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2014 Annual Report

Tri-State’s summer internship program has been teaching future
veterinarians, rehabilitators, and
conservationists for 31 years.
Students accepted into the
program gain months of hands-on
experience learning about avian
anatomy, diets, husbandry, natural
history, common injuries, and
medical treatments.
Interns are a vital part of the team
that treats and raises over a
thousand baby birds admitted
every summer.

The 2014 Summer Intern Program was funded by generous gifts from:
Bank of America
The Dansko Foundation
The Deupree Family

Barbara & James Druding
LabWare, Inc.
The M.S. Worthington
Foundation, Inc.

Sharing our
2014 marked the 18th year that Tri-State
presented the Introduction to Wildlife
Medicine course to first-year veterinary
students at the University of Pennsylvania.
Through lectures and wet labs, this course
provides students with an overview of the
field of wildlife medicine as well as hands-on
opportunities to handle live birds, perform
necropsies, and learn about the effects of oil
on wildlife.
In addition, the Wild Bird Clinic and Oil Spill
Response Team offer workshops to provide
further training opportunities for our dedicated volunteers throughout the year.
2 | Annual Report 2014

Vera Lee & Malli Rao
Maryanne Yingst & Dick Ho
Walter & Cecelia Zettlemoyer

Wild Bird Clinic
Whether it’s an orphaned baby songbird
or a mighty eagle with a broken wing,
our Wild Bird Clinic is open 365 days a
year to provide expert care to
compromised native wild birds.
By continually evaluating the latest
medical advances and incorporating
them into our treatment protocols, our
professional staff maintains a high standard of care and gives our patients their
best chance of returning to
life in the wild.

More than 200 volunteers donated over
20,000 hours in 2014 to help save birds'
lives. Volunteers assist in feeding baby
birds, transporting patients, administering
medications, and much more!



Renested or
wild fostered


Baby Birds



Annual Report 2014 | 3

Oil Spill Response, Planning, & Training






Cities around
the world

An oil spill can happen anywhere, and our
Oil Spill Response Team is ready to spring into
action at a moment's notice.
The team presents oil response workshops
year-round to increase awareness and to
continue to build a network of individuals
that can assist during a response involving
oiled wildlife. Each workshop is tailored to
the audience, ensuring that participants
gain the most from the course. In 2014, the
team taught across the United States as well
as in Canada, Mexico, and Turkey.
Tri-State also participated in five drill exercises with our industry partners in 2014. These
drills give the participants an opportunity to
work together before an incident occurs,
which helps all organizations react quickly
and efficiently when a response is needed.
The Oil Spill Response Team attended
conferences and seminars around the world,
including the Clean Gulf Conference and
International Oil Spill Conference, to share
and further our knowledge with other
4 | Annual Report 2014

In 2014, Tri-State responded to 7 spill
incidents across the United States,
including Ohio, Maryland, and Texas.
Our Oil Spill Response Team is ready 365
days a year to respond to incidents locally,
nationally, and internationally.
Many species can be affected by a spill,
and our Oil Spill Response Team is
experienced in stabilizing, treating, and
washing a variety of contaminated
wildlife – not just birds!
In fact, in 2014 the team cared for birds,
salamanders, crayfish, turtles, and even a
big brown bat.

Working together
Tri-State works within a community of rehabilitators, universities, state agencies, and other
non-profits to help our native wildlife. This
female snowy owl was one such case. She
had surgery for a wing injury at the Maryland
Zoo in Baltimore, with follow-up rehabilitation
at Owl Moon Raptor Center. Then she was
transferred to Tri-State for flight conditioning to
prepare her for release.
Prior to release, she was fitted with a lightweight GPS transmitter by Project SNOWstorm
for tracking purposes, and they dubbed the
owl “Delaware.” It was a long journey, but
now she’s back in the wild where she belongs,
thanks to many helping hands.

In 2014, Tri-State reached 3,400+ members of
the public through community outreach and
educational events.

