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Unit 1 Test

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Section 1
1 Read this extract from an article about a family. For questions 15, choose
the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.
My family is quite unusual in that all four of us were adopted from birth. My parents
were working class from the East End of London and lived in a small rented flat with
no bathroom. Well, there was a bath of course, but it was a metal one hung up on the
wall that you got down on a Friday night. The four of us used the same water one
after the other so if you were last in line, you came out dirtier than when you got in. In
those days, it was normal to have just one bath a week and showers were unheard
of. Im quite sure that today they wouldnt have been allowed to adopt four babies
within five years and have them all living in such a tiny space.
My mum had been a nurse, but she gave up work when we came along. So the only
income was from my dad, who worked as a housing officer for the city council.
Although this wasnt a very well-paid job, there was just about enough money to get
by and we could even afford a weeks holiday by the sea each year. We always went
to the same place and called the couple we rented the rooms from Uncle Dick and
Auntie Eileen even though they werent actually relatives.
I suppose it was obvious to others that we kids were not biologically connected. Just
taking hair and skin colour, you wouldnt think we were related. I was blond, pale and
fat; my brother was dark skinned, remained thin no matter how much he ate, and had
masses of curly black hair. My sisters were just as different physically. In fact, you
could see a huge difference. We were also totally unlike each other in terms of
personality and talents.
I remember the time when my parents sat us all down and told us we were adopted.
It had no effect on me. My parents were the only ones Id known and I had no desire
to find my biological parents. This wasnt true for my oldest sister Mary, who is just
ten months younger than me. She was fascinated by the fact that she had other
parents and later on she actually found them. Her biological father is American and
she visits him there at least twice a year. Unfortunately, her biological mother died
last year.
Sometimes I wonder if I should have tried to get in touch with my biological parents.
Maybe Ive got half-brothers and sisters and it would be nice to know if I did. Its also
important for medical reasons. Perhaps Ive inherited a particular condition that I can
deal with if theres a history of it in the family. Anyway, I think the parents I grew up
up with did a great job of bringing us up in hard times and I thank them for that.

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1 The writer thinks that

A accommodation is better now.
B his parents didnt care about being clean.
C showers are better than baths.
D adoption rules have probably changed.
2 The writers parents
A took the children to stay with their relatives every year.
B were both working when they decided to adopt.
C paid for their holidays.
D had no close relatives.
3 The writers sisters
A were similar to his brother.
B didnt look like him.
C were physically bigger than him.
D had blonde hair.
4 Mary
A never met her biological mother.
B met her biological father twice.
C knows more about her biological family than the writer.
D is older than the writer.
5 What does the writer regret?
A He didnt know that he had a medical problem earlier.
B His parents were poor.
C He doesnt have any contact with possible relatives.
D His parents didnt tell him about the family history.
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Track 1

2 You will hear people talking in five different situations. For questions 15,
choose the best answer (A, B or C).

You hear a young man talking. What kind of family did his grandfather want?
a large family with three sisters
a family with five brothers
a family with some sisters and brothers

You hear somebody talking on the radio about modern families. How do most
children feel about their parents remarrying?
A They like having many people in their family.
B They have a lot of different problems.
C They worry that their family is different.


You hear a young boy talking. What does he say about his cousins?
Theyre strange.
They mean a lot to him.
Theyre more important than brothers and sisters.

4 You hear a mother talking to her daughter. Why is she talking to her?
A She thinks that their family is very boring.
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B She wants her to understand the importance of family.

C She thinks she doesnt care about her family at all.

You hear a man talking about his grandmother. How does he describe her?
Shes the perfect grandmother.
Shes warm but cold-hearted sometimes.
Shes kind but hot-tempered.
/ 10

Section 2
Grammar and Vocabulary

Choose the correct option in each sentence. There is an example at the

beginning (0).

My stepfather is a very good man, but he gets angry so quickly; I wish he wasnt
so C .
A pessimistic
B icy
C quick-tempered
D arrogant

I dont have any brothers or sisters, so I am a(n) ______ child.

