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Motivation Letter

Semarang, 04 April 2014

My name is Syechna Meutia Flohrianti. I used to live in Bekasi,
Jawa Barat and went to SMAN 71 Jakarta. Now Im a first year
college student and study Civil Engineering in Diponegoro University
in Semarang. I wasnt a very active person back in my high school,
but I was member of school organization in senior high school as
Paskibraka member and also a committee of a music event in school
called Sevone. Now, Im an internal staff of Civil Engineering
Assemblage or we called it Himpunan Mahasiswa Sipil (HMS)
I know GYAP from Aiesec in my college and I see my friend
have given this opportunity before. I want to be Global Youth
Ambassador because I really want to experience living overseas.
And this is a very important opportunity that I think that I really
need to take. Being far from daily routine with new people and new
atmosphere would be such a pleasure and great experience. Im
really looking for a chance to be Ambassador. Who wouldnt?
Ive always dreamt about study abroad but unfortunately I
havent given a chance. So with this program I hope I can feel such
way even if it only for weeks. I really excited about Europe
especially Germany. I have once taking German course in Goethe
Institut. Why I didnt type Institute instead of Institut? Because it
was German and the German of Institute is Institut. Ok Sorry for that
I just want you to know. Well the thing is Im quiet forgetful so I dont
remember various German vocabulary nor its grammar. German is
quiet hard. But I admit my English is not so good instead. Im an
easygoing person and have a high curiosity. I like to learn about new
things. Im quiet up to date with news and I like listening to music,
watching movies, and reading books.
Here, let me give you reasons why I want to experience this
opportunity; I really want to see Eiffel Tower! But not only that,
Europe is full of great landmarks, buildings, and restaurants; I really
want to see them all. First, for Im now taking Civil Engineering in
college, I want to be inspired by European buildings by seeing it
myself. Second, Im a food enthusiast. Third, The project itself. So
exciting to be part of it. And Fourth is the people. I want to interact
and socialize in new atmosphere. What a joy to be part of it.
So I wont dissipate away this opportunity and go away
without trying to write this motivation letter. For further information,
contact me with e-mail and my phone
0817873730. Thank you.


Syechna Meutia Flohrianti