Subtain Hussain Syed

Plot No. 40, Orchard Scheme Murree Road, Islamabad, Pakistan. Office: (0092)51-261 2923 –Ext. 116 Mobile # +92(0)333-905 8572

Email: ssbacha@gmail.com
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Information Technology: Information management, Developments of GIS Spatial data layers, Database applications and Web sites for several organization, departments & UN Agencies.

Family Name: First Name: Middle Name: Citizenship: National ID #: Syed Subtain Hussain Bacha Pakistani 16101-9265706-5 Languages Pushto Urdu English Persian Read Write Speak

Senior MIS/GIS Developer (GIS, Database, Geo-database, DevInfo & Web/Google Map Expert)
From October 1992 till to date: Consulting work with, EMIS Education Department, School Mapping Consultant, DFID, British Council, GTZ, CMDO, WESNet, UNICEF, IRDP, PakInfo Consultants, UNDP (EIROP), DAI-USAID, UN-HIC & UN-Habitat etc.

. Accomplishments: .
• Presently working as Manager MIS/GIS with United Nation UNHabitat Islamabad. Jun 2006 till to-date Responsible & monitor of overall activities of MIS/GIS disaster & development activities in UN-Habitat office.

Job Description: Team leading and management of ITSU GIS/MIS section Establish information management setup & IT Procurements Attend IM meetings with other UN agencies & Govt. stockholders. Prepared IT proposals, work plan & IT recruitment Disaster risk analysis as IM expert Team leader to establishment of GIS setup for Population Census of Pakistan in One-UN project with UNFPA Support to DRM & environment in One-UN project into IT setup Responsible for GIS & MIS (IT) work of all IDP’s & other UNHabitat projects Developments:
Developed a decentralized MIS system for housing reconstruction centres (HRC) UNHabitat; i. Established TMIS (Training Monitoring Information System) linkage with GIS system to auto generate training activities maps and output progress of partner organization. ii. Developed for Rural Housing ERRA & World Bank Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation System (RME) with GIS analytical Mapping as geo-database. iii. Organized training workshops for Partner Organizations in the earthquake affected areas iv. Developed survay Forms training materials in English, Urdu and field test; 2. Responsible for GIS Section to produce maps of the earthquake areas, Flood mapping activites in Balochistan & Sindh and conflict IDP’s mapping at NWFP & FATA. 3. Technically confger ArcGIS Server for joint One-UN Population Census project. 4. Developed Geo-databases for IDP’s, Inspection, Training and spatial data in multy projects 5. Developed HR Database for UN-Habitat HR Section Islamabad. 6. Rural Relief Survey Database integrated with map for International Organization for Migration (IOM). 7. Customize DevInfo and developed QuakeInfo reflecting TMIS & RME data of earthquake areas. 8. Techncally customize DevInfo for McRAM UN project of all cluster information. 9. Team member in the development of DevInfo Database for One-UN Programme Indicators 10. Estblished Information Management setup in Quetta, Peshawar & Mardan to cordination with stakeholders. 11. Prepared maps for UNOCHA/UNORC and UNHabitat of NWFP/FATA affected areas: i. Conflict & host areas IDP’s maps ii. Flash appeal & Security situation maps iii. 3W with in Camps and outside Camps maps iv. Prepared maps for SSG & ISPR special demand maps v. Shelter, Inspection & Monitoring Maps 12. Developed & customize Google API Map http://unhabitat.org.pk/nd
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Worked as GIS Analyst with United Nation Humanitarian Information Centre (UN-HIC), OCHA Islamabad.
Dec 2005 – 16 Jun 2006

Job Description:
1. 2. 3. 4. Work with HIC clients to develop mapping products and multi user geo-database Promote data standards within the humanitarian community. Ensure that various humanitarian organizations operating in the Hubs receive the mapping assistance needed. Prepared Pcode list completed and accepted by the humanitarian organizations operational in the Earthquake affected area (Earthquake 2005, Pakistan). To render the Pcode list compatible with any other list used by local or national authorities. 5. Produced a distribution maps for the various Hubs according to the WhoWhatWhere (WWW) data. 6. Prepared Geo database, Geo-coding and Analytical Thematic maps. 7. Develop GIS Mapping Toolkit CD version. 8. Represent the HIC in various coordination for, explaining HIC products and services 9. Training Provided on Quakezone MapKit to Govt. & UN Agencies staff. UN-HIC Pakistan website:http://www.humanitarianinfo.org/hic-pakistan/usr/ShowContents.aspx?I=1&h=11&sh=-1

