Dad's Army Film References

No. Film Referred To Gary Cooper licks barrel of gun in a film? 1 Tarzan, the Ape Man Tarzan and His Mate Tarzan Escapes Tarzan's Revenge Tarzan finds a son Tarzan: Secret Treasure Tarzan's New York Adventure Laural & hardy film with paint 2 3 4 5 6 Next Of Kin South Of Pago Pago Phantom Of The Opera One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing The Edge Of The World Roy Rodgers george formby 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Inspector Hawnley Investigates Jack oakey and zahzoo pits wedding proposal? The House Of Rothchild Raffles Dracula The Spy In Black/U-boat 29 The Jazz Singer - Al Jolson platoon whistle laurel and hardy theme The Last Of The Mohicans

Year Star Gary Cooper 1932 Johnny Weissmuller 1934 Johnny Weissmuller 1936 Johnny Weissmuller 1938 Glenn Morris 1939 Johnny Weissmuller 1941 Johnny Weissmuller 1942 Johnny Weissmuller Laurel & Hardy 1942 Mary Clare 1940 Jon Hall 1925 Lon Chaney 1941 Eric Portman/Googie Withers 1937 Eric Berry/Niall Macginnis Roy Rodgers George Formby

Director W.S. Van Dyke Jack Conway, Cedric Gibbons Richard Thorpe David Ross Lederman Richard Thorpe Richard Thorpe

Episode Featuring shooting pains operation kilt

Series Character 1 2 Pike Mainwaring

operation kilt Thorold Dickinson Alfred E. Green Lon Chaney Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger Michael Powell the battle of godfrey’s cottage sgt wilson’s little secret sgt wilson’s little secret the lion has phones the lion has phones the day the balloon went up can't find this? the day the balloon went up war dance Alfred L. Werker Tod Browning Michael Powell Alan Crosland war dance The Movie the big parade the big parade the big parade Harry D'Abbadie D'Arrast, George Fitzmaurice spring for frazer no

2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4

Pike Mainwaring Godfrey Mainwaring Dorian cinema receptionist poster on wall Mainwaring the vicar Pike Jones Pike Mainwaring, Wilson, Jones, Pike watching film Mainwaring whole platoon Pike/says gary cooper but can't find?

Jack Oakey & Zahzoo Pitts 1934 George Arliss/Boris Karloff 1930 Ronald Colman 1931 Bela Lugosi 1939 Conrad Veidt 1927 Al Jolson Laurel & Hardy 1920 Albert Roscoe/Tod Lorch/Wallace Beery larence Brown, Maurice Tourneur C 1932 Harry Carey 1936 Randolph Scott Ford I. Beebe, B. Reeves "Breezy" Eason George B. Seitz

Film Pike

1b 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Tarzan Beau Geste Escape From Stalag 9 The Phantom Light Forty Little Mothers Shipyard Sally Sanders Of The River Each Dawn I Die Marie Walewska/Conquest Man In The Shadows 1940 Eddie Cantor 1939 Gracie Fields 1935 Leslie Banks 1939 James Cagney/George Raft 1937 Charles Boyer/Greta Garbo 1915 Joseph Bennett/David Torrence 1926 1939 Gary Cooper William Wellman can't find this film? 1935 Binnie Hale/Gordon Harker/Ian Hunter Michael Powell Busby Berkeley Monty Banks Zoltan Korda William Keighley Clarence Brown Charles McEvoy David M. Hartford

the big parade don’t fence me in don’t fence me in put that light out mum’s army mum’s army battle of the giants asleep in the deep a soldiers farewell

4 4 4 4 4 4 SP 5 5

Pike Pike Pike Pike Edith Parish Edith Parish Pike Pike platoon watching film (takeoff) Pike

when did you last see your money? 5

Dad's Army Film References

5b 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing Scarface The Petrified Forest David Copperfield In Which We Serve Captain Blood Angels with Dirty Faces - james cagney Rain The Ghost Goes West Dangerous Moonlight/Suicide Squadron Charlie Chan

1941 1932 Paul Muni 1936 L. Howard/B. Davis/H. Bogart 1935 Freddie Bartholomew/Frank Lawton 1942 Noël Coward/John Mills 1924 J. Warren Kerrigan 1935 Errol Flynn 1938 James Cagney/Pat O'Brien 1932 1932 Joan Crawford/Walter Huston 1941 Anton Walbrook Warner Oland/Sidney Toler

Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger Howard Hawks, Richard Rosson Archie Mayo George Cukor Noël Coward, David Lean David Smith Michael Curtiz Michael Curtiz Howard Hawks, Richard Rosson Lewis Milestone Brian Desmond Hurst Clarence Brown Rex Ingram Richard Boleslawski Howard Hawks, Richard Rosson Michael Curtiz/William Keighley David Aylott (Misers’ Gold Mine)

time on my hands the deadly attatchment the deadly attatchment the deadly attatchment my british buddy we know our onions the recruit the recruit the godiva affair is there still honey for tea? is there still honey for tea? high finance

5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 8 8 8

Pike Pike Pike Godfrey Pike Pike Pike says spencer tracy? PatOBrien Pike Pike Pike Pike Pike Mainwaring Wilson Pike Pike Pike - unsure as unable to find exact film Pike

23b Scarface

1935 Robert Donat/Eugene Pallette/Jean Parker Clair René

Charles Boyer & Greta Garbo Marie Walewska/Conquest Charles Boyer/Greta Garbo 1937 32 The Garden of Allah 1927 Ivan Petrovich/Alice Terry 1936 Greta Garbo/Charles Boyer 23c Scarface 33 34 35 Robin Hood The Adventures of; Misers’ Gold 1932 1938 Errol Flynn 1915

resisting agressors through the ages SP resisting agressors through the ages SP wake up walmington knights of madness the misers’ hord the misers’ hord 9 9 9 9

george raft - Pike may be referring to If I Had A Million 1932 George Raft