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Accessible parking should have a minimum width of _________

a. 3.00m
b. 3.50m
c. 3.70m

d. 3.60m

2. Perpendicular and diagonal parking for average auto mobile should have a minimum _________
a. 3.00m x 5.00m
b. 2.15m x 6.00m
c. 2.40m x 5.00m
d. 2.50m x 5.00m
3. Parallel parking for average auto mobile should have a minimum __________
a. 3.00m x 9.00m
b. 3.60m x 18.00m
c. 2.15m x 6.00m

d. 2.50m x 6.00m

4. Jeepney / shuttle parking slot should have a minimum __________

a. 3.20m x 9.00m
b. 3.50m x 9.00m
c. 3.00m x 9.00m

d. 3.60m x 12.00m

5. Standard truck / bus parking slot must have a minimum __________

a. 3.60m x 12.00m
b. 3.70m x 5.00m
c. 3.70m x 12.00m

d. 3.60m x 9.00m

6. An articulated truck slot must be computed at a minimum of __________

a. 3.60m x 12.00m
b. 3.60m x 18.00m
c. 4.00m x 18.00m

d. 4.00 x 12.00m

7. Parking slot ratio of Bowling Alley

a. 1 car : 5 alley
b. 1 car : 4 alley

c. 1 car : 25 m2

d. 1 car : 3 alley

8. Parking ratio of Private Hospital

a. 1 car : 12 beds
b. 1 car : 25 beds

c. 1 car : 1 bed

d. 1 car : 3 beds

9. What is the minimum requirement for Total Open Spaces for Through Lot?
a. 50% open space
b. 30% open space
c. 10% open space

d. 5% open space

10. What is the minimum requirement for Total Open Spaces for Corner Lot?
a. 20% open space
b. 15% open space
c. 5 % open space

d. 10% open space

11. Mezzanine floor shall have a clear ceiling height not less than ________ above and below it.
a. 2.40m
b. 2.70m
c. 2.00m

d. 1.80m

12. What is the minimum Kitchen size?

a. 3.00m2
b. 6.00m2

d. 12.00m2

c. 8.00m2

13. What is the least dimension for Room (Human Habitations)?

a. 2.50m
b. 1.20m
c. 1.80m

d. 2.00m

14. What is the minimum requirement for Total Open Spaces for Inside Lot?
a. 20% open space
b. 50% open space
c. 30% open space

d. d. 10% open space

15. What is the minimum requirement for Total Open Spaces for End Lot?
a. 80% open space
b. 50% open space
c. 40% open space

d. 30% open space

16. Least dimension for Toilet and Bath?

a. 1.20m
b. 0.90m

d. 0.60m

c. 1.00m

17. Habitable rooms provided with artificial ventilation shall have ceiling height not less than __________ measured from the
floor to ceiling.
a. 3.00m
b. 2.00m
c. 2.40m
d. 1.80m
18. What is the minimum dimension for Accessible Elevator?
a. 1.00m x 1.50m
b. 1.20m x 1.50m

c. 1.10m x 1.40m

d. 1.20m x 1.80m

19. Accessible elevator should be located not more than __________ from the entrance and should be easy to locate with the
aid of signs.
a. 30.00m
b. 45.00m
c. 60.00m
d. 65.00m
20. Accessible water closet stalls shall have a minimum dimension of __________.
a. 1.20m x 1.50m
b. 1.50m x 1.50m
c. 1.70m x 1.80m

d. 1.60m x 1.80m

21. Passenger train shall have at least __________ designated seats for disabled person.
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4

d. 6

22. How many risers shall be constituted as a stairway?

a. 1 or more
b. 2 or more

d. 4 or more

c. 3 or more

23. A bar which extends across at least the width of each door leaf, which will open the door if subjected to pressure.
a. Panic hardware
b. Grab Bar
c. Guide Rail
d. Lever Door Knob
24. Any change, addition, or modification in construction of occupancy.
a. Renovation
b. Alter / Alteration
c. Redevelopment

