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 Aspendale  Gardens  News  

The  Official  Newsletter  of  AGRA,  
Aspendale  Gardens  Residents  Association  

Distributed  to  over  2300  h omes  in  Aspendale  Gardens  

Kingston  launches  Youth  Cove,  
teenagers  declare  it  ‘awesome’  

City   of   Kingston   is   working   with   the   Aspendale   Gardens  
Community  Centre  to  trial  an  after-­‐school  youth  space.  

The   community   centre   plans   to   open   the   Cove   on  
Mondays,  Tuesday  and  Thursdays  after  school.  A  range  of  
activities   for   young   people   will   be   offered,   targeting   ages  
12  and  up.  






“What  used  to  be  lots  of  babies  is  starting  to  grow  into  lots  
of   young   people”   said   Cr   Tamsin   Bearsley.   “Our   aim   is   to  
provide   a  hub   where   young   people   can   have   a   sense   of  
identity   and   ownership,   where   they   can   find  
entertainment,  recreation  and  support  if  needed,  in  a  local  
environment  that  parents  can  feel  confident  about”.  

“I  think  it  will  be  fantastic,”  said  Cr  John  Ronke.  “It’s  a  12  
month   trial,   so   it’s   an   opportunity   to   check   out   the   value  
that  the  community  find  in  it,  and  we’ll  see  where  it  goes  
from  there”.    

A  qualified  Youth  Worker  from  Kingston  Youth  and  Family  
Services   will   lead   the   program,   in   partnership   with  
Aspendale  Gardens  Community  Service.  

The   Youth   Cove   was   introduced   at   the   recent   Community  
Centre  day,  and  will  be  officially  launched  on  Tuesday  14th  
April   at   4.30pm   with   the   official   speech   made   by   the  
Kingston   Mayor   Geoff   Gledhill.   Young   people   who   are  
interested   about   the   free   programs   can   contact   the  
Aspendale   Gardens   Community   Service   directly   or   on  
facebook  (email:    


Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  1  


President’s  Report  

Editor’s  Bit    

The  secret  to  a  good  life,  I’m  discovering,  is  three-­‐fold.  Acts  
of  service,  building  relationships,  and  watching  trees  grow  
seem  to  be  the  key.    

The   first   part   is   service.   As   volunteers,   the   work   we   do   in  
AGRA   is   in   service   to   the   local   community.   We   all   love  
Aspendale  Gardens.  We  all  want  to  make  our  community  a  
better  place.  We’re  all  time  poor,  but  you  know  what,  it’s  
time  well  spent  anyway.  




Welcome   to   the   2015   Autumn   edition   of   “Aspendale  
Gardens  News”!    

Our  recent  community  survey  reconfirmed  that  AGRA  have  
been   focusing   on   the   issues   that   are   important   to   the  
residents  of  Aspendale  Gardens.  Although  there  weren't  a  
lot   of   responses   to   the   survey,   there   were   some   fantastic  
new   ideas   that   residents   would   like   to   see   addressed.  
You’ll  find  some  of  the  survey  results  in  this  newsletter.  

The  second  part  is  relationships.  It’s  often  said  that  AGRA’s  
success   is   due   to   the   relationships   we   build   with   our  
council,   state   and   federal   representatives.   We   need   John,  
Mark,   Tamsin,   David   and   now   Tim   to   stand   up   for   us   and  
compete   for   resources   for   our   community.   It’s   a   largely  
thankless   task,   and   when   they   do   it   well   I   believe   we  
should  recognise  them  for  it.  

The   third   part   is   watching   trees   grow…   especially   gum  
trees  that  you’ve  planted  yourself.  We  have  more  planting  
days   coming   up,   and   we   need   all   the   help   we   can   get.   That  
means   you.   Like   us   on   Facebook   to   keep   in   touch,   get  
involved,  and  I’ll  see  you  soon.    


We   reached   out   to   our   new   Victorian   MP   Tim   Richardson  
and   asked   him   to   write   an   article.     You’ll   find   that   in   this  
newsletter  as  well.  

Cheers,  Andy  Bearsley,  AGRA  VP  and  Editor.    

Your  AGRA  Committee  


We   say   farewell   and   thankyou   to   committee   members  
Barbara  Hasseloff  and  Adam  Bedikan  who  are  leaving  due  
to  other  commitments.    

