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The Global Economic Meltdown

Teaching Overview: World stock markets plummeted Friday, ending a week that
saw the biggest collapse in share values since the start of the "Great Depression"
in 1929. The looming threat of a world depression provided the backdrop for a
meeting of finance ministers from the G7 industrialized countries, who gathered
in Washington for emergency talks. World Bank chief Robert Zoellick wants to
supersede G7 nations with a new constricting global body to: "Create a new
world" & "A “New financial world order". The bottom line agenda of this planned
disaster is to buy the old system of Capitalism, so it can be replaced by the
government controlled, government regulated system of Fascism. Once
these globalists are finished, Capitalism will most likely not exist in any part of
the developed world. That is the plan and that is the reason for this current
financial disaster. The scope of this plan is truly breathtaking & in one fell swoop,
this Illuminati Insider (Zoellick) is revealing the immediate goal of this planned
crisis. Before the Anti-Christ arises, the economies of the entire world will most
likely fall under the control of this constricting "python" & currently virtually the
entire developed world is falling under its power. Also noteworthy is that
Pres. Bush, McCain and Obama are all in favor of this draconian plan of global
economic fascism. Insider Lyndon LaRouche states: "A New Monetary System Is
The Only Option for Humanity Now". In this teaching we will also be covering
several topics that relate to this subject including an update from Pastor Slattery,
Martial Law, the North Amercian Union & proactive measures you can take both
Spiritually and physically.

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Global Fascist Economy Rapidly Forming

Before we begin, let us re-examine the definitions of the dying Capitalist Economy and the forming
Fascist Economy.
Capitalism is that type of economy in which private individuals own the Means of Production, i.e., the
factories and the mines. The companies founded by these private individuals then compete openly with
one another in the Marketplace. No one tells the owners what to produce, or how much to produce, or
how much to charge. Competition is the primary determinant of prices, and careful attention to the needs
and wants of the people within this type of economy determines how much is produced. Capitalism may
have its faults, but it has produced the highest standard of living in history for her citizens.

The key words underpinning Capitalism are: Free Market, Minimal Government Regulation, Business
Ownership Solely By Private Interests

Fascism is the economic system of Nazi Germany, National Socialist Italy, and Imperial Japan. Today,
only Japan retains this system. In Fascism, private individuals retain control over the Means of
Production, thereby ensuring that the key element which makes Capitalism work so well is kept in place.
However, the Government intervenes to control how much is produced of any item, how many
competitors can be making the same item, and how much they can charge. Therefore, the potential for
the most profit lies within the Fascist economy! The experiment with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan
proved that Fascism does work. We have seen that the proper coordination between Government and
Capitalism does work.

The key words underpinning Fascism are: Severe Government Regulation, Government Control and
Partial Ownership of Businesses

Armed with this definition, you are now able to understand the importance of the events of this day.
Remember the key elements of Fascism as we examine these news articles: Government Control,
Severe Regulation and Government Partial Ownership of Businesses.

The end result of this new global Fascist economy is the global economy foretold in Revelation 13:16-18!

World Bank chief Zoellick to supercede

G7 with new constricting global body -
"Create a new world"! -- A “new
financial world order” , by Aaron Dykes,, October 9, 2008

"In the wake of global economic fears, World Bank chief Robert Zoellick has
proposed a new multilateral steering group 'suiting our times' to replace the
G7, which he attacked as 'no longer effective'. Such a group would include not
only the rich nations, but also emerging powers like China, India and Brazil
and would be more ‘flexible'."

Now, notice the dynamite revelation of this next segment!

“ 'We will not create a new world simply by remaking the old. It should be
numberless, flexible, and over time, it could evolve."
The bottom line agenda of this planned disaster is to buy the old system (Capitalism) so it can be
replaced by the government controlled, government regulated system (Fascist). Once these chieftains are
finished, Capitalism will not exist in any part of the developed world. That is the plan and that is the
reason for all this financial disaster.

The world is getting very close to this kind of complete financial overhaul.

This next news quote reveals just how pervasive this new "Constricting Global Body" is planned to be, at
least initially!

"Such a proposal offers the solution of further constriction, like a python, to supercede the G7 and impose
greater world control. Zoellick envisions that new reforms would 'bring together over 70 percent of the
world’s gross domestic product, 56 percent of the world population, 62 percent of global energy
production, the world’s major carbon emitters, big donor countries, and the main players in global capital,
commodity, and exchange rate markets'.”

The scope of this plan is truly breathtaking! In one fell swoop, this Illuminati Insider is revealing the
immediate goal of this planned crisis. Before the Anti-Christ arises, the economies of the entire world will
fall under the control of this "python". But, for now, virtually the entire developed world is falling under this

Now, Zoellick utters the words, New World Order.

"Zoellick joins numerous banks and leaders such as Gordon Brown in calling for a 'new financial world
order'. He also echoes proposals last month from Jeffrey Garten, a protege of Bilderberger Henry
Kissinger, for a new global monetary authority ... sovereignty, as it states here, would be a vestigial
formality under the new world body as it seduces in its new victims. Again, the World Bank and IMF would
be the real power behind the chic new-multilateral group, and would clearly make key decisions..."

Thus, this plan calls for individual national sovereignty to be surrendered to the global authorities, the
World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Can you see the new global financial order
developing here? This financial system will evolve into the global system of Revelation 13.

Now, we learn that both Democrat and Republican Parties are "in lock-step" with this plan.

"Zoellick points out that both Obama and McCain are in lock-step on the decision to 'strengthen the
sinews of America’s ties with the world'. Therefore it is clear that either new president would support such
widespread reforms with almost unquestionable obedience ... Therefore, Zoellick said challenging times
will require the World Bank and the IMF to step in and act quickly."

This statement simultaneously verifies two key Cutting Edge teachings:

1) There is absolutely NO difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties, as leaders of both
parties are equally committed to this New World Order Plan in all its aspects.

