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Are you excited yet? Janna asks. Sona nods at her best friend.

It was so kind of her to come along

even though the errand was only a small one. You didn't have to come along, you know. Sona
telepathically transmits her voice into Janna's mind. It's just picking up a suit. Janna shakes her
head. Naww. It's okay I like hanging out with you in places other then our bedrooms from time to
time. Janna tactfully didn't mention her interest had been piqued when she found out Sona was
going to wear a skintight suit. Both girls blushed. They had spend an awful lot of time confined in
dark rooms together since they met each other in the league. Sometimes just the two of them and
sometimes with other friends. They had build up quite a reputation among the ladies of the league
by now.
A little bell rang as the girls stepped into the clothing store. Racks upon racks of jeans, shirts and
dresses were on display. The selection was mind boggling and it was clear this was the place to be
to order any clothing. Can I help you two? The shop keeper waved at them from behind the
counter. Uhm. Janna said as they walked over. My friend has ordered a custom made piece here
that should be done by now. Ah yes. The man nods. I know the order. The latex bodysuit with
the fancy neon light adorned helmet. It was quite hard to make but I succeeded. Measurements 4428-48 coming right up. The man turns around to dive into the back room which served as a little
warehouse for the custom made stuff.
Forty-four, twenty-eight, forty-eight. Janna repeats the numbers loud and slowly. How is that
even possible? She eyes Sona over and though she knows it's probably the right sizes from
experiencing that body with her own hands on multiple occasions it still seemed surreal. How does
your back not hurt all the time? Sona takes a hold of Janna's hand so she could transmit her voice
at a whisper tone. I use magic. The same I use to float around the fields I use to left certain.... body
parts. That way they don't drag me down and won't start to sag even though I don't wear any......
uhm... She stopped her sentence a bit short realizing that might not have been the wisest thing to
say. A little silence falls but Janna quickly breaks it up. In a quick motion she takes hold of Sona's
dress around her cleavage and pulls it to get a quick glimpse inside. With a face reddening up faster
then a gallon of vodka would accomplice Sona quickly swats her friend's hand away. Janna grins as
that was all the confirmation she needed. Slut. She whispered. Sona pouts. You are one to talk.
she responds. Janna's grin only widens. Don't pretend you don't like me that way.
Both their eyes were practically glistening as they pulled the dress from the box. The silvery and
purplish black suit was amazing. It was clearly made out of some kind of latex as it was light and
stretchy to the touch. Are you really going to perform in this tonight? Janna says. Her mind
imagines that clinging to Sona's plump body and her body doesn't fail to react with a hint of arousal.
Yes. Sona responds. Would you mind helping me get into it? With her back turned towards
Janna and her head peeking over her shoulder she pulls her dress over her shoulders and lets it drop
down. She has to help it to get over her ass but after a firm push it falls to the ground completely
leaving Sona standing in just her socks. Janna couldn't deny it in any way now. She was positively
aroused. Y-yes. I would very much like to do so. Eagerly she picks up the latex suit and hops on
over to her near naked friend. Sona lifts a leg up and Janna guides the clothing below so the maven
can step right in. Repeating on the other leg Janna finds herself raising back up pulling those long
but firm thighs into the dress. Feeling playful she leaves little kisses along the way. The little
lipstick marks disappear beneath the dress and no one but the two of them would know they were
there. Reaching up the the ass Janna gives one final forceful smooch on the right cheek powerful
enough to make Sona jump up a little bit before standing up and tugging with all her might to get
the thing past Sona's thickest body part.
Janna had expected having a hard time to hoist Sona into that thing but the reality was something
else. With her pulling in the back and Sona in the front they were not even together capable of
getting the slim waist part of the dress past Sona's nearly twice as thick booty. After ten minutes of

