y o u ?

How many cimes did you hear it. or sav it,^
"I can't believe it's already hour.- It 'sc-e.Tis like the started."Wow! I'm a senior, already.""
Or, "Oh. no. it's almost midnight: I told inv Moin I'^l Ihhik-* at
the absolute latest."

After Labor Day, on September kh, the l AST "I'lMI-S re.ilh bcc.in for us,
was the first official day of school fur the vear.

^ Stuco
had already had their Back-to-School Dance, and the (ootball li.suns
had already met a challenge, at home, with their season opener. Ri.tzlu — wc
were already moving rapidly before it realK hcc.in.

tk (feu 1924

^ m kd wm kmd oh ...
Mr. Darnell

Frankie Goes to Hollywood
gold fingernails

fingerless gloves

death of Richard Burton

Farrah Fawcets' baby boy
Indhira Gandhi killed

reconstruction of Statue of Liberty

Vince Neil (Motley CrueJ up for 8 years
Stacy Keach — m
i prsi oned
baby Fae

William Schroeder - 2nd artificial heart
Prince — top rock star
star wars satellite


Ashley Nicole Reynolds
The class of 1985

20th anniversary of the Scout
Elvis — 50th anniversary
Norma Kamali

Azizi Polishing Pen
Styling mousse
Victory Tour
painted make up

A particular Riaiijh Titne this year was when Mr.
I^e\no!(.is was taken ill iti chc tniJJle ot the \ ear. But.



the kids handeti totzether wishint: hini well. RevnoLls
made it hack and the reactions towards him made him
t e e l v e r v i : l a d t o h e h a c k . . \ I r. R e v n o l d s w a s a l s o


blessed with a daiiuhter durini: his illness.

□ r

// '/ />^

\\ ht.-n people rcnic'inhcr tlicir liJc. thc\ rc-


nicmhcr chc titncs. the last I iincs.

But there is another \ er\ bit: part of lite tli.U is
cotU'eiiieiith tor^octeii abi>iu. and thev are
t h e K o u u l i I i t n e s . 1 l i e t l e fi t i t t u > n s t * . ) r

Rt)Ui:li Tunes \ar\ trorn nt)t heinc ahle to Jo

something, tt) a ch)se friend s cleatli. hveryone
has had their share ;>t rou^h times. To some

pei>ple a rouuh time is like a lal'>\rinflK or
maze, in hte. i>r .i test ot entinrance whitli will

enLl eventii.ilK. It nia\ seem to nian\ tliat the
trials in lite will l'>e ne\er entlinu.
Rtiuuh l imes, in school tlu)iii:h. can \arv a

threat tieal. l o some peo[ile. uoiiiu to scIh>oI

Um ■

is a roimh time, lo others it is takiiiti tests»
such as Linda Tuck in KBI L. *.>r as Beckv
Sch\s'ar/ uettinu reaeK tor a s[^eech tourna
ment. School, in .md ot itseU. has all «.>t the
rules and regulations ot outsule lite, btit to
the students the rules seem lieii:litet"ie*.l t^.> tlie


point ot unhearahle pains.

U t
^ §

l.a\<>ut lulia Ritttr


Good times were diferent for everyone. As the old saying goes. "To
each his own." Sometimes we thought Mrs. Gilisples English III

l sses wereTHE BESTOFTIMES and then she gave us one of her
famous unti tests and they became THE WORST OF TIMES

The weekends seemed to be when everyone had the most fun


l rpasm
ti e,Abp
i ^roupoffre
i nds

piled into one car. )ust having fun was their -tl "'ends

to ,0 to, and that was ther;:: ': " ^
for our good times were goin. to SDrin,.fl.U
eating, or just wasting time. ^
Some of us had dates to no on Ti-i: Ttx

ti ethrough]

them seemed like they would last us Some of

i nom
ti ea'laT

To most students, school was nev.r • } °"-

Yet after you've spent twelve years of 1 ^ally ^ood times,

have fun. Oh, not doin, youX ^ ^ack, you
composition papers, or even dissectl^T' Mrs, Cole's
your f •° T' ' '"Ties vou h" f Mr, Ben-



playing hooky from




Chris Manning. Susan Bradl)'. Christy I'rye. and liarbara Layland are proving that school can be fun. Or maybe it's just the people that
are in school that are fun.

I'iivinit: K ""'f HiirJ

Quiet times, a time to be alone with your innermost thoughts, to get in

touch with yourself. It's a time to think deep about one particular thing, or

jri985, and Student Body President oll9SS, a

1 Sch Sweaney, in back^^und).

a time to let your mind drift from one thought to the next. One can be by
oneself all alone when drifting off into the minds subconsciousness or
perhaps drift off while in a large group, like in a classrootn. U is very
important for a person to have time set aside every once m a while just to

soak in new things that have been happening in life or just to sit back and

fantasize. This is a time when people can get in touch with their feelings

without any outside disturbances. It can be sitting m a room with the stereo

blaring for some people, and for others it could be to take a stroU in the
woods. These are the pleasant times that we encounter, but quiet times are
not always pleasant. Right before the big test the whole classroom is so
silent that you can hear the butterflies flying around in every students
stomach in the room. You can feel the teachers eyes burning a hole in the


back of your head, ready to pounce on you if you make the slightest
movement. Athletes especially hate silence down in the locker room after
the big game that they lost, because that silence means that they'l pay the
price for it at the next practice. The quiet time is a time to share your most

private secrets with that someone special, or to be around someone you
really care about.

OF 1985

[,dvout 4\anc\ Kentiedv

CH ^^72 ca«H€ ta

Jamie Renee

Paul Brown
^Jark Car\ er
Susjfi Cotter


Robert Acklin
Connie Sue

Blake Cully
Pauia Dumpier

Austin Alff

I^^ren Davis

Rusty Andrews

Jole Davibon

James Ashworth

Andy Atterberry
Kimberly Sue
Karen Barnes

Kyia J. Bates

Glenda Bennett

Shawn Berry
Amy Biake
Stacy Bowman


Ruth Ann Davison
Kim Dibben
Cynthia Dicke\-

Shirley Dawn

Barbara Du^an
Shauna fvans

Kristy Fitzwater
Klin l-ord

Dean Galbraith

Darrin Jones
Diana Jones

Melissa Gann

Alecia Kay

Scott Gargus

N'ancv Kennedv

Beth Fullerton

Kylette Gillham

Lisa King

Evonne Glor

David Kirksey

Kim Guthrie

\ancy Knowles

Regina Hagar

Va l e r i e L a w s o n

Mike Haliemeier

Barbara Layland

Laura Hawiey

MariLynn Lewy

Deanna Henderson

Greg Lilley
Christine Manning

Penny Hill

Roxanne Hurd

Becky McClure

Gary Huber
Patty Hutton

Todd McGregor

Susie Imes

Lisa McMillen




Steve Patten

Jiimes Rowland

Gina Peters

Shawn Clark

Erin Phillips


Meri Phillips

Beatrice Ruybal

Dawn Pierce

Rebecca Scliwar?

Rhonda Polston

Rachael Popejoy
Brenda Randall

Curt Rankin

Angela Rice
Scott Rice

Douglas Richardson

julia Ritter
Meltnda Roberts
Michel Robson
Lisa Rowland

Lisa Sample

Cindy Shepard
Dawn Smith
Kevin Smith

Lori Smith


Sheri Stanton

Melissa Sweaney
Angela Tuber
R e b e c c a Te w e l l
Steven 'J'ruhn

■t H

T T i n

During the course of our senior year we had
many days in which to prepare for the big event —

Early in the year we had to order announcements,

name cards, memory books, class keys and other '85momentos. We always conducted these business

transactions m the cafeteria where we reluctantly
gave our money to our Herff Jones representative.

To prepare us for our future, Colege Day was
eld in the fieldhouse where many coleges and

armed forces came to inform us of what they had to
o er. We were aloted 20 minute sessions with any

Norman, Greg, Joel, and Todd having fun dur:n^ Dav

Barbara Layland, Mehssa Sweaney, Shirley Dryer, Connie Altf, Angie Taber, and Becky McClure signed memorv books under Seniors frequently got bored at Baccalaureate and Gradu-

colleges that we were interested in. Whether we


were plannmg for our future or not, Colege Day
was fun because we got out of ca
l sses and got to

fl a g









spend time with our friends.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Our class was

made up of so many dfierent personatiles and so
many various views of opinions that no matter what

cisions a to be made about graduation there

was aw
l ays some kn
i d of controversy.- Shoud
l we


l we have outrageous ca
l ss coo
l rs or shoud

we choose subdued ones>And so on. But after al
together and made the decisions.

l weeksofben

Zh wUls, histories, and
Lit r J committees had a

A n o f fi c e r s h o w e d w h a t t h e ( ' . S . A r t n v h a d t t ) u f f t r.

our ^ funny things to read

Andl'V u"'on Class Day.
^ practiced
graduation andrbaccalaureate
Wp nrvt- i for
of a couple of classe, t

not happ,igraduation
by everyone, we can
all say
' po"tan
' t"ev
il ,ogtaudu-t

Seniors patiently listens to their class advisors during Baccalaureate practice

at.on. We wouldn't have missed it for the Ltld!

Barbara I.. Connie A atul Teresa \X stiii.i\ifig college
Measuring for caps and gowns'

br<K hure


"ITme. -plies oar years of Schooling ore o^er.
ExhuHa^ion courses -fhrough our bodies. OS we receive
our diplomos',

es+z nij is not Q ma-Zler of chance,

yg+ Q++hD+poin4 our corri+br-kible Wor/cy

if iS Q matter of choice j

I's ^5hQ-H-ered-

if is not Q ihing -to be wai+ed -for,

Whispers of old merwDnes echo m our heads,

i-f 13 achieved.

we relive our paM in Q maf^erof rnmuil^s,
T T m e s e e m s - Vo s + o n d 5 4 ) 11 .

Above: The Dvnam.cs s.np tlu- sclu.oi
A n o v v.


U-ft J>m Ritcfi ''''

ps s

.ether before- exerCiH-s, Hclcw
CarnaharHrny Hug- hmotion an.l t
.n the vears of h.^;h school

. i t



Kohson .,vcs Tr.'nJ^»
plavcJ 4 f'""

We -reQr^u\Kj clu+ch a+ +he r^emenan+soJ? 4he
CVMldhooc^ we have now g«ven up.