2) The nations of the world are quickly leading us into the situation where they will be expected to follow
the global edicts with "unquestionable obedience." Once Antichrist and his False Prophet are on the world
scene, they will demand unquestionable obedience from all world leaders! Isn't it exciting to see
prophecies of the Books of Revelation and Daniel being fulfilled in our Daily News?

3) Once they deliberately create a disaster, the Illuminati demands that their solution be acted upon
quickly and without delay! That way, thinking and discerning people do not have the opportunity to
demand a careful, deliberate solution. That demand for immediate action was carried out during the
passage of the infamous Patriot Act I, where Congressmen got their copy of the huge bill only hours
before they were expected to vote "Yea"!

Let us return to this featured article for the bottom line understanding.

"Once again, a “global solution” for a “global problem.” Demand will be reduced and allowances will be
tightly controlled under a “sustainable” existence were people and nations alike will be bound by global
institutions pretending to save the world."

Remember the oft-quoted remark by New Age author, Bill Cooper?

"The secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring
humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order'." ["Behold A Pale
Horse", p. 27]

As we revealed some months ago, five global "crises" have been created to force a global government!
Read full details in NEWS2193, "Five Major Created Global Disasters Are Being Constantly Preached To
The World As Reasons To Form The Global New World Order!"

Remember this fact: the Illuminati does not want a REAL collapse; they only want a perceived collapse so
they can ram their bold plans down the throats of a panicked people.


G-7 World leaders are streaking to

Washington, D.C., to "solve" the
disasters posed by this current
economic crisis.
NEWS BRIEF: "World finance chiefs heading for Washington for crunch talks", Brietbart News, October 9,

"Finance chiefs from the world's richest nations are set to meet in Washington for a crucial but uncertain
meeting at a time of unprecedented fear about the global financial system. The Group of Seven meeting
will bring together finance ministers and central bankers on Friday from the United States, Germany,
Japan, France, Britain, Italy and Canada for some collective-thinking on the credit crunch and crashing

You can rest assured that the "solution" toward which these G-7 ministers are supposedly working is a
solution planned many years ago. And, it these talks "fail", it will be because the Illuminati wants to
exponentially drive the pressure upward so that people will panic even more and will DEMAND that the
Global Elite carry out whatever action they deem necessary to restore order, financial stability and wealth
to the financial system.

Please take the time to read these news articles which reveal the government ownership, government
control, and government regulation which this financial crisis provides.
"US Government to Start Buying Stakes In Banks by Month's End", CNBC News, October 9, 2008

"U.K. May Own 30 Percent of Big Banks in Bailout Plan ", Bloomberg Financial News, October 9, 2008

"EU calls for "greater bailout bid", People's Daily Online, October 9, 2008

"Paulson Says U.S. to Use All `Authorities' in Crisis ", Bloomberg Financial News, October 8, 2008

LaRouche: "A New Monetary System Is The Only

Option for Humanity Now"
WASHINGTON, D.C., May 1 (LPAC)--In his opening statement at the LaRouche Pac May 1
webcast in Washington, D.C., Lyndon LaRouche emphasized the urgent necessity of replacing
the hopelessly bankrupt world monetary-financial system.

"What must happen, if civilization is to be continued on this planet--it must happen very rapidly--
is that the United States must enter into an agreement with Russia, China, India, and other
countries, to establish immediately, an emergency, new international monetary system, based in
conception, on the precedent of Franklin Roosevelt's launching of the Bretton Woods system in
the period of 1944-45. That must happen, and can happen." LaRouche continued:

"Russia has already indicated, through President Putin, repeatedly--and through others--and I
have some considerable investigation into this matter--an interest in working together with the
United States, perhaps not with the jokers who are presently sitting in Washington, in the White
House and similar places, but to establish a new relationship with the United States, different
than that which now exists at the top, in order to bring together the nations of Russia, China,
India, and the United States, and other nations, into treaty agreements which will establish
immediately, a new emergency world monetary system, modeled in intention, on the agreement
which Franklin Roosevelt orchestrated in 1944-45 for the post-war world.

"{That is the only option for humanity now. The time frame is immediate.} This is not something
for 2009. Or even 2008. It's for 2007, and it must happen {now}: Because the entire system is
presently, hopelessly bankrupt. It's being held together by pins and needles, and chewing
gum...." For the full webcast transcript, or archived audio, see

Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World's Markets

By Steve Scherer
Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said political leaders are
discussing the idea of closing the world's financial markets while they ``rewrite the rules
of international finance.''
``The idea of suspending the markets for the time it takes to rewrite the rules is
being discussed,'' Berlusconi said today after a Cabinet meeting in Naples, Italy. A
solution to the financial crisis ``can't just be for one country, or even just for Europe, but

FXNEWS-Global bank holiday worth a thought-analyst

| 10 Oct 2008 |

Oct 10 (Reuters) - Foreign Exchange Analytics' David Gilmore says markets should prepare for

another coordinated rate cut next week, and this time, he predicts Japan, with its 0.5 pct

benchmark rate, will participate. He adds that "while I would not (count) on a global bank

holiday next week, one would make sense to me," particularly with scheduled U.S. and Japanese

bank holidays on Monday . "Again this is a remote option, but not to be ruled out." The main

focus, he says, must be on "government efforts to restore solvency in the banking system, and

that process will be taking place in Washington not on Wall Street."


Ok folks, this is serious stuff.

http://market- ticker.denninger .net/

This is now a national emergency.

Thursday, October 9. 2008
Posted by Karl Denninger
Seven trillion dollars of wealth has been vaporized in US Stocks in the last seven days alone,
with five of it since the passage of that ill-designed and foolhardy 'bailout' bill.

The sell off this afternoon is the 'real deal.' It was not caused by the stock market getting 'mad',
it was caused by the short-term credit market along with the Treasury market suddenly
dislocating at a few minutes before the bond pit closed at 2:00 PM.

Worse is also the fact that institutional lending has essentially disappeared - both between
banks and now it is choking off commercial short-term credit across the board.

It doesn't get any more serious than this. To repeat: short-term commercial credit is threatening
to completely disappear from the American scene.
Every action our government has taken thus far, including repealing mark-to-market
requirements have made the situation worse by further destroying confidence.