Worked as GIS Specialist (Consultant) for DAI-USAID GIS FATA Project in Peshawar 5 days (Jul 2008) o Prepared a GIS Presentation for the human development activities o Live Demo of Bajour Agency (District) on Health and Education mapping analysis Worked as WEB Developer with EIROP-UNDP initiated Project in ST&IT Department, Civil Secretariat Peshawar, NWFP (www.nwfp.gov.pk) Aug 05 – Nov 2005 Job Description: Designed, Developed & maintain Government of NWFP Official Web portal. Web portal optimization, Graphics & Code Optimization, Web Content Creation and Article Authoring, web portal administration, Security Concerns.

• •

Developed EDNET Database as Consultant for British Council Peshawar.

Jun 05 -Jul 2005

Worked with Community Motivation & Development Organization (CMDO) Peshawar as Consultant GIS & Database Analyst in the assessment team consisted of social organizers and engineers visited the flood affected areas and consulted with the affected people. According to rough estimates more than 104,262 people have been affected in Peshawar (54,000), Nowshera (17,262) and Charsadda (33,000) districts till Jun 3, 2005.
July, 2005

Needs Assessed in the field 1. Tablets for cleaning water 2. Logistic support in the form of fuel, boats, trucks etc. 3. Food such as rice, flour, pulses, oil, tea and milk etc. 4. Clean drinking water and sanitation facilities 5. Household Utensils For Cooking 6. Fodder and medicines for the livestock 7. Tents & Sand bags Maps developed for Food Distribution, Tents, Sand Bags and Plastic Shoes by district wise in affected areas et

Worked as GIS & Database developer with PakInfo Consultants to developed Database and Analytical Report of School Data Validation Survey in 11 Districts for EMIS, Directorate of School and Literacy Peshawar, NWFP. May 2005 I have designed & developed WEB Portal (www.wesnet.org.pk) as “IT Manager/ Webmaster” of WESNet Peshawar. WESNet is a Water Environmental and Sanitation Network working in Collaboration with UNICEF Peshawar, International Reference Centre for water & sanitation (IRC) Netherlands and Local Govt. Secretariat Peshawar.
Jan 2005 – Jul 2005

Designed, Developed & Maintaining the WESNet Web site & WATSAN Database
o o o o o o o o o o o Administer a Windows-based server Code generated in HTML, Java/VB Scripts and ASP Design & Create Graphic design, Animation & Templates. Create online Trainings forms and submission. Assisted & coordinated with UNICEF and IRC members to get creative ideas for Web site Guest book, Newsletter & Chat Zone pages and other databases Implement a security directory that has password and digital encryption information for secured documents. Implement communications technologies such as conferencing and newsgroups. Create & Downloads links such as Zip, PDF and Power Point Presentations. Using databases Access, MySQL and SQL Server for the web portal. Impart training to WESNet staff to build capacity in Graphic designing & database.
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o o

Trained personal in the updating of web pages and proper uploading. Database developed for TMAs “WES-Info” for water & sanitation survey analysis.
Jun, 2002 – Dec 2004

IRDP (Integrated Regional Development Programme) Mardan Programme Manager MIS-GIS

