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TH 07300900

Acorda, Victoria
Chua, Royce
Estioko, Leonard
Leachon, Aine Danella
Sahagun, Giermin
Sia, Lawrence

Our task is to create a product based on what we have learned from Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas 2
and convince the board/clients to publish the product.
The goal is to be able to educate the people about the social aspects of Philippine history
through creating a product.
The problem/challenge is for our group to come up with a product for the target people to
comprehend in order for them to grasp knowledge about the social aspects of Philippine History.
The obstacle(s) to overcome is (are) conflict of time schedules, thinking of a good product,
lack of cooperation of group mates and making it understandable.

We are scriptwriters/graphic artists/authors that would want to publish a Philippine History
We have been asked to create a book/product and convince it to the publishers in order for
them to approve our request and that will help in achieving our goal.
Our job, as authors, is to write a storybook tackling the social aspect in Philippine history.

Our client(s) is (are) publishers of a book. (Vibal, Phoenix, etc,.)
The target audience is children ranging from 6-13 years old.
We need to induce the clients in publishing our book, convince the buyers in consuming our
book and the children in understanding our book about the social aspects of the Philippine

The context we find ourselves in is engaging in a board meeting in order for the
clients/publishers to be convinced in publishing our book.
The challenge involves dealing with publishing our social aspect Philippine history book.

Product/Performance and Purpose:

We will create a product (book) in order to endorse the social aspects of Philippine History to
the target audience and for them to acquire knowledge.
We need to develop excellent writing skills and creativity so that we can able to come up with
an exemplary product (book).

Standards & Criteria for Success:

Our performance needs to be convincing and commendable in order for the publishers to agree
in publishing the book.
Our work will be judged by the clients/publishers of a book.

Your product must meet the following standards

A successful result will convince the client, for the children to understand the book, for us to
create a book that contains a concise and cohesive evolution of the social aspects of Philippine
History through a story, meeting the deadline of submission, endorse and inform the people
about the Philippine History focusing on the social aspects.