trying they were panting and completely out of breath. I-It's not going to work Sona. Janna says
gasping for breath. You'll have to wear something else tonight. Nooooo! Sona complains. I
have to wear something cool tonight. It's Ahri's new CD debut. Janna realizes the problem. Ahri
was quite a popular popstar right now and failing to perform once in her company would likely drop
Sona's own popularity a lot. She might even not be asked back to play in the same room as Ahri
again after that. The suit has to fit somehow yet it seems impossible. Janna gazes intensely at the
dress clinging around Sona's tights just below her butt as if looking for an answer there. When she
looks a bit up at the big lipstick press on that lovely ass she suddenly gets an idea. I know! She
says. Wait right here while I get some stuff. I know how to get you into your dress!
That night the room was crowded at the party as Sona was playing all the hip music on top of the
big stage. So far everything had gone right. The lighting was dim enough that no one had seemed to
notice yet and half the party was over now. If she could just get past the big CD reveal she would
be safe. But there was sure to be lots of spotlights to be aimed at the stage when Ahri would appear
and maybe then someone would notice. Damn Janna to hell for this idea. It was just too crazy and if
it failed could result in serious problems. Of all the solutions that could have been possible Janna
had come up with body paint and a pair of scissors. A few of the things of the suit were retained in
it's original state. She wore the helmet and gloves and the leggings were fine too but the torso had
different ideas. Around her hips it pretty much covered her crotch and sides but not most of her ass.
Sona expects Janna intentionally had cut a big V in the backside. If she wasn't packing so much
booty her asshole would've been on public display. At least the paint was waterproof as the room
was heating up a lot with the dancing and sweet beats. Her ass, belly, back and breasts were on full
display with only a thin layer of dark purple paint covering them. She had to focus her magic more
then usual to keep her bits in place as she danced behind her spin-etwahl to the beat. When this was
all over she was going to be exhausted and probably murder Janna. She searches through the crowd
to look for her friend and finds her exactly where she had last spotted her tongue locked with some
brunette fan. As she makes a mental note to leave Janna sore in the morning the little ear piece she
wears below her helmet rings the key tune.
As the lights dim even further Sona reduces the volume of the tune she was playing while on the
other side of her etwahl she starts up a dramatic noise. Most the people in the room stop dancing
and look up at the stage. This was the moment many of them had been waiting for. With a loud
DUN DUN DUNCE! the spotlights turn on and Ahri bursts into the scene. She's wearing her
usual pink popstar setup which causes the crowd to go wild. Some scream to high and loud of
excitement it overrules the music while others just swoon as their idol appears in front of them in
the flesh. As Ahri approaches the center of the stage she passes by Sona. The spotlight falls on them
both and Sona feels her cheeks warm up and redden. Luckily she wears her helmet and no one can
see. Now if she is just lucky enough no one will notice the paint and the show can go on smoothly.
Ahri raises a hand and waves at the crowd. Then she suddenly stops as something catches her eye....
right behind Sona. The maven's mind is going crazy. 'Please don't notice. Please don't notice. Please
don't notice. Please don't notice. Please don't notice. Please don't notice. Please don't notice.' And
then she feels a finger wiggling itself below the tight suit around the side of her ass. The sneaky
little things pull for a second and then let go snapping the suit back in it's place. Ahri giggles which
the entire room can hear through her headphone's mouthpiece. Then she walks onwards to the
center of the stage as if nothing was out of place.
Welcome sweet fans and fucktoys. It's good to see you all so hyped and sexy. It does me good to
have such a large crowd as I reveal my new CD! The diva picks up her hat and pulls the little cd
box from the hidden compartment. Holding it up high. She shouts out over the crowd. Watashi wa
anata no kao no ue ni suwaru shitai is my new CD with fourteen new tunes for you to fap to.
Farious cheers sound through the room but Ahri wasn't finished yet. Aaaaand to ensure you will
drop your ten bucks and your pants for my new songs I will give you my first world debut of one of