The "J^enior Ensemble " smps to the audience a song of remembrance.

Friendship was the ma|or influence in a senior's life as shown throughout
this pagt'.

We are ^.Vv^cked bacK info reali-fy as> 4he I/gMs

on our high SCNiol years ditr»j

Qmo+her ti^h-l- 0"^ pdu.l4hcod glovi/s

Onfhe horizon ofour imogino+ion .
V/e Ic^ok \n+o 4he eyes our ciassry^otes
Qnd o 51 Jerrf fear+a.\ 15 in-pQrcweil '
-te yes+erdajj.

hy QieciQ. Hcllj

Left: Valediccorian, Kyiette Gilham, gives her speech of farewell to
the graduating seniors of '85. Right: Scort Gargus, Salutatorian, gives
his goodbyes and congratulations at gtaduarion. Below: Erin Phillips
receives her candle from juniors Jane Lane and Tina Geise.

Another year of school had come and gone. The seniors left behind friends as
Above: RonJa Pulsion lifted L:p slu.uKlers of

friends as thev ton>iran:latf ber 'ittumplish,Ti<.nt Below: The
class of •H5. Standing are tbe top ten percent of the ciuss-

they moved on in life. The intangible quality of brotherly love was felt through

out the 84-85 year as the seniors strove to make their last year in high school, the
best. Graduation signaled the end of the one way of life and the start of another.

Moments of happiness poured like water over the months of the year, while
sadness sometimes put a shadow of gloom over their lives, but the year went on.

As the days faded into the past, inemories compounded in the minds of many.

Lavout Alicia Kav








A "


BRYAN ELHARD instructed Band,

Buffalo Gals, & Pep Band. Most of his
students agreed that if you were really
dedicated, you need a strict teacher.
Elhard was actively involved in Buffalo
Gals and has composed most of the
music they perform, and is known for



Physical Education was viewed differently by the students of BHS, jodi
Villines, when asked what she thought of her P.E. cla.ss, stated. "I have

being a perfectionist.
SUSANNE POWERS, known to her

enjoyed my advanced P.E. class. In my class we learned to laugh with and

cronies as E.S.P., taught vocal music
and music theory. She enjoys a wide

at each other ..."

Most people went into their P.E. classes with the attitude that they
needed the credit, it was easy, and it gave them a break in the long school
day. Some bad attitudes toward P.E., in fact, changed to good. The
students learned some things they never knew before. Things that could

variety of music and has an extensive

record collection. In the spring, Miss
Powers took a wide variety of B.H.S.

last them a lifetime of fun and recreation.
One thing that set Buffalo apart from other schools in their co-ed P.E.
classes and having all male P.E. teachers. Most students didn't mind that

students to District Music Festival at

Daif .Mills

Citrls B.iskethall.

fact, but as Laura Hawley said. "Sometimes the boys get too rough, as in

dodgeball. I don't mind the co-ed classes, or all male teachers, just as long
as I get my credit."

LONNIE GLOR taught Art and Advanced Art. In his spare time he enjoys makmg

The way thev u.se to plav ball, in rolled up jeans.

architectual drawings and he also makes beautiful stained glass windows and ornaments.
Most of Mr. Glor's students agree that he is very talented. L. Glor believes that, an>

can be in art because inteligence is nor a key factor for creativity and creativity is what art is



MARY LOU BECKNER was the newest edition to the Fine Arts department. Her stud

affectionately called her "Mary Moo." She has been involved in many theatrical J"

Rot:cr Hoencs
} ootb.ill, P I,

tions, is president of the Dallas County Arts Council and a member of the Spring

Regional Opera. She has taught at Drury Summerscape; which is a camp for

high I.Q.'s for two years. Mrs. Beckner's favorite part of teaching is "working with ti

I'la^ toocball was one wa\ the P.i;. students spent their
Hiake C ull\ struts with his touchdown trophv.

Rit-k Hendef;,v)n
P I . Dri\<rr
. Ba^t•hall
Darin Barnes
s H.isketha
Ik-alth. F I
Nlikf Ru>mA^m H.iskt-tha


h f liul) Si. 1

Mar\ Ix)u Beckner
Brian IJhard

I.onnie C/Ujr

Kk k ! rccili.i:

PI I- \[-c'

Suzanne Powers



)• liic' P 1



I ,iV I lUC llliu- K.i'


la\>Hi; Rv>\i(. Hurii

The Annual Staff student that was assigned these pages, (for the
remainder of the Vo-Tech trade courses), failed to meet their

responsibilities. All photographs and materials were withheld,
making any composition impossible.
J. Cole, Advisor

Deanna Davis
Ti m D a v i d s o n
Christina Dibben
Dennis Dibben

Jim Dorman
Lanisa Doty
Danny Drinkall

Zella Dunlap
Billy Eliott
Marjorie Eisman


Brad Evans
Kim Fancier

Tony Farkas
Kim Fitzwater

QrKSTfON. How do vou feel times are changing, or have become more fast
paced in our school system'
y.LU.A Dl'NLAP- "I like the fact that prom has changed and we can bring

U 'LII- RA^i": "I like the breaking of tradition with prom and also the Freshman
have to have more credits to graduate. The majority of students seem more

academically inclined. Things have really picked up and started going places."
ANGI1-; NfA'^TlF.LD. "It has been all around okay bur the school days and

events that took place seemed as though many of my classmates really didn't care
about wh.it happened. Like Prom tor example.






What's your favorite day of the week!- "Friday," said Janette Mathews, "because the weetcend is finally here!" • • ,
It s };CXD on a Friday afternoon, the tension in the air is electric. Everyone, including the teachers, is thinking; of their plans for (he weekend, ShouUi 1 stay tn HuHn o

Student Council Officers

and cruise the weekend away, or go to Springfield and take in a showi-" The choice was endless.

The average person at B.H.S. spends approxm
i ateyl $20 on the weekend, Janet Hli kil ed to, "Go to Sprn
i gfied
l and crusi e Kearney ." Sandi 1 a
l ymcs sad
i she kil ed to

go, "Anywhere David wants to take me." Many students liked to "PARTY" whether alone or gomg to a "Big Bash" with their friends or dates. We liad the "times of
our lives" on the weekend. But other students had diferent ideas about the weekend. Jerry Owens says that he liked to, "Sleep because I'm tired'" Like most students,
Jane Lane liked Friday because she could, "Get out of school for two days." Weekends are important to everyone because it gives them a chance to rest op <rom the
week before and get ready for the dreaded Mondays.

The genera) concensus though, was that the good times were had on the weekend. Joele Hilhouse says she had the best times this year, "Going toArkansas with the
ball team; singing with the Dynamics; and just being with my friends."
Tina Giese
Ronald Hallimeier
Dale Hamilton
Mike Hancock

Brandon Hill

Janet Hill
Joelle Hillhouse
John Howlett
Lynn Huntley
Samantha Johnson


a sat

Christy Frey

Mark Hawley
Sandi Haymes




Kyle Jones
Larry Jones
Julie Kay


Nancy Lampkey
Jane Lane
Carl Lankford

Tina McCatty
Scotc McCowan

Janecte Mathews
Angie Mayfield
Jeff Meeks
Chad Nelson

Greg Nelson

Devona Nimmo

Tammy Nixon
Jerry Owen
David Paro

Meiinda Pickney
Mike Pilkington
Ginger Potter

Brian Ragland
Kim Rainwater


Wa d e R a m b o

Stacey Richardson
Jim Ritch
Julie Ritch

Karen Rupe

All members of the junior class were given a survey. Each student indicated their preference from favorite singer, to favorite
radio station. Most students picked heavy metal groups and T.V, shows with a lot of action and an exciting plot. We had a few
James Sartin

differences, but after all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here is the favorite of each category:

Ann Scott
To d d S m i t h

Concert or Video:

Sammy Hagar

Robert Spotz

Group or Singer:

Va n H a l e n

Cindy Staples


Linda Smitherman

Melissa Steinmark


Jane Sweaney


L i n d a Tu c k
S c o t t Tu r n e r

T.V. Show or Soap:

Dawn Webb

School Class:




*^You're the Inspiration"
Clint Eastwood
Heather Thomas

''Days of Our Lives"
A r t

Football & Basketball

May I have your attention please . . . When the

bell rings you wil be released to go to the assemblv
Does this phrase sound familiarr' It was the

phrase that our principal. Mr. Wilis, blared over the
intercom svstem.

Assemblies were tew and scattered throughout

the year. The tirst assembly was the first-dav-of-theyear assembly, in which Mr. Willis introduced

teachers and explained school rules.

The majority of assemblies were sponsored by
Stu-Co. They held a Talent Assembly on Xovember
I. chose who participated proved just how much
courage they had when they got out in front of the

'Lett t(j Rij;hr bottom row Glenda iicr.t.t" 1 , f
\X teks.Joelle 1 iilihoust. Toild Sn.ir!, D i\ i; .r'
Hill l-.lliott '[liesc- jre the- .t,

( !in\st W lili."'""

I r t s l i 'were
" ' " ' people
[ k v k n cwiu)
r a nattend
d B r uthe
m datHes.
F u r t i i i .Ahos
ui What are datices;

entire student body to do "their things." During the
week of Xovember 12-16. which was National Edu


cation Week. Stu-Co had an assembly in which thev




honored the teachers of Buffalo High School with





flowers, plaques, certificates, etc. The Christmas As





sured or rlu'tlirnic steps

sembly on December 21. included the teacher's

choir and two skits performed by Stu-Co and the

Btit rn Hi IS sriident-i u means .certinj: togetber with t'ricnds tor an cvenm^ ot hin. Althuujrh there
ro iTiii ^ ^ „,.,r,v occasions
tor dances at BHS. the studeno wbo attended enjuved the tmie tlie\ ipem there.

drama class. In early spring Chaplain Jim Post told


us the horrors of prisons, drugs, and alcohol. The

\%'in.re Pats\ kept trat k ot sales, I'Ckets cost Ss.(X) for a single ticket of S5.(K) tor a couple.
the tor bi,cb school students onU, with tbe c-xceptuMi o( lunnecornmg dances, [.eather was a

School of the Ozarks Swn
i g Chori performed up
beat tunes for B.H.Se
.' rs.The Stu-Co FunAssembyl












jeiulini; the daru'cs tmist i)a\e purchased a ticket hetore rhe date of the dance. Tickets were bought in

*■ . (. '..rbiiiL' worn at i.lances along w itb neon. b!ue jeans, and of course "wliite" socks on the field

and Awards Assembly were the last assemblies of

Lir to"''

the year.