d. Reconstruction

25. Contractors License law

a. RA 9266

d. RA 4566

b. RA 8293

c. RA 545

26. Who shall be the responsible for carrying out the provision of the Building Code as well as the enforcement of orders?
a. Building Officials
b. Authority
c. Office of the City Engineer
d. DOH
27. A court bounded on all sides or around its periphery by building lines.
a. Outer Court
b. Inner court
c. Yard

d. Through Court

28. The physical development within a lot or property that is under-utilized, unfit / unsafe for habitation / use or within other
lots / properties that are similarly situated.
a. Alteration
b. Redevelopment
c. Reconstruction
d. Renovation
29. The fully enclosed component of the building / structure situated between the establishment grade and the first of a
typical floor of the building / structures tower component.
a. Crepidoma
b. Stylobate
c. Pediment
d. Podium
30. The stone or marker at the head of a grave.
a. Headstone
b. Tomb

c. Sarcophagus

d. Keystone

31. How many storey is considered as High-Rise Building?

a. 4 storey and below
b. 16 up storey

c. 5 15 storey

d. 18 up storey

32. How many storey is consider as Low-Rise building?

a. Bungalow
b. 2 Storey

b. 1 4 Storey

d. 1 5 Storey

33. A portion of a yard for which the permitted limit of paving / hardscaping shall not exceed 50% of the area of the yard.
a. Gallery
b. Courtyard
c. Quadrangle
d. Park
34. What pipe color is for Hot Water?
a. Yellow
b. Violet

c. Red

d. Orange

35. What pipe color is for Cold Water?

a. Blue
b. White

c. Green

d. Yellow

36. The angle of inclination of an escalator shall not exceed __________ form the horizontal.
a. 35 degree
b. 25 degree
c. 38 degree

d. 30 degree

37. The rate and speed, measured along the angle of inclination, shall be not more than __________ meters per minute.
a. 20
b. 38
c. 35
d. 40
38. Comfortable cooling shall be maintained at __________
a. 17 deg C 20 deg C
b. 20 deg C 24 deg C

c. 22 deg C 24 deg C

d. 24 deg C 27 deg C

39. Hoistway pit for elevators shall be of such depth that when the car rest on the fully compressed buffers, a clearance of
not less than __________ remains between the underside of the car and the bottom of the pit.
a. 300mm
b. 500mm
c. 600mm
d. 800mm
40. How many storey shall a dry stand pipe be equipped with it?
a. 5 storey
b. 8 storey
c. 4 storey

d. 6 storey

41. What is the maximum total projection of balcony if the width of the streets are over 14.00 meters
a. 0.90m
b. 1.50m
c. 1.10m
d. 1.40m
42. Water Code of the Philippines
a. PD 1067
b. PD 1096

c. PD 1185

d. PD 957

43. What is the minimum road right-of-way width to be able to construct a basement?
a. 6.00m
b. 10.00m
c. 12.00m

d. 15.00m

44. Escalators width shall not be less than __________

a. 500mm
b. 550mm

d. 560mm

c. 555mm

45. What is the minimum width of planting strip (for glass and shrubs) for each side of the RROW?
a. 150mm
b. 200mm
c. 250mm
d. 300mm
43. Sidewalks of 2.00 meters or more width shall include on its outer side a planting strip of not less than _________ in width.
a. 800mm
b. 1000mm
c. 1200mm
d. 1500mm
44. What is the minimum radius for Cul-de-sac?
a. 9.15m
b. 6.00m

c. 10.00m

45. Escalators width shall not exceed the width of the steps by more than __________
a. 350mm
b. 330mm
c. 300mm

d. 9.50m

d. 400mm

46. What is the minimum clear opening of a window to be able to consider as a mean of egress?
a. 900mm x 1200mm
b. 800mm x 1100mm
c. 850mm x 1000mm
d. 820mm x 1000mm
47. Firewall with a minimum 2 hour fire-resistive rating constructed with a minimum height clearance of __________ above the
a. 250mm
b. 300mm
c. 350mm
d. 400mm
48. What is the minimum setback for residential-1?
a. 4.50 x 2.00 x 2.00
b. 5.00 x 2.00 x 2.00

