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Streetsville Village Times Article- April/May 2015

After a very long winter, spring has finally arrived, and I know we are all looking forward to the milder
weather and the sunshine! The start of the spring season also means that Earth Month is here! The
month of April is Earth Month, and there are many ways that you and your family can get involved to
preserve, protect, and conserve our natural environment for generations to come.
Earth Month has a long history, and the momentum continues to grow stronger each and every year
thanks to awareness, commitment, and dedication of environmentally conscious citizens all over the
world! Forty-two years ago, Earth Day was established to create awareness and appreciation of our
earth and its increasingly fragile natural environment. Celebrated on April 22nd, Earth Day has over
a billion participants around the world.
Each year, individuals, businesses, schools, and governments around the world commemorate what
has been achieved and discuss what remains to be done to protect our natural environment. Over
the years, the momentum and support for Earth Day has grown so much that it has now evolved into
Earth Week and Earth Month! Although the month of April is now set aside for Earth Month, after
Earth Month is over, it would be great if we could treat every month as Earth Month and ensure that
our actions preserve, protect, and conserve our natural environment.
As a municipality, the City of Mississauga is committed to being a leader in green initiatives that
conserve and protect our environment. To this end, the City just released its most recent 5 Year
Energy Conservation Plan (2014-2019), which includes new ways to conserve energy, and help
reduce our electricity and fossil fuel related emissions. This years plan targets a 1% reduction in
energy use and Greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) per year for facilities, over the next five years.
Under the 5 Year Energy Conservation Plan, the City will meet its conservation targets by:

Re-commissioning facilities (i.e. ensuring that the design and operation of a building are in
sync and working efficiently);
Performing a City-wide energy audit (visiting the majority of facilities to review equipment,
such as HVAC and lighting, and determine where energy efficiency can be improved);
Implementing newer and broader energy efficiency measures; and
Increasing and promoting energy awareness.

Since 2001, the City has implemented two successful Energy Conservation Plans, which have gone a
long way towards preserving, protecting, and conserving our natural environment. In 2013, the City
used over 206 million equivalent kilowatt hours (e-kWh) of electricity and natural gas in facilities (e.g.
City-owned and operated buildings) and operations (e.g. energy use in parks, street lighting and
traffic signals). This was equivalent to the amount of energy used in over 16,500 homes, and energy
consumption was down 6% from 2011 levels. GHG emissions from City facilities and operations
were over 27,500 tonnes in 2013, which was down 8.7% from 2011. This decrease in GHGG
emissions was equivalent to the emissions from approximately 5,400 cars!
In 2013, the savings from completed energy measures reached 4,855 MWh of electricity and 471,000
m3 of natural gas. By 2019, with additional improvements, these annual savings are expected to
increase to 9,100 MWh and 749,000 m3. Reduced usage has translated into significant cost savings.
From 2004 through 2013, the energy measures completed have saved an estimated $3.9 million. By
2019, the total savings from energy measures should exceed the total investments in those
measures. Also by 2019, the GHG reductions from energy measures are expected to reach 2,290
tonnes per year, more than double the Citys reductions from 2012 and almost a fourfold
improvement in 10 years (from 2009)!

You and your family can also make a positive impact on our natural environment with the actions that
you take each and every day. For great tips on how you and your family can live clean and green,
please visit the Citys Living Green website at There are also great
green events across the City in which you can participate, so to bring your family and friends and
check out these great local environmental events:
20-Minute Makeover- Wednesday, April 22nd at 2pm
Join the thousands across Ontario who will volunteer for 20 minutes to pick up litter around their
workplace, school or community. To participate in the 20-Minute Makeover, choose a location in your
community and form a clean-up group with family, friends, or colleagues; you may also participate
individually if you wish.
Earth Days Twitter Chat with City of Mississauga staff experts- Wednesday, April 22nd at 7pm
You are invited to participate in an informative Earth Days Twitter Chat with City Staff experts. This is
a great opportunity for you to ask your questions and share your ideas and feedback on living clean
and green in Mississauga!
Transit Litter Blitz- Thursday, April 23rd at 7am
If you take MiWay transit, Transit Security Officers will be conducting a litter awareness blitz at
various transit terminals across the City, so be sure to participate if you are able to.
One Million Trees Planting & Earth Markets- Saturday, April 25th at 9am to 3pm
Join the City of Mississauga to celebrate the progress has been made in the One Million Trees
Mississauga planting program. One Million Trees Mississauga is a 20-year program to encourage
residents, schools, community groups, and businesses to join the City's tree planting efforts to plant
more trees on both public and private lands in Mississauga. Bring your friends and family to Iceland
Arena (705 Matheson Blvd. E., Mississauga) on Saturday, April 26th from 9am to 3pm and enjoy tree
planting and a guided walk by LEAF (Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests) that highlights
the interesting trees and natural features of the woodlot in this area. The Earth Market will celebrate
local environmental accomplishments and provide hands-on activities for the whole family. This free
event also features workshops, live music, vendors, information booths, a film screening and a
healthy, local lunch option.
4th Annual Village Litter Blitz- Saturday, May 9th 2pm 4pm
Join Councillor Carlson, MP Brad Butt, MPP Bob Delaney, and Streetsville service groups (B.I.A.,
Cadets, Rotary, Lions Club, Scouts, and others) to help clean up litter in and around downtown
Streetsville. Last years event was a great success, with over 150 community volunteers cleaning up
over 2 tonnes of garbage and recyclables in just 2 hours! The event will begin at 2pm at Centre
Plaza (128 Queen St. S.), where participants can join us for coffee, donuts, etc., before heading out
to begin the cleanup. The event will conclude at 4pm and everyone can join us back at Centre Plaza
for pizza, refreshments, and prizes! Elementary and high school students will receive credit for
volunteer hours completed. Please bring your volunteer forms for signing. We will also be collecting
items for the local food bank, so please bring some non-perishable food items if you are able. For
more information, please call my office at 905-896-5011, or e-mail at
If you would like more information about Earth Day and Earth Month, please visit
For more information about the Citys 2015 Earth Days events, visit
To find out more about the City of Mississaugas green initiatives and environmental plans, please
visit As always, if you need any assistance on this or any other
municipal matter, please dont hesitate to contact my office at or