Connecting with the Community
Annual Open House
Approximately 850 members
of the community came to our
annual Open House. Attendees
enjoyed self-guided tours of the
Frink Center and live bird demonstrations from Animal Behavior
and Conservation Connections.
Giant Yard Sale
2014 brought a record-breaking
yard sale that raised over $10,000
for Tri-State. The Giant Yard Sale
will return October 3, 2015.
Benefit for the Birds
Over 170 guests attended Trick
or Tweet: Black & Orange Benefit
for the Birds. Our annual benefit
once again raised over $100,000
thanks to our generous
Annual Report 2014 | 5

Board of Directors
Executive Committee

Charles Robertson, PhD, President
Robert Bryant, 1st Vice President
Lucinda Peterson, CPA, 2nd Vice
Rosemary Francis, Treasurer
Barbara Schumacher, Secretary


Barbara Druding
Toby Erlichman, VMD
Amy Evans, Esq.
Keith Hall
Arlene Reppa


Lisa Smith
Executive Director
Julie Bartley
Volunteer & Office Manager
Greg Keegan
Maintenance Supervisor
Duke Doblick
Director of Development
Kim Righi
Accounting Manager
Rebecca Stansell
Marketing Manager

6 | Annual Report 2014


Sallie Welte, VMD
Clinic Director
Andrea Howey-Newcomb
Clinic Manager
Cristin Kelley, DVM
Wildlife Veterinarian
Aimee Federer
Clinic Supervisor Level II
Brie Hashem
Clinic Supervisor Level I
Meagan Demeter
Clinic Supervisor Level I

Advisory Board

Henry Bryndza, PhD
William Francis, CFA
John Frink
Patricia McGee, Esq.
David Mooberry
Gary Patterson
William Tansey

Oil Programs

Sarah Tegtmeier
Oil Programs Manager
Cristin Kelley, DVM
Wildlife Veterinarian
Samantha Christie
Laura Lariviere
Michelle Neef
Ryan Wheeler
Canadian Coordinator

2014 Financial Report
Audited financial statements for the period
October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014

Operating Revenue
Contributions, Grants, Bequests



Government Grants



Member Support



Program Income



Special Events



Merchandise Sales



Endowment Distribution Income



Investment Income and Gains



Loss on Disposal of Assets



Total Revenue



Wild Bird Clinic



Oil Programs






Total Program Services









Total Supporting Services



Total Expenses



Net Operating Surplus (Deficit)



Operating Expenses*
Program Services

Supporting Services

Non-Operating Activities
Capital and Endowment
Campaign Contributions



Endowment Investment Income
and Gains, After Distributions



Net Non-Operating Surplus



Change in Net Assets



Net Assets at Beginning of Year



Net Assets at End of Year



Net Assets at End of Year include



Unrestricted-net investment in
property & equipment



Temporarily Restricted



Permanently Restricted



*The estimated value of volunteer services not
included above was $421,685.

Financial information has been extracted from 2014 audited
financial statements, on which an independent public
accounting firm expressed an unqualified opinion. Copies of full
audited financial statements are available upon request.
Annual Report 2014 | 7

Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research is very grateful for the many
members and donors who make it possible for us to continue
our work in wild bird rehabilitation and oiled wildlife response.
The following individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations, and businesses contributed $250 or more of financial
and in-kind support to Tri-State in Fiscal Year 2014 (October 1,
2013 through September 30, 2014). Giving totals do not include
event tickets or purchases.

