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The International

Av o n Va l l e y P h o t o g r a p h i c S a l o n
Conditions of Entry and Rules

FIAP Patronage Number 2015/004

PSA Recognition Number - 2015.001
RPS Patronage Number 2015/02
1. Entry

Entry to the Avon Valley Photographic Salon (AVPS) is open to anyone, however, an entry may be rejected when the
sponsoring organisation, or its agent, at their reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to the exhibition
rules and conditions.


Images must be in a digital format and must be submitted on-line using the entry system at the AVPS website

This proven automated system handles entry submission, acknowledgement, payment via PayPal, reporting and


The Salon will be run under FIAP, PSA and RPS rules.

2. Photographic Sections

There are five sections for entering images:

Open Colour - Traditional

Open Monochrome - Traditional

Open Creative colour or monochrome

Open Triptych - colour or monochrome

Photo Travel Traditional - colour or monochrome


A full explanation and definition of the sections can be found below in paragraphs 22.


Each entrant may submit a maximum of four images in each section, except for section D, which is limited to three
images to create one Triptych panel. In those sections where a maximum of four images are entered the four images will
bedistributedthroughoutfourroundsofjudging. Allimagesmusthaveauniquetitle.UntitledandNoTitleare
unacceptable. In the case of a Triptych panel entry, the on-line entry form will request one title only describing one panel
of three images.

3. Awards

There will be a total of 75 Medal and Ribbon awards


Awards In each section will be Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, 6 Ribbons and a number of Honourable Mentions, at
the discretion of the judges.

Open Colour Section A

FiAP Gold Medal
PSA Gold Medal
RPS Gold Medal
FIAP Silver Medal
PSA Silver Medal
RPS Silver Medal
FIAP Bronze medal
PSA Bronze Medal
RPS Bronze Medal
PSA Ribbons 3
RPS Ribbons 3

Best Sport
Best Colour Landscape
Best Portrait
Best Nature
Best Twilight
Best Camera Angle

Open Monochrome Section B

FiAP Gold Medal
PSA Gold Medal
RPS Gold Medal
FiAP Silver Medal
PSA Silver Medal
RPS Silver Medal
FIAP Bronze Medal
PSA Bronze Medal
RPS Bronze Medal
PSA Ribbons 3
RPS Ribbons 3

Best Architecture
Best Monochrome Landscape
Best Monochrome Portrait
Best Industry
Best Night-time
Best Action

Open Creative Section C

FIAP Gold Medal
PSA Gold Medal
RPS Gold Medal
FIAP Silver Medal
PSA Silver Medal
RPS Silver Medal
FiAP Bronze Medal
PSA Bronze Medal
RPS Bronze Medal
PSA Ribbons 3
RPS Ribbons 3

Best Movement
Best Fantasy
Best Creative Monochrome
Best HDR
Best Montage
Best Dreamscape

Open Triptych Section D

FIAP Gold Medal
PSA Gold Medal
RPS Gold Medal
FIAP Silver Medal
PSA Silver Medal
RPS Silver Medal
FIAP Bronze Medal
PSA Bronze Medal
RPS Bronze Medal
PSA Ribbons 3
RPS Ribbons 3

Best Macro
Best Story
Best Panel Composition
Best Nature
Best Floral
Best Humour

Photo Travel Section E

FIAP Gold Medal
PSA Gold medal
RPS Gold Medal
FIAP Silver Medal
PSA Silver Medal
RPS Silver Medal
FiAP Bronze Medal
PSA Bronze Medal
RPS Bronze Medal
PSA Ribbons 3
RPS Ribbons 3

Best Culture
Best Twilight Cityscape
Best Monochrome
Best Landscape
Best Seascape
Best Desolation

The participant who has achieved the highest number of total acceptances of all the sections of the salon added together, will be
proclaimed,Best AuthorandwillreceivethelightblueFIAPBadge



The anticipated Acceptance level will be between 30% and 40%

5. Entry Fees
1 Section


2 Sections


3 Sections


4 Sections


Triptych Section
Free if entry is with at least one
other Section. If entering ONLY
the Triptych section the minimum
fee of 10 is payable.


according to the number of sections entered and payment made via PayPal, Credit or Debit Card as part of the on-line
entry. A 10% Early Bird discount will be applied if payment is made on or before 31st December 2014.