In the overnight market the futures are imploding once again; the Osaka exchange was closed
in Japan after hitting its 'lock limit' within minutes prior to the Nikkei opening; the Nikkei is now
down ANOTHER 10%, for a total loss of nearly 20% in just two days, with Japanese banks
trading 'offer only' - that is, NO BID. There are rumors of government bond market fails in parts
of Europe, and Iceland has essentially been cut off from the rest of the world Interbank

Japanese banks are now firewalling themselves from European and US claims; the interbank
market is about to explode. Iceland has effectively defaulted on sovereign debt and today there
was a rumor that Hungary had a failed bond auction, effectively defaulting as well.

Key: Sovereign debt (that is, Treasuries from various nations) has become infected with trash -
unfortunately including ours now that Fannie and Freddie were nationalized and TARP has
been passed- and may fail in a cascade-style fashion across the world. If this occurs our ability
to fund our government will be cut off as well,leading to a need to reduce government spending
by $800 billion a year immediately. This means huge and immediate cuts to Social Security,
Medicare and Military budgets - by as much as half.

Over a year ago I warned in my writings that this could happen if we did not take action. If we
did not force accountability through Congress and onto our financial system. If we did not force
the thieves, liars and thugs on Wall Street to take their medicine.
Instead of taking action we have sat on our collective backsides and allowed Congress to pass
bailout after bailout - now our stock market is down close to 40% from the top with 20% of that
loss coming in just over one week!

We are facing a global DEPRESSION and the cut-off of essential goods and
services in this nation if we do not stop this lunacy immediately.

Please understand - the TRUCKER who has a full load of food headed for your grocer
REQUIRES commercial credit in order to fill his truck with diesel.

The local GAS STATION owner REQUIRES commercial credit to fill his underground storage

The local CAR DEALER REQUIRES commercial credit to have cars - and parts - in his
dealership. No credit, no car - and no car repairs.
The manufacturer over in China REQUIRES commercial credit (letters of credit from the buyer's
bank) to be able to ship those goods to America, where you can buy them. If the bank over
there won't take the LOC from the bank over here, suddenly you have no tires, DVDs and other
similar products to buy.



Think about that very carefully and then consider whether YOU can afford to sit on your
backside for one more second, or whether you have an absolute NEED to get on the phone,
fax, and whatever else RIGHT NOW to your elected and appointed representatives and, if you
do not get in response that they will IMMEDIATELY resolve this matter whether you will vow to
band together with every one of your associates and friends, form a group consisting of
everyone in your local city or town, and call a GENERAL STRIKE, refusing to both work and
permit commerce to be conducted UNTIL THE LIARS ARE FORCED INTO THE OPEN, DEALT

We are quite literally out of time. This freeze in the markets WILL continue around the globe
unless something is done NOW.

Every 'intervention' and 'promise' made by our government thus far - all of them - have been

Our government has done NOTHING to alleviate the problem and in fact every one of their
'solutions 'have made the situation worse - going back for more than a year.

We have 'pumped liquidity' and even bailed out firms with taxpayer money, and yet the markets
have not unfrozen.

They remain frozen because the root cause of the problem is that banks and other financial
firms have been lying for more than a year, each quarter claiming to have 'kitchen sinked their
losses only to report more the next quarter, and in some cases have gone on national TV to
proclaim they're 'well-capitalized' only days or weeks before they collapse!

The first question anyone asks when someone wishes to borrow money is whether or not they
will get paid back. If the lender does not believe they will be able to be paid back then that loan
will not be made, no matter how much money someone has available to them.

It really is that simple folks and yet this fundamental principle has been willfully and intentionally
ignored for more than a year.




What’s Next? From Pastor Mike Slattery: Now that the other foot
has dropped or so you think, everyone is in a panic.. folks are calling us about buying
silver and Gold and they want to buy it for 50 cents over spot still (1 silver)! and they
want to pay spot for Gold. Well folks for now those days are over. The Bullion on the
COMEX listing is for a paper contract that almost no one will ever take possession of.
The real stuff on the other hand is in scarce supply. Silver is selling for way over its
spot price. KITCO is actually PAYING a Dollar thirty five over spot just so they can
have some for sale to others. In fact they do not even list them for sale or any other
silver other than hundred ounce silver bars (! exclamation point)

The President has no idea what he is talking about, Secretary Paulson is a shill and all
you folks who thought that they had money while in fact they were bleeding the value of
their home on a reverse mortgage or some other home equity "loan" are going to wake
up one morning to NOTHING but the realization of the slavery that they have been in all
this time.

OK I am going to say this one more time...


Pay your rent up a few months ahead if possible. Buy a generator, (diesel)
Do not give one penny to a government agency that they do not force from you. THAT
INCLUDES any 501-c-3 organization.

Pay your property off if possible and if you live in an urban area start thinking about
other possibilities...

What to watch for....

. A Bank Holiday...
Military troops in the streets of major cities
Some one to come up with the great Idea of trading all your dollar bills for 5's or tens for
twenty or something like that.... The Penny to die and possibly the elimination of the
Nickel so we can round everything UP...
The bond market in my opinion is next.. mark it down the last foot has not dropped yet.
The fat lady has not sung
And the you will see pigs fly before this is all over

Total Financial and Economic Meltdown in Progress Now


Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 20:16:25 -0400

Subject: Total Financial and Economic Meltdown in Progress Now

Please forgive me, I don't normally send out two emails in a row but I just got this from Steven
Vincent at EndTheFed.US. I felt compelled to pass it along to you because of the dire state of
the US economy. If you haven't signed up to take action with us on November 22, please find
your group and plug in right away here:


Message from Steven Vincent below:


The night before last I wrote the following with the intention of sending it out to the group. I
changed my mind and did not send it, fearing to be an alarmist.