Although few. there were still Pep Assemblies
during the football season to cheer the team on to
victory before the games.


inu- Kirks\ and
tr\ sexc-ral different steps,
.is shown in this time_Lipse photo taken b\ livend]ralungb
that skn\ dances are )u,st as much tun u s
h oKavi
r i iae Bates
c ereah^e

•h. .urapinc arts Jepartn.-nt

The Junior class jrran^ed t!ieiiistl\«rs t<i spt-ll nut

tlieir jjraduatinj; '.tjr dunnj: the Stu-f o I un As-

Htporii-f |.iini-N Aslnv
I Dwi; 1.,,. fs lua-"

■; \ M ( i . . 1 R \ '

\ U

Jiinni: till s.itnc


,h(ju- .Mrs Atkinson receives a rt.st from tlie riie,„bers o( I\.p
riub ntihx .M,.nlvnf) l.ew^.J.n,ts Ik-rknt:. and other SpvccI,
stiulents perforrnecl a skit durinj: the f.bristtnas AsseinW',


J Mtot

I . i \ o i i t Te r e s . ) \ \ i t / i


What would you do if

had planned a big outd^?^
event, and it suddenly rained
the day you had set? Well,

was faced with, on Septernt>^^
22, 1984. It was the day they

set for the annual PTA Coun^''^
Days. Did PTA panic?

darn rii;ht they did! But the)'
alized what they must do —

the show did go on, indo<^^f'

Although the sky was

and cloudy, all this drearin^^^
did not seem to dampen

Country Days. According ^
some, having it indoors

year, gave it a carnival

like PTA carnivals of the

Ray Dean Philips, instruc*^*^^
and PTA officer said, "It

tseniors), Traci Pierce & Robbie Gillpin f8th grade); fbottom row) Chris
topher Duff & Christa Carnell fkindergarden p.m.); and Merideth Scott &
Shawn Stepp (5th ^rade).


play and things to buw There was a cake walk, bingo, even a general
store with handmade items, plus a lot of other tun things to do.
Although there were a lot of things to do. most everyone was
standing in the halls or sitting in the gym talking, laughing, and
reminiscing, on Saturday night, November 5. 1984. The Long Kane
Carnival really hasn't changed much over the years.
The coronation was exciting. The girls were in their dressing
room putting on their dresses, wondering whose dress was the
prettiest, or if their hair was all in place. The boys were chinking. 'I
can't believe I'm doing this, I have to wear this dumb suit and walk
with that "yucky" girl." But. they all finally got dressed and were
ready to find out who the lucky two would be. When the lights
dimmed the gym became quiet and the candidates began walking
down the aisle.

spirits of those who attend^

The kings and queens are: (Top row) Steve Patten & Kylette Gillham


A community gathering. The rooms were tilled with games to

was the problem that the ^

that is, in the school


alright for a rainy day, but it r^''^
ly should have been held

The Long Lane P.T.A. Carnival made enough inoney to spend in
many different ways. Some of the money went to Channel 21 and to
Tenco. They also got tape recorders and science equipment tor the
classrooms. Kindergarten got a new toy box and 6th grade went on
a trip to Silver Dollar City. The money went to good use and the

The long Lane King and Queen were featured in the Buffalo
Christmas Parade,

community and P.T.A, made it happen.

L/. -


doors because it was too
too crowded, and liard on



PTA Country Days has

a regular event since 1944,
it first began and has been
every year except 1975.
This year, the PTA earr»e

S7,172 which was spent on vii'"'
ious school oriented project®'
sponsored by PTA. The PTA
cepted a major funding ^
Tenco Cooperative Film

")th grade: Jeff Stidham

4th grade: Chris Zakharott

& Meribah Randleman

& Patricia Anglen

& Hollv Nixon

2nd grade: Randv Snow

1st grade: Brandon Bone

Kindergarten: Curtis XX'aters

&. Trac\ Scurk)ck

& Cr\stme Smith

& Brandi CA>llins

6th grade: Kenneth Strickland

^rd grade: Jason Jones
& Angie McCullough

vices. Other projects, field trip®'
and scholarships were planned
as the year continued.


Hill l l l i o t

F. s c c u t . l a s o n H a l l

I'iower gir! Sara I'usher

vv n Pi tTCf


M i i k i n t: th e b a s k e t fr o m h a l f

\'arsit\ coach Darriti Barnes, fu- court and winnint; the balluame
nn.)r VarMtv and Ireshinan entitled the player to have the
coach Mike Russell. n<rt from the backboard. Back in
^ the Bisons alsi) went to Statel

Brent Stanton sh o o t s



The 1984-85 Basektball Season sparked an unusual show of enthusiasm in Buffalo this
year. At Homecoming, for instance, the fieldhouse was filled to capacity with returning

alumni and B.H.S. students. An unusual aspect of the season though, was that a bigjer
percentage of the community attended home games than in previous years.

Last year the Bisons played mote on ability than class ranking and there wasn t any
specific senior leadership. When asked his views on the season Todd Smith replied. "1
found myself sitting a lot this season as opposed to starting nine games my sophomore
year." But David Kirksey said. "I was pleased with the outcome this year."
The Varsity season consisted of 13 wins and 12 losses while the J.V. struggled with a
record of 2 wins and 15 losses.

Left to Ri^ltt. Var.sity: K. Jones. '1'. Smith. D. Galbreith. J. Owens. S,
McCowan. 1).Jones. B. Stanton, I). Kirksev. Coach Barnes, j.V.: I-. Jenson. \X',
Rice. Cj. Sliockley. J. NlcMani.s. T. Green. Coach Russell. K. Darnell. C,

Jerry Owens jumps high to tip the ball for a Bison

Watkins. C. Ciilham, II Julmson, IVeshmeii: Coach Russell, D. Has'mes. R.
Wilder. J. Shantx, C . Hlair. W. B\ bcc, S. OtttxJ. Beckner. I,, Clinc. R, Ha^tar, li.



Sitting prettyl Eddie Jenson, Kyle Jones, and

Chris Watkins relax seventh hour, the day of
the "big game."

" H E Y ' B a c k o f f t h a t b a l l i s i n i n e l " To d d

Smith seems ttj say.

Ia\oui lulit K.i\

. ^ L season proved to be a time for trials

i a4wn
i —12o
l ssrecor<J^
side, corfi'
pare to the '84 season, they show definite improvement.
tors that may have had some impact on the season are tH®

top quality competition the Bisons met on the field, and the laC^

o stmng leadership from the upperclassmen. The Bisons play^^

consistent ball against three of the top ball clubs in the confef

ence; these teams going on to place in the finals of COC/ District
pay. One other aspect of the season which may have handi

capped the team was the lack of leadership from the senior classThe squad, filed in key positions with underclassmen, althouK^
they participated well, the absence of these members and the laC^

of experience may have been a determining factor. We congratu
late the Bisons for faring as well as they did under such a hecziC
schedule, and we wish them the best of luck next year!
J.V, coach, Mr. Dave Reynolds, was forced to sit out most of the
season in order to recuperate from a major operation in December.

We missed you coach!





Front row: D. Drinkail, \V.
Rambo, J. Ritch, S. McCowan,
C, Anderson, C. Gillham. Sec

ond row: M. Wingo, T. HoJd, way, B. Stanton, J. McMannis,
T. Bowers, C. Lankford. Third

row; C. Blair. D. Kirksey, Coach

Jim Ritch before the swing . . .Jim Ritch during his swing . . .Jim Ritch after the swm^ wlucli resulted in ht)nif-riin.

l.jsDUt Shcri Stanton

Lisa Vesr and Stephanie Ciiariion
rrytng to stay dry on the bus ac
Jefferson Cicy.

Above, Stacy, Pat, and Tina taking their Softball seriously.

The lyH-i fall st)ftball season he^an with a

cournument at Jefferson City t)n September 8th.
I'nfortunatelv, the lirst ^ame of tlie season was

The Bison team during preijiime

rained out after onlv three innings of play. So the

Bison Softball plavers looked ahead to their next
tournament which was at Richland t>n Septem

ber 15ch.The Richland tourney consisted of four
teams, each one meeting the otlier in competi
tion or. in other words, a round robiti tourney.

At 10:^0 that daw the girls faced Cr(.)cker and
downed them -l-O in a ck)se game. VC'itli one
under their belts, the lady Bisons phiyed Rolla

and pulled a second game througli with a score
of 10-6. The third game was against the host
team Richland and Buffalo came through victo-

rious again, wmning the tourney. District pl^iyoffs started on Septeinber 26. and ttie Lady Bi
sons traxelled to Bolivar for tlie game. The
weatlier was cold and darnp^ but it didn't seem to

bother the Bison girls as much as it did Bolivar.
Earlier in the season, the girls liad lost tt^ Bolivar
but luck seemed to he with tlie girls, for thev

The girls in action.

won 1 } to 16, On Monda\. October I, the sec

bark row l.ara [iarnhan, Tina Smith. Kane;. Kennedv. Men Phillips. Susan Bradley, Stacy Simmons, Trar \ Borman I ront,
'■.arrit Urown Am\ Kennedv. Pat Dot\, Tracy hvans Lisa Vest, Steplianie f.harlton.

ond game of distric ts was hekl at Rolla. The gir[,s
weren t as prepareil for the game as their first.
VX'esphalia. beat th e Bisons ele\eti to ».>ne. I his

was the last game of the season ft)r the girls, and
their regular seasor") record was ftnir wins and
four losses

Layout: N'ancy Kennedy

The official date for the girls track practjc^ to begin

was February 11th. The girls that participated in track *j

knew what they had to accomplish for that first meet. It |

all began with conditioning. Conditioning means getting
in shape by strenuous exercises, a weight program, and a
lot of running. The first meet was at Lebanon. It was
more or less a practice meet to see how the girls would,

do against competition. The first meet was here, against
Bolivar and Marshfield with B.H.S. taking 2nd in team

points. The next meet was March 28, at School of the
Osage. The girls also took 2nd at this meet. April 9, the
Lady Bisons went to the Republic Relays and placed 6th.
The 13th they went to Bolivar and placed 6th again. April
16, was a Sophomore, Freshman meet. This was a non-

scoring meet but it was excellent experience for the
younger girls. The rest of the season went as follows,
Logan Rogersvile Relays 5th place; Buffalo Relays 2nd
place; Waynesville relays 2nd place; Willard Relays 8th
place. May 7th at C.O.C. the girls placed 5th, Districts at
Waynesville was the 11th and the girls took 6th there.
Only the ones placing above 6th place at districts went

on to sectionals May 18, at Logan Rogersville. Michel
Robson was the only-one who went to state May 25th,
taking 5th place,

Above, Amy Blake, l>clow, Michel Robson.