We   are   seeking   enthusiastic   new   members   to   join   the  
AGRA  committee  and  join  us  in  working  towards  goals  that  
our   Aspendale   Gardens   community   has   identified.   If   you  
have   an   open   mind,   a   community   spirit   and   an   hour   per  
week,  please  contact  us  via  our  Facebook  page  or  website.  


Tony  Firman    
   Andrew  Bearsley    
   John  Zeccola      
   Mark  Bruce      
   Helen  Smithwick    

Also  Cameron  Davies,  Reny  Frighetto,  
Serge  Yan  &  Henry  Warren  


Kind  regards,  Tony  Firman,  AGRA  President  


President,  Chairperson  
Vice  President,  Editor  
Assistant  Treasurer  
Minute  Secretary  

AGRA  meets  on  the  last  Tuesday  of  the  month  
except  December.  All  welcome.  7:30pm  at  the  
Aspendale  Gardens  Community  Centre  


Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  2  



Your Local,
Real Estate
If you need an agent with
integrity and a strong local
knowledge of the area, you
need to speak to Steve Turner.

Steve Turner
Area Manager & Auctioneer

M 0402 342 957
521 Main Street
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  3  


Get  to  Know  Your  Neighbours  

Our   local   traders   at   Aspendale   Gardens   Shopping   Centre  
are   the   heart   of   our   community.   Nathan   Arrowsmith   of  
Buxton   finds   out   what   they   love   and   what   makes   them  

What  do  you  enjoying  doing  when  you  are  not  working?  
Nary:   Quality   time   with   my   two   sons   and   also   walking.   I  
love  my  kids,  walking  and  our  business.  

What  is  your  favorite  drink?  Nary:  Ginger  Beer!  

What   are   our   biggest   Tattslotto   wins?   Nary:   A   young  
couple   with   a   baby   won   $42,000.00   and   we   also   had  
Division  2  (5  times)  and  Division  3  (10  times).    

What   is   your   current   biggest   challenge   that   you   would  
love   the   locals   to   assist   with?     Nary:  “We  have  been  trying  
for   a   long   time   to   get   a   full   license   for   a   Post   Office.   We  
need  to  show  our  Post  Office  sales  figures  up  to  the  end  of  
July.   If   these   numbers   are   enough   Australia   Post   may   issue  
a   Post   Office   License   to   the   Aspendale   Gardens  

The   Supermarkets   now   also   sell   Newspapers   and  
magazines,  which  has  had  a  dramatic  impact  on  our  sales.  
Please   show   your   support   and   always   purchase   your  
newspapers   and   magazines   from   your   local   Newsagent.  
We  are  currently  selling  Newspapers  in  the  Fruit  Shop  also  
on  Sundays.”  

Nathan:  Please  visit  Nary  and  mention  this  interview.    Nary  
has  an  amazing  energy  that  will  keep  you  coming  back  for  
more.  Hope  you  enjoyed  your  local  Q&A!  



Meet   Nary,   owner   of   the   News   and   Lotto   Shop   in  
Aspendale  Gardens  Shopping  Centre.    

Nary  and  Leang   moved  from  Cambodia  to  Melbourne  over  
15  years  ago.  They  have  two  sons  aged  3  and  4  years  old.  

Nathan  Arrowsmith  
(m:  0411  149  921,  e:  




What   do   you   love   about   Aspendale   Gardens?   Nary:   The  
people  are  really  nice  and  it’s  a  great  community.    We  live  
in  Springvale  South  at  the  moment,  but  we  feel  it  is  a  very  
strong   and   close   community   so   we   would   love   to   move  

News & Lotto
Now with Bill Payments,
Couriers & Parcel Post


How  long  have  you  been  in  business?  Nary:  For  one  year  
now.   It   was   the   friendly   people   that   attracted   us.   Before  
we   bought   this   business   I   was   a   book   keeper   for   6   years.  
My   husband   still   works   full   time   for   a   printing   company  
and  then  helps  me  after  hours.  

How   many   hours   do   you   work   per   week?   Nary:   Many!   I  
work   from   7.30am   -­‐   7.30pm   6   days   a   week.   I   get   to   take  
Sundays  off.  


Gifts, Toys & Stationery
Stamps & Envelopes
Express Post Satchels


Why  do  believe  your  product  is  the  best  out  there?  
Nary:   Because   I   have   a   passion   for   customer   service   and  
they  will  always  get  a  great  experience  for  free!    

