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Workshop on

Multi-Body Dynamic Simulations (MBD/ MBS)

10th -11th May, 2010 @ Bangalore
14th -15th May, 2010 @ Pune

About the Course

Multi-body dynamic (MBD) system studies are important in automotive, aerospace, off-road machinery, earth moving equipment, railways, wind turbines, robotics, medical/ electronic
equipments and so on. Using state-of-the-art multi-body dynamics simulators, engineers are able to simulate the:

kinematics and dynamics,

load transfer mechanisms,
forces, displacements, velocities, and accelerations
acting on different machine elements
time domain/ frequency domain response
NVH and durability assessment

The Workshop will cover the following

Fundamentals of Multibody Dynamics and

The load spectra generated by the MBD simulation is often used

by finite element analysis for detailed stress analysis. Using the
co-simulation and code export facilities available in the MBD software tools, one can create a mechanical design model, conduct
the MBD simulation, and generate the control model for MATLAB /
SIMULINK using S-functions, which are generated by MBD simulators (such as SIMPACK).
Workshop will provide a unique opportunity to the participants to
learn about the latest developments in MBD, theoretical aspects of
MBD, case studies from various verticals, and practical aspects of
how to create a robust and reliable MBD model. Participants are
encouraged to discuss with to ProSIM experts how their MBD
models can be created / refined and seek solutions. For registration and more details contact Ms. Kusuma
( 09972304445 or 080 2332 3020. For more
details and registration form visit

Mathematical Formulation.
Flexible Multibodies
Contact Formulation and Simulation
Code Export ( to Matlab )
Hardware in Loop (HIL)
Software in Loop (SIL)
Application case studies from various fields
Full Vehicle Testing
Virtual 4 poster rig (Endurance Testing)
Ride and Handling
Suspension systems
Coil, Plates, active suspensions
Steering systems (Manual, EPS, HPS)
Drive Train
Clutch, Gear Box, differential, cardian
shaft etc.,
Valve train dynamics
Crank train dynamics

Complete engine simulation

Landing Gear

Landing clap
Wind Turbines

Blades, Brakes, Gear box, Drive Train

Industrial Machinery
Off-Road Vehicles
Inputs to Fatigue/durability analysis
Load history generation
Dynamics stress plots on MBS

Inputs to Fatigue/durability analysis

Load history generation
Dynamics stress plots on MBS

About ProSIM
ProSIM ( is a computer simulation technology based collaborative R&D / Engineering Services company. ProSIM has different centers of excellence including:

Multi- body dynamics

Fatigue, fracture, durability
Multi-disciplinary optimization
Manufacturing process simulation
Engineering design and analysis
Electro-Magnetic analysis / EMC / EMI studies

ProSIM has been working on advanced MBD systems including high frequency analysis, non-linear 3D contact analysis,
flexible body analysis, etc, applied to different industry verticals. ProSIM, a ProSIM is partnering with M/S SIMPACK
AG of Munich Germany for advanced MBD solutions.

SIMACK AG ( formerly known as INTEC GmbH, is a company specializing in MBD systems. SIMPACK has several dozens of specialists with PhD and decades of experience developing MBD simulation software. The
MBD simulator SIMPACK is a software that is widely used in the industry today due to its unique features and advantages. These include

Faster and accurate solutions (due to the elegant proprietary algorithm used)
High frequency analysis
Robust contact analysis
Excellent abilities for flexible body analysis
Seamless integration with commercial CAD and FEM and other simulation software tools
Code export / co-simulation facilities
database driven modeling facilities
SIL / HIL facilities
and many more

At ProSIM, we provide engineering solutions to all your complex design, engineering problems. Feel free to contact us.
Dr S Shamasundar
Managing Director, ProSIM R&D Center