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What a surprise to see you here!

1. Intro warm-up situation


Antonio Cortez ran into his friend Paola Sanchez. She came from England.

Hi Paola, long time no see!

Hi Antonio, yes, it has been a long time. Its

great to see you again after all these years.
But why didnt you call me? Ive been in the
United States a month already.

What? In your email you wrote that you

were arriving on the 7th of November. I

No, I wrote October seventh.

Ah, now I see the problem. In the United

States the month is written before the day.

How confusing! Im sorry.

Never mind. Its not your fault .There are so

many differences between America and

How's your family these days? And, what

about you? And the twins?

Well, I study Business management at

Caribbean University, and my family, my
brothers and sisters, all of them are fine and
my mother and father, you know, they are
working hard.

Oh, great! Have you heard from Tony recently?

Yes, hes still working downtown.

Ah ok. Did you hear I have a new job? Now I

am sales assistant for LPQ Corporation.

Hey, thats fantastic!

Im glad I ran into you.

Im thinking about eating out with you to talk

and find out more about your experience in
England. Will you come with me?

Absolutely! Ill be pleased with your


2. Answer the questions

Write the correct answer to the questions:



a. If you had the chance to spend a

year in England or the USA, where
would you prefer to go? Why?
b. When did Paola arrive from
c. Who does Paola work for?
d. Will Paola eat out with Antonio?
e. Who is Tony?

3. Language structure

Compare the following questions and identify the verb tenses:

Am I dancing wrong?
Are you ok?
Do you study economics?
Does she play soccer?
Did you study for the exam?
Did you eat out?
Will you come with me?
Will she dance tonight?
Have you been to San Andres?
Has she ever eaten frog legs?
Can she play guitar?
Can you run 10 km?

What do you do?

Where does she work?
When did you finish high school?
What did you study?
Will you travel to New York?
Will you win?
What have you done?
How have you been?


In English, we often find questions of all types in different tenses, this type of
questions are asked with the corresponding auxiliary: do / does / did / have / has /
had, etc.
Questions can be of different kinds, those that are only yes or no answers are called
YES-NO questions, also we can find the WH questions.
Look at the following examples of YES-NO questions:

you study economics?

she play soccer?

Some question words are:

What? / Which? / Where? / When? / Who? / Why? / How?

are your favorite books on


author do you prefer?

do you use this device that is so

difficult to manage?

did you find the ring I was

looking for?

Words to ask with How much? / How many? / What kind? / How often?

is this bunch of white


eggs do you need for

the cake?

kind of music does your father


do you visit your brother

in the hospital?

Questions with Am/Are/Is

I right? /

you sure? / Is she


I teaching? /


Questions with modal verbs

you drive? /
you do me a
favor? /
you work today

Questions with Will / Would

you play tennis tomorrow? /

you work on Sundays?

Questions with Do / Does / Did

you live here? /

this company? /

he work in
you see that?

Questions with Have / Has / Had

the cat? /
his meal? /


Questions with Be going to


cook now?

Tag questions

You don't speak French,

Indirect questions

you know

Do / Two/ You/ Who/ Vancouver/ Dont/ So/ Oh/ Euro

4. Exercising

Write the correct answer to complete the sentence.

1. ____ are you doing tonight?
a) What
b) Where
2. ____ time do you get up?
a) When
b) What
3. ____ is going with you?
a) Who
b) Whose
c) Whom
4. ____ is the dark-green coat?
a) Who
b) Who's
c) Whose
5. How ____ does it take you get home?
a) long
b) long time

6. ____ often do you go to the theater?

a) When
b) How
c) What
7. ____ people were there at the meeting?
a) How much
b) How many
8. ____ are you going on holiday?
a) What time
b) When
9. ____ have you been? I've been waiting for ages.
a) Why
b) What
c) Where
10. ____ did it cost?
a) How
b) How much
c) How many

5. Producing

In this space, you will answer the questions

by writing and recording your voice.

This activity is available at the button

Activities / Learning Activity 2 / Evidence: The

6. Test

In this space, you will present a test.

This test is available at the button: Activities /
Learning Activity 2 / Evidence: Test What a
surprise to see you here!

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BBC. (s.f.). Pronunciation tips from Consultado el 5 de
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