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Today, getting a job is really important for an individual.

However, lack of job

opportunities and suitable qualities in job seeker cause lots of unemployment among
Malaysias graduates. Thus, researchers gather lots of information to examine this
issue. There are two journals that can help us to understand this issue. The first journal
is Unemployment Among Malaysia Graduates: Graduates attributes, Lecturers
Competency and Quality of Education by Zaliza and Mohd Safarin (2013) . The second
is Employment Outcomes of Graduates: The Case of Universiti Utara Malaysia by Lim,
Rich and Harris (2008).
Both of journals researchers are committed to find the main reason of
unemployment in Malaysia. Lim, Rich and Harris collected data using quantitative
method from graduates who attended 15 th Convocation Ceremony in Universiti Utara
Malaysia. While data in Zalizas and Mohd Safirins journal were gained from qualitative
interview among lecturers and employers in the industry.
The main objective of the study was to examine whether graduates attributes,
lecturers competency and quality of education gave significant cause to unemployment
among graduates in Malaysia (Zaliza and Mohd Safirin 2013). Lim, Rich and Harris
(2008) used several variable to investigate the factor lead to employability among
graduates. The variable used were gender, age, ethnicity, amount to job application,
English proficiency and many more.
The finding showed graduates attribute such as lack of employability skills and
technical skill was one of the reason of unemployment. They also had confirmed
lecturers with lack of industrial experience wont help graduates to be in job market.
Shockingly, Malay graduates are least favorable to be choose by an employer.
Furthermore type of degree and amount of job application are factor to land a job.
Graduates who received Bachelor of Account were easier to be employed rather than
other course.
The conclusion is, there are many factors that contribute to unemployment among
graduates in Malaysia. Thus, we should focus on graduate attribute, type of degree and

ethnicity to reduce unemployment. Even though many people blame government due to
lack of job opportunities in Malaysia but it has been prove that amount of vacancy is still
increase by years. However, candidates lacks with suitable skills are the main issues.
So it is important for policymaker in Malaysia to rearrange our education system.
Focusing in result oriented is not important anymore. Interpersonal skills, technical
skills, public speaking and innovative thinking are much more important in this new era.

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