Responsible for the over all MIS-GIS section of IRDP and implement it programme like the presently on going programme for developing Community Information System (CIS) and UPE-NCHD Programme in Districts Mardan & Mansehra. The objective of developing CIS is to involve communities in collection and yielding information on key social and economic indicators for use by the District Managers, Local representative, development agencies and communities themselves and linkage to District Citizen Information Centre (DCIC) in DCO Office Mardan. Task:
• • Design & Developed a comprehensive CIS Database in SQL/Access. Developed comprehensive planning GIS software which could get data from programme already made in Microsoft Access Database for questionnaires on Household information a well as information about the village facilities, Schools Centers, Animal Husbandry, Health, and Water Sanitation. Moreover, he would improve the report pattern and data input Form of the programme already developed. Developed such a feature in the programme so that it could generate reports in form of Tables as well as thematic maps and graphs according to the agreed indicators in each sector. Interact with UNICEF in finalizing a final report of the CIS data. Generated reports & run queries as from stored data in CIS database. Developed a feasibility plan for scaling up of programme to the whole district in collaboration with UNICEF Peshawar. Prepared weekly plan for CIS staff to consolidate CIS activities. Weekly report of the Data collection & Data Entry by Union Council and Village wise. Developed appropriate reporting formats for information dissemination to stakeholders (local elected representatives, government functionaries, citizens). Developed data warehousing capabilities for the CIS Mardan and ensure linkage with UNICEF for DCIC system being develops with the departments of finance & planning health & education and community development at the district level. Configuration, documentation, operation, technical management and maintenance of all LAN/WAN hardware and software; Manage the District’s CIS data so that critical business processes remain efficiently operational and provide timely relevant reports and statistics for the facilitation of the concerned District Government Offices, Monitoring Committees, Zila Nazim and citizenry at large.

• • • • • • • • • •

Design & Developed Database Software (Mardan-Info) for District Citizen Information Centre (DCIC), DCO Office in Feb-Apr 2003 Mardan District funded by UNICEF-Peshawar • A comprehensive District MIS built on solid technical grounds would eventually lead towards construction of a DecisionSupport System (DSS) that will help planners in building scenarios, analytical models and perform reasoning. • Establish a DCIC to serve, as an information hub, to which Line Departments and other resources will provide, required information on a regular basis. • Develop a capacity of DCIC staff and other district level government departments, especially the social sectors (Education, Health, Community Services etc, in information collection and computerized processing of the information for DCIC. • Support the dissemination of information for inter-departmental use and the public as required. Database developed for Water, Environment & Sanitation (WES-Info) database funded by UNICEF-Peshawar. Volunteerism Database developed for UPE-NCHD, Program in District Mardan Education Database developed for UPE-NCHD, Program in District Mardan.
Jun-July 2003 Jul-2004 May-2003 Jan, 2002 - May 2002

• • •

GTZ (Directorate of Primary Education & Literacy)

GIS Analyst LTRC Center/ School Mapping • Under immediate supervision, performs responsible technical and administrative work supervising and coordinating the preparation of computerized reports and return to user department. • Checks the accuracy of keypunched material and computer reports; establishes and maintains written procedures on job applications for keypunch and computer operations; • Prepares instructions and estimates turn-around for special user request; reviews computed outputs for accuracy; decifers errors, prepares instructions for correction; informs user department of work scheduling; • To assist in all aspects of the monitoring process; • Assist in the management and operations of GIS setup with the development of District & Tehsil wise maps; • Assist in the design of training programs for computer operators and the other staff; • Participates in the development of the GIS, especially for re-configuration of new school data; • Assist in development of GIS system with advanced modules for the district GIS setup; • Assist as the electronic/visual managing of senior management presentation; • Developed map of LTRC center and gender wise school location thematic map for New, Merge and up-gradation of Govt. School;

DFID (Department for International Development)/ British Council Peshawar.

Aug. 2000 – Dec. 2001

GIS Consultant/Data Analyst • Analysis of proposed Elementary School Clusters System and developed Maps for Govt. Primary Education & Literacy Department N.W.F.P. • Worked on Needs Assessment Survey for District-based Management Training Programme for District and sub-division level Managers in the Education Department, NWFP.
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• •

Prepared database for Need Assessment Survey and Female Questionnaire. Analyzed the data for decision making n SPSS. Also prepared brief profiles of graph, table & maps reports. Produced data reports and Maps for use in District-based Management Training courses.
April 2000 - July 2000

OPS (Oriental Public School) Mardan Computer Programmer: Developed Complete School Information System for OPS (Oriental Public School) Mardan. Programme developed in MS Access plus VBA code where different type of menu. Student and Teacher information, Examination section, Student dues, Account, monthly Payroll and has complete reports for each section. Multi-Donors including World Bank - SEMIOTICS Consultants Islamabad. GIS Project for Education Department in Muzaffarabad A.J.K (Azad Jammu & Kashmir).

