Ta-daaaaa! Part 2! Comment! The song is Brick by boring brick-Paramore.
BPV We ran home and into the living room. Once there Alice screamed: »We are going to sing a contract with Masen productions!« Mom and dad were in the living room in a flash, not that they needed anymore time. We only had five rooms; the living room where us girls slept as well, the kitchen, the bathrom, the garage where we kept all of our school work, the bikes, the instruments, the fabric for clothes, clothes… and the parents bedroom. It took us a long time to convince them to take that room, but ant the end, we did. They were both happy. They knew our childhood dream was to become a band. We celebrated with a very big dinner-for us anyways. The next day I was awake at dawn. When i looked up Al's and rose's head went up too. It was a thing we shared-we woke up at the same time. Yes, it was a weird thing, but it was our thing. I smiled at them and we all went to shower. With cold water, of course. It was worm only in the evening. Alice went to geto ur clothes and soon we were all dressed. We said bye to our parents and got on our motors. I still can't belive that Rose was able to get them running again. Sure, it took her a year, but they were great. No more skating around on skateboards. It took us a few minutes to come to the building. And let me say this. That was NOT a building, it was some skyscraper with thousands of floors. We parked and went in. »Hello, how may I help you?« said the receptionist and Rose anwdsered: »We have a meeting with Esme Hale, we're Missery Haven.« »Oh, yes. I'm going to take you there, Esme is waiting! She has been looking for a band that

would suit her for years. I see that she faund you. You are very lucky and I see that you and Esme will understand each other great.« The

receptionist said this with a smile on her face, i liked her very much, she was a really good person. Living your life almost on the streets agve you knowelage that couldn't be given at schools, you learnt how to see trough people. I smiled back at her and we all chatted while we were walking to the elevator and then for a few minutes until the elevator stopped. Esme was waiting in the hall. She waved us over and we said bye to Irina. Then we walked up to esme and we all hugged her, that she smile at and said: »We are going to be great friends!« We all nodded and she led us to a room full of people, four or five at each table. She then walked p the stage and motioned for us to come too and we did. She took the mike and started talking: »Hey, this is my band; Bella, Rosalie and Alice. Girls, these are the bands that work here.« We smiled and only a few smiled back. Wow, these are really grumpy people! I caught a site of a man and three boys that looked like they're going to puke. They really need to loosen up! I shook my head when esme said that we need to play onr of our songs.

EPV When i first saw them i was in a daze for a while. The burnette was beautiful, but i quickly shook that thought out of my head. They looked like three other Esmes. The blond was wearing shorts and a T-shirt that almost cowered them up, the pixie was wearing a white dress to her knees and he burnette was wearing tights and a one shoulder T-shirt that hung loosley around her figure. They all looked like they were going to bring sunshine to the world, just like Esme. Give me a grip, the last thing we

need is another three happy perky, smiling, helping girls to be around. They all live in a farytale. But the thing that got to me the most were the awful pop stuff they're going to sing! Ugh! »Yey, another three esmes! Lets celebrate!« Carlisle said and me, Jas and Em nodded. I braced myself for the pop things as soon as esme said that they needed o sing one of their songs. But what I ot i wasn't expecting.

They started with a rock tone and the song was deep and the opposite of what I was expecting. She lives in a fairy tale Somewhere too far for us to find Forgotten the taste and smell Of a world that she's left behind It's all about the exposure, the lens, I told her The angles are all wrong now She's ripping wings off of butterflies Keep your feet on the ground When your head's in the clouds Well go get your shovel And we'll dig a deep hole To bury the castle, bury the castle Go get your shovel And we'll dig a deep hole To bury the castle, bury the castle Ba-da ba ba-da ba ba da

So one day, he found her crying Coiled up on the dirty ground Her prince finally came to save her And the rest you can figure out

But it was a trick And the clock struck twelve, well make sure To build your house brick by boring brick Or the wolf's gonna blow it down Keep your feet on the ground... When your head's in the clouds... Well go get your shovel And we'll dig a deep hole To bury the castle, bury the castle Go get your shovel And we'll dig a deep hole We'll bury the castle, bury the castle Well you built up a world of magic Because your real life is tragic Yeah you built up a world of magic... If it's not real You can't hold it in your hand You can't feel it with your heart And I won't believe it But if it's true You can see it with your eyes

Oh, even in the dark And that's where I want to be, yeah! Go get your shovel

And we'll dig a deep hole To bury the castle, bury the castle Go get your shovel And we'll dig a deep hole To bury the castle, bury the castle Ba-da ba ba-da ba ba da Ba-da ba ba ba-da ba ba [X3]

Ba-da ba ba-da ba ba da Ba-da ba ba ba ba-ba ba ba I though that Esme was going to bring some soft chicks to sing how happy life is and about true love and instead I got hot chicks that look as inoccent as a stone and sing about things that are real, not some love shit. If you ask me, I wouldn't know what to say. I mean, look at them all happy and perky, when the sing a song like that, you don't know what hit you. We all stared at them with our mouths open. Esme clapped and took them out of the room. The whole room was silent until Carlisle cleared his troath and we left the room. I saw Carlisle look at Esme for a sec. He hated her, but also had a huge crush on her. I mean, who wouldn't? As musc as I hated to edmit it, Esme was hot! For a woman her age anyways. And Carlisle was

all for hot women. As were we. I was thinking about asking Bella out. Maybe one day. For now I just got her out of my thoughts.

TWO MONTHS I couldn't belive this! Missery haven is breaking through big! They're on top everywhere, like us! So, now we're going to have a tour together. I shiged and started packing my things. My mom and dad don't really care for what i did as long as i was rich and they had a name to say. My father was the owner of Masen productions. I was done and I went to shower and then to bed, i would have to wake up early. I drifted to a dreamless sleep. NEXT DAY I woke up at five o'clock and rushed downstairs after a quick shower. My mom had done my breakfast already. I ate up and my dad got my bags into his car. He drove to the company. All of the band was there allready and the girls band too. We had two buses. I recodnised our black bus with our signitures on it, but the other was new. It was in a white color with moon, sun and star written on it. It was great, i must edmit, the girls have taste!

Then our bus driver came to us and said: »The bus is broken, it will taje days to fix it!« My dad rolled his eyes and said: »Well, they'll just have to ride in the girls bus, it has enough of space.« My jaw dropped, as did Carlisel's, Em's and Jas'. My dad looked at us and we all muttered an 'okay' and folowed my dad into the bus. I sure had enough of space. My dad tolld about our but to the ladies and they said it was okay as long as we don't

peek while they're changing or anything like that. We promised with our fingeres crossed behing our backs. When that was done we grang our luggage into the bus. It took us an hour to get ready and then the bus went of. This will be an interesting couple of weeks.

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