A free
B only
C alone
D single

He is so ______; he loves buying everyone expensive presents.

A generous
B optimistic
C warm
D considerate

That is the most amazing plan! I dont know how you always ______ up such
good ideas.
A bring
B come
C turn
D think

Peter is very unkind to his half sister. I think hes a really ______ person.
A dishonest
B hot-tempered
C cold-hearted
D unfair

I dont know who my real parents are because I was ______ when I was a very
small baby.
A divorced
B looked after
C brought up
D adopted

I wasnt surprised to see Lucy today. She often ______ up without an invitation.
A brings
B comes
C turns
D thinks

I used to be an only child, but when my mother remarried last year and had twins
I suddenly had two ______ sisters.
A adopted
B step
C half
D real

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My stepbrother is always accusing me ______ stealing his CDs.

A of
B for
C with
D to

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in bold. There is
an example at the beginning (0).

I'm not going to that cinema again; the seats are so uncomfortable. COMFORT

Shes so clever; shes __________ of failing an exam. CAPABLE

Dont you know that its __________ to travel without a ticket? LEGAL

He was quite __________ as a baby, but now hes very good looking.

Thats a really rude thing to say! I didnt expect you to be so __________.


Life is so __________! My parents blame me for everything!

My stepbrother is really __________ because he cheats in tests and tells lies.


I love all my brothers and sisters because they are never __________ to me.

Dont talk about money; its __________. Were fighting about sharing a
bedroom. RELEVANT


5 Choose the correct answer. There is an example at the beginning (0).

0 I play computer games with / to my brother.

1 You cant blame me for / from every little problem you have.
2 Jan doesnt get around / on well with his sister. Theyre always fighting.
3 I have to look after / for my baby brother when my mums at work in the evening.
4 How do you deal about / with family disagreements?
5 Lets keep in / at touch.
6 Raul sent a message to / at Seb, but he didnt get it.
7 The great thing about our family is that we really care with / about each other.
8 Dont complain about / up things you cant change.

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Choose the correct answer. There is an example at the beginning (0).

My brother and I speak / are speaking Spanish because our stepfather is from

My sister is very ambitious and always studies / is studying very hard.

I learn / am learning how to do the Salsa. Its becoming a very popular dance.

She loves / is loving her new school; its much nicer than her old one.

I am seeing / see my cousins every Easter when they stay with us.

Until we move to our new house next month, I share / am sharing a room with
my stepsister.

My mum works / is working as a teacher. She is really good at her job.

Mum and Dad are going away this weekend, so I look / am looking after the

I really dont like / am not liking comedy films, especially really silly ones.

Read the text and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.
There is an example at the beginning (0).

My family (0) C bigger! My parents were divorced five years ago, but theyre still
friends. Two years ago my mum remarried and last year she had a baby girl called
Rosie, so now Ive got a half sister. My stepfather already (1) ______ two children
from his first marriage, Robert and Paul, which means Ive also got two stepbrothers.
My sister, Kate, (2) ______ with our father and stepmother, Maria, in Rome. They
have a son, too, who is our half brother. Hes very cute and although I dont
(3) ______ him very often, I (4) ______ him a lot. I (5) ______ Italian so that I can
talk to him because he (6) ______ English. Marias brother, Mario, (7) ______ with
them for the moment too, because he (8) ______ at the University in Rome for a
year. I dont know what he is my step-uncle maybe? Confused? Its easy really,
once you get used to it.

A grows
C is growing

B growing
D is grow

A has
C have

B is having
D had

A live
C lived

B living
D lives

A seen
C am seeing

B see
D sees

A love
C loving

B dont love
D loves

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A learn
C learns

B is learning
D am learning

A dont speak
C doesnt speak

B not speak
D doesnt speaks

A is staying
C stayed

B stays
D stay

A studies
C studying

B is studying
D study

Your new pen-friend sends you an email asking for information about your life
and your family. Write a short letter describing your life and how you live.
/ 10
Final score: / 70

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