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AIStUIee of CUR ait 735th - nativay operating Battalion §.7.0) TRANSPORTATION CORPS UNITED STATES Am Wort 0 -tWAR- 2- Left fort Sneliing 12 Sept. 1944 at 100 hours via chioago & Yiorthvestern fatiroad to Chicasss. passed through Dubuque, Ia, at 0615 hrs ant arrived Chicago at 0700 hrs 43th Sept. Left Chicago on New central HH at 1200 nrs sase day. Arrived Camp shanks. New York 1330 hre on Th Sept; walked 1-1/2 miles up Mill with Cull field-pack in a tonperatilre of over 90 degrees. At 1800 the sane eventig Jou! speakers issued Narning of a furricane coning our vay st-an-estinated 90 MPH wind to RU 'in‘an henry at. 1900 28 nit at shout 70 vPit and blew a tree dow over top of one barracks, upsetting stoves and bunks, Little, damage Gone to barracks; Tain was terrific, stora subdued A 1=1/2 hre ai no one injured. Loaded on train at 2160 on 19 Sept. for the docks and Qearded Forty Boat tyohn f. Townsend? and’ grossed Be River to Pier 20 at 2800; carried full fleld-pack, dusfle-beg & rifle. ‘Rested on pler and | Given coffee, donuts, and candy by the Red Cross & Orey Ladies A. Erase tant was playing steady.” Boarded the MOruguay" at 0100 on 19 sept. Started sailing momn of 20th at 1030." Osean was. smooth for two days. Sailed into Convoy eve of first day; Convoy consisted of 6 groups ind the largest to cress Atlantic, "ieee 5 a> 6 days ocean TolLine Heavy} Top for several das, horns blowing regwlariy, ships carried baskets téved alongs. Hd obe submarine scare for 14 /hrs,. ships took Pattie forvation; nade uany cireles, changed courses regtiariy, all okay. Blackout every night, beastly hot aS all doors were closed. Our ship ras banned by Yerehant yarine but guns by the Navy, who practiced Shooting regWlariy,, shind day out many non feeding fishes, saw schools sof sharks; soa gulis, flying fish, and nany other fish. Two rain storms of ton to/1} mth each on enisre: tap. ‘Arrived Tverpoo) Harbor 1100 hts on 1 cts and left shép 9.urs tater with all equipuent to street where duftie-bags vere loaded on Uteker tinea through streets of Liverpool to ft Station and boarded train at 1900; arriving at Eastieign at 0700 0n 2 Oct; warched to the Enea "dn's parks, Convoy left st 0900 and azrived €-19 Staging Area se'8500; were aosignod to tents of 6 ani 8 fi each. Cold weather, many ad colds ani G.J.'s. There we had usual formations, inspections, hikes ete Got sat 1400 his hiked 3 miles froa G-19 to iodding shed on piér, rested and had Red Cross Hobile Unit domt and coffee serrsce Boarded "Princess Naud" at 1620 and set sail across English Channel Soon after; Jayed in Channel nea? English sie overnight; arrived near Gnahe Beach 6 Get. at 1100 hrs, water was very Tough and bad breakers Shas‘weny sick, 90 stayed an Channelyuntli 8 Oots at 1330 hrs when Wo Janged ia Doach-hoad, Sunken. ships vere in harbor and ware used for fatter Slocks: ‘the sunken signal ship was.a boat vhich one of the en Raa'siadog on’his honeymoon, we hiked up the steep hill on the Oueha Boachshoad, unich vas 1/# nile long. across to tne Left was the first D*bay Cemetary with 3000 white crosses, on point of same hil1 vas a Reavy gin inplagenent which played havée. to'landing troops on DeDey Harehed 1 mile to bivotac area, around us vere plenty of Mined fel Bi, Dahd, Callison, soschtnt aldeproymann pulled guard the first night. Plenty bomb-fires to keep varm. During night received verbal orders, fo be prepared to move by truck at O900 morning of 9 Oct, leaving at ihat’lnerin Convoy and Headed for Boauvaig, France, arrived at 1710 Sane day ani cioyt in froneh Army antelligeice School on Tock floors, Geaving next soning, at 1000 to Chateau at edge of town; Chateau vas” Terrence outs anf wan Used os Gorman Headquarters for tho large Air Mia Reatby unich nai’ pites of Tinvays. Here we becene attached to FeSra HOB who’ had thelr a ené-D Companies only in france, as their © Gisany was still in Gngland. We operated fron there to Criel to Parts nd through Griel to Terenier. Onis oste 6 EW Al officer wont to LeHavre as an advance party to ako preparations for opening this Porte Pingt gail received on 13 Get, On 17 Oct received first pay over- seas, Get. 22 nade fhrst cost rain Sn to Letavre, which opetod Up dock assct tovards getting supplies to the front; fun vas made across Erartially bosbed bridge vhich was 7/10 mile long and 650 ft high, ani pare vas single track. For safe Tuna round trips took 3 to 5 days, ao thack hel many soft spgts, We operated 3 terninals at this place, ory REED F Rom: Re Ses Second mail call was the 24 oct (we were plenty happy). Transportation from Ie jiavre Port wus strenethennd. by. shorten ing the distance to 250 miles Jess um doubling tho supplies to Belgium, southern and Eastern France. 