Delaware Bay & River Cooperative*
Mrs. Marion M. Lowndes*
Phillips 66
State of Delaware*

The Allerton Foundation*
American Petroleum Institute*
Chevron Corporation*
Citgo Petroleum Corporation*
Colonial Pipeline Company*
Elite Island Resorts
Marathon Oil Corporation*
Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Sunoco Foundation*
United Way of Delaware*
Welfare Foundation*

Gannett Foundation Matching Gifts
Joyce & Ray Goldbacher*
Laffey-McHugh Foundation*
Marmot Foundation*
PBF Energy-Paulsboro Refining
Richard & June Robbins*
Rosalind Schwebel†*
Shell Oil Company*

Animal Hospital of Chester County, LLC*
Hugh Atkins & Michele Schiavoni*
Axeon Specialty Products
Bank of America*
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Bowersox
Henry & Mary Bryndza*
Dr. Ben Burton
L. Leon & Alice P. Campbell*
8 | Annual Report 2014

Capital One Services, LLC
Combined Federal Campaign of DE*
Corky Connor
The Dansko Foundation
Delaware Community Foundation*
The Deupree Family Foundation
Don & Sally DeWees, Jr.
Barbara & James Druding*
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund*
Joan & Ron Gardner*
Dr. & Mrs. Keith Hamilton*
Ralph Hauck
Lynne Kielhorn
Gerry & Clara Kluis*
LabWare, Inc.
Claudia Lamp*
M.S. Worthington Foundation, Inc.
Patricia & Fred Mann
Marathon Petroleum Company
David McPherson
Joseph W. Mitchell*
Monroe Energy
David D. Mooberry & FM Mooberry*
Cindy Naylor*
OSG Ship Management, Inc.*
The Owen Family Foundation
PBF Energy-Delaware City Refining Co.
Philadelphia Energy Solutions
Bob & Lorraine Reeder*
Catherine & John Renzetti*
Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Reese*
Doug & Arlene Reppa*
Charles & Patricia Robertson*
T. Garrett & Mary Robinson*
Joan A. Russin
Pat Ryan
Elaine M. Sams*
Schwab Charitable Fund
Lisa Smith*



Staikos Associates Architects*
David & Susan Stratton*
Thomson Reuters*
The Vane Brothers Company*
Nancy D. Wells
Wild Birds Unlimited*
Robert & Nina Wood*
WSFS Bank*
Maryanne Yingst & Dick Ho*
Walter & Cecelia Zettlemoyer*

3M Foundation
Lynn Abell, PhD*
Thomas W. Adams, PhD
Nancy Jean Balogh*
Richard & Dolores Baxter*
Philip & Sharon Birk*
Joan R. Bolling*
Brandywine Zoo*
Robert & Patty Bryant
Dr. Sandra Bush
Anthony & Deborah Cerini*
Dorothy & Robert Colburn*
Theodora B. Corroon*
Mary Jane & Jack Dalton*
Linda C. Delia & Frank Delia*
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Demeter
Nicholas & Beverly Doblick
Carol Donner*
Carole & Robert Evans*
William & Rosemary Francis*
Denise Geran
Carol Gungui
Bill & Melinda Hardie*
Susan & Jeffrey Harris
Gail Heath
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of
Hockessin Athletic Club
Dave Irwin & Jacqueline B. Russell*

$500–999 (continued)
Elena Kozlowski
Florence Kvalnes*
Living Well Magazine
Sharron & George A. Lulli*
John & Valerie Mayfield*
Michael & Sharon McCormick
Ms. Ruth Comber McHugh
Jim & Sue McVoy*
C. Hans Miller*
Charles & Mary Miller
Elfriede L. Miller*
MultiDesigns Unlimited
Alan Palmer & Linda Mahan
John A. Passarotti
John Piper & Deborah Tuttle*
Vera Lee Rao & Malli Rao*
Royal Pest Management*
Barbara Schumacher*
Chris & Christina Sibona
Jeffrey D. Sinclair*
C. Elaine Smith*
Gus & Anne Teipelke*
The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Unitarian Fellowship of Newark
US Airways Community Relations
Brice Vallett, Jr.*
VCA Kirkwood Animal Hospital
Holly Vermeulen
Veterinary Specialty Center of DE*
Harry & Elizabeth S. Walton, Jr.*
Elizabeth & Clayton Warrington*
Christopher Wright
Ziggy's Inc. Wood Floor Mechanics*