May 1999 - March 2000

GIS & Database Consultant • Established Geographic Information System (GIS) as a planning & decision making tool for Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) Primary Education Directorate Muzaffarabad. • Developed Database and generated Query and Reports for annual School Census. • Toposheets scanned; Geo-references & Digitized get multiple layers (Roads Network, Hydrology & Contours etc. • Used GPS (Global Positioning System) for determining co-ordinates of school & settlements. • Digitized District & Sub-district boundaries and different types of Roads & Rivers Layers. • Plotted settlements & education facilities and also developed district wise detail Maps. • Trained the EMIS staffs for the operating of GIS system and prepared GIS Training Module. DFID (Department for International Development)/British Council – School Mapping Consultant Peshawar. NAEP (Northern Areas Education Project) for Gilgit. GIS Developer /Database Adman. • Established Geographic Information System (GIS) as a planning & decision making tool for NAEP (Northern Areas Education Project) in F.A.N.A. • Developed Database and generated Query and Reports for annual School Census. • Topo sheets scanned; Geo-references & Digitized get multiple layers (Roads Network, Hydrology & Contours etc. • Used GPS (Global Positioning System) for determining co-ordinates of school & settlements. • Digitized District & Sub-district boundaries and different types of Roads & Rivers Layers. • Plotted settlements & education facilities and also developed district wise detail Maps. • Trained the EMIS staffs for the operating of GIS system and prepared GIS Training Module. DFID (Department for International Development)/British Council - School Mapping Consultant Peshawar. Sindh Primary Education Development Program
Jan 1998 to Nov 1998 Nov, 1998 to Apr, 1999

GIS Analyst • Analyzed GIS field data Developed District wise Schools & Settlements distribution maps. • Developed district wise maps containing detailed information for district level down to the union council level and designed settlement & education facilities. UNICEF/ School Mapping Consultants Basic Health facilities of N.W.F.P (PAK) GIS Specialist /Data Analyst Developed GIS for Basic Health facilities with database and prepared maps of each districts in NWFP. DFID (Department for International Development)/British Council Clustering for the propose Elementary Education System in N.W.F.P (PAK)
One Month

Two Months

GIS Specialist /Data Analyst (Contractor) • Held meeting with DEO's (District Education Officers) and prepared clusters with a sample maps for Elementary Education Program N.W.F.P • Presentation of GIS data to analyze education facilities for the clustered areas. UNICEF/ PEP-CO (Primary Education Program Co-ordinate Office Peshawar) Nov 1996 to Dec 1997 GIS Technician/ Data Analyst • Analyzed GIS field data on the basis of schools & settlements distribution maps. • Developed District planes to facilitate and up-grade the existing Primary Schools. • Developed District wise proposals for the 1998-onwards.Including: • Up-gradation of Primary Schools, Additional of Classrooms • Repair & Rehabilitation, Subject to Verification, Reconstruction of School and analyze basic facilities of schools.
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USAID/ World Bank supported EMIS Computer Section Directorate of Primary Education Govt. of N.W.F.P, Hayatabad Peshawar.

Jan 1993 to Oct 1996

Data Analyst 1. Analysis Data and making Query with Reports for District profile of Education department. 2. Design & Developed Database for the School Census in Education department. 3. Visit field to Analysis School Census Data in Education Offices and Schools. 4. Prepared thematic and analytic Maps of School Census data for Govt. Primary, Middle, High & Private Schools. PETROMAN (Computer Training Institute Peshawar)
Oct 1992 to Dec 1992

Computer Lab Incharge
• • • Installation and maintenance of different software Teaching Office Automation courses Over all responsibilities of Computer Lab

Operating System: Web & Software:
(11 )

MSDOS, Windows 95-2003-XP, NT, 2000-Server & Office 97-2007 XP Configure ML ProLiant 370 G2 Server with Software & Hardware base Administrating Windows 2003 Server Customize Google API code, Web Designing, VBScript /JavaScript & PHP, Dream weaver

Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Illustrate, Acrobat Writer, Visio Professional, Photo Deluxe, Animation Designing, Flash, Coral Draw. Databases: MS Access (with programming VBA), mySql, DevInfo, SQL-Server & SPSS Analyses Programming Languages: Visual Basic & VBA Software Development: MS Access & VB6 development • Solver 2.0, PakView • Inventory System (Medicine) , School Information System & Accounts • Community Information System (CIS) Database (DCO-UNICEF) • Mardan-Info (for UNICEF-DCIC, DCO-Office) Database • WES-Info (for TMA-Office) Database • Education-Info for NCHD Database • EDNET for British Council Peshawar • UNHIC Contact Database • HR Database for UN-Habitat • Training Monitoring Information System) (TMIS) UN-Habitat for ERRA Office. • Reporting Monitoring Information System (RME) for ERRA Office. GIS Software and Tools: ArcGIS 9.3.1, ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, Geo-database, MapInfo Professional (5 -10 vr), ERDAS, Global Mapper, Map Window, Falcon View (for Air force), R2V, Dev-Info, Arc Explorer, ILWIS (Integrated Land & Water Information System) & Global Positioning System (GPS).

Graphic Designing:

o o o o o Master in Computer Science (MSc) from University of Peshawar 1992 Diploma in Computer Science from PETROMAN Computer Training Institute Peshawar. (1991) BSc. from University of Peshawar in 1991 HSSC from Govt. College Mardan 1988 S.S.C from P.S.M High School Mardan in 1985

• • • GIS for Disaster Risk Management (advance level) training at AIT-ADPC (ICT) Bangkok (Thailand from 7-18 December 2009 DevInfo database development for One-UN joint programme workshop attended on 1-5th December 2008 in Serena Hotel Islamabad by UNICEF/UNORC. GPS training provided to National Reference Laboratory for Poultry Diseases, NARC at Islamabad Pakistan in regional training workshop “Avian Influenza Surveillance Procedures for Trainer” 23-27 February, 2009. Training organized by UNFAO (PAK/AFG) & Govt. Dept. of Pakistan & Afghanistan. Attend 5 days “Emergency Info Tool (PDA & DevInfo)” training workshop at Islamabad, Pakistan from 10-14 March 2008 provided by UNICEF & UNOPS, Sri Lanka Team. Attend 5 days “Management Training Course” at Rawalakot, A.J.K 2008. Attend 4 days UNICEF Emergency Info Tool (PDA & DevInfo) training workshop at Katmandu, Nepal from 16-19 July 2007 sponsored by UNNICEF Nepal. Attend 3 days training of Child-Info at P&D department secretariat, Peshawar by UNICEF. (18-20 Feb 2003) 2 months Certificate course in SUN JAVA (Object Oriented Language) from “BRAINS” Degree College & Institute of Computer Science Peshawar. (2001) Six weeks Certificate course in ORACLE from “BRAINS” Degree College (ICS) Peshawar. (1999)
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• • • • • •

• •

Six weeks Certificate course in Visual Basic Programming from “BRAINS” Degree College & Institute of Computer Science Peshawar. (1998) Six months Certificate in Computer Software’s Application from Frontier Computer College Mardan. (1990)

• Mr. Siamak Muqhadam Country Programme Manager, UNHABITAT, Pakistan
Office: +92 – (51) 2612923

Email: simak.moghaddam@unhabitat.org.pk • Ms. Shaheen Hussain
Manager, Devlivering as One Management System. UNORC, Islamabad, Pakistan Cont: +92(0) 302 8549883 – Office: +92 – (51) 835 5600 ext 5708 Email: shaheen.hussain@un.org.pk

Mr. Golam Kamal
X- Information Management Advisor UN-Habitat, Pakistan UN-Habitat Head Quarter, Nairobi, Kenya. Cont: +92(0)345 5235826 – Office: +92 – (51) 8255230 Email: monowarkamal@gmail.com & kamal@unhabitat.org.pk

Mr. Ola Nordbeck
GIS Coordinator, United Nation Humanitarian Information Centre (UN-HIC) House No. 124, Street 11, E-7, Islamabad Cont: +92(0)301 520 3878 – Office: +92 – 051- 209 7791/2 E-mail: hicpakistan.gis1@un.org & ola@mappingconcept.com

• Mr. Rana Iftikhar
System Analyst in GTZ, EMIS Section, Directorate of Schools & Literacy, Peshawar. Cell: +92(0)3008580471 Email: rana@esdpgtz.org.pk

• Mr. Pardul Khan
Executive Director “IRDP-Mardan” Sheikh Maltoon Town Mardan Email: irdppakistan@yahoo.com Phone Res. +92(0)937- 868503

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