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Online Examination System is an on-line test simulator is to take online examination; The Online
Examination System is easy to use, full-featured and flexible Testing, Examination and Assessment
web portal. Our project the online examination portal will reduce the efforts of teachers for analysis
of students knowledge and intelligence level and also reduce the time required to produce the results,
our project will efficiently reduce the man power required to conduct a offline examination and also
making the online examination more secure and accurate. Online examinations will also benefits
student as it will generate more accurate result in less amount of time hence reducing the time wasted
by students waiting for results. This project online registration feature will help the administrators to
easily maintain database of student and also help them in regular modification. Online exam portal will
also contain the biometric verification hence reducing the risk of cheating. The test questions produced
by teachers will have measurement scale to measure difficulty level which the teachers will decide;
this feature will produce the test paper of same difficulty but with random and different questions. On
final submission of the answers by student result will be produced just after the test is over. This
project will help in fast and easy recruitment and admission procedures.
Online Examination System Modules
1. Home Home page of Online Examination site.
2. Login Student can login to start test. Login will involve biometric verification on the test date
3. Register From this page new student can register for test.
4. Student Page Previously saved test results can be viewed here and other links like Edit Profile,
Logout, and Change Password.
5. Edit Profile Student can edit registration information like personal details, address, contact no,
display name
6. Change Password Currently logged user can change his password from this link.
7. Logout User logged out from this site.
8. Examination Selection of available examination.
9. Test System randomly select questions from question bank and display one by one to the
student. With same difficulty level.

10. Results After completing the examination student can view results and these result are stored
in students particular database and which can be further generated as hard copies.

11. Question Bank - Admin user can manage question bank from web interface and formulate
different questions from different field and rate these questions according to the difficulty level.
Limitation of Existing System
The existing examination system is a manual system where the student registration to result
conduction are done manually which involves many human interference and inaccuracy. Firstly the
registration of students are done manually which involves the risk of errors in data feeding then the
question paper are developed manually which may also involve some errors the final correction of
paper requires lots of time as manual correction of paper needs time. hence we conclude the existing
manual examination system is very insecure and time consuming. Several limitations of existing
system are pointed below

Time Consuming for creating question paper

Time to check right and wrong answers

Calculation of Marks

Human error

Limitation of no of student can give examination at a time

Require teacher to monitor exam center

Student needs to come exam center for giving test

Proposed System
The modern computerized system is developed with the aim to overcome the drawbacks of existing
manual system. We have study manual examination system and found the need for Complete
Automation, no manual intervention in whole process of examination. Our proposed automated
examination system will have minimum human intervention. the project will do online fully automated
registration of candidates for a exam, this registration will involve several steps which may include the
basic details of candidate and also submission of the scan copies of essential documents after the
registration is completed the student will be allotted its unique login and password which will be used
at the day of exam. Questions will be framed by teachers which will contain various difficulty level, the
teachers itself will rate there questions, at the day of exam firstly students identification will be
verified by biometric verification the they will be allotted seats according to the roll no and that
information will be stored in database. Questions will randomly appear to students, which they have to

answer the whole question set will be of same difficulty level as of others after completing the test the
result is generated instantly and stored in database. Hence the automated examination system is
more reliable and easy. Some features of automated examination system are given below

Provides security at its level best.

100% accuracy in result calculation.

Randomization of question set.

Software Requirement


MySQL Server

NetBeans / FrontPage / NotePad