'World markets are plunging in a panic as the banksters have severed access to credit making
investment and speculation impossible. The Dow futures market is showing a nearly 400 point
drop in response to a borderline crash in Asia and Europe tonight. It appears Morgan Stanley
will be the next big bank to go under. In all likelihood this week will see the biggest stock market
crash in history. Rumors abound that municipalities and States will default on their bonds this
week. California and Massachusetts look like good candidates. The cessation of many
government services and checks could follow. Iceland and Pakistan are on the verge of
bankruptcy. Wonderful, a nuclear armed Islamic state thrown into chaos.

My guess is that we could see disruptions in the supply of food within two weeks, with food riots
within a month.

If that is the scenario then we may see the suspension of the election and...well I can't bring
myself to say it.
I do not write this casually and I do hope that I am mistaken. I ask God that I be completely
wrong. But is what the situation appears to be at the moment.

May God Bless us all and keep us safe.'

Today the Dow plunged 600 points (7%) in the final hour of trading. It should not have done so;
it was set up for a rally. That it has done so is a clear indication that a total market meltdown
and financial economic crash is upon us. The banksters, having enslaved formerly free markets
to the cheap, sleazy drug of easy credit have now cut the addict off from its supply. We are now
seeing the retching of withdrawal and the tremors of death of the global economy.

Today's Headlines

Stocks in U.S. Tumble as Dow Industrials Drop Below 9,000; GM, Exxon Slide

Mutual Fund Withdrawals Jump to Record $72 Billion as Investors Seek Haven

GM Shares Fall to Lowest Level Since 1950; S&P May Cut Automaker's Rating

Leveraged Loan Index Plummets to Record as Hedge Funds, Banks Sell Assets

U.S. Treasury Plans Bank-Stake Purchases Within Weeks to Shore Up Capital

Iceland Seizes Kaupthing as Banking Industry Collapses Under Debt Weight

VIX Options Index Climbs to Record Above 60 as Credit Market Stays Frozen

Bush Will Meet With G-7 Finance Chiefs to Tackle Credit Crisis, Aide Says

Libor Holds Central Banks Hostage as London Rate Freezes Worldwide Lending

Fear Trumps Greed as Market Worries Amplify News, Paralyze World Economy

Royal Bank of Scotland Loses Credibility After Goodwin's ABN Amro Purchase

Central Banks Fail to Alleviate `Logjam' in Money Market: Chart of the Day

As I predicted, a global summit is being announced at which the bankster dictators will tell us
their plans for remaking the world economy in their image. Anticipate a new global financial
regulatory body (perhaps even a new World Central Bank) and moves in the direction of a
World Currency. Please note that participation in such by the United States is predicated upon
RATIFICATION by the Congress. If the Banker Dictatorship bypasses this requirement, we can
take that as further evidence that the Constitution has in effect been suspended and that
dictatorship is a concrete reality in America now.
State and Municipal government bankruptcies are likely within the next few weeks. My guess is
that is what the action in the stock market is discounting right now. If you are in Massachusetts
or California and rely upon state assistance, please prepare for disruptions.

Each of us must now decide what this means for us. You must make concrete preparations
now. We are in an emergency situation, albeit a concocted and engineered crisis. This is an
economic 911 and the measures following it are new versions of the Patriot Act and the Military
Commissions Act.

Let's spring into action and inform the population of what is transpiring. People need to know:

'America is Now a Dictatorship'

'Oppose the Banker Dictatorship'

'The Financial 911 is a Scam'

'No Emergency Powers for Wannabe Dictators'

'Restore Constitutional Government NOW'

'End the Fed! Gold is Money!'These slogan points should now appear on every freeway
overpass, stuck on every sign, on flyers and posters. Thousands and thousands
EVERYWHERE. Take it upon yourself to spring into action. Take the initiative and be creative.
Build coalitions across the spectrum with others who will resist the Banker Dictatorship.

Here's a fast, cheap place to get large quantities of stickers: Take
up a collection among your local groups and get stickering!!

Here's a great place to get t-shirts made...great prices, great service and fast (please tell them
Steven Vincent sent you):

Here's a great place to get banners made:

Once again, I pray to God that I am an utter fool and an alarmist. Please God, let me be
completely wrong. Or if not wrong, let this come to pass with a longer time frame so that
good people can be better prepared for the inevitable. Please watch over us!

Your Friend in Freedom,

Steven Vincent

End the Fed! Website:http://www.EndTheFed.US

End the FED! Action Groups:

Worst Week for Global Markets Since 1929

World stock markets plummeted Friday, ending a week that saw the biggest collapse in share
values since 1929. The looming threat of a world depression provided the backdrop for a
meeting of finance ministers from the G7 industrialized countries, who gathered in Washington
for emergency talks with US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Board
Chairman Ben Bernanke.

After a day of panic selling on markets from Asia to Europe and Latin America, and wild swings
on the US stock market, the G7 issued a statement that pledged to place the resources of their
respective countries at the disposal of the most powerful banks, but failed to outline any specific
coordinated actions to stem the slide to economic disaster.

Paulson issued a statement and held a press conference following the meeting to announce
that the US government would use the virtually unlimited authority granted it under the $700
billion Wall Street bailout passed one week before by the Democratic Congress to begin directly
buying stock in banks and financial firms, an expansion of the government transfer of taxpayer
funds to the most powerful sections of the financial aristocracy.

Major stock exchanges in Asia and Europe registered losses on Friday even greater than the
7.3 percent drop in Wall Street’s Dow Jones Industrial Average on Thursday. Japan’s Nikkei
index fell 9.6 percent to its lowest level in five years. Since the start of the week, it has lost 24
percent of its value. Toyota shares dropped by 6.2 percent and a major Japanese insurance
firm filed for bankruptcy.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index plunged 7.2 percent. Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 index fell 8.3
percent and the broader All Ordinaries was down 8.2 percent. The Shanghai Composite Index
declined 3.6 percent, leaving it 12.8 percent lower than it was a week earlier. The Indonesian
stock exchange, which closed earlier in the week because of panic selling, remained

In Europe, the pan-European Dow Jones Stoxx 600 index fell 7.5 percent, which ranks among
the worst one-day performances on record for the index.
London’s FTSE finished Friday down 8.9 percent. Since its last peak in June 2007, it has
declined 43 percent. Friday marked the British index’s fifth consecutive losing day, during which
it lost 20 percent of its value.

