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A day at Kuala Selangor

Last Saturday, my school organized a trip to Kuala Selangor. It was an
enjoyable and thrilling trip. My parents sent me to the school at 6:30am. We
gathered at the school compound. While waiting for our buses to come, the
teachers give us some briefing about this trip and about Kuala Selangor.
Our buses arrived at 7:00am. The teachers divided us into a three groups
per bus. There were seven buses. Thus, in total there were twenty one groups of
students. We were told to follow the instructions of the group leader that our
teachers had assigned to each of the buses. We departed from school to Kuala
Selangor at 7:40am.
While we were on the bus, the teachers gave us bread with sausage and a
bottle of mineral for breakfast. The teachers gave us advice on what to look out for
and some of the exciting things we could do while at Kuala Selangor. The teachers
also told us that we must always be cautious while we’re there. The teachers also
said that there are many wild animals, so we must always be careful. After the
teachers finished with giving advice, I put on my earphone, switch on my music
player and fell asleep.
We arrived at Taman Alam, Kuala Selangor at 9:00am. It was a very long
journey, and I fell asleep during the bus ride. Taman Alam was our first destination.
Here, there were mangroves. We were told to snap pictures of animals and trees.
We moved by groups that were already divided earlier. The walk inside Taman Alam
Park was a little annoying for me as there were many mosquitos. The mosquitos
there were bigger than usual. The trekking in the park took about 2 hours of breeze
After we finished exploring the park, our teachers gave us chicken rice and
iced syrup for lunch. While we were eating, there were a troop of monkey curiously
came to watch. So, we moved a bit further away from them. After we finished our
meal, the teachers told us to make a line according to our group. Then the teachers
gave us tickets to enter the aquarium park just nearby Taman Alam.
There were a lot of animals in the aquarium park. We saw much kind of
animals such as peacock and fish. There were many species of fishes that can be
seen there. The peacock was very beautiful! After exploring around the aquarium
park, it was time to leave. A train fetched us and brought us to Bukit Melawati. At
Bukit Melawati, there was a museum. In the museum, there were many historical
stories and items. After visiting the historical place, the train came to fetch us and
brought us back to the aquarium park.

At the aquarium park.m we departed to or school and arrived at 6:00 pm . . It was an enjoyable. after all of us came. I hope that we can go on a trip again. and then waited for the others to came. Then. At 5:00 p. the teachers ask us to line up according to the groups that have divided. we were ask to pray first. Then we moved to our buses. thrilling and tiring journey.