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Why Northern Ireland has NEVER been

part of a united Ireland: Disproving the lies

of the Republicans and Nationalists by
Paul Golding
There exists an astonishing lack of knowledge and understanding as to why there is
a large, non-Irish population in Northern Ireland.
This ignorance sometimes shines through among our own supporters who cannot
understand why Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.
The purpose of this article is to lay bare the immutable facts as to why Northern
Ireland/Ulster belongs solely to the United Kingdom and NOT to the Gaelic nation of
Eire in the south.
The Republican and Nationalist movements in Northern Ireland, comprising such
groups as Sinn Fein, the I.R.A, the I.N.L.A and the S.D.L.P, have successfully fooled
generation after generation of young Irish Catholics that the Unionist majority is an
occupying, colonising force that have no right to be there.

Map of Ireland during the Dark Ages, clearly showing the homeland of the Ulster-Scots in the north-east, called
the Ulaid.

Us Brits are colonists, occupiers and oppressors, and must be booted out as an ugly
hangover from the days of British imperialism or so goes Republican propaganda.
This viewpoint is so absurd that it beggars belief that any serious individual, with
even a rudimentary knowledge of history, will take it seriously.
So why is there is a huge population of Unionist, British citizens in the region of
Ulster in Northern Ireland?
During the era of strife in the south of Ireland in the 1920s, the resident (mainly
English) population of imperial overlords were successfully booted out and their
influence destroyed by a terrorist campaign for Irish independence waged by the
original Sinn Fein/I.R.A.
To be fair, the English settlers had no right to be there as the Gaelic nation of Eire
(Ireland) had been under the yoke of both imperial England and then the United
Kingdom for many centuries.
It did not take much for the English settlers to pack up shop and move to the north or
back to the mainland.
So why is there a difference between the willingness to flee exhibited by the English
settlers of southern Ireland and the absolute, ferocious refusal of the British in the
north to budge a single inch?
To find the answer, we have to delve into the deep mists of time.
Unknown to hardly anyone outside of the Loyalist/Unionist community of Northern
Ireland, the region of Ulster is in fact the ancient homeland of the Scottish people.
The Scots (or Scoti) were a Celtic tribe who raided western and northern Britain from
their ancestral home in what is largely now, Northern Ireland.
The name Scots was given to this people by the Romans.
The Scots carried out relentless raids on Roman Britain, but eventually invaded and
settled in western and central Scotland.
What we call Scotland today was then inhabited by another Celtic group called the
Picts, who also battled the Romans on a frequent basis.
The Picts and the Scots-invaders from Northern Ireland battled for control of the
northern part of Britain and eventually the Scots won, giving their name to their new
territory: Scotland.
The northern Irish origins of the Scottish people are often overlooked or ignored,
purely because it disproves the claim by Republican and Nationalist groups that
Ulster belongs to the nation of Eire.

In fact, the island of Ireland is named after one of the gods of the Scots, Eriu,
goddess of sovereignty (where we get the name Eire from).
So unbeknown to either the Irish Catholic population or the British on the mainland,
the Loyalist/Unionist population of Northern Ireland is comprised primarily of Scots,
not English, and they view the land as their own homeland, their own sovereign
territory, unlike the English colonists in the south who fled during the 1920s.
All the sources verify that the Scots were a very war-like society, those men folk
were famous at the time for getting up early in the morning to practice martial-arts.
During the Dark Ages, the Gaelic ONeill clans in the south waged a war against the
Ulster-Scots population in the north (the Kingdom of the Ulaid led by the mythical
Ulster-Scots hero C Chulainn) and eventually defeated them, severely diminishing
the numbers of Ulster-Scots, who fled to their new territory in Scotland.
This remained the case until the 16th century, during which huge numbers of UlsterScots returned to their homeland during an era known as the plantation.
There has been continual strife between the resident Irish and Scots population ever
since, aggravated by nationalisms and religious fervour on both sides.
The fact remains that there exists no solid, logical basis for the removal of the UlsterScots from the territory of Northern Ireland.
Ulster is their ancient homeland, and even by modern standards, if we are to believe
the lies and spin of the Republican and Nationalist movements, they have, at the
very minimum, been resident there for around 400 years (post-Plantation), easily
qualifying them as an indigenous people under United Nations conventions.
Gerry Adams, leader of the terrorist Sinn Fein party, has claimed many times that the
British are an occupying force because Ireland is an island, but this claim is
nonsense considering that Britain is an island that contains three separate nations,
as the island of Ireland contains two separate nations: Eire in the south and the
Ulster Scots in the north.
As British patriots and Unionists, we stand firm behind our cousins in Northern
Ireland to the bitter end.
We must never forget that over 1,000 British soldiers and policemen have lost their
lives fighting to keep Ulster as part of the United Kingdom and we cannot ever
squander their sacrifice by cowardly acquiescence to the lies and terror of the
Republican and Nationalist movements.
Ulster/Northern Ireland is the sovereign territory of the United Kingdom and
especially of the Scots nation and it will ALWAYS remain so!
No surrender!