France’s CAC-40 index fell 6.8 percent and Germany’s DAX 30 plunged 7 percent. Trading in
Italy, Russia and Austria was halted. The last of Iceland’s major banks collapsed and was taken
over by the government, and all stock trading remained suspended.

Markets across Latin American were lower. The Mexican central bank was forced to auction off
$6.4 billion in foreign reserves to prop up the peso.

The MSCI World Index—a measure of international share prices—was down 19 percent for the
week, its worst performance since records began in 1970.

An indication that the financial crisis is now plunging the world economy into a major recession
is the fact that, alongside bank stocks, shares in oil, metal and other basic resource firms fell

“What we are witnessing is mass selling on a global scale due to a combination of sheer panic
and fear, combined with complete uncertainty over the future of the world’s major economies,”
said Martin Slaney, head of derivatives at GFT.

In the US, most stocks ended lower after the wildest intra-day swing in history. For the first time
in its 112-year existence, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gyrated in a range of more than
1,000 points.

The Dow fell 696 points in the first 15 minutes, falling below the 8,000 mark. Later in the day it
was up by more than 320 points, but closed with a loss of 128 points, or 1.5 percent, ending at

That marked the eighth straight losing session for the index, which gave up more than 1,870
points, or 18.2 percent, in the course of the week. The weekly loss outstripped the week that
ended July 22, 1933, in the depths of the Great Depression, which registered a 17 percent
drop—at a time when there were six trading days in a week.

Since its record high a year ago, the Dow has lost 40.3 percent, wiping out $8.4 trillion in stock

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index sank by 10.7 points, falling below the 900 mark to 899. The
S&P 500 is down 42.5 percent from its 2007 peak. The Nasdaq Composite Index finished the
day with a slight gain of 4.4 points, but was down 15 percent for the week.
It was the worst week ever for Wall Street, with both the Dow and the S&P 500 recording their
biggest weekly losses in point as well as percentage terms.

Most financial stocks rose, in the expectation that the G7 and Paulson would announce new
bailout measures. However, Morgan Stanley, which is widely seen as the next likely bank
failure, fell 22 percent, and Goldman Sachs lost 12 percent.

Ford Motor Company stock fell another 4.33 percent and ExxonMobil ended down 8.29 percent.

The Toronto stock exchange fell 535 points.

“There is a downward spiral of fear,” said Richard Sparks, senior equities analyst at Schaeffer’s
Investment Research.

The seize-up of credit markets showed no signs of lifting. Banks are hoarding their cash and
refusing to lend to other banks, or charging usurious interest rates, because they have no
confidence in the other banks’ solvency.

The three-month Libor rate, a key lending benchmark for inter-bank loans of US dollars, climbed
to 4.82 percent, the highest in nearly ten months. The flight of capital to what is deemed the
safe haven of US government debt deepened, resulting in a decline in the yields on one-month
and three-month Treasury bills to nearly zero.

Hedge funds, whose previous outsized profits have turned to losses, are contributing to the
panic sell-off of stocks. Many of these firms are facing redemption demands from clients as well
as demands from their bank creditors for more collateral and larger margins on their borrowings,
and are dumping stocks to raise cash.

Amid the market turmoil, the reality of the decay of American capitalism was summed up by the
fact that General Motors felt compelled to announce that it was not contemplating filing for
bankruptcy. After decades of plant closures, wage cuts and attacks on the benefits and
pensions of auto workers, justified by the claim that they were necessary to restore the biggest
US auto maker to profitability and enhance its competitive position, this one-time icon of
American capitalism is teetering on the edge of collapse.

GM’s announcement underscores the new stage that has been reached in the economic crisis,
which has moved far beyond the situation that existed even three weeks ago, when the Bush
administration announced its bailout plan for the banks and insisted it was the only way to avert
a market meltdown and severe recession. That supposed panacea—designed to cover the
losses of the biggest banks and facilitate a further consolidation of financial power in their
hands—has done nothing to stem the crisis. Nor could it, since it did not address the underlying
rot in the industrial base of American capitalism.
Now, the crisis is rapidly engulfing the broader economy, heralding a wave of plant closures and
cutbacks in every branch of economic life.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the consensus of economists it surveyed was that
the US gross domestic product would contract in the third and fourth quarters of this year, as
well as in the first quarter of 2009. “This is the first time that survey forecasts for those periods
have turned negative,” the newspaper wrote. “If those predictions bear out, it would mark the
first time US GDP has contracted for three consecutive quarters in more than half a century.”

President Bush made another White House appearance Friday morning in a futile attempt to
revive confidence in the financial markets. Aside from making clear that his administration had
decided to begin buying equity stakes in order to inject more capital into US banks, he had
nothing to add to his previous remarks on the crisis.

He declared that the “federal government has a comprehensive strategy” to resolve the crisis,
without explaining the abject failure of his previous “strategy”—the $700 billion bailout
package—to stem the financial panic.

Bush has come to symbolize the disarray not only in the financial markets, but also at the
highest levels of government. Even as he spoke the Dow began falling, and was down more
than 300 points minutes after he finished speaking.

Summing up the prevailing attitude toward Bush and other political leaders, Howard Silverblatt,
senior index analyst at Standard & Poor’s, said, “People are scared. Nobody believes what is
coming out of the mouths of politicians or chief executives.”

There is mounting evidence that more costly measures to prop up the banks are under
consideration, including a government guarantee for hundreds of billions in bank debt and inter-
bank loans and government insurance for all bank deposits.

All of the proposals to deal with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, whether
from the Bush administration and the Democrats and Republicans in the US, or the
governments of Europe and Asia, have one thing in common: They all proceed from the need to
maintain and defend the interests of the financial aristocracy.

None of the measures address the social tsunami that is about to engulf the working class.

