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The business environment is very turbulent in the 21st century and society is
over-loaded with the amount of information facing each day. Nowadays,
brands became the focal link in consumer markets due to their ability to offer
value for both the customers and the companies .
Private labels most often cover the basic functional product categories, such
as paper towels, soft drinks, pet food, everyday canned foods, etc. They do
not carry the name of the manufacturer or retailer and are mainly positioned
at the lowest possible price. Generic private labels are undifferentiated
products, usually offered in one size and one variant only, less visible on the
shelves .
The purpose of the present study is to offer more insights into consumers
store brand products buying behavior and promotional activities effect on
consumer buying behavior .
A study on Private Label Brand Choice involving demographic and
psychographic variables .
To study consumer buying behavior about private labels on the basis of
demographic and psychographic variables .
To known the in store promotional activities on private labels and there
influence on consumer behavior .

Research Design: The focus of this research is provide insight in to
consumer buying behavior and effect of in store promotional activities in
buying behavior . So we apply descriptive research design for this study.
Area of the Study: Big Bazaar retail outlet in banglore.

Sampling design
Use convenience sampling method. Define a population of customers
coming to the shop and take sample size around 100.
Observational Design
The main tools for data collection would be Questionnaire and direct
interview with store manager.
Statistical design
The statistical tools which can be used are SPSS, R & Excel
Operation Design
The data for the study is conducted during the month of April and May 2015.
Jason M Carpenter (2010) .Consumer demographics store attributes
and retail format choice in the US grocery market .
Study shows that household size is an important feature in consumer buying
behavior . Also the education level and consumer income plays a big role in
decision making . Considering the store factors we have price and
cleanliness as major influencing factors .

M K Gupta(2009) Consumer Behavior and pricing strategy in retail .

A Study o grocery and consumer goods items . Sumedha journals of
This study analyzed consumer behavior with respect to buying of grocery
and consumer goods among house holds . Study found that consumers are
loyal to the kirana shops due to discount they receive regularly .Also found
that people purchase more at the beginning of the month and suggest
various pricing strategy .