What   is   your   Favorite   place   to   holiday?   Nary:   I   love  
Queensland,   the   Great   Ocean   Road   and   Geelong.   Any  
place  near  the  water  is  good!  
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  4  


Melbourne  Water  unveils  next  
 step  for  grassland  makeover  

The   grassland   south   of   Aspendale   Gardens   is   set   to   get  
more   plantings   in   autumn   of   2015,   as   revealed   in   plans  
that  Melbourne  Water  shared  with  AGRA.    

“I’ve   done   a   number   of   site   visits   with   a   landscape  
architect”  said   Kylie   Swingler,   River   Health   Officer   at  
Melbourne   Water.   “What   we’re  doing   generally   is   low-­‐
lying  grasses  and  revegetation  beds,  to  maintain  sight  lines  
and  safety  while  improving  visual  amenity”.  

The   planting   of   approximately   1500   plants   will   further  
build   on   the   September   2014   initiative   where   Kingston  
Council   and   Melbourne   Water   came   together   with   local  
community,   primary   schools   and   volunteer   groups   to   plant  
5000  trees  in  the  grassland.  

“We’re   planning   on   two   community   planting   days,   and  
we’d   also   like   to   do   planting   days   with   local   primary  
schools”  said  Kylie.  

The  grassland  sits  within  a  high  priority  area  in  Melbourne  
Water’s   Healthy   Waterways   Strategy.   Known  
affectionately   by   locals   as   ‘Ronke’s   Reserve’,   ‘Secondary  
Drain’   or   ‘the   grassland   out   the   back’,   the   grassland  
stretches   for   1.7kms   connecting   Yammerbook   Reserve   to  
the  RAMSAR  protected  Edithvale-­‐Seaford  Wetlands.    

Planting  beds  will  be  divided  into  a  number  of  zones  based  
on   feedback   from   the   landscape   architect.   These   have  
been   carefully   designed   to   be   consistent   with   the   current  
look   of   the   area.   The   beds   will   contain   native   plants   that  
will  thrive  in  the  varying  site  conditions.  

Zone   A   will   include   ground   cover   planting   to   allow   views  
across   the   zone   and   canopy   trees   of   River   Red   Gums  
outside   of   the   floodplain   alignment   easement.   Plant  
species  include  tufted  forms  such  as  Black-­‐anther  Flax-­‐Lily,  
Common  Tussock-­‐Grass  and  Spiny-­‐headed  Mat-­‐rush.  

Zone   B   will   consist   of   shrubs   and   groundcovers   such   as  
Black   Wattle,   Black   Sheoak,   Hop   Goodenia   and   Grey  

Zone   C   will   complement   Council’s   recent   plantings   with  
two   additional   revegetation   beds   to   compromise   of  
canopy   and   mid-­‐storey   vegetation.   The   plant   species   will  
consist   of   Blackwood,   Hedge   Wattle,   Swamp   Paperbark  
and  Tree  Everlasting.  

Zone   D   will   include   revegetation   beds   with   Golden   Spray,  
Sweet   Bursaria,   Blue   Flax-­‐Lily,   Weeping   Grass   and   groups  
of  River  Red  Gums.  

To  find  out  more  about  the  planting  days,  ‘Like’  the  AGRA  
Facebook   page   or   join   the   AGRA   mailing   list   on  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  5  


Introducing  Tim  Richardson  MP  

in  our  local  schools  to  ensure  our  children  are  given  every  
opportunity   to   reach   their   full   potential.   With  
unemployment   reaching   7%   in   recent   times   and   youth  
unemployment   at   record   levels   in   parts   of   Victoria,   we  
must   also   invest   more   in   our   TAFEs,   particularly   after   the  
recent  cutbacks  of  the  previous  government.        

Health   &   ambulances:   Another   key   personal   priority   was  
ending  the  ambulance  dispute  by  working  with  paramedics  
to   fix   the   ambulance   crisis   to   ensure   we   find   the   minutes  
that  save  lives.    

It   is   going   to   take   some   time   to   address   the   crisis   in  
Victoria’s   ambulance   system,   with   response   times   now  
worse  than  ever,  but  our  paramedics  are  among  the  most  
dedicated   and   hardest   working   people   in   our   community.  
They  deserve  our  respect  and  to  be  supported  so  that  they  
can  save  lives  and  do  what  they  do  best.  