c. 5.00 x 2.50 x 2.50

d. 4.00 x 2.00 x 2.00

49. What is the minimum setback for Commercial buildings if the RROW is 30.00m and above?
a. 6.00 x 3.00 x 3.00m
b. 8.00 x 5.00 x 5.00m
c. 5.00 x 3.00 x 3.00
d. 5.00 x 2.00 x 2.00
50. What is the minimum width of planting strip (for trees) for each side of the RROW?
a. 200mm
d. 150mm
c. 300mm

d. 450mm

51. What is the minimum Total Open Space for Corner-through lot?
a. 10% open space
b. 5% open space
c. 20% open space

d. 30% open space

52. What is the minimum Total Open Space for Interior Lot?
a. 50% open space
b. 30% open space

d. 10% open space

c. 20% open space

53. Roof The wind load for roof shall be atleast __________ kg/m2 for vertical projection.
a. 200
b. 120
c. 150

d. 90

54. Footing shall be of sufficient size and strength to support the load of the dwelling and shall be at least __________ thick
and __________ below the surface of the ground.
a. 300mm & 800mm
b. 200mm & 1200mm
c. 250mm & 600mm
d. 300mm & 600mm
55. What is the required distance of ingress / egress of vehicles for commercial lot near major intersections?
a. 15.00m
b. 30.00m
c. 40.00m
d. 50.00m
56. A store window in which goods are displayed.
a. Show Window
b. Curtain Wall

c. Advertising Window

d. Window Shopping

57. A building permit issued under the provision of the Building Code shall expire and become null and void if the building or
work authorized therein is not commenced within a period of _________
a. 3 months
b. 4 months
c. 12 months
d. 6 months
58. A certificate of Occupancy shall be issued by the Building Official within __________ if after final inspection and submittal
of a Certificate of Completion.
a. 15 days
b. 30 days
c. 45 days
d. 60 days
59. What is the Air Space requirement for a Habitable Rooms?
a. 3.00m3
b. 12.00m3

c. 14.00m3

d. 18.00m3

60. Any portion of building above the first floor projecting over the sidewalk beyond the first-storey wall used as protection
for pedestrians against rain or sun.
a. Gallery
b. Arcade
c. Bay
d. Pergola
61. That portion of the foundation of a structure which spreads and transmits loads directly to the soil or the pile.
a. Foundation
b. Pile Cap
c. Column
d. Footing
62. All the portions of the building or structure below the footing, the earth upon which the structure rests.
a. Footing
b. Foundation
c. Wall Footing
d. Pile
63. A horizontal structural piece which supports the end of the floor beams or joist or walls over opening.
a. Beam
b. Lintel
c. Girder
d. Trabeated
64. The same as a heliport except that no refueling, maintenance, repairs or storage of helicopters is permitted.
a. Helipad
b. Freight
d. Parking Slot
d. Helistop
65. A corridor or passageway used in common by all the occupants within a building.
a. Ante Room
b. Common Hall
c. Foyer

d. Porch

66. The beam or girder placed over an opening in a wall, which supports the wall construction above.
a. Lintel
b. CHB
c. Door Casing
d. Cornice
67. A Lodging House is any building or portion thereof, containing not more than __________ guest rooms where rent is paid in
money, goods, labor, or otherwise.
a. 3
b. 5
c. 6
d. 8
68. The wall between the bottom of the window sill and the ground.
a. Cripple
b. Backup Wall
c. Masonry Socalo

d. Apron

69. The underside of a beam, lintel or reveal.

a. Edging
b. Soffit

c. Cornice

d. Door Frame

70. A wall which supports any load other than its own weight.
a. Non Load Bearing
b. Retaining Wall

c. Bearing Wall

d. Reinforce Wall

71. A wall separating 2 or more buildings, and used in commonly by the said buildings.
a. Retaining Wall
b. Fire Wall
b. Separation Wall

d. Party Wall

72. The enclosing wall of an iron or steel framework or the nonbearing portion of an enclosing wall between piers.
a. Curtain Wall
b. Dead Wall
c. Exterior Wall
Fire Wall
73. What is the Wheelchair Seating Capacity for an Auditoriums that has 51 -300 seating capacity?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. 8
74. An exit, or a means of going out. (its Jeopardy!)
a. What is Egress
b. What is Emergency Exit