Above, Trenda Carnahan look
very preturbed.

\ant.\ Kennetj\

Barbara Gray
Devin Green

Terry Green
Sherry Hashagen
Jeff Hayes
Curtis Henderson

' T

Harvy Hill
Carol Hobbs

Cher)'I Hobbs
Troy Holdway
Angela lines
Edward Jenson


Sophomore Officials

Pres.-Mike Wingo

Stacy Simmons
r e p s . - L i s a Ve s t
a n d

Susan Bradley

Brad Johnston
Michael Jones
Michele Kocsis

Christopher Knox
Cynthia Kwitowski
Fred Lacey
Jonna Lambeth
Darrin Lewis

Tony McCowan

James McDaniel
Renee McDaniel
Paula McGinnis


"If the entire class is anything like the four players on "IVe had fun being around members of the sopho"The sophomore class is a class with a great deal of the team this year. 1986/87 should be a •memorable" more class. They are enthusiastic and for the most part
unrealized potential! Look-out in 'S?!!!" year!" willing to participate to get something done."





This class seems to be able, and very dedicated to
their goals."


India mourned the assassination of its Prime Minister. Indira

Gandhi, and plunged into a chain of violent acts by several
opposing political parties.

i r ^

A five pound baby girl suffering from a birth defect
called hypoplastic left-heart syndrome became the fo
cal point of the nation, as doctors tried to correct this
fatal defect by transplanting a baboon heart into the
two week old infant. The child, known to the world as

"Baby Fae" due to the parents' request for privacy,
became a miracle baby as she began to recover from
what appeared to be the world's first successful cross-

1984/85 was the year of starvation for milons. Newspapers, television screens, and even popular

music hits brought home pictures and stories of the starving people of Ethiopia. For years we, as a na

species transplant. The entire nation held its breath as

tion, have tightened our grip on all the precious luxuries we've become accustomed to, and have
turned blind eyes towards those less fortunate. 1984/85 seemed to be the year when we regained our

this tiny girl struggled to survive her calamity. News
reports sounded positive up until October 26, when the

sight, and our once blind eyes seemed to be facing grotesque pictures of milons of starving people.

The United States suddenly became involved in a national effort to help the starving people of Africa,
but the true extent of their suffering is just now beginning to surface. The reality of the situation is

infant developed a "complete heart block" and died at





overwhelming and the main question we are faced with today is if perhaps we, as a nation, became in

approximately 9 o'clock P.M. from kidney failure.


volved too late.

The Re\. Martin Luther

1985; The Year Offfhe Face Lift
.'t .<

The United States bepaj^e involved in a huge effort to

repair one of its greates]k"^mbols, the Statue of Liberty.

King Sr.. died at age 84
atrer suffering tor man\vears with a chronic heart

fiindition. King was the
tacher ot slam ci\'il rights
leader, Martin Luther

King Jr.
l.avoiit ShtTi Stiititon

Current nio\ ies in tlie l^S i-S'S
sclu)ol \car cohered a wiJe rani:e.

Thcv wtnt trorn "AniaJtus." wliicli
was abouc the lite of \X\)|ti:ant:
Aniadeus .\K)/art. to "BcverK Hills


Cop" with Ixklie iNUirpli\- phuini:


die le;ul role as a Detroit cop on
vacation in He\erl\ I lills.

The ditlercnce hetueen the two.

etnphasi/ed "lk*\erl\ Mills C.op as




THE ruTunftemp


a popi.ilar public choicc aiui ' Amaly-^J lilLs Cop" wi.)n best picture, antl
e Murphv was selected as best
id male actor at The Feooicc Awards. 'Ama<.leus

picture, best screenphu


nd a dozen inore Liurin^
1 Annual Acauienn- Awards.

Pictures are: Ixklie Murplu', "Ik-\erl\ Hills Cop";
clip troni "Killinc I'ield.s"; Diane Kecton, "Little
Drufutner Girl"; I-'rince, "Purple Rain." 'rhe\ were
some the bii:gt'.st hits tiirou^hout the lOS j-S*)
s c h o ( . > l \ e a r.

A Prince who wil be Ring

Larrv Cline

Chyre Allen
Brad Andrews

Lori Compton

Robert Arnall



Being a freshman has been a motivating and
exhilirating experience. I have had the opportu
nity to play high school sports, have classes of a
broader range> and many farreaching contacts

with more of my fellow students. Even though
we are sometimes looked down upon, we lift
ourselves up with the thought that someday
soon we will be able to treat the freshmen like we

are now created. I hope I have conveyed this
Iven Atkisson

Butord Cross

Cheryl Barclay
Jimmy Barret

Heather Crow
Ciloria Davidson

clearly and to represent the full finesse of my

youthful and exciting life as a freshman at BHS.
Mike Fielder

Freshmen are always getting picked on. If it's
not snowballs in the winter, it's water balloons in

the summer. I just can't wait until I'm a Superior
Sherrie Bass

Michelle Dibben

Michelle Beary

Pat Doty

Larry Dorman

Wilma Bettencourt

Dale Dotv

I think being a freshman is a challenge to

outdo the upperclassmen and to prove to them
that you're not just a freshman but one of them.

But, it does have it's disadvantages too because
some of the classes are hard but, you have to
stick in there.
Chris Blair

Hatricia Dotv

Tammy Blakey

Yvette Dunlap

Ti m B l e c h e r

Bobbv Dr\er


Being a freshman isn't all that fun. All the
upperclassmen treat you unfair. Like they tell

you to go get something that someone else told
them and if you don't, they almost kill you! But
being a freshman has some fun in it. Like you can

Tracy Bornman

James Edwards

Patti Brace

To n y E l s w i c k

Tim Eagleburger

Kim Bravi

take different classes and you have opportunities
to do things that you couldn't do in jr. high.
Well, I would rather be a freshman anyway be
cause you can stay with your friends longer.

Being a freshman isn't what it's cracked up to
be. It's like being in the seventh grade ali over
Kristi Breshears

Tracy Evans

Wesley Bybee

Laiiradee Ferree

Clarrisa Cantu

again. They act like we're the scum Qj[^the earth,

but they should remember they were freshmen
once too!

Mike Fielder

Karin May
Russ Wilder

Kathy Carlisle

John I'irzwater

Tr e n d a C a r n a h a n

Debbie French

Steve Ciemmons

Terr\' Fr\'e

- t i l

You get pushed around by the upperclass
men, but it is an okay grade to be in. You get to

meet a lot of different people. High school is a
lot funnier then jr. high was!!


Brian Gann

Kevin Jones

Robbie Gann

Chervl Keith

Paula Garroutte

Amv Kennedy

Bill Gordon

Colleen Kokstis

Vicki Griil

Dawnya Krummel

Ronnie Hagar

Jamie Beckner

Billy Kueck

Melissa Hallemeier

Nancy Kuhns

Lori Hancock

Chris Kureck

Jimmy Hargis

Larry Logon

Angela Hackins
Gary Hayes
David Haymes

Deedra Lowe

Shawna Hendricks

Lori McGuire

Chris Hester

Cinnamon McMillan

Glen Holcomb

Pat Malone

Carrie Brown


Angela McDaniel
Paula McGinnis

Brian Portman

Brian Howe

Karin May

Michael Howe

Lance Mills

Darin Hurd

Tonia Montgomery

Melissa Smith


U / )

Shonna Jaco

Amber Neat

Imajean Johnson

Calvin Norton

Kan Jones

Jody N\)rton

I D "




The art club had many different activities throughout the year.
The club made a contribution to help the restoration of the

In the last full week of school. Library Club members meet
a t t h e V i c t o r i a n f o r t h e i r fi n a l f a r e w e l l b r e a k f a s t .

i Statue of Liberty. They wanted to be a part of those who helped
restore one of our country's art treasures.


On Wednesday April 10,1985 the Art club took a field trip to




The library club members for 1984-85 year. Pictured above from left to right:
standing, Melissa Sweaney, Shauna Evans, Angela Hawkins, Sandi Finley, Jenni
fer Hicks. Sitting, Kyla Bates, iMrs. Harrison and Angie Mulderink. Pictured

below from left to right: Standing, Shawn Clark, Tim Gray ntid Amy Adams.
Sitting. Linda Smithertnan, Kim Guthrie and Marilynn Lewy,

In the Teacher Appreciation Day Assembly Mrs. Harrison

Tht- Art club of'84-'85 consisted of; I.ara Barnhart, Tina Giese, Zella Dunlap, Brad Johnston, Cris Watkins,

received red roses from the librarv club members.

Brendu Randall Stacey fiowman, Miilissa Steinmark, Paula Garroutte, Joan Roos, Barbara Dugan> Cindy

Tuning, Donna Vilines. Jodi Vilines; Pres., Darin Hurd,John Howlett. 'lammy Nixon, Scott Gargus, Blake

Cully. Mr, T.onnic Glor, David Blair, Tim Eagleburger. Those not pictured; Shawn Berry, Terry Bradley. Victor
Clark. Ruth Davison. Shirley Dryer,Julie Finley.Tlmmy Gray, Gary Hayes, Lynn Huntley,Jacob Norton, Trish
Pope, Karen Rupe. Beatrice Ruybal, Steven Truhn, Linda Tuck.

