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Surya Roshni Limited was incorporated on 17th October, as private
limited company and converted into Public Limited Company on 15th
November. The Company manufactures ERW Steel Pipes and Tubes both
black and galvanised aluminium alloys, welding heads, GLS lamps,
fluorescent tubes and tubular glass shells. The products of the lighting
division are sold under the brand name `SURYA'.
3,00,000 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 3:4
The Company embarked on modernisation of the steel tubes division
Additional equipments consisting of 4 rolls unit, mill caze system,
conveyors etc. were installed for production of larger dia pipes upto 350
The Steel Division not only consolidated its position but also expanded
its network geographically.
Surya Roshni has become the leading manufacturer of lighting products
in India in less than a decade.
The company has sought the Government approval for bringing in
additional foreign investment
The Company has set up Surya Herbal Ltd., a separate company to deal
with herbal products.
Surya Roshni Ltd has informed that in response to the Voluntary
Delisting of shares sought by the company, its shares have been
delisted from the Delhi Stock Exchange Association Limited w.e.f. March
31, 2004.
Surya Roshni launched its high-power factor CFL lamps in the Kerala
Surya Roshni Ltd has recommend the dividend @ Rs. 1.50 per share
Surya Roshni Ltd has declared the Interim Dividend @ Rs. 2.00 per
Equity Share
Surya Global Steel Tubes Ltd. (SGSTL) was an unlisted Subsidiary
company up to 12th February,2014

To become an "integrated global energy corporation" and offer competitive, best
in class, premium quality products to satisfy day to day needs of consumers in
India and across the world.

To become global leaders by consistently exceeding the consumer demands,
upgrading technology and making quality products. We strive to stay on top of
today's and tomorrow's technology so that we can help to create a better future

for ourselves, our partners, dear employees and future. We aim to do justice to
our vision and recreate new visions to prove as better visionaries of the world.

The words above express Surya's motto and convey the values it share,
emphasizing on respect for the people, creation of new values and contribution
towards the society. Since its inception in 1973, these values have inspired us to
fulfil our responsibilities in everything we do in every realm of excellence. We
help to create a higher quality of life for every citizen of the world. It's our
endeavor to orchestrate the capabilities to realize a vibrant Surya Group in which
every individual brings their potential into full play and contributes to the
achievement of growth through creativity and innovation.

Strategic Themes
SURYA family strives hard to take SURYA to new heights of success. Carrying
forward the vision of Mr. Agarwal, we at Surya continually work on technology,
management skills and strategies etc. to achieve greater success in every realm
of excellence. With years of experience and a spirit of youth, we have been able
to achieve significant growth and profitability. With the introduction of Fans and
LED, SURYA has embarked upon a new journey and like our lighting and piping
section these two prodigies from the house of SURYA will encapsulate the market
in no time. My target is growth through technology and innovation so as to
achieve business expansion primarily by creating new values and pioneering
quality products. This is what I believe is the key to ensure SURYA's growth and
cementing its place as a true global empire.

Steel Tubes and Pipes Portfolio

ERW pipes are extensively used in agriculture, industry and construction
activities like scaffolding and casing in bore wells. They are used for conveying
water, gas, crude oil and chemicals at various pressures and densities over long
distances. Considering the challenging and varied applications, the pipes are
produced to meet very high standards of both national and international
specifications. The pipe plant is equipped with state-of-the-art machines, slitting
lines, pipe mills, galvanizing units, finishing machines and fool-proof high
pressure hydro testing machines. The plant also has sufficient handling facilities,
both EOT and mobile cranes supported by pipe conveyer systems.

Steel Hollow sections unit at Malanpur, Gwalior is catering to wide applicationsInfrastructural, Industrial and General Engineering requirements. The Steel
Hollow Sections, as a substitute to Conventional Sections, brings quality,
consistency and set of mechanical properties in engineering application and
ready to use product in market.
Surya Group has set up a modern large Spiral Welded Pipe manufacturing plant
in Gujarat. The plant, situated in an area of about 100 acres and located on the
National Highway at Bhuvad village (Anjar) in Kutch, is equipped to produce
Spiral Welded pipes in the range from 18" to 100" with maximum wall thickness
of 1" (25.4mm) conforming to API/ASTM specifications up to API5L Gr.X80.
Since past three decades, Surya's precise processing of heavy gauge cold rolled
strip steel has remained the group's specialty. By focusing on what we do best,
we maintain world class quality and reliable performance year after year.
Superior quality and expeditious processing at orders have added value to the
clients business. Our CR division is capable of developing customized products
and supplying towards meeting client requirements on every parameter.
Other than steel tubes and pipes company also produces product in Lighting, fan,
PVC pipes and appliances.
Core Competencies of Surya Roshni
1> Quality and product range
2> Market reach and customisation
3> People (Investment in R&D)
4> Cost Effectiveness