University Education at Makerere University in Uganda and awarded B.Sc. (Hons) in 3:2:1 Physics. Postgraduate training in the Exploitation of Renewable Energy Resources Sogesta School of Solar Energy and other Renewable (Italy) and awarded postgraduate Diploma in Renewable Energy Resources Engineering.

1985 - 1986 1997 – 2002


M.Sc. in Alternative Energy, Department of Engineering, University of Reading, United Kingdom. : PhD (Physics), Characterization of Obliquely Evaporated Nickel Films: Optical, Magnetic and Electrical properties, Makerere University, Uganda.

SHORT COURSES, CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS ATTENDED: Participated in many conferences, workshops and short courses EMPLOYMENT RECORDS: 1981 – 1984 : Research Fellow with the National Research Council on Solar Crop Drying Project under the African Energy Programme in Uganda (Commonwealth Science Council project). Teaching/Research Assistant in the Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Makerere University (Uganda). Lecturer, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Makerere University, Uganda. Senior Lecturer, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Makerere University.

1985 - 1986 1987 - 1991 1992 - 2004

: : :

2004 – March 2008 : Associate Professor, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Makerere University. April, 2008 – Present: Professor, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Makerere University.

RESPONSIBILITIES: • • • • • Chairman,Uganda National Energy Development Organization (UNEDO). Member of African Energy Policy Research Network (AFREPREN). Group leader, Solar Energy Research Group, Physics Department, Makerere University, Uganda. Member of the International Energy Foundation (IEA). Member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) of the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

RESEARCH UNDERTAKEN: 1981 – 1983 : Solar Crop Drying, Commonwealth Project under the African Energy Programme in Uganda. 1986 United 1989 1990 : Science Council (CSC)

Solar Absorption Refrigeration, M.Sc. work, Reading University in the Kingdom.

: :

Conducted research on directional thin films coating for efficient use of energy at University of Dar-es-Salaam, March-December 1989. Appraisal of Stove Activities in Uganda, Jan. - March 1990. Renewable Energy Technologies in Uganda. Optical, magnetic and electrical properties of thin metal films for materials science applications . Policy Options and Responses to the Climate Change Convention in the transport sector of Uganda.

1990 - Present : 1991 – Present: 1994 - Present :

SUPERVISION OF GRADUATE STUDENTS: Supervised 4 Masters students in the fields of solar radiation measurements and thin films and 1 PhD in the fields of Biomass Energy and Hydropower. CONSULTANCY: 1. Appraisal of Stove Activities in Uganda contracted by the Regional Wood Energy Programme for Africa (RWEPA).

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Uganda Household Energy Planning Programme (HEPP), Sub- contracted by CODA, a world Bank Project,1990. Review of Stove activities in East Africa contracted by Foundation for Wood Stove Dissemination (FWD), 1990. Feasibility study of Mbale Charcoal briquette Project, contracted by EEC Microprojects. Resource Person (Energy) on National Environment Action Plan (NEAP) process in Uganda (1992). Energy and Environment Interactions - Uganda, contracted by the African Energy Programme of the African Development Bank. The report of the study has been published, Technical Paper No. EE22 (1996).

AWARD Certificate in recognition for contributing to the award of the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for 2007 to the IPCC PUBLICATIONS: 1. T. Otiti: Solar Absorption-Cycle Refrigeration for Vaccine Storage and/or food Preservation, Pg 189 - 194, proceedings of Workshop for planning of Network Projects in Material Science and Solar Energy, Nov. 1988, Nairobi, Kenya. 2. Mbise G., T. Otiti and R.T. Kivaisi (1990), Spectral and Angular Selective Coatings with Induced Transmission, Proceeding of the 1st World Renewable Energy Congress, Reading University, United Kingdom, 23 -28 Sept. 1990. Edited by A.A.M. Sayigh, Vol. 3 pg 1411 - 1418. 3. T. Otiti, Hot Air Solar Drier for Agricultural Products, Discovery and Innovation, vol. 3(4): 53 - 57, 1991. 4. T. Otiti, Improved Stoves in Tanzania: Status and Prospects, Published by Acts Press, African center for Technology Studies (ACTS), Nairobi, Kenya (1991). 5. F.Esiangu, T.Otiti and R.T. Kivaisi, Ellipsometry Determination of thickness of Normally Evaporated Zinc Sulphide Films, African J. Sci. and Technol., AJST Series B, Vol.6, No.1, 1992. 6. T. Otiti, Estimation of Global Solar Radiation on Horizontal and Tilted Surfaces in Uganda, Proc. Workshop on Physics and Energy for Development, Arusha (1991). 7. T. Otiti, Renewable Energy Technology: The Case of Uganda, African Regional Energy and Environment Policy Seminar, African Energy and Policy Research Network (AFREPREN), Nairobi (1994)

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