Individual members were involved in painting ♦

When Melissa Sweaney was asked. "Have you

changed any since you first started in library club?"
(like reading more, etc.) She replied, "Yes, I read a
lot more books than I used to. Working in the
library gives me more of a chance to study up on
certain subjects if I need to, 1 meet more people by
working in there and it's really a lot of fun. Mrs.
Harrison is a woi^derful librarian. And she ktiows a

murals for Buffalo Head Stare and photo props

lot about research and the different books .she has. I

enjoy it a lot,"

for Chastains of Buffalo.
l.aviiut (una Pecers

I.avout Connie Austin

11 ' '

What organization makes school a little easier to handle? Student Council, of
course! They broke the monotony of the school year with assemblies, dances and

other functions. Truly, one might think of Stu-Co functioning as only a group
trying to get us out of class all of the time, but this was quite untrue. They
represented the student body at board meeting, and relayed problems and desires
of BHS students to the administration.
For the first time in

several years, Stu
dent Council was

under the sponsor

ship of a faculty


During the course of the 84-85 term, Stu-Co helped bring the "Back to school

Dance as well as other activities to the BHS campus. They saluted our teachers
with an assembly showing how important they are to us as a student body. They
helped us laugh during the class competitions seeing our co-students make fools

Evonoe Qlor-president


(only in fun), of themselves.

Jane Lane - sec.f-^reas.

Student Council helped pass the "shorts situation" on to the school board

member. Mrs. Car

allowing the BHS student body to wear shorts during the warmer months of
September and May. So, as we could tell on an almost daily basis, Stu-Co was a vi

ol Cully, with vital

tal part of the BHS students' lifestyle. We salute the lS>84-85 Student Council for

members, worked
hard to make the

all the pleasure they brought us, and for making the school year much more

students' voices


Stu-Co sponsored the Blood Mobile, pictured Janet Hill and Karen

and desires be
come realistic. It

was one of the

1984-85 STU CO

most vocal and ac

tive years Stu-Co

Below; Todd Smith, Scott Gargus, Sheri Stanton, and Lara Barnhart participate in the Blood

~ pres " Todd Smi-l-h

has had, since the
late 70's.

bhert Sjan-ioD' hec/-^rcaz-7oe\i€. Hiflhouse.

Qiec/io. h)ay~rep - \3coff f^cCo^an
Curi Vicnhtn ~ rep- Lara^Ornhar-f
pre&- J^amie,Qechner

^"TirnonSs- 5tc/-heaS-Corrie, Brown
i5usan Bradley- rep- Melissa Smf4h
L i s a V t & i - - B r i a n Vo r i r Ti c n

Above- Freshman Pres. Jamie Beckner escorts freshman Miss Merry Christmas candi
date, Shawn Sample at the Stu-Co sponsored Christmas dance. Left: A senior pyramid, at the Stu-Co "games" assembly.

19H4-H^ Student Council J Ashworth. S. Gar^us, S.
Stanton, C. Rankin, J. Lane, S. Bradlev, C. Brown, J,
Beckner. A Kav Top B. Pc>rtman, L Barnhart, f,
Hillhouse, T Smith. S. McC.t>wan, S Simmons, L.

Vest. M Win^o. L Gh)r, M Smith.


As shown on this pape — Stu-Co was a vital part
of the BHS students' lifestyle.



Left CO Right Row 4: Margie
Jean Cook, Laura Hawley. fO'
McDaniel, Sandt Maymes. Sha^^'*^

pie. Tracy Bornman. An^jie
April VC'y^ant. Joelle Hillhouse;

Dawn Kfitli, Alecia Kay, Patt>

VICA member Karen Barnes reads Coach Freeman's blood pressure. VICA members assisted with the

Stephanit Weeks, Lisa McMilliif*-

Stu-Co sponsored Blood Mobile and the Health Fair.

Smitherman. Ak-cia Weeks, Sand>' ^ .j
cer; Row j: Kelly Sharp. Amber


Lara Darnlurt. Rente McDaniet. ^

Bravi, Michelle Dibben, Knsty Fre)'* }
lette Gillham; Row i: Sandi Blue.

tine Manning:. An^ie Taber. Ca'"'"


"Left, left. left, right, left " Most people would think tbey were

in the military service if they had heard someone yellinj; in this
fashion. But, if you were a ^irl in Buffalo Gals, this lanj;uage was

A.M. Health Occupa

something you heard daily. Mr. Bryan Hlbard was the command

t i o n s C l a s s A r e a Vo -

er and chief of the spit and polish marching drum and bugle

Te c h S c h o o l


Just as the summer was beginning other school students were
enjoying time off from school, while tlie Butfak) Gals began
tlieir summer practices. Twice a week the girls came to march
amid sweat, pain, and heat. Sofiietimcs the marching seemed

Joelle Hillhouse — vice pres., Alecia Kay — sec., Kylette


endless with sore feet and a sweaty brow as a retninder of their
toils, while other times flew by and ended in a short time.

Gillham — pres.

Assistant majorette — April Wy-

The arrival of the 1984-8^ school year brought great expecta
tions for the members of Buffalo Gals Along with the practices

gant, Majorette — Devona Nimmo

Came parades, football routines, and basketball routines. The

Gals not only took a few second place trophies, but thev also

took a great number of first place trophies at the parades they
marched in. The year began with the SMSl Homecoming Parade
and ended with the Dogwood f-'estival Parade in Camdenton.
The hard work and dedication of the girls in Buffalo Gals proved


to be an asset to the school system and made the people of Buffalo

proud of their marching drum and bugle corps. 1 he seniors departed
from school, but. it is almost certain that memories of the 1W4-85

Buffalo Gals would always live in the hearts t)l the girls in the corps-

P.M. Health Occupa
c i o n s C l a s s A r e a Vo
Te c h S c h o o l

Above; Drill Captains; front row — Lisa McMillan, Sandi

Blue, Laura Hawley; back row — Joelle Hillhouse. April
Wygant. Below: Laura Hawley — bugle capt., Kylette Gill
ham — drum capt., Alecia Kay — bugle capt.

A fast time ago, 1968 major
ette of Buffalo Gals.

To the members of VICA> it is one of the

most important things in their lives. It is an
expression of the future. Students involved in the
Vo c a t i o n a l I n d u s t r i a l C l u b s o f A m e r i c a a r e

thinking about their career and how to fulfill
their true potential. VICA inspired them to think

seriously about people, to relate to them and
what one can do for them. At Buffalo, VICA was

instrumental with Health Occupations students,
at the Louisburg Area Vo-Tech School.



"Being Frencli Club sponsor (and all that that

implies) is one of the greatest challenges that I face
as a teacher at B.H.S. It is also one of my greatest

sources of satisfaction and pleasure. The rapport we,
the students ar\d I, build in our club is unique and
special; what we put into the organization is tremen
dous, and I would not, consequently relinquish my
position as B.H.S. French Club sponsor." Miss Ray
Dean Phillips
Why did you take French Club?
Above; Michel Robson. Left: 5th hour 3rd and 4th level French class. Front: Shawn Clark

and Kylette Giiham. Middle: Marvin Lowe and James Rowland. Top; Nancy Kennedy

SANDY SCRIVENER — "Because it sounded like
fun and there are a lot of activities."

BLAKE CULLY — "Because all my friends were in

SUSIE IMES — "I was in French class so I figured I
might as well."
Why did you decide to take a French class?
CLAY RICE — "I thought it would be interesting
and fun."

JAMES ROWLAND — "To see what it was like."
BETH FULLERTON — "I wanted to learn a for

eign language and French has always appealed to

What are some of the activities of French Club?

ALECIA KAY — "We have had a Halloween Party,
movie parties, we all went to see a French play and
then ate out together. We all went skating just
recently and then had a pig-out ut Mazzio's in Boli
v a r. "

SHAWN CLARK — "Softball games and pizza
Other comments.

STEPHANIE CHARLTON — "I really enjoyed

French. It's fun because you can say anything you
really want to and no one can figure out what you
are saying."
BARBARA LAYLAND — "I really enjoyed
French and French Club."

LISA McMILLIAN — "I encourage others to take
French because it is a fun language to learn and
fairly easy too!"

Above: Chad Giiham Left: Kylette Giiham giving Miss Phillips a rose for teacher
Appreciation Day.

JEFF MEEKS — "It's a fun class!"
CHRIS KUREK — "I think if Miss Phillips wasn't
teaching French I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I do

CHAD GILLHAM — "We didn't do as much this

year as we did last year. We need winter activities."
STEPHANIE WEEKS — "I think French is a lot of

fun. Miss Phillips really helps to make it easier to

Front from left to right, Beth Fullerton, Shana Whipple, Lisa Vest. Janet Hill, Eric Rodriguez, Julia Ritter, Blake
Culley, Chad Giiham, Barbara Layland, John Howlet, Dawnya Krummel, Richard Richie, and Miss Ray Dean
Phillips. Second Row, James Ashworth, Evonne Glor, Glenda Bennett, Pam Smith, Jodi Taylor, Angela Imes,
Sheila Doty, Stephanie Weeks, Clay Rice, Shilly Taylor, Julie Kay, Dawn Smith, and . Third tow, Sandy
Scrivener, Shauna Hendricks, Shannon Bliss, Cliis Kureck, Debbie French, Jean Cook, Shonajaco, James Given,

Marvin Lowe, Barbara Gray. Nancy Kennedy, and Stephanie Charlton.

Band can mean different things to dif

ferent people. A lot of kids join band just
because ever}'one else is, some drop after a

couple of years, some find that they love
band and stick with k. If gives some stu
dents confidence in themselves or even
serves as an ourlet to relaxation. Band at

tlie first, can be scary for the freshman and

that is enough to feel intimidated. It takes
a lot of hard work and determination to be

good at playing an instrument, (and a little
talent does not hurt). Besides band jiist

being a class to go to everyday, its musi
cians participate in activities outside the

David Blaif, David Stuckey. Carrie Brown. Terrv Green, Men Phillips, Sluina Ak-ci;i Wet-ks. S;indy Potter, 1 leaclier
Crow, Kim Bravi. Cheryl Mobbs. Betsy O^lesbet. I>v.,nnu Snider, Cirol Hohbs. I.jur.i Cibert

classroom. They have a concert every

Christmas and spring. You'll also see the
Buffalo High band at halftime at ballgames. They also went to a band contest
and everyone received a two rating. Mr.
Elhard. the band instructor, said that his
band class was smaller than he liked, but
the kids went the distance with the talent
that was there.