Advanced Skincare Center
Alexis I. DuPont High School
Environmental Action Committee
James & Linda Amundsen

Jay Baumgardner*
Katherine & Barry Beck*
Caryn Seidman Becker
Dr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Blazejewski, III*
BP Fabric of America Fund
Tom & Bobbie Breske*
Mr. Kenneth Michael Butindaro
Cecil Vault & Memorial Co., Inc.*
Ms. Susan E. Child
City Wildlife, Inc.
James & Michele R. Cooper
Country Thyme Gardeners*
Deborah E. Crane
Susan Crane, VMD
Catherine C. Creswell
Robert Cukla & Julie Flaherty
Paul Dennison & Sue Schaefer*
David & Christine Dolloff*
Eagle Optics*
Johnny duPont
FMC Matching Gift Corporation
Dan & Mary Jane Ford
Rebecca Lee Garnett*
Bonnie Giantonio
Gayle Gibson
Sharon Goodman
Donna E. Hernandez*
Herr Foods, Inc.*
Sophie Homsey & David Niles*
Harry & Jeanne Hughes*
Barbara Jaffee
Philip D. Johnson
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Dave & Mary Koechert*
The Lee Family*
Lums Pond Animal Hospital*
Marine Pollution Control
Patricia W. McClure*
Marie C. McKee

George Miller, III*
Anthony & Patricia Nastase*
Michelle Neef
Sandra B. Pace*
Paoli Malvern Berwyn Rotary Club
Stephen Penrose
Pew Charitable Trust
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts
Thomas M. Przybylski*
Richardson's Floral Center
Susan & Jeff Rivenbark
William & Judith Roberson
Adrian & Mary Rotondi*
SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy
Mary Ann Schaefer
Virginia Schiavelli*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shattuck, IV*
Leslie & Richard A. Smith*
Senator David Sokola & Kathy Sokola*
St. Paul Methodist Church
Henry & Monica Staszesky*
Susan Steinman
Evelyn Timberlake
Barb & Walt Trela
Valley Forge Audubon Society
Vanguard ID Systems
Laura Vernon-Russell*
W. L. Gore & Associates*
Ward & Taylor, LLC
Katheryn M. Warren, MD
Water Quality Insurance Syndicate*
Sallie C. Welte, VMD & John Embick*
Susan Whaley
Windcrest Animal Hospital*
Mary M. Yingst
E.M. Young
Gail & Genarro Zippilli*



10 years or more supporting Tri-State

Annual Report 2014 | 9

The Capital Campaign for Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research
Thank you to the many additional donors who have contributed to this campaign!

Benefactor ($500,000+)
Charles & Patricia Robertson

Partner ($250,000-499,000)

Builder ($100,000-249,999)
Longwood Foundation
The FM & Dave Mooberry Fund
Motiva Enterprises, LLC
Pattern Energy Group LP
Water Quality Insurance Syndicate
Welfare Foundation

Sponsor ($25,000-99,999)
The 24th Fund
Chichester duPont Foundation, Inc.
Margaret E. Filman
Joan & Ron Gardner
Vera Lee & Malli Rao
Bob & Lorraine Reeder
Jo Ann Townsend

Contributor ($5,000-24,999)
3M Foundation
The Allerton Foundation
Animal Hospital of Chester County, LLC
Richard & Dolores Baxter
Crystal Trust
Delaware Community Foundation

