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Curatorial Rationale

I was given task from the art teacher for my art making throughout the year. All of the task
consist of varies type of art making and certain themes. Or each and every task, I did it all
wholeheartedly although I must admit I have sacrificed my rest. As humans, we sometimes want
to have a moment to escape from reality and live in a dreamland. That is what inspires most of my
artwork in this exhibition. The fact
There are eight artworks that I am going to exhibit in this exhibition. Each and every artwork
has different meanings. Most of it are just describing the subject matter chosen for the task. I used
various types of media and techniques on my artwork. The types of artworks I made for the
exhibition are paintings, sculpture, architecture modelling, drawing and digital art. The title that I
give for this exhibition is My Sacrifices because all artwork delivers a similar message hidden in
it which is my sacrifices of y time making every artwork.
For the nature task, I have to choose a subject matter for zoology, entomology and botanical
respectively. For zoology, I have chosen the Fennec Fox as a subject matter and did a painting of it
using comic art movement. For entomology, I have chosen the Hercules Beetle as the subject
matter and create a pop art drawing using mixed media. Lastly for botanical, I have chosen the
Bird of Paradise as the subject matter and did a sculpture made of recycled items.
I am given an architecture model task for this exhibition. It is the first time I make an
architecture model. For the model, most of the materials I use are boards. I use technique of slot in
the boards together to build it. I am making a library for the architecture model.

The last type of artworks I make is creative art. One of it are bookmarks I made through
digital art. The bookmarks are theme from the IB learner profile. The other artwork is painting and
I add up another type of material which are laces.
In conclusion, the exhibition this time will be a fun exhibition as it wraps up everything that I
have make and learn throughout my first year in International Baccalaureate diploma course. May
all the sacrifices that I have made appears to be a miracle in life.

Words count: 397 words

Artists Statement

drawing has


up so
nights have been
these will not let

started to get involve in art since I was young. As a child,

become my favourite thing to do and I spent my most of time
My drawings are mostly based on Japanese manga style as I
amazed with the style. I did not indulge myself in
other types of art making beside drawing and
When taking Visual Art SL as one of the subject in
International Baccalaureate course, I started to
more about other types of art making. Before this I did not
experience acrylic painting and collage because I did not take
art course during my school years. Now, I felt proud of myself
to be able to make other types of artworks.
My first year of taking Visual Art SL in International
Baccalaureate was never an easy road. I have been taking
much time doing the art making process. All my
taken away due the amount of work I have but all
my spirit down.

Artwork 1
Aim for

the One

Acrylic on Canvas
598 mm x 417 mm

This artwork was inspired

by the night sky. It was amazing to be able to witness such
incredible view. Whenever I look at the sky, I always imagine
what is beyond which is the galaxy. This artwork is an inspiration
of the Milky Way with a twist of Abstract Expressionism. The
focus on the centre of the painting means our dreams that we
want to chase. So we have to aim for the one!

Artwork 2

Set Us


Acrylic on


598 mm x

417 mm


we always
inspires me
and hard.
and set our

are meant to fly. When it comes to flying,

relate it to become free. This is what it
to do this artwork. With combinations of
colours, I am applying Abstract
Expressionism art movement. The
is the evening sky that is always rough
So with wings we could be more relaxed
minds free to chase our dreams.

Artwork 3
The Diary Of Fennec The Fox
Fennec Fox / Vulpes zerda
Mixed Media On Canvas A2
This artwork is themed for zoology. I chose the
fennec fox as my subject matter. I use the comic art
movement to portray the daily life of the fennec fox. I
am applying the negative space element in this
artwork. That explains the colour and shape of the fox
in the artwork.

Artwork 4
Blue Lightning
Bird Of Paradise / Strelitzia reginae
Recycled Items and Food
480 mm X 70 mm X 500 mm
Bird of Paradise is always being mistaken to be a
type of bird due to its name. I adore this plant as it
has the shape of a bird. I am using recycled items as
my main material to convey a hidden message to save nature and reduce the wastage of plastic

Artwork 8
Acrylic and Laces on Canvas
598 mm x 417 mm
This is the final artwork for this exhibition. I am
picturing a dreaming girl. Other people would not
know what a person could be dreaming. A dream
could be very subjective. Therefore the laces
represent the good and bad side of dreams. It
sparkles showing happiness or in a mess showing

Artwork 5

Hercules Beetle PopArt

Hercules Beetle / Dynastes Hercules
Watercolour and Markers on Watercolour Paper
610 mm x 916 mm

This artwork is themed entomology. I have chosen

Hercules Beetle as my subject matter. To come out an
idea for the artwork is not easy. Therefore I come out
with pop art movement to stylize the drawing of the beetle.

Artwork 6
The Book Architecture Model
Mixed Media
256 mm x 458 mm
The architecture model is inspires from the shape of
my diary. Therefore, it has a shape of a semi opened
book. I use the technique of slotting in the materials
together to creating a better grip and stronger bond
between materials. The model I made is a library.

Artwork 7
IB Learner Profile Bookmark Principle & Caring
Digital Art
100 mm x 40 mm

This artwork is a form of creative art using digital art

movement. I am visualizing the IB learner profile if it could
be shown through the personality or gesture of a character.
Furthermore, the colour I chosen for each artwork is
representing the characteristic of the learner profile.