Above. Meri Phillips, upper ri^ht. Laura C.ibert. bekiw. Cbristnias toncert.




These pages were provided for Cheerleading. The Annual Staff
student assigned these pages did in fact do the layout. However,
when it was returned to the student to complete the incomplete
areas and correct errors, the preceeding was not accomplished.
The materials were withheld, making composition impossible.
J. Cole, Advisor

Jst Semester

Principal's List



P R I N C I PA L ' S L I S !

the following requirements:

strive. These are known as the

B r i a n Ta b e r

Betsy Oglesbee

B r i a n Ta b e r

Lisa Rowland

L i s a Ve s t


L i s a Ve s t

Sheri Stanton

Krissi Williams

Carol 1 lobbs

Lance Williams


Tammy Workman

Cheryl Hobbs
Susan Sample

Mike Wingo

Te r e s a

Tammy Workman
Jeff Mayes





Joan Roos

l l T H

Randy Case
David Clemmons

l l T M

Principal's List

Brandon Hill

Lara Barnhart

9 T H

John Howlett

To d d S m i t h


Tracy Bornman

Jane Lane

1 2 T H

David Clemmons

Kim Bravi

Sandra Haymes

Greg Nalson

Shawn Clark

Scott Gargus

Angie Rieschel


Alicia Weeks

Kylette Gillham



Joelle Hillhouse
John Howlett
Lynn Huntley
Julie Kay
Jane Lane

l O T H

Scott McCowan
lienor Roll
9 T n



principal's list and the honor roll.
These honor lists will be com

in all courses attempted,

Cindy Shepard

piled at the end of each semester.

2. Be enrolled in 5 or more units

Ti n a S m i t h

Students should fill out applica
tions from the principal's office

for credit.

of the following requirements:

Julia Ritter

Kelley Galbraith
Ed Jenson

Melinda Roberts

Bechy McClure

principal's list upon completion


Gayla Sweaney

1. Achievement of a B- or above

to expedite compiling of the list.
A student will qualify for the



Brent Stanton

Janet Hill

achievement have been set up to
ward which students are urged to


Kim Bravi

1 I T M

A student will qualify for the
honor roll upon completion of

Gary Shockley
Stacy Simmons

Tracy Bornman

April Wygant

Tw o l e v e l s o f s c h o l a s t i c

2nd Semester

Patti Brace

Devona Nimmo

Jerry Owens
Brian Ragland

Carol Hobbs

Wade Rambo

Cheryl Hobbs
Susan Sample

Julie Ritch

April Wygant

Linda Smitherman

l l T H

Cindy Staples

Devona Nimmo

Janet Hill

Dawn Webb

Jerry Owens
Ginger Potter

Ginger Potter

To d d S m i t h

1 2 T H

1 2 T H

Robert Acklin
Connie Austin

Larry Cline

David Faro

Russell Andrews

Larry Dorman

Wade Rambo

Shawn Clark

Blake Cully

James Kdwards

Karren Rupe

Scott Gargus

Janey Darnell



Linda Smitherman

Kylette Gillham

Kim Dibben

Millissia Steinmark

Evonne Glor

1. Achievement of A-or above in

Gary Hayes
Shonna Jaco

Shirley Dryer

all courses attempted.

Dawn Webb

DeAnna Henderson

Shauna Evans

Angie McDaniel


Becky McClure

Beth Fullerton

2. Be enrolled in 6 or more units

Cinnamon McMillan

for credit.



Melissa Gann

Rusty Andrews
Connie Austin

Honor Roll

Mike Hallemeier


Susie Imes

Mary Ormsby

Kyla Bates

Soundra Potter

Susan Cotter

Patricia Brace

Darrin Jones

Angie Rieschel
Shawn Sample

Blake Cully

Larry Cline

Alecia Kay

Jane Darnell
Roger Cummings
Shirley Dryer


Michelle Dibben

Nancy Kennedy
David Kirksey
Barbara Layland

Alicia Weeks

Shauna Evans

Shonna Jaco


l O T H

Mike Hallemeier

Nancy Khuns

Lisa McMillan

Sandra Blue

Laura Hawley

Angie McDaniel

Curt Rankin

Shari Cibert

DeAnna Henderson

Cinnamon McMillan

Julia Ritter

Keith Darnell

Roxanne Murd

Amber Neal

Melinda Roberts

Charles Fullerton

Susie Imes

Diana Jones
David Kurksey
Barbara Layland

Betsy Oglesbee
Sndy Potter

Michel Robson

Kathleen Galland

Patricic Roberts

Cindy Shepard

Kelly Sharp
Desona Snider



Angela Imes
Ld Jenson


Greg DelSol

Kelly Sharp

Lisa Rowland



Marvin Lowe


Lisa McMillan

Sandy Blue

Sheri Stanton

Joan Roos

Steve Patten

Mark Craighead

Melissa Sweane\'

Te d S c o t t

Rhonda Polston

Charles Fullerton

Surekha Patel


Ti n a S m i t h

Lavout: Roxie Murd & Gina Bvbee.




>^11) CiradcHolivar-won

8th ^rade: I'rov Nitnmo. Mark Piper, Duke I lenrv. Scott Dill. Robbv Gilpin. 2nd

^rade boys basketball 1st row, Donald Pointt-r, Ronnie Sliarp. Stacv Pavne. Jeff


^-ankford. Thomas f antlon. C tnp Sample. HilK Joe Hurtm. l.onnic V< illiains. 2nd row

^Harlcs Wilson. Scott McKcn/if. l.ucas Mak-, )inifn\ Cfavt't, Stacv Swanij:an, Robert
^Ifnin. Matk I.oudftba^h, Dins C ottct, Marlcn Viets. Scott Siiliisan. Over-all season. 6-5


I .nr_i:ri)\c*-vvt>n

row; Chris I.illey, Hddie Phillips. Rick Lvon, Chris Lon^. Shannon Fletcher,
fimnn K(ar. ^rd row; JelYChad, Mike McDonald. Tony Vacha. Over-all season:
K-O and took consolation at C.O.C.


Htli ^jradt- top - Co,nil HtJil licniH-t. P.iviJ
Tom Sltt-pafi). Uratul, Ji-M C iuui. Mark
McI")oti.ild. tnuldk' — luliiif Piullips, Justin

jittuin K].ir. Kitk I.\on. K-H HowlfttKwns, 'I'otn Va<.lia, hoaont - Uobhs Oilp"''-

N'lmtiui, Sli.iiinoti I Itt^ Ikt. Jctf I..ifiiiicr, Mike I^'"'
(laffison, Jolw) (ilof. h)v Kiat
^ f 1 f ■» f •

"'rli ^ra Ji." top — • tiKina^cr > K rts Slicppaft)._);»'^^"' , .( j
t!\. DiantM f lit'tk. St.u Plullips, )i|l AndctN^"^-

Hamilton. Kohcrta Pa\tu-, C o.kI) Uak I'rci-tiun. ^ ^
Kailiv Win^o, Misw Jarka^.
ttions. I era Pit-rtc. Stasiu Mills. Dotma

iniana^tri l.offtia Icniiiiiijs


S"I A TIS l ies

Htb (tratlc-



Stoi kton l.osi

Stoi kton l-«»'»^

I<o^ers\ ilU -I.ost


I . l d o r a d o AV o n




Lebanon AX on


C atndentonAX'on


i.ld»)rado AX 1 »n


M a r s l i fi e l d - l i i s t



Holi\ar AX'on

i - C . - O

1 - 0

Hth ^radt top Sliatinon St ulliatn. Tain .i
PtrM\,)l Koizcrs JuIk- \\,\\t.i. l.ar\s>a M'l'-

<i^'er hotti'tii Jam-( tarj^us It-ntuU-r Owrtis. Attt\ Oui;
^an. I rat 1 t'lirif. Aniiif Pttirs. Jiiht Ii*iist.>ii- ^
lifrf^tik-r Ni>t pKturid Kns \ij>Nf aiul ^



Lavt>ut Ciina hei-


tiiB mm
In the past couple of years the Junior High Student Council has become a strong
force for the junior high students. The Junior High Student Council with the help of
their sponsor, Mrs. Eyl, have been effective in creating school spirit by holding their own
spirit weeks, dances and assemblies. Although, many activities planned, had to be
c a n c e l e d d u e t o i n c l e m e n t w e a t h e r.

The forming of the Junior High Student Council has given the students a better
chance to voice their opinions on what happens to them. It also allows the students a
clearer insight of how the student government works.

-] M C.KAni. liO'j S. 1^1 ^ Potter

C I.iitiRT. B Hiirtin. S. Slwpard. S. Stid
h.mi, !. ll.tk", S. P.tvne. B. Potter. B
Kr.micr, n Bovntt-r Back row Ei.inks
[ |.a^^lc•s^. S Mitchell. M I.ouder
h.)vi,i:}i. I' ( antlon.J. SimtJi. R. Tunnini:


S Stilliv.u'.. .itui S SvvaiiiC«"i

C oai.h Iiiiiior liikzli bins track
.oait). rt-plK-J, Mar J work anJ Jetermi
nation tnakcN <.l)ai'npioii%

STH GRADE BOYS, 1st row: J. Chadd,
M. Garrison, T. Head, J. Lutz, W, F.vans.
J Howktt.J. K|ar, D. Guffey, 2nd row:
J. Glor, T. Jenson. S. T'letture. M. Mc
Donald. f;. Lee. T. Cook. J. Howerton.
T. Tavlor. J. K]ar. Back row J. i.afimar.