As for the multi-millionaires and billionaires who monopolize the economy and dominate the US
government, they will remain as ruthlessly preoccupied with their personal enrichment as ever.
As the New York Times reported on Friday, a sticking point in the government plan to purchase
stock from the banks with taxpayer money is the existence of token provisions in the bailout bill
imposing certain limitations on the pay of top executives. The Times wrote: “It is not clear,
administration officials said, that the largest American banks would agree to this, particularly
given the restrictions on executive pay.”

The events of Friday, culminating two weeks of mounting financial crisis and a flurry of
measures by governments to prop up their banking systems at public expense, confront the
working people of the world with the prospect of rapidly rising unemployment, poverty and social
misery. They raise urgently the need for a coordinated international socialist strategy to defend
the interests of the world’s people against the financial elites who are responsible for the
unfolding catastrophe and are seeking to impose the burden of the crisis on the working class.

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" the troops are here..."FEMA sources confirm coming martial law /
German USA parallels
By Pastor Edward Watson

I am not in agreement with feminism, But when looking for truth we often miss it
because we so quickly dismiss those we disagree with on a particular issue (or two) and
reject all they have to say, no matter how much facts they present to support their
position. There is an historic coup taking place right now in America hidden in plain

I used to wonder about the Germans in WWII and what lead up to it. I thought how
could so many people be duped into following so blindly their leaders into acts of
aggression, and submit so willingly to oppression by their own government against
them. For a people to do this they must believe their leader is a leader and not a public
servant, They must believe he is patriotic and working for their best interest, They must
believe that God has raised him to protect them and their way of life from outside
threatening forces, They must believe God is on their side. Their military must believe in
protecting their commander in chief instead of the rule of law. They must believe God is
with them.

Gott Mit Uns translated from a German soldier's belt buckle is "God With Us"

I talked to an Army Ranger last week and when we told him of American troops going to
be used against American civilians in times of unrest his response should scare all
Americans. He said "I'll do what I gotta do", to which I replied you took an oath to defend
the constitution and you do not have to obey illegal or immoral orders, he said "well I'll
do what I gotta do". Our troops are being trained now to not protect us but to oppress

Pre WWII Hitler used the Bible and effective propaganda to make the German people
believe he was a Christian. He trained clergy to use Romans 13 as a God ordained
ordinance to obey their government, under him. He had pictures taken and published of
himself coming out of a church and looking pious with a glowing cross above his head.

He used the troops to fight the communist "terrorists" who set on fire their Reichstag,
which was completely staged, preplanned, and carried out by his own government to
consolidate power under Hitler.

What is truly frightening is to see Christians following the exact same pattern under our
own Government. Bush's Grandfather Prescott Bush helped to finance the Nazi's and
launder Nazi money well into WWII until their bank was shut down by the FBI for that
very purpose. Christians today think they are being told the truth by NBC, ABC, CBS,
MSNBC, CNN, FOX, just like those who were under the influence of the minister of
propaganda Joseph Goebbels, the Americans today think themselves to be too good,
too smart, too "Christian" to be duped like the Germans were. After all we know just like
God hated the athiestic communists (who we helped into power and supported through
the years) the Germans had as their enemies, God hates the muslim "terrorists" that we
are fighting today.

Does anyone see any parallels yet? In Germany people were fractured into so many
groups that when their neighbors were taken away as "suspects siding with the enemy"
the people applauded the government for ridding it of the unpatriotic traitors... until it
was time for them. Their sons were killed fighting for what is widely recognized as evil
today, most knew nothing of death camps and for all they knew they were fighting
againt terrorism and for freedom. Why does the US Govt. have over 600 FEMA
concentration camps fully staffed but empty in the US? These camps can contain 16
million Americans. We currently have over 2 million prisoners in our prisons today, is
there such a crime wave that we needed to multiply that capacity by 8?

Why did the president wage war on freedom in the name of fighting terrorism? Why do
so many Christians still believe this nonsense, and worse yet support it? We are given
two phony choices McCain and Obama and told, ok, pick one. Are we to believe that the
unbelieving McCain (Son of Cain) is the choice of "conservative" Americans? Yet when
a neoconservative is given the choice between the lesser of two evils he will always pick
evil, being conformed to this world, and being biblically illiterate. He thinks God is
looking down from heaven and smiling on him because he/she is a nice guy/gal and
loves their children and pet dog. God says to abhor, that is to utterly hate evil, not vote
for a little of it, to cleave to that which is good.

When you stand before God what will you tell him when you vote for McCain? You knew
he didn't like Obama? If everyone who claims to know Christ did what he said we would
be blessed today. If all who claim to be Christ's voted for a man who has served Christ
most of his life and understands the evil of the Fed and the unconstitutional govt. we
have become shackled to we might throw off the chains of tyranny and once again
become free. Unfortunately I see this as little more than a pipe dream because most
who claim Christ really want nothing to do with him outside of maybe an occasional
Sunday and Holiday. Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution party is a godly man, who, if we
were as righteous as we pretend to be, would be the next president. This nation is in
serious trouble, and I mean beyond economically, we are soon to experience the
judgement of God for our wickedness. God is not mocked, we have become a nation of
fools thumbing our nose at a holy and righteous God. Sodomite "marriage", quick and
easy no fault divorce, baby murder, religiosity, hedonism, self will, pride, these are all
abominations to God, his judgement is coming soon. If you don't know him or are a lazy
good for nothing Christian, REPENT!, Jesus hates hates lukewarm. Put your hand to
the plow, help your fellow believers Gal. 6:2, Submit yourself therefore unto God resist
the Devil and he WILL flee from you.


1. Literally, to stand against; to withstand; hence, to act in opposition, or to oppose. a

dam or mound resists a current of water passively, by standing unmoved and
interrupting its progress. An army resists the progress of an enemy actively, by
encountering and defeating it. We resist measures by argument or remonstrance.

Why doth he yet find fault? for who hath resisted his will? Rom 9.

2. To strive against; to endeavor to counteract, defeat or frustrate.

Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty " the troops

are here..."
Date: Tuesday, October 7, 2008, 9:09 AM

FEMA sources confirm coming martial law

Wayne Madsen
October 8, 2008

WMR has learned from knowledgeable Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sources that
the Bush administration is putting the final touches on a plan that would see martial law declared in the
United States with various scenarios anticipated as triggers. The triggers include a continuing economic
collapse with massive social unrest, bank closures resulting in violence against financial institutions, and
another fraudulent presidential election that would result in rioting in major cities and campuses around
the country.

