils and upheavals,
recommended to marry later in life. For female person, she has
affinity with less-than-virtuous spouse; difficult to meet a good
husband. For male person, he is able to receive help from spouse.

H8-E12: Person is self-asserted, strong character, doesnt

care about others views, temperamental, values superficial
aspects than interior values, will use all means to get what he/she
wants, has strong romance luck but faithful.

H9-E1: Person has strongest romance luck (peach blossom

luck) among the 60 pairs but poor human relations, has very
strong sexual desires, needs help from metaphysics or religions to
soothe the peach blossom, hard for person to remain faithful in
marriage, person easily gives in to sexual desires, tubulrent and
incomplete marriage, likely to go through multiple marriages and
be entangled in multiple-party romances. Overall, a life plagued
by romance-related problems and career is adversely affected as
well. If both in E10 hour, person has illegitimate children. For
female person, she has disease related to reproduction organs.

H10-E2: Person is good at managing endeavours, has

foresight, highly capable, highly confident, big risk-taker, quiet
but good at socialising, active social life. For female person, she is
so active that she dislikes staying at home as a housewife. Her
marriage is unhappy and prone to divorce as spouse is

H1-E3: Person is responsible and passionate about work,

prone to be overbearing when airing ones opinions and invite
disputes and confrontations, has weak romance luck, prone to be
obsessive in love matters, charitable, cares about the weak and
old. Not compatible with H7-E5 daymasters, avoid.

H2-E4: Person is clear about love and hatred, when in love

he/she is easily jealous, prone to be self-centred in love, prone to
be solitary in endeavours, likely to have messy and adverse
domestic climate when in childhood, prone to have hidden
savings. Marriage is unhappy due to unsatisfaction towards
spouse. If any pillar is H5-E3, person will be wealthy and

noble. For male person, if he is wealthy, he jinx spouse; if poor,

spouse has long lifespan.

H3-E5: Person regards superficial aspects more than interior

values, loves dressing up and physical grooming, has high moral
values, caring, charitable and cares about weak and old,
passionate and optimistic, good human relations, prone to
preaching philosophy, poor at wealth management but has no
worries of financial problems. Not compatible with H9-E5
daymasters, avoid.

H4-E6: Person is very vain about looks and physical

appearances, has complex love relationships, desire a dramatic
and stirring romance in life, has strong concentration when doing
things, values respect from others, will use all means to achieve
goals yet feels uneasy about it, appears calm but is highly
suspicious. For female person, she enjoys poetry and art. For male
person, he is likely to have spouse of less-than-average looks.
H5-E7: Person is career-minded, regards career as the centre
of his/her life, opinionated, is a perfectionist, honourable, keeps
promise made, values achievements and recognitions, is faithful
in romance, has refined looks, attractive to opposite sex, strong
character yet charitable, has faith in religion.

H6-E8: Person is sensitive, has intuition, values emotion than

reason, tolerant of others, likes beautiful things, has deep
appreciation of the things he/she likes, has skills to enable
him/her to escape from (or survive in) adverse situations. For
people who are born on this day, even if met with ghosts, he/she

will come out unharmed. Has poor relations and weak affinity with
father. Has unexpected fortune. Prone to re-marry.

H7-E9: Person is intelligent, good at maths, good with

numeric figures, enjoys talking about himself/herself, careerminded, lacks humour, prone to be too serious, likes the new and
abandon the old things. Be careful of biazzre calamity. Person jinx
spouse. 1st marriage will not last.

H8-E10: Person is serious at work, has air and behaviour of

big boss, has strong pride and ego, stubborn, innovative,
creative, if knew of the one he/she likes doesnt like him/her, he
would pretend to be unaffected, always plagued by romantic
problems. Prone to a quarrelsome and unharmonious marriage,
likely to re-marry multiple times. For female person, she starts to
jinx spouse after 40 years old.

H9-E11: Person has a sharp tongue, easily offends others,

though is kind-hearted not well-liked by people around him/her,
enjoys being praised, optimistic, has high expectations of ownself
and others. Prone to re-marry multiple times. If chart has H5
without H6, person would be more wealthy. Not compatible with
H5-E11 daymasters, avoid.

H10-E12: Persons luck and destiny is like ocean waves, has

huge ups and huge downs, rags to riches, riches to rags, has
literary talents, has weak affinity with blood family, enjoys
travelling, has strong sexual desires, has wealth losses due to
overconfident or greed, 1st marriage will not last likely to go

through multiple marriages. For female person, she starts to jinx

spouse after 40 years old