T. Shepard, E. Phillips. T. Vacha, V.
Broker. R. I.von, W. Dickey, C. Ltinj;,
M. Souza ^manaj;eri, and R. Padj;en[.
Coach Hod^e stated, "The tfX) relav
team improved their time bv 5 seconds.
That's ^reat'

jr. High Stu. Co, members, from left to ri^bt: Ciil't'ord Hathcock (Rcprc.sentativel, Vickv Smith i Representativej,
Stacev Phillips (Vice President!, An/;ie Peters (Presidenti, Tracv Strickland (Reprc.sentative). and Julie Miller (Secretarv/Treasurer),







.\1 'suiipM>n. r Piffte.S KucI, D. Walkt-r. K Heak-\.,\l Brt.tiitiittu,imp, I. lent






H a H i fl t n t l . R B a v t J t . . M ( . i N f . ( Wo r n i i K i t k . I . I r v, ( W i t i t j o , 1 P o o i f , I )

.NJ.iatk, 1 Sharp. ,\1 Kit-ltv. aOi) C o.kIi
I reeman

\Xe ))aij <)u.(lit\ |x-opk- in tmr hclJ
vvt-nrs aiui tiii\ liflpfil us win man\
iiieeis. Cii.uh i rcftnan c i )rii nietuetl

a b o u t h i s c r a t k - u i r l s t r. n k t t - a i J i

HTIi GRAl:)L GiRl.S. 1st row K Ries-

(.hel 'manager'. J Gar^us.J. Owens, A


Du^an,J ,Miller, S Tvans. H. Heathk-r. J

Siu. Co. members Tracv Strickland and Anpie Peters
with Sbellv Tavlor helping to fix the bulletin board.

The junior high, for the first time in
quite awhile, formed their own cheerleading squad. They not only cheered for the
seventh and eighth grade sports events for
the boys, but also the seventh and eighth

jenson K Swc-antn Ba( k row Cfjach

I rteman. R ^'arborou^h. T Tarr, K


grade girls sports activities. The hard

Stott.A Peters. .M Bliss D Percnal D

working cheerleaders could always be
found cheering their hearts out during

1. Rollers, M Nelson. S Stepp
Not pictured I Strit kianci and I

their home games or while practicing their
routines with their sponsor. Mrs. Huff-

Pierf i: •

The H(K) rcla\ teairi went thr<ju>:h the
season LHuleleatt-il. and we also had

Ba<.k row, left to n^ln. Kitn Siotr. TraL\ Strickland. Karen Werner. Bni;itte Hanks. Miianit- Bliss I ront row.
( arrie Wotnmuck. ^'vette ( antii.

qi.alit\ runners in t(ie WK) and
state<l ( c)a< i I recrnari

•tvoiii Barbara l.avland

out IXiwn Piert-e



junior high — wliat a life! One could say riiat junior high is a scary experience tor most.
By the end of the first week, most are in the swing of things.

In years past, junior high lias not liad many exclusive activities of their osvn. One of the

reasons for this was due to the fact that our students are Located on the same campus, with

high school and junior high somewhat combined. While 7th and 8th graders were invited to
most high school activities, they were not always accepted too well by their high school
counterparts. With an emerging of a junior high student council during the previous school
term, and with it.s second year of existence in this year, ju nior highers had a greater feeling
of independence with their own school functions.
The junior high had a spirit week for football season. They dressed in unique attjre

throughout the week. They had a T-shirt day, having friends autograph their shirts. A Pep
assembly, conducted by the cheerleaders, complete with skits and clieers, got ever)'one
ready and full of spirit for the game.

The junior high student council held some dances, as well. One dance was held in the fal

and the other was late in the spring.

Stu-Co also had a Christmas assembly consisting of carols and skits. Stu-Co was under

the advisorship of Mrs. Eyl and Ms. Huffman.

The state school in Louisburg
has been there since 1972. In De

cember of 1982, ten years after it
opened, it became part of the
Dallas County School District,
The students at the state

school are taught basic skills

and needs such as washing their
hands, tying their shoe laces,

and going to the bathroom by
themselves. The levels these stu

dents are taught, range from
pre-kindergarten to 5th or 6th
grade. One of the main reasons
that these skills are taught is to
make placement easier. They
can be put into a Vo-Tech
course or a shelter program to

Above —Just another ordinary morning

get and keep some kind of ca
reer. The students of the state

school are also participants in
the Special Olympics. In their

own way these kids are literally
moving mountains.



Above — Thest ^irls are getting in the groove at the
hrst dance of the year; Top right — 'U this whac they
(dll d splashtn j;ood time.' . Middle right — Ham
ming It up at a junior high pep assembly. Bottom
right Signing away, on T-shirt day

l.avout Bill Hlliot


1 iX






1^ 1« It ll M . *i I i?-v1
School Board me/jibers were, top n^lu. Tom Darncli, Supfrintcruk-nt. icntt-r. Kt-ich ( uilv. C)i:hi.
Warren Lauderbau^li. Itftctncer, Mickev Djmcs. ccmt-r. D.nlc Nitntn.!. rijjht. H..rc.ki Pait(.rMm.'k-»'t

Hi^jh School Secretaries: Bar

bara Blair, Pativ Condren. Willa

bottom, Biil Sheppard.

Philips. Judy Barnhart. Jo anrie
Wygant, Hildreth Swanipan.

I Ik- School Moart.1 is niatle ot six
Jerrv Kirksey
Vo c a t i o n a l

Fruitt Miller
fJementarv Prin.

lii^lilv rc'spct Cl-lI tnctnlTtTs the


HIementary Secretaries: Betty
Drver and Beckv Stokes.

coiiitnunit\. In the s }-S*) schot)l

\ear several .Kljiistinctits had to be


r n a d t d u e t t ) n e w f a c e s . To m O u r -

nell took over as superintendent.
The Scliool lioartl also had ti.) ad
just the school calendar to accDHimodate the snow da\s enccninteret.1.

Ai.lrinnistratii>n tlidn't have jiiany
Lendwl C.ondren

John t^ull
Jr. Hi^h Fnn

Asst. Fnncipiil


clian^'es to av.l)L!st to. exce[->t a lew
new pi>li(.\ cluui^es. As the \ears
have passetl tlie Dallas Countv




Hi^h School Janitors: Bill Ste


vens — Maintenarice Dept.

changes t.ike pi #ce due to the

[|' Jerry

chanLiin^ times. Left [•>ottt>i'n corner

IS Mr. Willis ».lispla\inu shirt and

Ross, Doc Powell.


take ^i\en h\ (atults on his (lirthd a v. h i s e t i s M r. W i l l i s i n l O " ' I a s
Mead liaskethall coach and science
t e a c h e r.

liarbaru Randal)

L I. Principal



(jcnclle Sporin^:
I , l e i n f c n t a r \ F n fi

Klementar\ Janitors Shirlev Jas
per. John Jasper. Don Sweane\

l.dVinit [ ert s4 \X ii/iiuiti


6th grade
Christie Adams
Tina Ames

Allen Arterberr}'
Veronica Ash
Susan Asher

Amy* Atteberr)'

Wesley Johnson
Missy K)ar
Penny Kuhns
Tami Lindsay
Brian Long
Brett Loudcfbaugh

Michelle Barker

Randy Lyon

Troy Bear
Andrea Beesley

Chris Manary
Traci MayHeld

Jacque Blake

Tammy Maynard

Clint Bone


Linda Bradley
Liz Bradley

Crystal McCuilors

Danielle Breshears

Eula NfcDaniel

Brian Bridges

Mike McDaniel

James Bybee
Tonya Cain
Matthew Carringer
Joey Carver
Rod Casteel
Mike Charlton

Shelia Christian


Chrisra McDaniel

Xath.in McFarlant-

Traci McGregor
Marry McGuire
Erin McHenry


Buffy Mt>fgans
Scorr Moriariry

Rachel Cody

Angela Moyle
Dolly Nlullings
George N'eal
Jenny Ogiesbee

Mark Cotter

Lisa Parmenter

Junior Clampitt
Vicky Clampitt
Renee Clark

Rachel Patterson

Sheldon Croley
Amanda Dumpier

Billy Payne
Bridget Payne

Kirby Davis

Stephanie Payne

Melissa Dtckard

Mark Dejarncrte
Chris Diil

Patty Darpcr

Dana Raciii

Jamie Rani-lolph
Jamie RatliN
Dana Rtce

Susan Durrington

Reggie Rice

Tisha Evans

Amy Rima

James Felin
Davie Feildcr

An^^ie Fischcr
Janclle Flemmin^
Dak* Ford

Ktrri Friemel

Jacmda Gillham
Robert Grctn


Frank Roberts
Paul Roberts

Twyla Rogers
Jasen Rosamond
Barbie Routt

Heather Shelburg
Ronnie Sherman

Jason Sikes
Regina Slack

Manuel Hacflin^er
Samantha Haney

Dana Soden

Lisa Harrcl!

Cieorge Statesman

Kyk- Hendricks
Btnnie Hicks

Fred Hitchcock

Jcanette Hopkins
Shc-rry Hoskins
Chris Howe
Michael Howe

Urandie Jaco
Kelly Jannes
Bill Janish
liuta Jasjx-r
Jennifer Jen«)n
Eidtlie Johnson
Mdclie Johnson

Kathy Staples

Felicia Sullivan
David Sweanev

D e e n a To d d
Ta m m v T u t k e r

)udv Tuning
Andrea Turner

H r i d g e r Tu r n e r
David Turner

Jennifer I'tterback
Richelle Weeks
Debbie Werner
Lonn VX ilitams
Robert W illiams
loe Wills

L\onne \X ilson
I V .

Perr\ Hathcock


Eric Hill
To d d


Mane Hinvup
N'alot Hone\bone
Chris Horn


Anijel Howlett


Dawn Jasper

Tern Jasper
Jennifer Justice



(iUiti.i Anderson


Beckv Kieltv

An)eanette K|ar
Debbie l.o^an
Arle\ McDantel

Barbara McDaniel
Michelle McDaniel

Jenmter McHenrv

Donna Arna

Katherme \k"Kcn?ic

Crai/: Austin

Brun NfcN'abb

Davna Hanks

Scott Miller


Andrea Neal



Monty Barlov^'
F:ric Barnes

Michelle Barnhart


lustin Nusse

Brian \'\ber^
Jeff Orcner
Darvl Pavne

Jeff Portman

W'avne Bartee

Diane Potter

Stephanie Potter
Jonathan Price
Angela Reeve.s
Micki Beachler

Rust\ Rice

Jack Bedard
Bobby Beesley

Chris Sanderson

April Rt>samond

Brian Bliss

Matrhev\ Scott

Brian Bradford

Meredith Scotr

Jeff Shant?