In addition, Army Corps of Engineer sources report that the assignment of the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st
Brigade Combat Team (BCT) to the Northern Command’s U.S. Army North is to augment FEMA and
federal law enforcement in the imposition of traffic controls, crowd control, curfews, enhanced border and
port security, and neighborhood patrols in the event a national emergency being declared. The BCT was
assigned to duties in Iraq before being assigned to the Northern Command.

On April 3, 2008, WMR reported on a highly-classified document regarding the martial law scenario:
WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources within the US financial community that an alarming
confidential and limited distribution document is circulating among senior members of Congress and their
senior staff members that is warning of a bleak future for the United States if it does not quickly get its
financial house in order. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is among those who have reportedly read the
document. The document is being called the "C & R" document because it reportedly states that if the
United States defaults on loans and debt underwriting from China, Japan, and Russia, all of which are
propping up the United States government financially, and the United States unilaterally cancels the
debts, America can expect a war that will have disastrous results for the United States and the world.
"Conflict" is the "C word" in the document. The other scenario is that the federal government will be forced
to drastically raise taxes in order to pay off debts to foreign countries to the point that the American
people will react with a popular revolution against the government. "Revolution" is the document’s "R
God Bless
In Christ's Service
Pastor Edward Watson
Bth, MRAChrsPsych <an oxymoron of a degree (repented of)
Shocking Truths About the Rapture You Did Not Know

When Will Martial Law Be Declared?

by Fred Marshall Jr.

October 5, 2008

Martial law isn't far away. For two decades the U.S. Government has been preparing
for it. Using the unglodly-huge FEMA budgets (and now Homeland Security budgets),
local police departments, sheriffs' departments, and highway patrol forces have been
trained and equipped to military standards. Countless joint training exercises have
been conducted all across the country to get them all "up to speed." They have
practiced door-to-door house searches, concentrating mainly on the forced confiscation
of privately-owned firearms and apprehension and detention of dissidents. They even
use children to supplement technology to help them find which homes contain firearms,
and their locations within the homes.

Foreign troops have been trained, for many years, on U.S. soil and have achieved
efficiency in the same techniques. Foreign troops are essential, as they will have less
reservation when the time comes to confiscate weapons and shoot resisters. Recently
President Bush ordered the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division (home based at Fort
Stewart, Georgia) back early from Iraq, ostensibly to serve as a quick-reaction force for
crowd control and to quell potential insurrections (the real purpose, however, is far more
ominous). That hasn't gotten much mention in the lamestream media, but it is a
confirmed fact. I have personally talked to several senior noncommissioned officers of
the returning brigade. For the non-military among you, an Infantry brigade is composed
of some 3,500 men (women still do not serve in the Infantry).

The economy is about to collapse. Then the dollar will be completely destroyed. The
former is likely to occur not later than a week after the election, possibly before. The
latter will come before the "Ides of March." I don't know when the formal merger of the
United States, Mexico and Canada will occur - - the target date is that it be complete
and functional by 2010 - - but I suspect within the next year but more probably sooner.
Progress is being made much faster than planners had anticipated. It stands to reason
that many Americans and Canadians will vehemently oppose such a sovereignty-
destroying move. Therefore it is imperative that the population be disarmed before they
pull that off. Disarming the population cannot be done without the powers of martial
law, so that will precede the disarmament.

I won't even hazard a guess as to who will be in charge of this. Bush could do it
anytime up to midnight January 19, 2009. If he does it before the November elections,
then he could suspend elections and remain President, possibly for up to two more
years. Or, it could be done shortly after inauguration of President Obama or McCain.
It's hard to tell which one "the men behind the curtain" have anointed. Rest assured
they have anointed one or the other, and the results of the sham "election" have been
pre-determined already. Too much is at stake at this critical juncture in history, and
nothing will be left to chance. September 11, 2001, has taught us that, if it taught
us nothing else.

On the other hand, Hitler spent several years putting in place the legislation he needed,
and establishing the mood among the people he needed, before openly assuming
dictatorial powers. Why would George Bush - - or any other president - - spend eight
years laying the groundwork and then, when the final bricks are in place, turn all that
power over to a Barack Obama or John McCain? Why would he not just go ahead and
do it himself? Considering the logical answer to that question, it then seems more likely
that he WILL do it and suspend the elections. But who can know for certain?
Somebody does, but it ain't us, folks.

We don't know much about Obama other than it is more likely than not he is a devout
Muslim. The evidence buttressing that belief is substantial. He'd be perfect for the job
since Muslims aren't too fond of Christians and white people anyway.

DNC joins Obama to block Berg lawsuit challenging Obama's citizenship

On the other hand, considering that McCain was in Communist hands for some 5ive
years, it is entirely possible that he could be a "Manchurian Candidate" who has been
programmed to assume his designated role the minute he's shown the Queen of
Diamonds (or is it Hearts?). As a Skull and Bonesman, George Bush has already
pledged his life to the cause, so he is suspect as well. In any event, the plans have long
been finalized. We'll know sooner than we want to know.

The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) laid out its plans shortly after being
founded in early 1997, plans which included the events we saw unfold on September
11, 2001. The crash of the stock market and the economy must occur, and that will
likely be the trigger for martial law. Then will come the disarmament, followed shortly by
the collapse of the American dollar. The merger of the three countries, into the North
American Union, and issue of the Amero will happen simultaneously, and the takeover
will then be complete. At that point, three of the four major areas of the world will have
been federated, or unionized.

None of the European nations favored the European Union, but they got it anyway.
Most of them are still scratching their heads wondering just how it was done. The
African Union is complete. Once the North American Union is formed, they'll move
quickly to absorb Central and South America and the American Union will be a reality.
I don't know how far along they are with the Pacific Union, but you can bet your last
useless buck that all the groundwork is in place and the trap is ready to be sprung.
Everything will move rather quickly once the United States population has been
disarmed and subdued. The constitutions for the unions all have already been written,
and those who have seen them all say that human and individual "rights" are not rights
at all, but are really privileges granted by the state.

