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Sunrise University, Alwar

Subject Name: - consumer behaviour & marketing research

Assignment 1
Q1. Explain the steps in indentifying customers
Q2. Discuss the key determinants of buyer behavior
Q3. Throw some light on framework of buyer behavior
Q4. Discuss the buyer behavior perception
Q5. Motivation vs attitudes
Assignment 2
Q1. Explain reference groups
Q2. Explain opinion leaders
Q3. Discuss the importance of social influences on buyer behavior.
Q4. Explain the relevance of social stratification and buying behavior
Q5. Describe cultural influences on consumer behavior.
Assignment 3.
Q1. State the need purpose and relevance of consumer motivation.
Q2. Consumer personality vs self concept.
Q3. What do you mean by behavior modification?
Q4. Describe consumer decision process.
Q5. Explain the role of pre purchase issues.

Assignment 4
Q1. Explain the importance of marketing research
Q2. Discuss the functions of Marketing Research
Q3. Throw some light on Research relationship
Q4. Discuss the Ethical issues in marketing Research
Q5. Explain descriptive research design
Assignment 5
Q1. Explain the application of causal research design
Q2. Discuss the sources and methods of collecting data
Q3. Throw some light on commercial surveys
Q4. Discuss the research issues in Advertisements Finance and Technology
Q5. Describe motivational research techniques

Subject Name: - Product and Brand Management

Assignment 1
1. Define Brand in Broader perspective.
2. Explain Product Life cycle with the suitable example
3. Give some light on Special issues in product Management
4. Define Product Differentiation.
5. Explain New Product development.

Assignment 2
1. Explain the Product Managers role in the Organization
2. Describe the legal Aspects of new product development
3. Explain the different levels of the product.
4. Explain Orientation in the product & market management.
5. Describe FMCG companies, companies catering to industrial

Assignment 3.
1. What do you mean by Brand Identity? Explain by suitable Examples
2. List out the Tools used for Building Brand Equity.
3. Explain about the personality and Brand Associations.
4. Explain training field process.
5. Describe financial analysis.
Assignment 4.
1. Explain about the value and significance of a brand

2. What do you mean by Line Expensing and Brand Extension?

3. Explain in detail about the Brand strategic decision.
4. explain consumer brand knowledge.
5. define leveraging brand equity.
Assignment 5
1. Explain the concept of Brand Equity and Association?
2. Define Brand Loyalty with an example
3. What do you mean by creating and Managing Brand Equity?
4. define symbol & slogan of a brand. to create & maintain associate in promotion?

Subject : new enterprise & innovation management

Assignment 1:
1. Define entrepreneurship & enterprise concept.
2. Describe enterprise role in economic development.
3. Explain all entrepreneurial competencies.
4. Explain simulation exercise on goal setting in
5. Describe international entrepreneurship opportunities.
Assignment 2:
1. Give the sources of new ideas for starting a new business.
2. How to generate the business idea?
3. Describe the competitor & industry analysis.
4. Describe feasibility study & market feasibility.
5. Define the financial feasibility.
Assignment 3:

1. Define
2. Define
3. Define
4. Define
5. Define


business plan concepts, methods & analysis.

emerging business opportunities.
sources & assessment.
marketing plan.
marketing research for the new venture.

Assignment 4:
1. Define the steps in preparing marketing plan.
2. Explain the contingency planning.
3. Explain the organizational plan.
4. How to design an organizational structure?
5. Explain the manpower planning.
Assignment 5:
1. Describe the sources of external finance.
2. Explain the commercial banks.
3. Explain the legal issues.
4. Describe the institutional support to start up & incentives
for SSI.
5. Explain the assessing resource from external sources.

Subject name: Strategic Human Resource Management

Assignment 1:

1. Define Traditional Vs. Strategic HR.

2. Explain typology of HR activities.
3. Define the strategies of Hr & its role of national context.
4. Explain the difference between best fit approach & best
practice approach.
5. Explain the investment perspective of human resources.

Assignment 2:
1. How Hr adds value to the firm?
2. Define Hr as scarce resource.
3. Explain linking HRM practices to organizational outcomes.
4. Describe corporate HR philosophy.
5. Define behavioral impact of Hr practices.
Assignment 3:
1. Describe efficient utilization of human resources.
2. Describe strategies of employee shortages.
3. Explain strategies for employee surpluses.
4. Describe incentive alignment.
5. Define psychological contracting.
Assignment 4:
1. Explain scope of evaluation of Hr function.
2. Describe quantitative & qualitative measures.
3. Explain outcome & process criteria.
4. Describe balanced score card perspective.
5. Explain bench making.
Assignment 5:
1. Define Hr as a strategic management.
2. Define seven step model for implementing Hr strategic role.
3. Describe two dimension of alignment.
4. Define assessing of internal & external alignment.

5. Describe system alignment map.