Donald Bridges


Deanie Broeker

Bryan Burkharc
Siiawnda Cantu


Angela Sharp
Krisne Sharp
Mrin Smith

Jetf Stafford
Michael Stanton

William Carlisle

Shawn Stepp

Melanie Cheek

I red Stevens
Chris Stewart

Amy Cooke
Anthon; Crane
Bohliv f,raver
Kelk-v Davis




Marthew Davison


I,aura Strickland
Mart Strickland
Ken SuHivan

Michael Swanit:an

Ka\ Swani^iian
George Swearen^en

l.oretta Deckard


Steven Dot\


John Tucker
Johnnv I.ciwartls

K e v i n Tu n i n t ;

Jotli l-.verett

Tukit' I phani

Angela f-ields
Anthoi.', lonl
Kiinix-rl', Cialland
M K I I H C I f Ta r r o u t t c

f j m

Rofula V'arner
K.nlecn \\ t-bb
l.hnil \Vf\t
K\an \\or[e\

(jarv C/uHc\

N t a fi

Penriv lia^exi

HilK ZmittK-rman


Jason Amscler
Charles Anderson
Adam Arnall

Randy Barker
Melissa Bone

Mary Bower
Melanie Busselle

Russell Cantu



Billy Kuhns
Jimmv Kwitowski
Dena Lilly
I-ori Lon^'
Terry Luther
Jennifer Martin

To m


Jessie Casteel
Twyla Christian

Jacky McGinnis

Jamie Clemmons

Michelle Montpomer\

Rachel Condren

Jennifer Cook
Melissa Cox

Jason Cross
Edward Draper
Chris Dryer
Carrie Duff

Denise Eagleburger
Shawn Eagon
Shawna Faulkner

Rhonda Finley
Charnee Ford
Keri Franklin

Ronya Fullerton
Dustie Gann

Shawna Gillham

Brad Gilpin

David Gouge
Patty Grill
Ferlin Guthrie

Doug Hallenier
Ronnie Hallemier

J.R. Hanley
Randi Harris

Jennv Hays
Brian Heard
Alfred Henson

Jason Hicks
Amanda Hill

Misty Hoover
Crystal Hudson

Aaron Fiuston

Jason Jasper
Martin Johnson
Scott Jurgcns
i-ieather Kendrick

Jakt Kent
Amy Kramer



Dustv Morgans
Darren N'ixon
Te r e s a N ' i x o n

Jennifer Payne
Te s s a P i e r c e

Randy Potter
Michelle Povnter

Judson Pvatt
Jason Rice
Rhonda Roberts

Beth Robie

Stacey Sanderson
Samantha Sartin
Sarah Schletzbaum
Kristel Scott
Bill Stewart

Micheal Sharp

Ravola Sharp
An^el Short
Doug Smith
Michea! Smith
Rachel Snider

Jason Sprague
Marc Stokes



Tr o y Ta r r

James Tuning
M e l i s s a Va n c e
Laura Walker
N'ikki Ward
Krista Watkins

R;uul\ Weeks
[^avid Wells
Danita West
Wavnt \V illiaiiis

W ilson

Kenneth Xander

lamitiv \'arhri>ugh
Ru«s> \ ouni;

Bobbie Jo Adams
John Alexander

Amy Kcnnt'dv

Leslie Alforci
Vincent Ash

Jamie Killum

Melinda Ballenj;ef

Cammy LcRuv
Linda M.iynurd

April Lambeth

Mike Banks

Kevin McCowan
Heather McDaniei

Michael Barker

Joey Barnes
Jeannette Barrett

Juanitu MclDaniel

Justin Baysinger

Jeremy Mcl'arland
Nlark NfcGuirc

Kelly Bear

Mike Beesley

Jennifer NfcXabb

Andy Betrenccurr
Angela Bishop

Johnatban NfoDre
Joseph Moure

Chase Bradford
Kara Breshears

Curtis (^wcns

Daric Briley

Chucky Payne

Darin Briley

David Pease
Avril Pebwtjrtb
Maria Peters

Tr c s s a M o v i e

Jodie Broeker
Shannon Brusselle
Isaac Butler

Josh Peterson

Kirk Piper
Ryan Burton

David Capelton
Melissa Caringer

John Poole
Jeremiah Prae
Tonva Price

Roy Carpenter

Heather Ratledge

Aelicia Caver
Don Casteel

Mark Katliff

Jacob Rav

John Chenoweth
Adam Clark
Shawn Clark

Herbie Cody
Cathy Cook
Steven Cox
Shannon Crane

Kenny Deckard
Jem Dejarnette
Amy Dill
Mark Elliott
Wade Evans
Frank Friemel

Tonya Fritts
Brian Gann
Cheryl Gann
Marianne Garrett
Michelle Hall

Joni Hitks
John ihcks
Heather i lill

Gilbert Holdwav

Jason Honeybone
f.ind\ Horn

Kenneth Janish
Jennifer Jasper
Ronald Jasper
Hrt-e Am Johnson

Mit/i Reed



I ^>l">v Richardson

April Sanderson
Darbara Sanderson
Rvan Saner
Kyle Sclnvanke
Jason Scrivetior
Heather Secrtsc

Jamie Shelburg
Angela Shepperly
Amanda Smith
JeH Smith
Rav Stafford

Fli/abeth Stanley
Chad Stephens
Shane Stokes
Miles Stt»w

Jennifer Strickland

Casey Swanigan
Patty Taylor
M i s t v Te r b r o c k

Chnstv Thompson


B r a n d o n Va n D e r e n
S h e l l v To d d

( . r e g Wa l l
Brad V(eb-.ter
Mike W eeks


l.\netje W hite



Jason VC i>rle\
Justin Wilson


Mandi VC ilhs

)1 pi I

Chad Abercrombie

Bradlev Kern

Missy Ames

Brandy Kroeger

Kelly Anderson


David Barnes

Dustin Larson


Serena Barrett

Brook Louderbaujrh

Pat Beasley



John Bettencoufc

Keith .Maddux

Amanda Black


Shelby Blecher

KJ. Martin

Donald Bock




Julie Broeker

Ryan McMillan

Jasen Burtin



Woody Carpenter

Heather McN'abb

Tra Carter

Rickey Medcalt'

Chris Casteel

Chrisrv Miller


Mandi Caswell
Mathew Charlton
Kevin Cheek





Jami Onner

Roddy Chenowerh


Ta r a C i b e r t

To n v

Lisa Clark

Nathan Pachmayer

Ollie Clark

Anjrela Pavne
Stacey Phillips

Shelly Clenin
Chryscai! Cline


Joanne Place

Brad Cooksey


Brandon Coltrin

Hannah Price


Alisha Pyatt

Katie Cook

Jacob Cromwell

Jamie Reaves

Robbie Craig

Billv Rice
Brad Richardson

James Criner
Chris Crowe

Ti t Ya n v R i e c h

Bobbie Dill

Ashley Rima

Gina Donley


Rickey Dryer
Susan Ethridpe

Lepio Rubal

Anna Evans

Robby Sharp
Isaac Sharp
Kari Sharp
Pattv Sharp

Sue Sarttn

Anthony Ferett
Gary Finley
Amy Fischer

Brian Smith

Jacob Ford
Brian Gaynor
Lofi George



Shauna Smith

Sheralee Smith

Tony Glassford

Carla Smithev

Rachel Hall


Melissa Hamilton
Chris Heard

Veronica Hoffman

Darla Smithev

Tamniie Sperko
Mist\ Spradlin^
Eric Stevens

Sharlene Hoskins

Christy Huckaby




James Stoddard

Eric Huston

Charlev Strickland

Arley Jasper
Jared Jasper
I.aQuitta Jennings



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Shane Johnson

Anthony Jones
hmily Jones



Jenne\ Sweanev
" l a m t ' t a Ta r r



Melinda Jones
Aaron Kahler
Michtal Kaus

diastttv \X orlev

An^iela Wimberly

Josh Anthony
Rebecca Batt
Rachel Bliss

Scott ^'oun^:

Chris Zakharoft

Kevin Chapman
Lori Dibben
Calvin Hicks
Michael Huber

Jason Jones
Brad Johns

Tricia Anplen
Jesse Anthony

WiLlie LaSheli

Christie Brown

Mathew Long

Heather Conry

Danielle Mattson

Patricia Dugan

Angie McCullough

Angela Gargus

Kenny Peterson

Karia Huntlev

Cindy Pierce

John Imes

Mandi Pierce
Steve Polston

Miten James
Denee Keith

Tracy Sikes

Bridget Mullholland

Karen Smith

Shannon Tamborrino
Francy Valenti

Ryan Nichols
To r ^ i P a w l i k o w s k i
Tina Pierce

Steven Ross
Mark Scott
Aaron Scurlock
Chris Scurlock

Jeff Scidham
Chris Sturdevant
N i k ) Ta y l o r

Diana Dugan
Jeremy Evans
Mike Kinch
Teresa Lawson
Slade Mathews
Shannon Mertile

Racheal McCattv

Cindv Bornman

Hoilie Nixon

Justin Powell
Kerri Scurlock
tX'bra Sons
Reuben Steinmark

Milissa rambornno
line Webb


Kachv Bravi
Mitch Hrockman
Brian Buttrv
KelK Clit'Stnut
Brian Hvans

Mn.hellt* Hancock


Margie Hicks
Michelle Jones
Te r n - K n a b

Joiene Mathews
Kenneth Orr

Jeff Owen
Tracie Peterson

Gary Pickney
Meribah Randleman

Tanya Schmit
Susan Sherman

Jeffery Strickland
Kenneth Strickland

Dale Wimberly

Back Row —Jeffrey Stricklock. Clint Henry. Cindy Bornman, Michelle Jones, Kathy Bravi. Middle Row Bridget Mulholland,


Denee Keith. Toni Pawlikowski, Aaron Scurlock. Christie Brown. Front Row — Angela Gargus, Paul Weigel, Chris Sturdevant.

Mrs. Evelyn

Mrs. Sharyl

Mrs. Karen

Mrs. Linda





1st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade



•Ith grade

5th grade

6th grade

Mrs. Virginia



MuHel Stevens, secretary

.\ancv Klapp; Cook

C<li»rid Sniithernun, ( hapter I Miliie VCeigel, ( iiscodi

Anna Cheek; Cook