Tell   us   a   bit   about   who   Tim   Richardson   is   and   how   you  
came  to  represent  the  Labor  party  at  the  last  election.      
I   have   lived   in   the   south   eastern   suburbs   of   Melbourne   my  
entire   life   and   reside   in   Chelsea   Heights   with   my   wife  
Lauren.   We   thoroughly   enjoy   our   local   community,   from  
the   wonderful   beaches,   local   services   and   open  
environmental  spaces.  

I   graduated   from   Deakin   University   with   degrees   in   law  
and   commerce   and   prior   to   becoming   the   Member   for  
Mordialloc   I   worked   for   a   number   of   years   in   both   State  
and  Federal  governments,  however  I  found  myself  wanting  
to   contribute   more   to   our   local   community  and   decided   to  
try  my  hand  at  becoming  a  local  Member  of  Parliament.      

I  am  also  a  supporter  of  the  Essendon  Football  Club  (don’t  
hold   that   against   me)   and   enjoy   the   occasional   round   of  
golf,  although  it  is  a  bit  harder  to  find  time  these  days.  

How   is   your   life   different   as   an   elected   member   of  
parliament?   Life   hasn't   changed   too   much   for   us.   Lauren  
and   I   got   married   at   the   start   of   2014   going   into   the  
election   year,   so   things   have   been   pretty   busy   for   us   and  
have  continued  to  be  busy  throughout  this  year.      

I   really   enjoy   working   in   our   local   community.   The   best  
thing  about  being  a  Member  of  Parliament  is  the  ability  to  
get   involved   in   local   issues,   advocating   on   behalf   or  
residents  and  community  groups  and  delivering  outcomes  
for   our   community.   I   have   a   job   to   do   like   everyone   else  
and  want  to  do  the  best  I  can  for  our  community.  

What  are  your  priorities  coming  into  this  role?    
I   want   to   ensure   our   community   has   the   facilities   and  
services   it   needs   and   deserves   going   into   the   future.   In  
reality  governments  change  over  the  course  of  years  and  I  
ask  myself  the  question,  what  do  you  want  achieve  in  the  
time  you  are  the  representative  for  the  area?      

Supporting   education   &   TAFE:   I   am   passionate   about  
education   and   believe   everyone   has   the   right   to   a   quality  
education.  I  was  raised  for  part  of  my  life  by  a  single  mum  
who   stressed   the   importance   of   getting   a   good   education  
and  was  the  first  in  my  family  afforded  the  opportunity  to  
go  to  university.  I  believe  we  need  to  prioritise  investment  


I   have   been   fortunate   enough   met   with   many   local  
paramedics   and   recently   attended   a   roundtable   in  
Cheltenham   to   hear   firsthand   the   challenges   they   face   and  
ways  we  can  work  together  to  improve  response  times.        

Public  transport  &  roads:    Another  key  priority  is  improving  
our   public   transport   and   roads   networks   to   ease  
congestion.   Population   in   the   City   of   Kingston   is   expected  
to  grow  by  up  to  20%  in  the  coming  decade.  As  a  result  we  
need   to   invest   more   in   our   road,   rail   and   bus  

As   you   might   recall,   I   strongly   opposed   the   decision   to  
remove   Richmond   and   Flinders   Street   stations   from   the  
Frankston   train   line.   I   am   happy   to   say   this   has   been  
defeated   and   will   not   happen.   The   Government   has  
committed   to   removing   50   dangerous   and   congested  
railways   level   crossings   over   the   coming   eight   years,  
including  Edithvale  Road,  Edithvale.    

At   present   one   in   nine   people   catch   public   transport   and  
we   need   to   find   ways   to   make   it   easier   to   use   public  
transport   and   encourage   more   people   onto   the   network.  
The  Government  has  commenced  planning  the  Melbourne  
Metro  Rail  Tunnel,  which  will  provide  a  second  rail  tunnel  
network   and   double   the   capacity   of   the   city   loop   when  

Local  road  congestion  is  also  a  key  issue  raised  with  me  by  
residents.   The   extension   of   the   Mornington   Peninsula  
Freeway  has  been  road  reserved  for  a  number  of  decades  
and  community  consultation  has  occurred  in  the  past.      

The  previous  government  undertook  a  feasibility  study  into  
the   extension   of   the   freeway,   which   was   due   for   release   in  
November  2013,  but  unfortunately,  came  a  year  later.  The    
previous   government   then   allocated   further   funding   to  
commence  further  planning,  environmental  and  feasibility  
works  for  the  coming  few  years.      

