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Numerical Methods with Application

CO1: Discribe various numerical techniques and their limitations in solving engineering
CO2: Apply various numerical techniques in solving engineering problems.
CO3: Distinguish the numerical techniques in solving engineering problems.
CO4: Use computational tools such as MATLAB, Excel, and programming languages
such as FOTRAN and C++ to solve mathematical problems.

Lecture. Lectures are given to cover the basic principles of numerical
methods. Reading materials and relevant examples will be provided.
Lab/Practical. Labs/practicals are emphasized on basic understanding to
solve engineering problems by using computational tools such as MATLAB,
Excel, etc. Reading materials and relevant examples will be provided.
Assignment will be provided and must be completed during Lab/practical

Final Examination : 0 %
: 40 %
: 60 %

TEST (60%; which cover CO1 & CO2 ):

ASSIGNMENTS (40%; which covers, CO3 & CO4):

Assignment is individual task and conducted during the lab sessions. Assignment must
cover the following requirements:
1. Propose one topic that relevant to the engineering problem and also to be able to
analyze and solve in numerical techniques. Topic can be found and selected from
your idea or taken from any sources such as: Internet, Journals, engineering
handbooks, Numerical methods Text books, newspaper, magazine, etc.
2. Determine at least 1 problem statement and 1 objective for your proposed topic. This
can be done through consultation with lecturers. Analyze and solve the problem of
your proposed topic by using numerical technique/s. Analysis must be done clearly
and shortly by applying engineering problem solving method.
3. Use simulation tools (MATLAB/Excel/.etc.) to verify your result.
4. Presenting your assignment work. Presentation must be written and conveyed in
English. Duration of the presentation is about 10 minutes, consisted of max. 10 slides
(PPT slide). The main content of your presentation must cover the point 2, 3 and 4.
Presentation will be conducted during Lab sessions and the date must be proposed
by student. Book your presentation date as soon as possible (latest 1 week before
presentation). Student must perform well their presentation and fulfill all necessary

requirements. Otherwise student supposed to conduct their presentation once again.

Repetition can be allowed once but the marks of your second presentation not more
than C+ (55-59).
5. Submit your assignment report covered and bonded like FYP report with title of the
topic, your name, Id number, your Group ID, Listed of content, etc.
Prepared by: Armansyah