411 trains eleared through Beatvai? to Paris and Tergnier fo tie ftonts went to the First, Thind and Seventh Armies, Third mail call on 29 oct (getting happier atl the time). Horning of 31 Oct. 102 8H witn Lt. Levis in charge, wore sont on Ds_to 720th ROB which operated out of Caen to Cherbourg’ ani to Druex Gur outfit operated with good initative and good senses Ono SM, Bronesiaus Jy Wise, of this detached group, camo in contact vith over hhead electrié catenary wire on the 29 nov.) when on the tender of the Jocenotive, casing iim to fall, nitting its head on the corner of a Generete block, witen proved fatat to hin, Second payday was’ Hiov, in French Francs (a lot of paper). Our lestain, wile sn’this Location, left Le favre av 1201 on 2 tov, and our Detachnent left ie itevre by’ Diesel at 0310 en 3 Nov destited to peauvas, srance, Work and preparations comsenced for ollr new proposed wove. An acvance party Consisting of) Ostieer and 3 Ely leit tor antwoxp, Belgiun, oy truck on 8 tov. “the Coupany lett Beauvies by trainy riding YL, the forty: and eignt way, on 9 ov at 1320. he treveled through Cricl Roast Boma = V2. and stopped at Compiegne and ate sundyiehos and list coffee, wich was put out by the Toth teaftic Nepuiating Detachwont. Going through Hons Skirting the edge of Brusselis end arrived at altwerp Yacus at 4600 hrs on 10 lov. We heard and saw the first novee perb during the arter~ nnoon at 1415 while enroute. At dusk (1900 hrs) the Rockets wore more Pealistic aS their danago vas more visible, the Hobots Looked Like Large basis of fire spurting in the sky; Wis continued throughout the bight, sirens lev everytime oue Wes code to ous section of tov and wire varneg ae least a dogen tines, falling owt each tise 19 tako cover} our instructions were to seek protection under the rail ears fe"protect ja fren suameral and flying Aeoris. on night of 10th, (our arrival) Hitler broadcast. over the radio, that on armistice Day (1 Nov) ie would level the oliy of Antwerp, stating, "antwerp vould be a Port without # city or a city wituout x’port," “He tulned’ them in over our section, one every 10min. Diving. the afternoon of 11 Nov, 2 Robots Gn succession nit a theatre and a hovel, killing 600 people ancuiding Some G.l.ta." These places were put out’of boule to Lil DM for awhive, Ms were among the five? erotps tp got to. this aveat Forty Cellov= Sng us was a trein of Portsen coming tron La tavre, France, ‘ovard evening on 11 Nov. ol Company moved by truck into purracks found at Rappelan, tine miles north of aniverp, at a Jeleiun and fngiish vest camp recently established, as the Gentine were driven ffoc tiie ares Lega. then 3 weeks before, aéme were Still bokini he Lines, aa the batélofront wus only 12 ndlos fron uo} coud see the Firing of ail vaapons at night fra a lookout tover 150 f% highs Robots and V-2's were hitting nearby regularly, explosions rocking the Datidings, many hd bit in tidy area. ‘the fife neght at Happelan, we Slept in & large garage built by the Gorans, with concrete floors} ali viniows vere out and colder than hell. We tried to heat the place With'stoves Set up hurriedly, byl aie. On 12 nov, several men went %0 Antwerp for billets for us but the British had nearly sll the places spoken for or ted up in some way, We got cur first Stover after vaiking 1-3/4 miles to 4lgbaus, where the'Germans adc hospital, 1ivag a real treat to clean up again. Trucks were realy on 19 Iov at 9900 to sove ts to Joan sapttet yon Byertteck school on stuyvenberg Blain $7 Antwexp, Puctin, 20 Bk to's foun) sleepiag om Tibu¥ey tables ani teasers platforns, as ne beds vere svatlable to be Tad, dur Company c.was aétached to the 7A3ra Roa, their 4 and p Companies cute Later. Our Hattslion fiesdguarters being at Canpsegne, france and later came to Brussells, Belgiiis. On 20 ov, we onecked ands ane Deck areas, ant the following day the 1st sviten erew went to work at the Dock satshalling Yerds- This area totaled 29 oiles and tines Glassizieation yards of 7 niles; our Docks numbered from 61 to 215, each serth holding 10 Liberty Ships. © arkae © {n00MER Rockers a eee eed