I  am  advised  by  VicRoads  that  this  detailed  feasibility  and  
planning   works   is   ongoing   and   I   am   waiting   for   a   further  
detailed  briefing  from  VicRoads  on  the  future  priorities  and  
plans  to  ease  congestion  in  our  region.        
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  6  

What  are  the  key  deliverables  from  promises  made  at  the  
state   election   that   are   most   relevant   to   residents   of  
Aspendale   Gardens  ?   In   addition   to   some   of   the   key  
priorities   regarding   education,   TAFE,   ambulance   services  
and  local  transport,  we  have  a  few  key  local  commitments  
as  well,  which  include:  
Supporting   local   jobs   and   skills:   The   Government   has  
introduced  its  Back  to  Work  plan,  which  will  provide  up  to  
$100   million   in   relief   to   businesses   hiring   unemployed  
youth,  the  long-­‐term  unemployed  and  retrenched  workers,  
to  help  create  at  least  100,000  jobs.  
Protecting   our   open   space   and   Green   Wedge:   We   are  
committed  to  maintaining  and  strengthening  the  integrity  
of   Victoria's   Green   Wedges,   and   legislating   for   a  
permanent   urban   growth   boundary.   The   Green   Wedges  
are  the  result  of  careful  long  term  planning  to  preserve  the  
livability   of   Melbourne   and   are   the   lungs   of   the   city,  
encompassing   important   agricultural   land   and   natural  
conservation   areas   as   well   as   various   major   utilities   and  
small  towns.  
Rebuilding   Edithvale   CFA   Fire   Station:   The   Government   has  
committed   $2.5   million   to   rebuild   Edithvale   CFA   and  
support   our   hard   working   firefighters   who   work   tirelessly  
to   keep   the   local   community   safe.   Recently,   I   had   the  
opportunity   to   again   visit   the   Edithvale   CFA   with   the  
Minister   for   Emergency   Services   to   reaffirm   the  
Governments   commitment   to   the   project   giving   certainty  
to   the   brigade   and   more   than   100   volunteer   members  
regarding  their  long  term  future.   or   by   calling   9772  
4544.    If  there  is  anything  you  would  like  to  share  with  me,  
please   don't   hesitate   to   get   in   contact   with   me.   Over   the  
coming   months   I   will   continue   to   work   in   our   electorate,  
talking   to   local   residents   about   their   priorities   and  




Capping  Council  rates:  The  Government  will  implement  its  
plan   to   cap   City   of   Kingston   Council   rates   increases   and  
ensure   more   transparency   and   accountability   for   local  
residents.   Any   council   proposing   an   increase   above  
inflation   will   need   to   justify   its   spending   to   the   Essential  
Services   Commission.  For   families   trying   to   meet   day   to  
day   expenses,   it's   only   fair   that   council   explain   where   their  
rates  are  going.    

How   would   you   like   to   get   feedback   from   residents   on  
As   residents   might   know   we   are   based   at   374   Nepean  
Highway,   Chelsea.   I   am   keen   to   hear   the   thoughts   and  
views   of   Aspendale   Gardens   residents   about   how   we   can  
make  our  local  area  even  better.  The  best  way  to  reach  me  
is   by   popping   into   the   office,   sending   me   an   email   at  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  7  


Aspendale  Gardens    
Primary  School  News  
Principal’s  Report  from  Dr  Cheryle  

Alannah  and  Madeline  Foundation  
We  had  a  fabulous  Buddy  Bear  picnic  with  our  Foundation  
students  and  their  families.      The  weather  was  perfect  and  
Buddy   Bear   was   certainly   a   huge   hit   with   our   new  



