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Blood in the Badlands Campaign Tables

Random Events Table
Remember, this is roll a D66.
11)Recalled from War. Remove one of your armies from play until start of next season.
12)Embattled. Roll 2D3 when moving your armies and pick the lowest.
13)Enemy Sympathisers. Any fortification saves made this turn are -1
14)Assassin!!! Pick one of your Heroes and roll on the Character Injury Table
15)Plague. Remove one of your Fortresses, cities, or mines.
16)Stoking Unrest. Pick and of your enemy's empty tiles and remove their control.
17)Deserters. Pick any of your tiles and remove your control of it.
18)Settlers. Pick an tile with no control, and claim it.
19)Raiding Party. Pick an opponents tile that has no building, you now own it.
20)Sappers. Remove one of your opponents Fortresses, he keeps control.
21)Grab the Gold. Pick and enemies mine, you now control that tile.
22)Seize the Crown. Pick and opponents city that is not his Capitol, you control this tile
23)The winds of Change. Move the flying Fortress again.
24)Forced March. One of your armies must move again.
25)Swift Steeds. Roll 2D3 when moving and pick the highest result.
26)Bad intelligence. You can move one of your opponents armies this turn for him.
27)Unfurl the Flag. One of your units receives result 4 on the Spoils of War.
28)Regiment of Renown. One of your Units receives result 5 on the Spoils of War.
41)Spies! In your next game, your opponent must reveal his army list before you
42)Dawn Attack. In your next game, your opponent must roll a D6 for each unit
upon deployment. If a 1 is rolled, this unit starts in reserve.
43)Scouting Force. In your next game, after both sides have deployed, you may
redeploy D3+1 units. You also gain +1 on the roll to see who goes first.
44) Its a Trap!! In your next game, you may pick whether to deploy first or second.
45)Prepared Ambush. In your next game, you may pick which scenario you play and
whether to deploy first of second.
46)Stacking the Odds. In your next game your army is 25% larger than your
47)Seige Force. If you win a battle this turn, you automatically claim that tile.
48) Slave Labour. You may re roll any of your rolls for your mines.
49)Diplomacy. Pick an Opponent. They may not challenge you this turn.
50)Infiltrators at Court. Pick an Opponent. You may pick who them challenge this turn.
51)Secret Tunnels. You may pick an opponent to challenge this turn, regardless of
52)Blood Sacrifice. You may force your enemy to re roll any roll he makes on the
Character Injury table this turn. Only Once.
53)Treasure Map. Gain a relic and place a Mine anywhere on the map.
54)Unrwitten Victories. Pick one of your armies and immediately roll on the Spoils of
55)Treaure Chest. Gain D3 Relics.
56)Cunning Commander. For the rest of the turn, you count as having the smallest
57)Bolstered Defences. Any fortification saves you make are +1
58)Reinforcements from home. For the rest of the season. You gain another army.

Spoils of War.
1)Living in Infamy. Tales of the misdeeds of your army spreads amongst the enemy,

1. 5. but also a Magical Artefact. 3)Understrength. ASF. Hatred for race. 3)Ranks Bolstered. 2. 4. The next time you fight. Pick one of your Regiments of Renown that has received Valorous Deeds of Beneath a Proud Standard in the Past. 6. all your units suffer from Hatred. One of your Heroes of Legend may take a magical item up to D6x10 points for free and does not counts towards this heroes limit. 3. Fear against Race. 5)Valorous Deeds. 2. and the Character cannot take part in the next battle. you may take and additional D6 X50 points. Stupidity. It loses this ability/ banner. 5. 4)Beneath a Proud Standard. he must roll on this table. 6)Heroic Escape. No Characteristic can increase beyond 10. It has stupidity next game. Roll Again. It fights at – 25% stength in this armies next battle. 5. 6)The Glitter of Gold. Pick a Unit from the defeated army. 4)Inexperienced Leaders. except that the result only applies for the next battle. 2)Walking Wounded. 6. Armour Piercing. 2)Elite Army. If the Character is ever slain in a challenge it will lose this item. -1T. the limits on Special and Rare choices are increased to 75% and 50% respectively. 1. Roll again. . Roll to determine. roll again. If they still hold him at the end of a season each hostage is worth 1 Relic. When your army next fights the race that bested them. Roll a D6 to which it gains. 3)Minor Injury. Frenzy. Pick one of your Units to be recognised for its valiant efforts and name is as a Regiment of Renown. It is unavailable to fight in this armies next battle. Pick one of your Units and name it is as a Regiment of Renown – it may pick a Magic Standard worth up to 50 points for free. If this reduces a characteristic to 0. If the Standard is ever lost in battle. 4)Psychological Injury. Stubborn. 6. all the enemy units cause fear. Stubborn. 3. Not only has he recovered but he is changed by his ordeal and gains +1 to a Characteristic. 5)Green Troops. On a 6. 2. Immune to Psychology. 4. 1)Serious Injury. But may not break any other rules for Magical Items. Fear. Roll as for a Serious Injury. 3 -1WS and -1BS. 6)Vengeance will be ours! When this army next fights a battle against the race that defeated you. If a Hero of Legend is removed as a casualty. -1S. Whenever this army next fights a battle against your defeated foe. The enemy may roll a D6. Dead. treat it as Coma. Not only do you obtain a Relic. Character Injuries. all their units suffer from Hatred. To recover him you will either need to defeat that army or bribe for an agreeable amount of Relics. -1A. Devastating Charge. The next time you fight a battle with this army. Unless the Characteristic was 1 to start with. this Hero is Dead. 4. then roll again.fostering a burning hatred at the sight of your Banners. Immune to Psychology. the Victor recovers this item for his own for free. -1M. Pick a Unit from the defeated army. 1. 2)Captured. Ignominious Defeat 1)A Sound Beating. If the character has the rule. 5)Where's my Sword?! One random Magic item owned by the characters is lost forever. it is lost for good. Pick and unit from the defeated army. The enemy have taken him hostage. If Dead is rolled.