Ready for CAE p 79. Sleep. Extra Speaking 1. Do you ever fall asleep in front of the TV?

Have you ever fallen asleep in a class? 2. Did you sleep well when you were a young child? 3. How many hours sleep do you need? How much sleep do you get each night? 4. Do you ever oversleep? 5. How do you feel if you don’t get a good night’s sleep? 6. What sort of things prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep? 7. Would you like to work at night?


Do you usually remember your dreams? Do you have a recurrent dream? Do you think that our dreams have meanings? Have you ever had any strange dreams? Do you think you can interpret dreams to understand their meaning? Have you ever been able to continue dreaming about something after waking up for a short time? 9. Have you ever been so worried about something or obsessed with something that you were actually able to solve your problem while sleeping?

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