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How to Reprocess the IDOC in Both Inbound & Outbound

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Check these reports:
RBDAGAIN - Process Outbound IDocs with Errors Again
Description: This report reprocesses outbound IDocs which contain errors. IDocs containing errors have one of the
following statuses:
02: Error transmitting data to port
04: Error in EDI subsystem control information
05: Error in conversion
25: Continue processing despite syntax error (outbound)
29: Error in ALE service
RBDAGAIE - Reprocessing of Edited IDocs
Description: This report reprocesses an edited IDoc in inbound or outbound processing. The edited IDoc has one of the
following statuses:
32: IDoc edited (outbound)
69: IDoc edited (inbound)
RBDAGAI2 - Re-processing of IDocs after ALE Input Error

Description: You use this report to reprocess inbound IDocs containing errors. IDocs containing errors have one of the
following statuses:
56: IDoc containing errors added
61: Continue processing despite syntax error (inbox)
63: Error passing IDoc to the application
65: Error in ALE service
---For Inbound
1) Goto WE19, select your IDOC and execute. The details will be shown of IDOC. Change the data in the segment as
per your requirement.
2) Click on standard inbound process. If you want to execute the process in foreground, click on standard inbound
function module. Select related function module and execute the process in foreground/background.
For outbound
1) Follow same step 1.
2) Click on standard outbound processing
----To reprocess Idocs in outbound or inbound you can create back ground jobs using the following programs.
For Outbound:
For 02 status IDocs follow the below procedure:
1. Open SE38.
2. Give program RBDAGAIN.

3. Give you Idocs and save as variant.(Give any name)

4. Now, go to SM36,and specify a job name(Any name).
5. Now click on STEP give your Variant name in the respective field and you program name as RBDAGAIN.
6. Save and come back.
7. Now click on "START CONDITION".Here you give schedule the job either "Immediately" or "Periodically".
8. To do an immediate job select Immediate and save.Else go for perodic as you need.
9. Now save the screen on SM36.
10. To release the job click "Job selection" -- > select sceduled --> execute.
This would push your Idoc from *02*(Error passing data to port) to 30(Idoc ready to dispatch) status.
Now to send the Idoc from 30 to *03*(Data passed to port OK) use the "RSEOUT00" program and run another job as
stated above.
This would send the Idocs to 03.
Similarly at Inbound side:
To reprocess an Idoc in 51 status:
Use program "RBDMANI2" and run a job.It will push Idocs from 51 to 53 status.
For 64 status use "RBDAPP01" program.
You can do it in transaction code BD87
-------Receiving System (Inbound ALE)
Tcode SALE3 for

a) Define Logical System

b) Assign Client to Logical System
Tcode SM59 -- RFC Destination
Tcode BD64 -- Check for Model view whether it has distributed or not
Tcode BD82 -- Generate partner Profiles & Create Ports
Tcode BD11 -- Getting Material Data
Tcode WE05 -- Idoc List for inbound status codes
Message Type MATMAS
Tcode BD10 - Send Material Data
Tcode WE05 - Idoc List for watching any Errors
Inbound Status Codes
50 Error --> It will go for ALE Service Layer
56 Error --> Idoc with Errors added
51 Error --> Application Document not posted
65 Error --> Error in ALE Service Layer
For 51 or 56 Errors do the following steps
Goto WE19 --> give the IDOC Number and Execute-->
Press on Inbound function Module
for 65 Error --> goto SE38 --> Execute the Program RBDAPP01 then your getting 51 Error

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