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Hey, creative problem solving.

This video is a look back at some

memorable Do Something
Different projects you came up with over
the course of this class.
So we can give some recognition to some,
not all, we can fit everything
in this video, but some, projects you've
uploaded or discussed frequently in the
We've been wholly impressed by the diverse
perspectives you
each bring to this course, being a global
So, in this video, we'd like to present
some of the
projects that are a great example of the
cultural connotations of creativity.
We also think that a lot of the projects
really do appeal to every community as a
Whether it's solving materials use problem
or designing for
extreme budget constraints, or designing
to cultivate empathy with
someone you know, or the world around you,
these are all things to which everyone can
Our first example of this is Alex, the
homeless gentleman, and his dog, Sophie,
who are a
pair mm, who are a pair of student
Vinny spoke to DSD3 for Talk to Someone
She notes that a lot of his responses were
very unexpected, and
she found herself thinking about him and
his life quite often after.
She asked him what he thought people who
walked past him thought of him.
She writes, His response, I have met many
kind of nice people.
Some buy me food, blankets.
But, some look down on me and judge me.
They think I am invisible.
This statement is eye-opening to think how
we treat others in our
own community quite differently depending
the situation based on our own judgments.
Addressing this helps focus more on How to
work on the root of the
problem, some of our most challenging
problems that really do need to be solved?
Then he went back to visit Alex and Sophie
for the final Give Different DSD to share
him, among other things, the feedback and
responses to

his story that a lot of you have given.

You can follow up to this in the forums
and in the DSD Give review as well.
We've been looking for more stories of
your continued involvement in the DSDs
over time.
Here we have another student who maintain
a friendship of sorts
with a boy he met for DSD three talked to
someone different.
He gave him a gift for DSD six the
impromptu friendship
is inspiring as the context of the boy's
story who was
Away from home, working to raise money for
school, which alone
is something that is often times
unfortunately a foreign concept to many.
Which is why the context being in this
global community is a bit inspiring here.
We get to see all different types of
lifestyles and a lot of different problems
that oftentimes
need to be addressed and can't be
addressed until
we get out there and really meet new
Our next project is another wonderful
example of
using creativity to cultivate empathy with
your community.
This is one of the top commented projects
in the forums titled
Secret Exchange If you remember, this was
this student's Talk to Someone
Different project, in which she created a
space for strangers to write
down a secret and place in a bowl in
exchange for another.
What's really amazing about this is the
number of comments from you guys, asking
integrate this into a project into your
own, or use this in your own community.
The idea that results from doing this
experiment is that confessing secrets
can really help people feel like they are
part of a community.
Make this clear to them.
Or make it clear that no one is alone in
feeling alone.
She later said in comments in the forums,
she ended
up burning most of the secrets after the
project was done.
As a vow to maintain the integrity of her
We've had several projects that were
highly regarded for the visual

Some of the creative ideas you might have

may not be able
to be executed practically all of the time
or in a short
time like this, but displaying your idea
in a creative way can
really help communicate what it is you
were trying to solve more clearly.
First is a food mandala.
Not on is this a beautiful and detailed
display of
eating differently, but also it can be
played as a game.
When turned into a game, this becomes an
engaging way to eat.
But also, along with the concept of the
Provokes people to really consider what it
is that we are
eating and how that shapes an essential
part of our life.
This is really interesting, and we missed
this one the first round of Live Review.
So, please check it out.
Another great example of visual
presentation is titled Eat Your Makeup.
Creativity does not always have to be
about doing
something completely new and novel right
from the start.
But can be considered as a process to
the way we look at our own habits in
order to make the changes we wish to make
or to solve a problem in a progressive
Again, the execution being clearly
communicating with the visual
Check this one out in the forums for
comments as well.
We also have Eat Your Soup and Spoon
again, which is not
only a beautifully photographed project,
also a fantastically resourceful use of
We have ice scarf as an excellent use of
materials and also fits well within
the visual presentation category as this
is a
beautifully crafted piece and clearly
documented as well.
This one generated a lot of ideas for
alternative uses from
you guys in the forums in social media
which is fantastic.
Pocket fruit.
Not only a great way to eat healthy foods
differently but also quite a thoughtful

reuse of old materials.

In this case a toothpaste container.
This one works well as a prototyping for
what could be a
practical low cost item and a way to even
conserve food longer.
Umbrella skirt, also a creative visual
in its level of craft and detail.
Many of you uploaded this one for DSD2
Wear Something Different, so here it is
A wonderful way of repurposing materials
into something
that also has aesthetic appeal And
practicality, you
don't often see all those three traits
successfully but this student managed to
do so here.
Spaghetti tube, one more for innovative
use of materials because of the
time it probably took to wrap all that
spaghetti on the tube.
If you remember, this student ate
spaghetti in
a new way by finding a stranger to
hold the tube covered in pasta while he
ate it off the spool This is an
use of materials, because ultimately he's
found a
new potential use of the pasta packaging
if it
came in a tube, and it doubles as
a serving device potentially saving
packaging and serving space.
So, another potential prototype here.
Another look back to your first DSD
assignment is one definitely gets top
votes for
being one of the most, shall we say, bold
or heavily trusting with the public?
This is stranger food, remember this
student went up
to strangers in the food court and asked
try their food, and impressive a lots of
As a first project this is a great
exercise in
getting over the hurdle in getting out in
stepping out of your comfort zone and
trying something
new in the public sphere, because a big
in creativity is really getting out of
what's comfortable and
familiarizing yourself with something new

and different.
Even if it may be a really uncomfortable
experience at first.
A lot of times, it's sometimes helpful to
see the
positive reactions people have, just based
on the sheer fact
that you're doing something so out there,
and so novel,
people just can't help but want to be a
part of it.
Along those lines we need to remember that
what is different for some is normal for
This student noted that eating tarantula
is not way out of the norm for
her culture in Cambodia, but putting them
on a sandwich is far more abnormal.
We might think of this as an extreme food
fusion of something fairly westernized.
And something more specific but simply
sharing this
concept as to expose others is helpful
people to
provoke many in the global community here
think about different norms when it comes
to eating.
lot of your As A Child DSDs displayed a
thoughtful look at what it
means to be a child and what we leave
behind when we grow up.
Among those things natural creative
a few inspiring examples are street
Poems that a student wrote as a child
written on
sidewalks to inspire others to reflect on
their own inner children.
Another one that is really touching, is 94
years of love, where the
student looked back on the everyday things
her mom used to do for her.
And it brought up a lot of memories on how
she used to see the world as a child.
We've provided a list with links to where
these projects
are posted on the forums so you may want
check them out and discuss a little bit
further especially
if you haven't seen them or read the
comments yet.
We've got one more video coming this week
a look back over the courses of a whole.
So we'll leave you for now with an Ode to
the pets of The

Do Something Difference.