Term  1,  2015  


Harmony  Day  


It  is  with  great  pleasure  that  I  welcome  back  our  students,  
especially   our   new   Foundation   students,   families   and  
teachers   to   another   fun   filled   and   educationally  
stimulating  year  at  AGPS.    We  look  forward  to  an  amazing  
learning   journey   for   the   students   and   the   teachers   that   we  
are  very  excited  about.      
We   are   commencing   our   journey   towards   a   programme  
which   emphases   the   Inquiry   approach   to   learning,   which  
we   have   always   adopted   at   Aspendale   Gardens   Primary.    
Inquiry   involves   students   formulating   questions   about   a  
topic  and  then  using  an  array  of  methods  to  investigate  the  
answers.    This  enables  students  to  explore  authentic,  real  
life   experiences   and   allows   them   to   engage   in   deeper,  
higher   order   thinking.     The   consequences   are   powerful  
learning   experiences   that   engage   students.     The  
programme   further   develops   this   approach   and   looks   at  
the   whole   child   and   therefore   their   social,   academic   and  
emotional   wellbeing.     It   develops   personal   values   that  
provide   children   with   the   capacity   to   be   internationally  
minded  and  to  adapt  and  thrive  in  the  global  world  that  we  
have   become   a   part   of.     We   believe   this   programme   is  
something   that   will   set   our   students   apart   in   a  
continuously  changing  world.    
School  Council  Representatives  
I   would   like   to   congratulate   and   welcome   our   parent  
representatives   on   our   School   Council   John   Zeccola  
(President),   Matthew   Hill,   Adam   Maltman,   Melinda  
Freestone,  Jamie  Sweatman,  Taso  Tounis,  Stephen  Turner  
and   Dan.   Our   staff   representatives   are   Kelly   Cornelius,  
Jonathan   Baker   and   Helenor   Regester.   We   are   looking  
forward   to   working   together   to   create   a   fabulous   school  
for  everyone.    

Our   Harmony   Day   celebrations   once   again   were   fantastic.  
The   students   wore   some   wonderful   national   costumes   and  
we  celebrated  our  school’s  cultural  diversity.  International  
mindedness   is   a   major   part   of   the   IB   PYP   approach   to  
education   which   totally   fits   into   our   Harmony   Day  
activities.     We   also   promoted   support   for   our   ‘Chores   for  
Charity’  fundraising  event  for  the  orphanage  we  support  in  
Cambodia.   We   are   hoping   to   raise   $5000   to   fund   an  
annexe   school   outside   Siem   Reap   in   Cambodia.   Another  
highlight  and  very  special  treat  on  the  day  was  the  landing  
of  the  Westpac  helicopter  on  our  school  oval.  The  students  
had   an   information   session   with   the   pilots   and   really  
enjoyed   witnessing   the   landing   and   take-­‐off.   It   was  

Canberra  Trip  

The  Year  6  students  have  had  a  brilliant  time  in  Canberra.    
The   weather   was   fantastic   and   the   educational   program  
the  students  experienced  was  amazing.  This  is  certainly  an  
outstanding   trip   for   the   students   and   one   that   really  
develops  their  knowledge  of  our  Australian  Parliament  and  
our  Nation’s  Capital.    

Dr  Cheryle  Osborne  


Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  8  



Mercedes Benz for Women 60ml
Eau De Parfum Spray



Mercedes Benz for Men 75ml
Eau De Toilette Spray




Shop 21 Aspendale Gardens S/C, Aspendale Gardens 9587 5566


Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  9  


Community  Survey:  
The  results  are  in  
In   late   2014   and   early   2015,    AGRA   conducted   the   second  

Number  two  issue  is  internet  access  and  speed.    


Aspendale   Gardens   Community   Survey.   Thanks   to   all   those  
residents   that   undertook   the   survey.   In   this   article   we  
outline   the   biggest   issues   and   some   of   the   great   ideas   that  
were  presented  by  residents.    

What  do  we  love  about  Aspendale  Gardens?  


NBN  not  currently  available  for  Aspendale  Gardens  

Residents   are   frustrated   with   the   lack   of   speed   they  
experience  and  want  the  NBN  rolled  out  as  a  priority.  

Number  three  was  improvements  to  parks  and  reserves.    



Three  things  stood  out  for  residents    

– The  surroundings.  The  parks,  wetlands  and  open  space  
that  we  are  very  fortunate  to  have  around  us.    
– The   people.   The   community   feeling   of   Aspendale  
Gardens   was   almost   universally   mentioned   as  
resident’s  choice  for  what  they  loved  about  living  here.    
– Being  close  to  the  beach  and  having  great  community,  
sporting  and  shopping  facilities  were  also  highly  valued.  

Playgrounds  on  Kearney  Drive  and  L.L.  Stevenson  need  an  upgrade  



Most   mentioned   were   improvements   to   playground  
equipment  and  to  recreationally  cater  for  teens,  as  well  as  
for  toddlers.   People  thought  the  plantings  in  our  parks  and  
reserves   needed   more   attention,   and   they   also   wanted  
BBQ’s   and   picnic   tables.   At   the   Aspendale   Gardens  
sportsground,  toilets  and  change  rooms  were  raised.  