Additionally, the vast majority of Americans have been legally converted from U.S.
Citizens to "U.S. Persons," that is, state-owned subjects of the United States within the
North American Union or, later on, the American Union. Very few of us have
managed to avoid this transformation. Most have no clue when or how it was done. It
was done through forms signed for the IRS or at a member bank of the Federal Reserve
(which is essentially all of them).

Years of preparation have gone into this, make no mistake about that. The moneyed
vultures are determined to have world government under one central command, which
could be geographically located most anywhere, including underground.
The secret "Continuity of Government" project has taken some 20 years to build the
elaborate, self-contained and completely powered underground facilities, with all the
technology, accommodations and comforts necessary to house our government and the
families of those chosen. It isn't likely that Congress will have 535 members though, so
it will probably be considerably smaller. The "Continuity of Government" program
has been planned and established in secrecy, so it is likely that many current and
former members have been left out of the "loop." The ruling body is apt be considerably
fewer than 535, perhaps 200, tops.

Much of the groundwork was laid back in the early 1990s when NAFTA and GATT were
signed, followed by CAFTA and the designation of the FTAA. It's all about maximizing
profits for mega-corporations, eradicating borders between and among nations, and
establishing centralized one-world rule.

Like gradually boiling a frog by ratcheting up the heat, we have been conditioned to
accept whatever is dished out. Half our population has been fattened to the point they
will be unable to physically resist much of anything. Once martial law is in effect, a
massive propaganda campaign will be launched to promote the voluntary micro-
chipping of people with radio frequency identification devices (RFID) and, once a good
portion has accepted them without resisting, then the rest of us will be forced to have
the implants. That will either be done by physical force or by denying us the ability to
buy or sell or conduct any business transaction whatsoever. People will have to eat, so
they will do whatever is necessary to obtain food and water to sustain their families.
Those who refuse to be chipped will either be forcibly chipped or ushered away to
concentration camps.

Martial law is something with which most people are not familiar. Though we have all
heard the term and have vague ideas of what it entails, few really understand it and
most mistakenly believe we don't have sufficient troops to enforce it. That's a grave
misconception. Most of our troops will remain deployed overseas, with only skeleton
command groups used in the U.S. Foreign troops, under U.S. command, will be
deployed here. Checkpoints will be established at already-determined geographical
locations. We will be free to travel most anywhere within the sectors in which we live,
and will be unimpeded until we reach checkpoints positioned on the roadways at the
perimeters of our sectors.

We may be able to travel up to 25 or 50 miles, perhaps even 100 miles, without

encountering a checkpoint but, once we hit one, we will be turned back unless we have
a legitimate and pre-verified purpose for going farther. Enforcing martial law won't take
nearly as many people as one might imagine. With today's real-time communication
technology and massive databases, most anything can be checked out on the spot.
What will keep everyone "in line," once order is established, will be FEAR. Once the
word gets out that a few people have been shot for having attempted to leave an
assigned sector, others will be as docile as well-trained puppy dogs. They will stay
were they are told to stay.

Moreover, most people have no idea how many law enforcement officers there are in
their areas. Yes, you see one or two here and there and think nothing of it. From time
to time you see random checkpoints set up on four-lane highways, usually where there
are medians with no turnaround possible. In those instances, task forces are
typically made up of officers from a combination of police departments, sheriff's
departments, highway patrol, plus a few federal agents of the DEA, BATF, FBI, and so
on, and perhaps some national guard or active duty military personnel. Once most
private firearms have been seized, controlling the masses will be rather simple to

The earth has more than six billion inhabitants, and is growing at 80-90 million people a
year. That means a billion are added every 13 years or so. Like over-inflating the
currency, that cannot continue indefinitely. Extensive studies, conducted by the elite
who seek to rule us, have shown that the ideal population of the earth is between 500
and 800 million and that, Dear Hearts, is a goal the men behind the curtain aim to
achieve. For those numbers, there will be adequate food, water, housing, and work for
all, and there should be no severe poverty or hunger. It's much more desirable to rule
and control 800 million than not to be able to rule and control six or seven billion, many
of whom are starving every day.

Since 1970, an average of 68 Americans have died annually on United States soil as a
result of foreign terrorism. That doesn't include any victims of September 11th, as - -
contrary to popular belief - - none of them died from activities perpetrated or executed
by foreigners. During that same period, an average of 142 have died from peanut
allergies, while a yearly average of 2,700 toddlers have drowned in COMMODES, when
their attempts to reach the curious-looking water causes them to upend themselves,
driving their heads into the water and their feet up in the air, often with a family member
in the next room ironing, watching television, or talking on the phone. Drowning a
toddler takes less than three minutes.
Serving one's country in the uniformed armed forces has traditionally been considered
honorable, because propaganda has conditioned the masses to believe that such brave
men and women are serving and protecting their country. We are taught from childhood
that it is patriotic to "support our troops." But the horrid fact is that such people
unknowingly serve not the country but to protect and expand the profits and best
interests of corporations and governments. War is a racket, plain and simple. Those
who participate in wars are considered expendable by those who send them to wars
and invariably profit from them. And make no mistake, wars are started and fought for
profit and the control of real estate and resources previously not under the jurisdiction of
the aggressor nation.

This juggernaut is raging down the tracks at breakneck speed, determined to

economically enslave the masses and surrender control to the rule of a self-
appointed elite few. It can be stopped, but not by an uprising of the mere ten
percent for which the powers are fully prepared to handily handle and subdue. If 30%
could be awakened, motivated, and activated, then the people could once again rule the
day. However, the possibility and probability of that occurring diminish with each
passing day. After 50 years of skillful mental conditioning of the masses, the likelihood
is slim to none. Too many have been exploited and persuaded to label the alert among
us as kooks, nuts, conspiracy theorists, and the like.

Continued October 6, 2008