c. What is Door

d. What is Corridor

75. Pertaining to the measurement of the human body.

a. What is Architectonic
b. What is Ekistics

c. What is Anthropometric

d. What is Ergonometric

76. Ramps should have a minimum clear width of __________

a. 1.10m
b. 1.20m

c. 1.50m

d. 1.80m

77. All doors should have a minimum clear width of __________

a. 0.60m
b. 0.70m

c. 0.80m

D 0.90m

78. Doorknobs and other hardware should be located between __________ above the floor.
a. 0.70 0.90m
b. 0.80 0.90m
c. 0.82m 1.20m

d. 0.82 1.06m

79. Corridors should have a minimum clear width of __________

a. 0.80m
b. 1.00m
c. 1.20m

d. 1.50m

80. The Fire Code of the Philippines

a. PD 1185
b. PD 1096

d. BP 344

c. PD 344

81. Dropped curbs shall be sloped toward the road with a maximum gradient of __________ to prevent water from collecting at
the walkway.
a. 1:8
b. 1:12
c. 1:20
d. 1:100
82. The minimum width of a curb cut-out should be __________
a. 0.80m
b. 0.90m

c. 1.20m

d. 1.50m

83. Curb cut-outs should not have a gradient not more than __________
a. 1:8
b. 1:12
c. 1:20

d. 1:100

84. What is the minimum dimension for Rest Stops on busy or lengthy walkways?
a. 6.00m
b. 12.00m
c. 15.00m

d. 18.00m

85. Minimum walkway headroom should be __________

a. 1.80m
b. 2.00m

d. 2.40m

c. 2.10m

86. Ramps shall be equipped with curbs on both side with a minimum height of __________
a. 0.10m
b. 0.15m
c. 0.20m

d. 0.30m

87. The railing should incorporate a tapping rail to assist the blind; this should not be greater than __________ above the
adjacent surface.
a. 0.10m
b. 0.20m
c. 0.25m
d. 0.35m
88. Blighted Area; Eyesore; An area where the value of real estate tend to deteriorate because of the dilapidated,
obsolescent, and insanitary condition of the building within the area.
a. Effluent
b. Slum
c. Scum
b. Hoboes
89. What is the minimum length of a chaflans?
a. 2.00m
b. 3.00m

c. 4.00m

d. 5.00m

90. Entrance with vestibules shall be provided a level area with at least a __________ depth and a 1.50m width.
a. 1.50m
b. 1.20m
c. 2.00m
d. 1.80m
91. The length of ramp should not exceed __________ if the gradient is 1:12, and shall provided with landing not less than
a. 3.00m
b. 4.00m
c. 5.00m
d. 6.00m
92. What is the incremental setback per storey above the second floor level?
a. 2.00m
b. 1.00m
c. 0.30m

d. 0.50m

93. Arcade pedestrian walkways shall have a clear height of __________

a. 2.40m
b. 5.00m
c. 2.00m

d. 3.00m

94. All pipe materials to be used in buildings/ structures shall conform to the standard specification of the __________ of the
Department of Trade and Industry.
a. Bureau of Product
b. Building Official
c. Office of the City Engineer
d. Quality Control
95. The live load at first floor shall be at least __________ kg/m2
a. 200
b. 100

d. 250

96. The live load for the second floor shall be at least __________ kg/m 2
a. 120
b. 100
c. 150

d. 200

97. Multi-floor parking garages may serve the 20% parking requirements of the building / structure within __________ meter
a. 50
b. 100
c. 150
d. 200
98. What is the minimum required parking slot for offices, commercial or mixed-use condominium buildings / structures if the
unit gross area is 18 40 m2?
a. 1 car : 2 units
b. 1 car : 3 units
c. 1 car: 4 units
d. 1 car : 1 unit
99. In BP 344, Handrails that required full grip should have a minimum dimension of __________cm 50 cm
a. 25
b. 40
c. 20
d. 30

100. In BP 344, The lowest point of a dropped curb should not exceed _________ height above the road or gutter.
a. 10mm
b. 15mm
c. 20mm
d. 25mm