What  are  the  big  issues?    

Number  one  issue  is  the  traffic  on  Wells  Road.    


What   about   the   post   office?   Getting   a   Post   Office   at  
Aspendale  Gardens  didn’t  come  up  as  much  as  it  did   in   the  
last   survey,   which   was   a   little   surprising.   Maybe   that’s  
because  it  has  been  a  long  road  with  little  result.  

Wells  Rd  traffic  at  evening    (source:  Google  Street  View)  

Mornington  Peninsula  through-­‐traffic  splits  our  community  
in   half   and   it   makes   getting   in   and   out   of   our   suburb,  
especially  during  peak  time,  quite  difficult.    

Linked   with   the   building   of   the   Mordialloc   Bypass,   this   also  
received  many  responses  although  there  were  a  couple  of  
people   living   on   the   Mordialloc   Creek   side   of   Aspendale  
Gardens  who  didn’t  want  a  freeway  behind  their  homes.  


Some  good  ideas:  
• Fitness  stations  on  the  walking  trails  
• AFL  goal  posts  on  the  Aspendale  Gardens  Sports  Ground  
• Lights  on  the  path  from  the  Aspendale  Gardens  Primary  
school  to  Tarongo  Drive  in  Aspendale  for  those  residents  
that  walk  to  Aspendale  train  station  
What  will  AGRA  do  with  all  this  feedback?  
We  will  add  all  the  detailed  feedback  to  the  AGRA  website.  
We   will   share   all   the   detailed   feedback   with   councillors,  
City  of  Kingston  and  our  state  MP  as  soon  as  we  can.  In  the  
meantime   if   you’d   like   to   contribute   to   the   discussion,  
contact  us  on  our  Facebook  page  or  website  .  
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  10  




Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  11  


Aspendale  Gardens    
Community  Service  Update  

Update  from  David  Tonge,  Community  Service  Manager  

It   is   exciting   times   for   Aspendale   Gardens   Community  
Service  as  we  progress  through  the  year.  Term  2  sees  the  
launch  of  some  new  interesting  programs  and  services  for  
our   local   community.   We   are   always   looking   to   expand  
what  we  offer  to  the  community,  so  please  get  in  touch  if  
you  have  any  specific  requests  or  ideas.  
Aspendale  Gardens  Youth  Cove  
We   have   been   working   with   a   volunteer   committee   of  
local   young   people   to   name,   establish   and   launch   a   new  
space  for  young  people  aged  12  years  and  above.    

With  Council’s  Maternal  Child  Health  Services  relocating  to  
the   newly   constructed   Edithvale   Family   and   Children’s  
Centre,  this  venue  provided  an  ideal  space  to  develop  and  
create  a  local  youth  based  initiative.    

Aspendale  Gardens  Community  Service  has  partnered  with  
Kingston   Youth   and   Family   Services   to   develop   this  
localised   12-­‐month   trial   youth   project.   The   generous  
support   from   Council   has   contributed   to   the   re-­‐
development   of   the   space   and   the   funding   of   a   qualified  
Youth  Worker  who  will  oversee  the  project.    

Aspendale   Gardens   Youth   Cove   will   target   young   people  
who   live   work   or   play   in   the   Aspendale   Gardens   and  
surrounding   area.   We   are   inviting   all   young   people   to  
contact   us   to   find   out   about   the   free   programs   that   can   be  
accessed.   Contact   us   at   the   centre   or   message   us   on  

We   are   also   excited   to   be   offering   a   new    free   over   55’s  
Social   Group   each   Friday   from   1.30pm   to   3pm,  
commencing  Friday,  24  April  which  will  offer  a  chance  to  
meet   people   and   have   a   chat   over   a   cup   of   tea   or   coffee  
and   participate   in   activities   such   as   carpet   bowls,   card  
games,  etc.      