With the exception of the Triptych Section the same image, or similar image, MUST NOT be submitted in more than one

6 Judges

Open Colour Monday 9th March 2015

Margaret Salisbury FRPS MFIAP APAGB FIPF


Monday 9th March 2015

Margaret Salisbury FRPS MFIAP APAGB FIPF


Open Mono

Tuesday 10th March 2015

Pete McCloskey FRPS APAGB

John Gould FRPS
Andy Beel FRPS


Tuesday 10th March 2015



Photo Travel Tuesday 10th March 2015

Margaret Salisbury FRPS MFIAP APAGB FIPF
Pete McCloskey FRPS APAGB

Calendar Of Events:

Salon Opening Date

Monday, 1st December 2014

Early Bird Discount closing date

Wednesday, 31st December 2014

Salon closing Date

Sunday 1st March, 2015 (midnight Samoan Standard Time)

Salon Judging Dates

9th, 10th & 11th March 2015

Email Notification of Awards and Record Cards 23rd March 2015

Awards sent out

by 27th May 2015

Publication of CD and online Catalogue by 27th May 2015 (presently not active)
Dates of Public Exhibitions June/ July 2015
Public Showing of Acceptances and Awards at The Pound
Centre, Corsham, Bath, England, 6th June 2015
8 Images

Entries must originate as photographs (image captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant and acquired
digitally, or a photographic emulsion or film scanned to create a digital file. Adjustments and cleaning may be performed
on a scanned file to make the digital file match the original image. All work entered in the AVPS must be in the form of a
digital file. Digital files will not be returned to entrants.


By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his own (aliases are not permitted). All images must
confirm to the section definitions described below.

9 Acceptances


PSA Acceptances
Acceptances for Star Ratings will be eligible in the PSA Projected Image Division (PID) and the Photo Travel division
FIAP Honours
In conformity with the actual documents concerning the FIAP Distinctions, the acceptances in salons under FIAP
Patronage are taken into account towards AFIAP, EFIAP, EFIAP levels, CAFIAP and CEFIAP distinctions.








All entrants must have the sole copyright to each image they submit. Clip Art and Copyright Free material are not
acceptable. All aspects of every image MUST be your total exclusive work as the submitting author. The AVPS assumes
no liability for misuse by anyone for any breach of any copyright.
Reproduction of Images
By submitting an entry the entrant permits the salon organisers to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of
charge for publication in an electronic catalogue, on an Internet site and/or in other media related to the Avon Valley
Photographic Salon.
Image Size
All images are to be submitted in JPEG format. Maximum image size (including any borders) is 1400 pixels wide
(horizontal) by 1050 pixels high (vertical). The image will be viewed at 100% as a projected image using the RPS
calibrated projector in the Fenton House theatre, RPS HQ. The projector will be calibrated to the sRGB colour space.
This configuration will give optimum viewing for the selectors. Please note portrait images must be no larger than 1050
pixels high. Smaller images are acceptable but will be displayed smaller on the screen. Image file sizes must not be
bigger than 2 Mb. Please check all image sizes be fore submission; images with sizes larger than specified will be
rejected. Please note that the image will not be re-sized for viewing.
Images will be projected on a BLACK background. Any white or coloured borders must be incorporated within the
1400 x 1050 pixels image size.
Colour Space
The judging and display software operates in and assumes that the images are in sRGB colour space. If you use a larger
colour space (such as Adobe 1998 or ProPhoto), the colours will be reduced to fit the sRGB colour space. This means
your image may not display the way you intended; it may lose colour or detail or both. To ensure that we see what you
want us to see, make a copy of your image, convert the colour space in the copy to sRGB, save it and send us the sRGB
copy. We will not convert the image for you.
File Naming
Files do not need to be renamed when submitting an entry; the titles must appear on the entry form as they are to appear
in the salon catalogue. No information about the entrant or country will be given to the selectors. Any image showing the
name of the entrant on screen will be disqualified.


The organisers before, during or after selection, may reject any image or entry at their discretion. An image or entry may
be rejected if it does not or appears to not conform to the published conditions of entry or section definitions.


In order to ensure that images comply with the conditions of entry and definitions, the organisers will carry out checks on
a random selection of images to ensure the images are the original work of the entrant and that the images comply with
the rules and definitions as set out in this document. This may involve the entrant being asked to provide the original
image(s) file/s. The entrant's complete entry will be disqualified and the entry fee forfeited in the event that any submitted
image is found to contravene the published Conditions of Entry or Definitions, or not to be wholly the work of the
entrant or where an image is deemed unsuitable.


An entrant failing to provide a requested image file within a specified time may, at the organisers' discretion, be
considered to be in contravention of the above rules and will also be disqualified and the entry fee forfeited.




In any case of dispute regarding the Conditions of Entry, inclusion of an image within the Definition of the Sections,
payment of fees, marking or classification of an image the decision of the organisers and Judges will be final.
Non-Payment of Fees
Entries for which no fee is received will not be judged or returned. Payment must be made by the published closing date.
Notification of results will be sent by email in the form of a Report Card showing which images have been accepted, the
sent by post.