the new songs here. So get ready for this spankalicious new track called Watashi no kokku, o shiri,ch! The cheers got even louder and Sona deliberately waits a few seconds before she starts the
overture of the song. She had to privilege to get the song in advance so she could practice it. Ahri
got into a pose with her legs and arms spread. Her eyes closed and she opens her mouth to sing.
Waaaaaatashi nooooo. she sings as she starts to sway her body sideways. The heads of the crowd
swing along. Then Ahri's knees start lifting up and down and she takes little sidesteps. Her tails spin
behind her creating a mysterious atmosphere around her. It takes a while for Sona to notice the pop
star is stepping further and further towards her and soon enough they are standing next to each
Ahri places one hand on Sona's shoulder while the other rests on her own waist. Watashi no uta wa
anata no mimi o reipu. The song slows down considerably. Sona feels the hand sliding down over
her painted but otherwise naked body. Ahri moves along positioning herself perfectly behind the DJ.
When her hand reaches that huge ass she gives it a squeeze followed by a firm thrust of her hips.
Watashi no kokku wa, anata no o shiri o gkan. She sings on as if nothing is wrong with this
scene. She circles her hips grinding against Sona's ass while her hand sneaks further down between
the buttocks. Watashi wa keimusho ni iku koto wa arimasen. Those sneaky fingers wiggle
themselves down and reach that once tight pucker. Watashi mo, yutakade ymeidesu. With a firm
push Ahri plunges her middle and ring finger inside. Sona grits her teeth not having expected this
sudden invasion. Her hands slide over her etwahl and the beat drastically dropped. She picks it back
up as fast as she could to go along with the song and luckily the crowd seemed to love the sudden
change. Ahri's fingers nimbly stimulate Sona's prostate for a few more minutes until the song had
ended. The crowd cheered for at least three more minutes asking for an encore but that wasn't meant
to be. Ahri removed her headpiece and leaned in closer to Sona whispering into her ear. After the
show come meet me. We got some things to discuss. Sona nods once and then Ahri leaves the
stage. Sona picks up where she had left off on her song list before the main show had started and for
two more hours the party kept on booming on.
When it was finally over Sona dragged her feet towards the backstage area. She was a bit sad that
Janna was going to get away with her shenanigans but was more worried about what Ahri had
planned for her. It wasn't fair to be going to get punished for Janna's mischief. She knocks on the
door and waits for the sweet voice of the fox to tell her to come in. As she opens the door and steps
in she finds Ahri sitting comfortably on a plush chair enjoying what seems to be a glass filled with a
cool alcoholic beverage. Hey there Sona. The popstar starts the conversation. I want to talk
about what happened on stage earlier on. Sona hangs her head down. She knew it. After my hand
got taunted by your fat ass you suddenly changed the tone of the music drastically. As in like two
octaves. That was one way to describe getting her ass fingered all of the sudden but it wasn't what
Sona had expected Ahri to want to discuss. You see. Maybe we could put several of those.... drops
into a song in rapid succession. I would sound like wub wub wub wub wub. Maybe you could
reproduce that on your etwahl. Still confused Sona picked up her instrument and did as Ahri asked
moving her hand on top of her spin table from the far left to the far right rapidly. Yes. Yes! Ahri
says excitedly. This is perfect. Do you hear it too? It's like sex for the ears. Let's try it. The fox
lady jumps out of her chair and moves over further into the room. Come, come! she says. Sona
quietly follows until they reach a table. Okay now position yourself like uhm... Ahri says as she
roughly pulls Sona to the edge of the table. With a surprising amount of strength Ahri bends Sona
over tits and face flat on the table with her huge ass pointing up. like that! Now let's do those drops
again and I'll try to keep up. Seh positions herself behind Sona's ass spreading those cheeks with
one hand. The pink pucker reveals himself between the purple painted buttocks. Ahri licks her lips
as her other hand reaches down to lift up her skirt. Let's begin, shall we? She says with a tint of
glee. We got lots of hours to get the rhythm good so let's ace this. Sona sighs. She knew it would
come to this but still she feels a tingle of excitement and her hands move over her etwahl without

The afterparty had just begun!

PS: My Japanese is sorely lacking in both spelling and Grammar so sorry for that.
Ahri's CD is called I want to sit on your face.
Ahri's song is called My cock, Your ass, NOW!
Ahri's song's text goes along the lines of:
My songs will rape your ears.
My cock will rape your ears.
I won't go to prison.
I am too rich and famous.