Barbara & James Druding
Ellice & Rosa McDonald Foundation, Inc.
William & Rosemary Francis
Freehill Hogan & Mahar, LLP
John Frink & Erica Miller
Gannett Foundation Matching
Gifts Center
Joyce & Ray Goldbacher
Elizabeth & John Gontarz
Susan Harris
Gail Heath
Lynne Kielhorn
Laffey-McHugh Foundation
Julie MacRae & Dave Wiesler
Mary & John Milroy
Alan Palmer & Linda Mahan
Pepco Holdings, Inc.
George & Lucinda Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Robbins
Lisa Smith
William & Ann Tansey
Norman Tegtmeier & Jo Ann McKee
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Walton Corporation
Webbed Foot Wildlife
Robert & Nina Wood
Walter & Cecilia Zettlemoyer

Friend ($1,500-4,999)
Thomas & Christy Andersen
Hugh Atkins & Michele Schiavoni
Carmine & Laura Balascio
Bank of America

Blue Point Brewing Company
Tom & Bobbie Breske
Robert & Patty Bryant
Robert T. Carlson
Cosmetic Dermatology Center
Catherine C. Creswell
Mary Jane & Jack Dalton
Michele J. Darnell & Walter McDemott
Paulette & Stephan de la Veaux
Denise Dee
Amy Evans
Terry & Wanda Fund
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts
Elizabeth & John Gontarz
Amanda Konyk
Frank C. Lordi
John R. Matlusky
Michael & Sharon McCormick
George Miller, III
C. Hans Miller
Monroe Energy
Paul Risk Associates
Catherine & John Renzetti
Doug & Arlene Reppa
Phyllis B. & William E. Shone, Jr.
Elaine C. & Clifford C. Simpson, Jr.
Suzanne G. Smith
Sharon J. Speck
Glenn & Marion Stelzer
David & Susan Stratton
Lee & Ann Terrey

We would like to extend a special thank you to the following companies who provided support through contributions of
services throughout fiscal year 2014:
Action Special Events
Production & Rentals

Herr Foods, Inc.

Animal Behavior and
Conservation Connections

Kenny Family ShopRites of
Delaware & the Kenny Family

Brandywine Zoo

LabWare, Inc.

Consolidated Drake Press

Lindenmeyr Munroe

Crowl Advertising Design

Loretta Schumacher Carlson,
B2B Copywriter

Dialog Direct
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Growth, Inc.
10 | Annual Report 2014

Real Charitable Housewives of
Richardson’s Floral Center
Royal Pest Management
RR Donnelley
Saveway Compounding

MultiDesigns Unlimited

Schneider Trailer & Container

Pamela's Gourmet

Speedpro Imaging Wilmington

University of Delaware
College of Agriculture &
Natural Resources
UPENN New Bolton Center
Laboratory of Avian
Medicine & Pathology
UPENN New Bolton Center
Toxicology Laboratory
Velocity Worldwide
Wild Birds Unlimited,

Tri-State was founded in 1976 in response to the needs of oiled wildlife. Thirty-eight years later,
we are an internationally recognized wildlife rehabilitation facility and one of just a few organizations in North America that can successfully respond to oil spills involving wildlife. The
culmination of the experience, knowledge, and expertise we have gained over the years is
embodied in our Wildlife Response Annex.
The Annex is a state-of-the-art facility built specifically to house and treat large numbers of
wildlife after an oil spill or other large-scale wildlife incident. Every feature of this building was
designed with the comfort and effective treatment of our patients in mind, as well as the
safety of our staff and volunteers.
No one wants an oil spill or disease outbreak
to occur, but being prepared with greater
space and the latest technology allows us
to best handle these incidents when they

The Annex increases our space and provides the
safest working conditions during an oil spill or
other large-scale wildlife incident.

Thank you to everyone who has helped
make this unique asset to compromised
wildlife a reality through our Spreading Our
Wings capital campaign. A full list of donors
can be found at

Annual Report 2014 | 11

Making a difference,
one bird at a time

Thank you to the following photographers for the use of their images in this report:
Page 3: Great horned owlet by Marian Quinn
Page 5: Open House by Russ Carlson
Page 7: Ducklings by Gail Heath
Back Cover: Great blue heron release by Marian Quinn
Photos not credited are by Tri-State staff members.