20.1 Catalogues will be produced on DVD and a copy will be posted to each entrant. This will also be available as a PDF
document. A representative selection of accepted and awarded images will also be displayed on the Avon Valley Photographic
Salon website gallery for a minimum of 90 days and projected at public showings.



The Salon Chairman, Peter Phillips DPAGB, LRPS, may be contacted at the email address:



All images must comply with the following PSA and RPS definitions for the section entered. Images failing to do so will
not be judged. The general image and copyright conditions in paragraphs 8 and 10 also apply.
PSA Open Colour (Salon Section A) and FIAP Open colour Traditional
This open colour section accommodates images that do not fall into the other sections below. Images that depict travel
themes, or are in split/multi-toned B&W, and are submitted in this section will be judged solely on their pictorial merit.
Images that have been manipulated extensively must be submitted in Open Creative Section C.


PSA Open Monochrome (Salon Section B)

There are no restrictions on subject matter for this open monochrome section. A monochrome image is defined as having
varying shades of no more than one colour (various shades of that colour from very light to very dark) but it may be any
single colour. Multi-toned images (various shades of two or more colours) and greyscale images with an added accent
colour are not acceptable in Monochrome Class sections and must be entered in the Colour Class Sections.


FIAP Open Monochrome Traditional

Definition of Black and White (Monochrome). A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very
clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with the various shades of grey. A black and white work toned entirely in a
single colour will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black and white category; such a work can be
reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage. On the other hand a black and white
work modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work (polychrome) to stand in the
colour category; such a work requires colour reproduction in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage.


PSA and FIAP Open Creative (Salon Section C)

There are no restrictions on subject matter for this open creative section. This section allows the photographer freedom
to explore the possibilities of photographic art through the extensive manipulation of images and the combination of
images, but the photographic content must predominate. An entrant may alter images either digitally or otherwise, and art
work or computer graphics created by the entrant may be incorporated if the photographic content predominates.
Additional content or layers must be the original work of the entrant. Images created totally electronically (with no photo
graphic origin) are specifically excluded. Black and White, Split Toning, Monochrome and Colour images are acceptable.


Open Triptych (Salon Section D)

22.6.1 In this section the entrant submits a panel of work consisting of three separate different images which will be judged as a
panel. The individual component images are entered separately and must meet the size and specification requirements
detailed in rule 12. A triptych panel will be judged not only on the quality of the individual images but also, and more
importantly, on the relationship between the sequence of the three images, their cohesiveness, harmony and the story
telling aspect of the panel. There are no restrictions on subject matter for this triptych section. Black and White, Split
Toning, Monochrome and Colour images are acceptable.
22.6.2 For the purpose of projecting the three full size images simultaneously as a panel, the three separate images will be
combined into one panel image by the salon software using the panel format selected on the entry form. The combination
process will retain the relative proportions and sizes of the component images and will use a black background.
22.6.3 The judges will be presented with the panel in five consecutive steps. The first, the combined panel will be shown. Then
the three component images will be presented and assessed individually and finally the combined panel will be shown
again. The final score for the panel will be based on the assessment of the set of images as a panel of work and also on
the assessment of the qualities of the individual images.
22.6.4 An accepted triptych will only gain one acceptance for one panel title in the catalogue; individual images that make up the
panel will not receive an acceptance. It is the triptych title that receives an acceptance. NOTE - general rule 5.2 does not
apply to the Triptych Section and if an individual image has not been accepted in a previous exhibition and is used in an
AVPS triptych it can also be entered in one of the other sections.
22.6.5. Individual images that have been accepted in other exhibitions may be included in a triptych but an accepted triptych may
not be entered again in subsequent years.
22.6.6. The Salon Catalogue or Gallery shall display only the combined panel image and its title.


PSA Photo Travel and FIAP Travel Traditional (Salon Section E)

A Photo Travel image must express the feeling of a time and place, and portray a land, its distinctive features or culture
in its natural state. There are no geographical limitations. Ultra close=ups which lose their identity, and studio type model
shots are unacceptable. Pictures of people or objects must include distinguishable environment. Techniques that add to,
relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. All adjustments
must appear natural. Conversion to full monochrome is acceptable. Derivations, including infrared, are unacceptable

24 DefinitionofTraditionalPhoto
A traditional photograph maintains the original image content with minimal adjustments which should not alter the reality of the
scene and should appear natural. Rearranging, replacing, adding to or removing any part of the original image except by
cropping is strictly forbidden. This Definition applies to all three FiAP Traditional Sections.



Salon Chairman

Mr P L Phillips, DPAGB, LRPS

1 The Rocks, Rock Road,
Wick, Bristol,
England BS30 5TN
phone - +44 (0)117 937 3379