1) cacophonous(adj): having an unpleasant sound Usg: as cacophonous as a henyard -atonal, discordant, dissonant, harsh, noisy, unmusical Atonal(Adj): not written in any musical key Discordant(adj): Lacking in harmony Dissonant(Adj): Not musical in nature OPP:harmonic 2) capricious(adj): prone to sudden changes of mood or behavior -changeable,erratic, fanciful, fickle, fitful, flighty, impulsive, inconstant, mercurial, moody, quirky, uncertain, Unpredictable, unreliable, unstable, variable, way-ward, whimsical, freakish Usg: "a capricious refusal"; Erratic(adj): Having no fixed course, Liable to sudden unpredictable change Usg: erratic behavior Fanciful(adj): Indulging in or influenced by fancy Usg: a fanciful mind Fickle(adj): Liable to sudden unpredictable change, Liable to sudden unpredictable change Usg: fickle friends, "fickle weather" Flighty(adj): Guided by whim and fancy Usg: flighty young girls" Impulsive(adj): acting or done without thinking ahead’ Mercurial(adj):tending to change the mood suddenly Quirky(adj): a peculiar habit in a person’s behavior Way-ward: unpredictable, Resistant to guidance or discipline Whimsical: a sudden desire or change of mind Freakish: changeable 3) castigation(n): reprimand severely Reprimand :a formal expression of disapproval Censure, chasten, discipline, lash, punish, rebuke, scold

Censure: criticize strongly, strong disapproval Chasten: cause to feel shamed Usg: they were chastened by the bitter lessons of life Lash: beat with a stick , a verbal attack or physical attack Rebuke: An act or expression of criticism and censure 4) catalyst(n): a thing or person that triggers an event -accelerator,activator 5) caustic(adj):able to burn through or wear away living tissue by chemical action, sarcastic in a hurtful way , Harsh or corrosive in tone -1)astringent, burning ,destructive 2) acrimonious, bitter, mordant, critical, cutting, pungent, sarcastic, severe, sharp, virulent, waspish, trenchant acrimonious: angry and bitter mordant: sarcastic

pungent: having a sharply strong taste or smell virulent: bitterly hostile(Characterized by enmity) sarcastic:a way of using words that implies the opposite of what they mean, so as to upset someone waspish:sharply irritable trenchant:expressed strongly and clearly

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