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Class Notes

Date: 11/19/13

Note taker: Mustafa Wahid

Announcements made:
1. Talk from a professor from Oxford-Today at 4pm McGuire
Subject: Bruno On Magic

Class Reading: On Magic Bruno

Presenter(s): N/A
Activities of this class meeting:
1. Talking about the Church: speaking about the talk that happened last week that
Samantha and Vinnie were at
2. First Source of Magic: Plotinus-platonist who was aware of Aristotle, and he teased
out how metaphysics would work if plato how a metaphysics.
He speaks about reason principle. Which is a principle of reason . He is before
Christianity, before Christianity could reach him. Most of the church fathers were avid
readers of Plotinus
Main point: everything can be inferred from knowing the other. It is a matter of the
inevitable relationship on the living existence of the unity and magic.
3. Renaissance Magic: depending on Plotnius and all history of philosophy for that
matter. schema is handed out Magic was all the fad back when Dr.Blum was studying
Renaissance Philosophy. Goes back to Hermes Trismegistas- Hermeticism
F.A. Yates- she re-read Giordano Bruno under a new lens. She read the book Mercury which
lead to the fad. A Collegue of Hers was D.P. Walker, who was a good scholar who was all
over the place. Worked at the A.B.Warburg institute in London was the son of a banker in
London. A.B. Warburg created a massive library, that was part of D.P. Walkers collection.
Warburg bought books that the British Library didnt have. Worked on fringe scholarship of
the Renaissance. Constant transition of movement of the planets affect the movements of the
world. The power of imagination, that distrubes through the power of images and the power
of words. Music and sound and harmonies, elemental qualities and occult qualities, a
magician is someone who has effects. They can be psychological or physical, they can be
referring to the person themselves.
Main Point: We are always working with action on a distance. Suspicion of people being
witches or a magician actually came up during the Renaissance Period. People believed they
can inference people and natural events. Capturing and profiting from images. The diction
supports magic, e.g. This notion was spell-binding
4. Agrippa von Neitteshim : The Occult Philosophy became the textbook for the types of
magic that are there.
died in 1535 same year as Thomas Moore
was simply a very learned person.He collected all the kinds of magic that are on the market.

Operates as a microcosm and a macrocosm. Emphasizes that there must be a world soul,
animating everything and unifying everything.
Logos Spermatices- Seeds of Reason
Agrippa knowledge:
All sciences are rational that is human and are therefore worthless. This is the opposite
movement form what Bruno is describing. The only thing that matters is Christ.
The Occult stuff. Newton had to defend himself that gravity is not an occult force. The
relationship between bodies can be explained in mathematical proportion. So he has to say
this in not an occult quality.