Our   recently   launched   Yoga   classes   have   been   a   huge  
success  and  we  plan  to  continue  to  offer  Yoga  on  Mondays  
&   Thursdays,   2-­‐3pm   (starts   week   commencing   13   April)  
during   term   2.   We   are   also   pleased   to   announce   that   we  
will  be  launching  a  Yoga  for  Mums  and  Bubs  on  Tuesdays,  
2-­‐3pm   (starts   14   April).   This   mums   and   toddlers   yoga  
class   focuses   on   re-­‐balancing   your   body   and   mind   whilst  
gaining   strength   and   flexibility.   It   also   provides   a   good  
opportunity   to   bond   and   have   fun   with   your   child   in   a  
relaxing,  spiritual  environment.    
New   course   for   this   term   -­‐   Just   starting   with   your   iPad,   8  
weeks,   starts   on   Tuesday,   21   April   12.30   to   3pm,   and   is  
aimed  at  the  beginner  iPad  user  with  very  little  experience.    

We   are   also   seeking   expressions   of   Interest   for   any   other  
courses   the   community   wants   us   to   consider   running   at  
the  centre.  
We   are   always   interested   in   hearing   from   people   in   our  
local   community   who   would   like   to   help   out   at   the  
Community  Centre.  We  have  a  volunteer  program  in  place  
and  could  use  assistance  in  the  following  areas:  
– General  maintenance,  gardening,  landscaping  
– Youth  Work  
– Teaching,  Arts,  Crafts  or  other  skills  
– Office  administration,  Board  membership  
– Events  
If   you   think   you   might   have   some   time   to   help   us   at   the  
Centre,  please  contact  the  office.  
Thank  you  to  all  community  members  who  have  welcomed  
me   to   the   centre,   the   excellent   staff   at   the   centre   and   pre-­‐
school  and  the  supportive  board  of  management.   Feel  free  
to  contact  me  to  discuss  any  issues  or  ideas  you  have.  We  
are  a  Community  Service  and  here  to  support  you.  
David  Tonge,    
Community  Service  Manager  


Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  12  


Aspendale  Gardens  Community  Service…  Open  Day    22nd  March  2015  



Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  13  


Aspendale  Gardens  Community  Service  –  Pre-­‐School  Garden  Plans  

We   have   some   pretty  
amazing   people   in   our  

Katrina   Harrison   and  
volunteers   for   the  
Aspendale  Gardens  Community  Service.  Over  the  last  two  
years,   Katrina   and   team   have   been   researching   and  
speaking   to   community,   educators   and   parents   to  
understand   what   they   would   like   to   see   in   the   AG   pre-­‐
school   garden   and   playground   areas.   The   concept   and  
plans  have  now  been  completed.  “The  theme  is  a  move  to  
natural,  imaginative  play  spaces  including  fairy  gardens,    

planting   beds,   digging   patches,   weaving   frames,   outdoor  
kitchen,   shaded   classroom,   sand   and   water   play   areas”  
said   Katrina.   “Through   working   bees,   we’ve   made   a   start  
on   some   sections   already   such   as   the   fairy   garden   in   the  
wattle  room  playground”.    

“It’s   the   way   forward”   said   David   Tonge,   Community  
Service   Manager.   “Edithvale   and   Parkdale   hubs   are   going  
this  way  and  they  are  just  amazing”.    

The  community  service  is  looking  for  assistance  from  local  
businesses  and  government  to  help  turn  the  dream  into  a  
reality.  Anyone  interested  in  helping  are  advised  to  contact  
the   Aspendale   Gardens   Community   Service   on   Facebook,,  or  03  9587  5955.  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  14  



Mordialloc  Bypass  Update  

planning  and  project  development  over  the  next  four  

Following   the   state   election,   a   number   of   residents  
have   asked   us   what   the   results   mean   for   the  
proposed  Mordialloc  Bypass.    

AGRA   will   work   with   Tim   Richardson   MP   to   keep   a  
track   of   this   project,   which   is   important   to   Victoria’s  
southeast   region   from   an   economic,   environmental  
and  safety  perspective.    



In   October   2014,   a   VicRoads   study   found   that   a  
bypass  would  be  the  optimal  solution  to  solve  traffic  
issues   around   Aspendale   Gardens   and   Mordialloc  
associated   with   traffic   flowing   to   and   from   the  
Mornington  Peninsula.    

The   current   state   government   budget,   when   we  
lastchecked,   includes   $10.6M   allocated   for   detailed  



If   you   don’t   know   what   we’re   talking   about,   just   try  
to  get  out  of  Winners  Circle  safely  into  the  oncoming  
traffic  at  5pm…  

Residents   will   remember   Labor   promised   the  
extension   in   1999,   to   be   completed   by   2009.   Better  
late  than  never,  we  say.  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  15  


Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Autumn  2015  –  Page  16  

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